Hello Everyone im 23 and from the UK I have read...

Hello Everyone im 23 and from the UK
I have read this site daily for the last few months and it has really helped with tips and what to expect
i have wanted a nose job as long as i can remeber i have been teased for the size of my nose numerous times. And it really got me down
but i saved up and now am i can afford the nose job and have the time off work

so my operation was scheduled for 2 weeks ago but got cancelled as i had a spot on my nose of all places the night befor
and safe to say i was very upset!!


im Scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7.30 am at Spire Group near me in leeds

i have been the worst person the last two weeks ive been upset and moody and paranoid over every little blemish on my face as i dont want the same thing to happen tomorrow

i was wondering if anyone had any tips for me and i am getting more scared by the hour?

ill uploads some befor pics soon as im just at work lol


hi how did your surgery go?I had mine yesterday I know what u mean about the nerves.still can't believe ive actually done it after years of putting it off.And it wasn't at all bad!!!yes my nose is a little sore inside but nothing major.
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Good evening staci I had mine done today I was so nervous but then they put me to sleep and I woke up and it was done I know what you mean about can't believe we have done it it seems surreal I'm just sat in my hospital room just eaten and had some tablets how are you doing? My bruising is slowly coming on my corners of my eyes are black haha xx

All done

Just 8 hours post op and feeling groggy but I've eaten and had tablets my bruising is coming along nicely
Not in much pain just groggy and like a head cold headache and sore face


Hi! I can't wait to see your results. We kind of have the same thing going. My surgery was on Monday. I feel like crap today :( I am swollen with minimal bruising. I can barely breathe through my nose.
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Awwww I hope you feel ok2222 am not doing to bad at the moment but I'm a mouth breather and never use my nose hardest part for me is drinking as then I can't breathe xx

Day 1

So last night I didn't really sleep we'll not due to pain just due to being in hospital and sleeping at a high angle. This morning my face has swollen up and my throat is sore and also I've been spitting up bloody alof but my doctor says it's better to spit it out other wise it can make you sick so don't worry like I did yesterday it's all totally normal
I'm not in pain as such tbh it just uncomfortable and swollen can't speak to people very well
But overall am 24 hours in and seem to be feeling quite happy about it all


It must be a relief to be on the other side of the surgery! What sort of spot did you have that caused your surgery to be canceled? I haven't heard of that before.

Hang in there and please keep us updated on how you're doing!
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It was just a normal tiny little spot on my nose I was very upset But am 2 days I think post op now I'll update my page later am just icing my swollen face hahah x
Hi how are you today :-) can't wait to see your results my surgery is booked for Monday !!
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Day 2

Good morning
So I slept for a good 4-5 hours straight last night which was really needed which I feel happy about
My pain is still low just the discomfort and dry mouth when I woke up bruising is still coming up.
I haven't been to the toilet yet and wondered if anyone knew if I could take some tablets to make me go or just wait for my body to do its thing???

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Day 3

Day 3 and I'm not feeling too good today I've had stomach and been to the toilet which wasn't fun and I'm turning yellow and my face is very tight today not much pain but still very congested feeling a bit down today :( but think it's because in tired


Heh I see we both got the unfortunate full face cast :(
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Day 4

Feel so much better today
I've been out and started eating a lot more normally
Almost no pain today so only had one set of painkillers :)
Only three more days eeekkkk

Still yellow today but bruising seems to be subsiding

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Day 5

Been so tired today think it's all caught up on me
But apart from that same as the last 5 days
No pain as such
Omg I sneezed like 4 times today it was not fun that did hurt my nose ouch


I have been sneezing too and it doesn't feel good!
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Not at all :(
It's so itchyyyyyyy

Day 7 cast removal


Still so swollen but love how natural my nose now looks and suits my face


i love it!! Looks so natural :)
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Thank you xxx
Beautiful results!
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Day 8

I put some make up on today even tho my face is still so swollen and I look a bit like an avatar lol
I love my nose I just can't wait until it gets abit more shape to it and less swollen and round xx


I am jealous of your lack of swelling haha. I mean I'm sure you still have swelling as it's only day 8, but your nose looks refined already! Happy for you :)
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Thank you so much bit I do have a lot of make up and contouring going to make it look less swollen xx
Wow your nose already looks so much less swollen, way better than mine is looking on day 8 lol.
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Day 10

Back to normal life now
I I've my face in a morning still as it is still puffy and swollen
It is very tender and sore inside my nose but not unbearable
My bruisining is still under one eye but slowly going down :)


Beautiful! : )
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Thank you x

Dry skin

I had a cast on my face and now my skin is so dry and I can't scrub it yet as it's painful when I apply pressure around my nose has anyone any tips for this??? Xx

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Photo updates

Just a few I've taken oven the last 4 days to see how my swellings doing


Who was your surgeon please? :D
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Dr foo up in Leeds area of the uk x
so happy for you girl you look amaazzzzinnn ! my cast comes off in 2 days i cant freakin wait
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Day 12

Starting to frown again now so that must mean the swelling is going down in my forehead
Still can't wink haha but slowly but surely getting my facial expressions back woop
All I'm concerned about is the tip it seems so big and I'm concerned it's going to be like this for ever ???? hope it isn't

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Day 19

Apart from the scabs up my nose and the tenderness of my tip I just love everything about my new nose deffo worth it


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A great result! I can relate to what you said at the beginning about being teased for the size of your nose. This is was what people targeted me with at school and even into work. I am still unsure about my result sadly, but time will tell. Congratulations anyway.
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