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Ive undergone an open reduction Rhinoplasty and...

Ive undergone an open reduction Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty to improve my appearance for my benefit. Ive always hated my nose which was a cross between my Dads large bulbous one and my Mums long pointed nose.

Every photograph Ive had taken I always look straight at my nose and eyes, the upper eyelids droop and give the appearance I'm tired, and am always dissapointed. Cant wait to see the final outcome but already at day 3 I'm happy.


Well I'm up at 1.41 am day 3 as I can't sleep so...

Well I'm up at 1.41 am day 3 as I can't sleep so rather than keep my poor hubbie awake with my tossing & turning I'm in the kitchen with cat & cup of tea. I'm uncomfortable really, can't breathe through my nose yet so my mouths constantly dry and the swelling around my nose and eyes has increased substantially over the last 24 hours. I loved what I could see of my new nose post op but as its now pretty swollen I can't see how its going to look. I'm excited for Thursday when all the stitches and splint & tape comes off, I know its going to be very strange to finally see the new me! Thanks H for your best wishes, I agree about the painkillers although I must say theres not that much pain, more discomfort. My nose hasnt been broken chiselled I believe Lol! First night post op with all the packing in it was very uncomfortable and like you I couldnt swallow also I had problems with nausea and vomitting after the anaesthetic. I was very glad to get the packing out next morning! All in all I feel like Ive won the Lottery and wish I'd had the

Good Morning! Its me again, sitting in the kitchen...

Good Morning! Its me again, sitting in the kitchen at 2.55 am with tea and the cat! Managed a couple of hours sleep. Much better now than yesterday, there's less swelling and I can breathe a little better through my nose. because of the swelling I cant get a good idea of how its going to look. To be honest my nose looks quite big compared to post surgery but I know thats because of the swelling and I keep telling myself to stop worrying about it and be patient. Having read many reviews on here I know everyone struggles with the same thing.
Cant wait for Thursday!

Hi, well Im trying to juggle my laptop and the cat...

Hi, well Im trying to juggle my laptop and the cat on my knee this morning.
Had a much better night last night, still having regular paracetamol as my face begins to ache after a few hours if I forget.
Apart from itching under the splint and tape things are definately looking up!
My new nose is less swollen and I cant wait for the unveiling on Thursday. I also had upper eyelid surgery so I'm pleased by the look of them too. Although theres quite a bit of bruising, & swelling I can see the new contours of my eyes.
Ive been practising smiling and i cant believe how different I look already, I might even get to like having photographs taken!
Good Luck to everyone having their surgery today!

Well, if you can't be in bed sleeping, in the kitchen with the cat and a cup of tea sounds pretty nice. :) Sorry 'bout all the swelling and discomfort. You're almost through the worst of it. Hang in there and keep keeping us posted!


Had all stiches out and cast and plaster off. Feel...

Had all stiches out and cast and plaster off. Feel sooo much better and I love my new nose even though its still quite swollen. Pics to follow. :-)
Hi, You look amazing! May I ask who your surgeon was for your rhinoplasty? Thanks
Hi, thank you! My surgeon was Mark Liddington at Spire Hospital in Leeds, I'm more and more pleased with the results and he's lovely, very friendly and confident, and assured me that if I wasnt happy with the results as we agreed he'll do a revision. cant say fairer than that!
Who is this pretty lady with you in the first photo? Is she an actress?

I returned to see my surgeon this week. Its now 7...

I returned to see my surgeon this week. Its now 7 months since my surgery and he was pleased to see how good my nose and upper eyelids look. He's taken some more pictures and will be sending me copies so when I have received them I'll try and get them on here. He says I'm half way through in terms of how my nose shape will be, it takes 18 months until it finally settles. I'll be honest, at times I haven't really liked my new nose. I'm a little disconcerted at how my nostrils now seem so visible, that was something that hadnt been a problem due to the drooping. Also as it has taken so long for the swelling to subside, at times I feel I look like Steve Martin in Roxanne with a long hooked nose!
However, more and more I can see that my nose is becoming prettier and now since my consultation, I'm reassured that all will be well and I will get the nose I wanted.
I hope others will be reassured that it DOES take a surprisingly long time to see the true result of your rhinoplasty, you will notice subtle changes along the way even if its not apparent to others.
Hi, your new nose looks amazing! I was thinking of going with mr liddington for rhinoplasty and went to see him for a quick chat but was not sure of whether to go with him or not. But now after reading this post and alot of time considering him I am more likely to go with him. please can you tell me your experience with him and his nurses. Thanks xx
You look fantastic! It's good to hear that your doing better and feeling better about your nose. You don't look anything like Steve Martin in Rosanne haha! ;) you look amazing and it's only going to get better!
Spire Hospital

Customer service and know of reputation. Also recommended by my GP.

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