Subtle Lip Augmentation to Vermilion Border with Juvederm - Leeds, GB

I recently thought about enhancing my lips...

I recently thought about enhancing my lips slightly but felt slightly hesitant due to not wanting to look as though I had obvious work done. I wouldn't say I had small lips before, possibly average size (??), but not only that, but they had a somewhat downturned appearance. After consulting with the woman who does my procedures, she suggested I start with .5 ml Juvederm to just enhance the vermilion border, both on the upper and lower lip. If, in the future, I decided I wanted more volume she would add another .5 ml but thought I may be happy with how they would turn out (she suggested due to my facial features, more may be the wrong thing in her opinion). So, to start off with, she numbed my lips with a topical anaesthetic. We waited for a while (she did my Botox during this time) and then we were ready to go. I honestly felt nothing (that must've been some strong stuff!). She was finished after maybe about 10 minutes - massaging the Juvederm as she was going along. These are the end results - I have a slight bruise on my upper lip; I bled for a bit on that site which is usual for me. The bleeding wasn't massive amounts, just took about 5 minutes to stop. Appreciate any comments - if I should keep them as they are or add another .5 ml. I go back in two weeks for a follow up appointment. Sorry for the gormless photos - trying to have a 'neutral' expression! :)

Side views

As requested I will upload some before and after side views. Apologies for the quality of the photos, but I think you get the general idea - the before picture, they lips almost appear flat - after, they appear to have a curve. I hate judging myself, so I'll let you decide!

24 hours later

I have a bit of bruising, especially to my upper lip. I am a bleeder though and any sort of trauma, even to my legs etc I'll bruise. So it's nothing unusual for me. Lips aren't very tender at all - they look sore but don't feel it. They don't appear to be less swollen than yesterday - not sure really! xx

4 days later

Most of the lip bruising has gone however this weird bruise above my upper lip has darkened. In the picture I am wearing zero make up so you can see all bruising. Also, now that initial swelling has gone, I am on the fence about getting a touch more volume. I can definitely feel the Juvederm and I know it has enhanced my natural lip contours.

8 days after injections

So it has been just over a week and overall, I think I am happy with the results! I am unsure if I want to go a tiny bit larger (by adding .5 ml more). I go back to the clinic for an unrelated check up and I think I will ask her opinion if more would detract (she is credible and would not 'sell' if she thought it would look bad). It's funny how others 'see' you - she said I had a fairly wide mouth in proportion to my face (which I never thought?!) and by inflating my lips they would look like sausages on my face lol!! So I'll see - if she thinks they are fine the way they are then I'll keep them as is - otherwise, it's a slippery slope - a little and you want a little more, then a little more - just have to keep rational about it!

I definitely feel the difference though and can feel the Juvi in my vermilion line. Attached is a picture from just now. All of the bruising is gone.

8 Days after

side view

8 days after, side view

Petra is a nurse prescriber that works at VGmedispa in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. I think she's brilliant!

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Perfect imo :)
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Thank you so much! :) xx
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Hi your lips look absolutely beautiful now and so natural. But I wasn't aware that juvederm was sold in .5ml syringes or did the MD only inject a half syringe? If that was the case, did she save the other half for you or simply discard it? Also how much were you charged? I want a subtle result like yours but don't want to pay for a 1ml syringe if I only need .5ml of juvederm.
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Hi! I'm not sure how it is sold in the US (even though I'm from there) as I live in England. Over here, it definitely comes in .5 ml syringes (.55 ml technically, I actually asked to see it when she took it out of the package). .5 ml can make a subtle difference, especially if you have smallish lips to begin with. You haven't said your age, but .5ml on other areas of the face isn't that much, especially if splitting it on both sides. Could you do just .5 ml in your lips, and then use the remainder elsewhere? I would ask your doctor though if it does come in the smaller syringes in the US. over here in the UK, the clinic I go to periodically have offers for Juvederm 2 (.5 ml) for £99, so approx $150. That's what I paid for mine - Juvederm 2 isn't supposed to last as long as some of the other versions but I seem to metabolise it slowly, I had some in my nasolabial folds that lasted over a year. Thank you for your kind words! Xx
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I really am considering this! How do they look now? Seemed very natural!
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Hi! Yes they still look like the "after"! All bruising is gone. When I touch my lips I can feel the juvi in them. They do look very natural. Remember, there was only .5 ml total in both lips. Always start out small and go back for more if you decide. I am still look unsure if I want .5 ml more. I'm going back to the clinic next week and I'll see what she says - she'd never "sell" if she would think it would look bad! Best wishes xx
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Thanks, your face/mouth shape are similar to my own and I have been wanting to try this for a while. You look great! Im feeling ready!! *;D
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I've posted an updated picture for you - sorry for the gormless expression but was trying to look somewhat 'natural'. Make sure you take before pictures so that you can compare your after results - you tend to 'forget' what you looked like before and you always think you haven't gone big enough - if you have the before reference it will keep you from going 'too large'! Good luck! :D xx
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Hi Petra, your lips look great as they are. I would leave it at that. Putting more in I think won't look natural. Sallie.
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Hi Sal, thank you! The nurse prescriber who did my lips is named Petra! :) I will wait and see how they settle! I am pretty happy so far but it's hard to say how much is swelling! Regards, Sari xx
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Thank you for starting your lip aug story here! I think your lips are really pretty and in the after photo they do appear less downturned. Do you have photos from the side you can post?
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Hi Angie - I have a few pictures that I will upload - they aren't the best quality but I think you can see the changes in the silhouette - before they appear almost flat and as if they have no curve?! I think I can see a difference but it is SO HARD to look at yourself and be objective! :) I do think they are less downturned as well :) Regards, Sari xx
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