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Eleven years ago i had breast implants, and i have...

eleven years ago i had breast implants, and i have never regretted this. they gave me the confidence i desperately needed at the time. when i got them, i was told they should last forever, since then the advice has changed to 10 to 15 years, and i can see why. i have noticed over the last year or so they feel harder, have slightly changed shape, and seem to feel cold to me, and more 'fake'. since the pip scandal broke, i have been worried about what i have in my body. mine are not pips, they are mcghan, but it just goes to show the industry has not been regulated enough. they hurt when i sleep on my back, im sick of not being able to lie on my front, i worry my husband thinks they are hard, and i just want rid of them. tomorrow i am seeing a surgeon to start the process of having them removed. im very worried that my boobs will look a mess afterwards, but i know my husband loved me before implants, with implants, and will love me without them again. ive also had three kids since i had them, and at 34, i dont think ill be starting a career as a page 3 girl. so i feel very nervous about tomorrow, im worried the surgeon will want me to replace them instead of remove them, im worried it means im seriously doing it. however, i want to say thanks to all the ladies on here, you have given me the confidence to go through with this procedure. im a bit obsessed with this site, my husband is always catching me looking at boobs on here, wrong way round i guess? ill take and post some pictures when i have more time, and hopefully tomorrow will feel like a positive step, not a scary one....

How did it go with your consultation? Was your doctor supportive of your request to have your implants removed?

Thanks so much for starting your story. I'm glad RealSelf has been helpful for you!


So, the consultation went well, in fact the...

So, the consultation went well, in fact the surgeon even said he thought I'd made the right decision. Slight complication is I have slight capsular contracture in my right breast and so will at least need partial capsulectomy. I'm seeing another surgeon on Saturday as I think it's the right thing to do to get another opinion. I have uploaded some photos though.
Hey mrs b

How are you getting on? Any further forward with your consults? Hope all is well. Keep in touch.

I, too, am obsessed with this site so I know exactly what you mean!! It also gave me the courage to 'go for it' and my op is in 2 days time. It is through reading all the stories and looking at the pics that finally made me do it and hopefully be pain free. I know what you mean about the hardness and shapes changes and mine have only been in for 4 years (well one has the other had to be repaced 2 years ago due to CC).

Good idea to get a secon opinion if you're not 100% happy, my scheduled op is with a different surgeon to the previous two as I lost confidence in him after all the problems I've had.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Hi mrs b, I know exactly what you mean on all counts! I too am obsessed with everyone's tips and advice. I've opted for explant and lift and I'm booked in next week. You probably won't need a lift. I'm about to try to upload some photos. I've found it difficult to get a side boob shot! Keep us up to date with your consultations and what they say. You're in the right place here - good luck! x

Hey ladies, thanks to you guys I am now booked in...

Hey ladies, thanks to you guys I am now booked in for October 16th. Nervous, but cannot wait to get these weights off my chest! Bring on the soft weenies! X
hi happy for your decision and soon.... :) you will be relief .
Good news about booking your surgery! I bet you can't wait!. Keep in touch :) xx
That's great to hear you have your surgery scheduled! I have a similar story. Isn't it odd how things go wrong so far down the road, doctors usually tell you if nothing happens in the first couple months you have nothing to worry about....ever!

Well, two weeks tomorrow I'll be having my op. I'm...

Well, two weeks tomorrow I'll be having my op. I'm apprehensive, mainly because I have 3 young sons who depend on me. Thanks to the brilliant reviews from the lovely ladies on this site, I'm aware I'll look 'deflated' afterwards, but I'm sure they'll fluff up nicely like everybody else's. Mainly I can't wait to have nice soft warm boobies (the coldness of implants disturbs me), can't wait to be able to lie on my front without being in pain, and can't wait to get close to mr b without worrying these hard rocks are going to burst if he squeezes me! Here's hoping the next two weeks fly by... X
Good luck to you Mrs B, I'm seeing my surgeon tomorrow to get a date for removal and I can't wait. Scared though at what I'll look like, but the ladies on here have helped enormously. Looking forward to your updates. Hope all goes well and happy healing :-)
Hi Mrs B. Good luck with your long awaited surgery, You have made the right decision and I'm sure that you will be really happy when it's all done and dusted. I am seeing a surgeon on thursday (number 3) then I have one more to see on the 18th. I can then make my decision and be just as happy as all of the lovely ladies on here. Keep up updated, much love xxx
Hi Mrs B. Not long to wait now. You will do great. I found the waiting the worst part. I have 2 young kids as well and was still able to throw my wee girl a birthday party the day after my op so fingers crossed you have a similar recovery. Just be careful you don't overdo things. Wishing you all the best. Keep us posted. X

Paid for my op today! No going back now, bit...

