35 Year Old with 2 Kids. Had Deflated 34c -Leeds, GB

I have always had small boobs and for 17 years I...

I have always had small boobs and for 17 years I have wanted a BA especially after having my two children. I was a deflated 34c 5ft 6 inch tall and weighing 140lbs. I went for my consultation 8 weeks ago and had surgery on the 7th April 2014. I went with surgicare because they were very friendly and the surgeon listened to what I wanted. I was very nervous for my surgery day but everyone made me feel at ease. My friend drove me down to Birmingham the day before surgery and we stayed in the Hilton hotel. My admission time was 9 oclock the next day. When I got to the hospital I was changed into my gown and surgery socks. The aneasatist saw me first to explain what he was going to do, I then saw the nurse and then my surgeon who went over everything and checked the size I wanted to go which was 475cc Natrelle allergen hp round.He marked me up and I was taken into surgery at 12:45 I was in theatre for 1 hour and in recovery for 30 mins before going back to my own room.The whole experience was fab! I am now 1 day post op and feeling sore and tight but the pain is bearable! I am just having problems getting myself out of bed and clothing myself but my mum is helping.I just cant wait for the swelling to go.
Your welcome x
Hello your results look fab! Do you mind me asking how long before the day of the surgery did you get your admission time? I'm having my operation with surgicare on monday! Very nervous! xx
Hi AH Brussels I had my op last monday and they rang me last fri to give me my admission time which was 9 oclock and I had my surgery about 12ish. Are you going to Dolan Park? I had Mr Mileto and he was fab!! Everyone really nice. X

3 day post op

Was feeling great yesturday but this morning I felt like rubbish.Had sharpe pains in my right boob and in my left boob a fluttering feeling. I think all the swelling has gone and my bruising is now yellow and nearly gone but they still feel like 2 bricks especially on the top. I dont like going to sleep because the boobs seem to harden more whilst im sleeping and I then need help to get up but once im walking about they feel. better
Michelle, you look wonderful. Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations.
Thanks redglory I love them! Just impatient for them to drop and soften x
Try proping yourself up to sleep - it's awkward but allows less swelling and it's easier to get up again. Take it easy and try to enjoy the process - just keep visualizing the new you!

5 days post op

Well had quite an emotional day today. I think ive had 4 good days but today I ache all over especially my shoulder blades.I can feel that all my swelling has gone and my boobs are starting to soften especially my left boob. Starting to feel more pressure n pain from my cuts under my boobs but ive been wearing my strap across the top which is putting more pressure on the bottom of my boobs. Finally managed to go to the toilet today but the whole of my belly is swollen-hope this goes soon. Cant wait for my boobs to actually feel like they are mine!!!! .ive been sleeping on the sofa and the past 2 days ive managed to get myself off the sofa so tonight I am gonna try go in my own bed.
They look great! :)
Thanks :-)
You still on light duty though?

day 9 post op

Well my boobs are starting to soften although one seems to have dropped more than the other and now looks slightly bigger!.so its putting me off wearing tight fitted tops because its obvious one is lower than the other one :-( . I tried driving on day 7 because I felt okay, it was tough because the boobs seemed to tighten more.The next morning I woke up and I had awful sharpe pain in my left boob.i have put a pic up and labelled pain where I am having it.once I walk about abit the pain goes off but if I push in with my finger it feels sore. Im really worried that driving has damaged my implant and now im scared to drive incase it makes it worse. It the side that I use my left hand to move the gear stick so not sure if ive just overstretched the muscle. Morning boobies is a killer!! Does anyone know how long it goes on for? Has anyone else had pain after driving?
I'm 3 weeks in and morning boob is just about gone. I even woke up laying on my front yesterday - I didn't expect I would ever be able to do that again!
:) that's good news!
Lol thanks c2e2b2b I have hope! Morning boobie is a killer :-(

2 weeks post op

Well it has now been 2 weeks and I am doing great! Boobs are softening, my right is slightly a bit harder than my left and my left has dropped abit but I am very happy. Ive been driving 4 days now and last night I slepted on my side and moved sides during the night with no problems.Not having any pain or tightness. I've got my second check up on Thurs day with the nurse to have my stitches out and go through massage routine. I will post some new pics then of my big girls and incision site.I am just very eager for them to drop fully and completely soften.
You look fabulous! Did you buy your own tape to put on over your scars or did your PS supply that? My surgery is in 2.5 weeks and I'm getting a little nervous. I hope mine turn out as good looking as yours!
Yeah pinkcotton at my 1 week check up with the nurse she gave me a full roll of tape so that after showering I could put some fresh on. Im sure you will be fine I was the same but befire u know it your new boobies will be here.Just take things easy after surgery and be patient, I had gone through so many emotions in the first week post op. Best advise I can give is asap after your surgery walk as much as you can, it gets your circulation pumping and helps with swelling. I took arnica 4 days prior to surgery and after and I didnt get much bruising or swelling. :-)

How to wear your binder

For you ladies who are not sure how to wear your binder.This is how my nurse said to wear it so it doesn't rub your underarms
Thanks redglory. Good to hear your good news! Before you know it u will have your new boobies :-)
They look great, i had mine done at the same place but a different surgeon, 400cc uhp x
Thanks Dinarasnewdingdongs. Yours look good too. I read in your review you have ultra hp. I was a bit confused as well lol in my consultation I asked for allergen naturelle round hp and when I looked at my paperwork ive found out that ive got Inspira TRX 470 allergen. So I googled it to find out its textured implants that are extra/ultra high profile. I didnt even think about smooth or textured implants until I came across this forum.i feel abit cheated that I wasnt informed enough about what I was getting but I am pleased with the results. Hows your recovery going? x

17 days post op

Well I saw my nurse again today to check my incisions and she says they are healing well and everything looking good. Im still woried about the difference in size and shape but I hear alot of people early on are complaining about the same so guess I just need to be patient. Booked to see my ps in May so at least ill know if everything is good or not.
You Look amaZing! !!! Where did you get that cute camo bikini?!
Thanks racerwife. I got it off ebay ages ago.
I might have to Find a Similar one. Cute!
Dr Mileto

MR mileto was very professional. He carried out an excellant consultation and on the day of my BA went through everything again and made me feel at ease.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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