Paid for my op today! No going back now, bit nervous, but mainly just can't wait for it to all be over! X
Hi Mrs B. Hoping all went well yesterday and you are feeling fine. Let us know how you are. X
hi mrs b, thinking of you. hope all is ok!
Good luck!

You ladies are so lovely! Well, the op went well,...

You ladies are so lovely! Well, the op went well, the surgeon said he'd had to take all of my capsules as they were were quite thick! Result is they now feel lovely and soft, but smaller than I'd imagined! I'm not really bothered, I still have a handful, and my husband says he's got the real me back, bless him. I have done nothing but sleep, I have never been so tired in my life! I have a bit of soreness, guess its bruising on the inside. My kids don't seem to have noticed anything so far, I asked my six year old if he noticed anything different about mummy, he looked me up and down and said 'yeah, you've got pyjamas on'. I feel most comfortable without a sports bra at the moment, so I'm sticking to that, and I have plasters over my incisions, which are annoying me, because on one side the nurse put it quite high up which is giving my boob a really weird shape cos it's on too tight! And I have to keep them on till I go back to the dressing clinic in two weeks! So I might take a picture of the boob that hasn't been deformed by the plaster, but I'm not taking any of the other till the bloody things are off! What do I feel most? RELIEF. Xx
Kids are so wonderful sometimes. What a cute remark about the pj's. listen to your body and sleep as much as you can. I just got a new bed and wish I could find a good excuse to stay in it all day,it feels so nice. Wish I would have had it when I had surgery. I'm so glad to know you are relieved and don't have to think about having toxic bags in your chest anymore. I just read a couple of books about implants and it said there are 23 separate chemicals in the makeup of a silicone breast implant. Scary huh!
You´re brave Mrs B, and I am happy for you, take good care and spoil your new you!
Well done :-) can you believe you can feel so tired!! That goes on for a bit, so take it really easy, hard part done, gentle bit now and loads of daytime TV xxx

Where, oh where is the fluffing fairy? I have two...

Where, oh where is the fluffing fairy? I have two cherries on an ironing board! Serious fluffing needed! Am trying to wean myself off the paracetamols and ibuprofen today, as I have hardly any pain. My husband just changed my dressings cos I got them slightly wet in the bath, was very impressed with my scar! Tiny, and very neat! My right breast is shaping nicely, but the left is taking its time as the first dressing was too tight, I can't help worrying that it will 'set' like this! Luckily my boobies are small enough for me you not wear a bra for a while after my dressings are removed, that was gravity should help! X
mrs b in nottingham. so glad i found your review. Am having my implants removed after having them in place for 12 yrs mainly due to CC in both breasts. Due for surgery on the 4th Dec with mr Spyrou, also having a capsulectomy in both breasts. I'm absolutely terrified of the end result cos i was pretty flat chested before i had the implants. Another thing what concerned me is i couldn't seem to find anyone else who had had surgery with Mr Syprou. Your rating appears good so that's lessened my anxiety some. Hope your left breast rectifies its self x
Sorry for the delay melvirginia, my implants were over the muscle. It's amazing how quickly I've got used to having weenies! I love them, and the left one is looking better by the day! How are you getting on?
I'm doing well, thank you. Drains out tomorrow and can not wait! My left breast is different from my right as well. Has a bit of a dip or crease up near armpit. Little early to know what will be end result, but you look great! Amazing how most of us do not look as bad as we feared? Glad you are so well. Thanks for getting back as I was wondering if there was a difference in post implant breast shape with regard to where the implant was placed. Still not sure if it makes a difference in final outcome!

Well its now 7 weeks since i got rid of the drag...

well its now 7 weeks since i got rid of the drag queen boobies. i have very little tenderness, but they seem to be getting smaller and smaller, though i have lost weight in general. they ar elooking more symmetrical now, though they still have a way to go. still very glad im natural and soft again!
Mrs b, your boobs are looking beautiful....and you're still busting out of your bra...wonderful!! xx
Thanks demi1996, I'm getting used to having weeny ones now! How are you getting on? X
Great thanks! I just love every day waking up with natural breasts! Every time I used to get an ache or pain somewhere in my body my first thought was "Oh no is it the silicone??!" No more worries like that anymore...Hurray!! xx
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