39 Year Old Facial Rejuvenation with Botox and Juvéderm - Leeds, GB

I have already written a review on the Juvederm I...

I have already written a review on the Juvederm I had added to my nasolaboal folds (would recommend, worth it). Also, I was NOT loving the creases on my forehead and in between my eyebrows. I had lost a lot of weight and was looking too old for my liking! Initially going in for Juvederm, I also decided on 3 areas of Botox: between my eyebrows, on my forehead, and around my eyes. The discomfort was tolerable. Botox takes 1 or 2 weeks for full effect but I noticed dramatic differences 6 days after the procedure. My Botox seems to last about 4-5 months....I do go in every 4 months and have been so happy with the results. Petra (the advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner) is VERY skilled in giving natural results. I have never looked "frozen" and still have slight movement which I think is crucial to looking natural. She is very knowledgeable and i believe she would rather "under do" an area and have you come back free of charge than to have you end up looking like a wax figure from Madame Tussaud's.

All before and after pictures are currently on my Juvederm review, done by Petra at the same time.

1 year post initial treatment, very pleased

I have just added the before and after pictures (sorry the before is terrifying!) The last one was done about 2 weeks ago - I had Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks. But - you can see my forehead/eyes look wonderful and the lines have all but virtually smoothed out on their own - no fillers have been added to any glabellar lines or forehead lines.

Botox appointment today, suggested by Petra to go longer between sessions!

Hi all, just had my latest round of Botox! I asked how many units were used and around 20 to forehead, 20 to glabellar region (I have a strong scowl), and 5 on each eye/crows feet area. Petra suggested I wait at least 6 months til the next session as my treated facial muscles have definitely "forgot" how to move gratuitously. So very pleased with that! Here is an updated picture, sorry for the shine!! Should add I had no bruising and very few pin prick marks a few hours later.

8 days after last round of Botox

Two recent pictures, one at rest and one with a big smile. I should say, I do have movement to my brow and I love my results!
Petra (advanced aesthetic nurse prescriber) at Vagheggi/VGMedispa

Petra is fabulous and very knowledgeable in aesthetic treatments. She will take her time to describe any treatments or products and fully answers all questions you may have. She is a very friendly, wonderful woman that is an asset to the industry.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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I live in Brakpan and would like to have botox and fillers done by a recommened doctor. Who could you recommend
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No clue where Brakpan is!
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Going back in a few days for botox. Its been about 4.5 months. I probably don't NEED it yet as I feel as though my forehead, whilst moveable, doesn't move as freely as before I started getting botox. I plan on spacing it out a bit further after this treatment. Will post an update in a few days. Also, plan on having my lips enhanced a bit with juve. Not sure what kind yet, plan in discussing it with Petra on the day. Review of that to follow!
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diluted or maybe it's at the end of its shelf life - I have read others say something about 'beware of botox deals' because it could be that they are just trying to shift stock before the expiry date. I don't know for sure if this is true though!
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Where is this places!!!
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I have always wondered how Europeans are about appearance. It fascinates me. Americans have this overly bleached teeth bleached blonde too tan too big boobed thing (or they did, for a while) and not enough classy looks -- how could you describe the British look or ideal, if possible? Americans, for example, tend to get these enormous "chompers" that are really too white, like piano keys, with very large jaws, and too large cheeks. Other countries (I have heard) would never do this. What do you think? I love comparing the different ideals and standards of beauty in different countries. I know the Brits were getting extensions way before Americans hopped onto the trend, but what other things are popular and considered beautiful that we don't do so much here?
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It's in Leeds, England - far away from Eau Claire if you are in Wisconsin! (I'm from Minnesota originally and have been to Eau Claire before!!)
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Hmm, it's a tough one really. Because I have blonde hair (dark blonde naturally but I highlight it (see avatar picture) I have TONS of people telling me I LOOK American (but maybe that's because they know that I am American?! You really don't see too many celebrities with bright white veneers though and I have noticed that for sure. Also - something else I have noticed...You know how news anchors in the States always look perfect?! Here, news presenters almost look 'normal' if that makes sense! Less of an emphasis on looks over here if you are on camera. I can't really think of things they do over here that they don't over there! Usually, trends are set in Hollywood and then they start in the US and filter in over here. I think things like boob jobs are almost passé in America where I rarely see women with obvious implants here. Keep in mind I'm in northern England - down south in London it may be completely different.
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you look AMAZING and are like the poster child for botox and filler gone RIGHT. If only it could always be that way! Don't over do it -- you are exactly the best you could be in the third pic. You are soooo lucky!
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Wow - seriously you made my day! Thank you so much for the kind comment!! :) Petra is truly gifted in her work. She actually told me the same thing...no more to the face. I did ask her about a slight amount to my lips just to enhance the vermillion border (do not want sausage lips) so I may just get a half a ml there and I'll be done :) xx
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well it is true, just saying what I see. A really gifted injector will tell you NOT to do stuff and I say listen to her. I had a gifted injector tell me not to do stuff and I stupidly didn't listen and lived to regret. I can tell you that when you go overboard it sucks. Also when you do way too much (as people start to do -- it gets addictive in a way) or your skin doesn't rebound or react well, filler can have the opposite effect of kind of aging you. It's almost like a person who loses and gains the same five pounds over and over -- it starts to take its toll on your face because it stretches the skin out. So just please be careful as it can do this. Stick with what works but do NOT go overboard as there is truly a happy medium! And you have attained it.
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Thank you, I can see how it would get addictive. She said no more to the face (cheeks for volume, nasolabial folds) but thought I would be fine with a bit in the lips, but again, she said no real volume in the upper lip, just enhance the vermilion border and a bit of volume in the lower - you can't really tell in the pics because I do wear a ton of gloss. My lips aren't thin, but I would say they were on the smaller end of average. Ultimately, I WILL trust what she says as I have NEVER felt like a priority was making money. She has ALWAYS been honest and would discourage more if she thought it would make someone look bad. I never understand why someone would encourage unnecessary work...at the end of the day, if i were a Dr or nurse prescriber/practitioner, I wouldn't want my name associated with someone who was "overdone" and have my reputation at stake!
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she sounds great. I love when I find someone who knows what's what. You know, some people say, oh, ONLY go see a facial plastic surgeon. But I remember how much more care and how much more artistic an RN was (with no complications either) when injecting my face with botox and juvaderm. She didn't just put stuff where she was "supposed' to, rather she looked at my face as an individual canvas, and figured out what would help in the best possible way. So rather than inject my lips, the way a plastic surgeon had, she took the stuff out -- dissolved it! I was scared at first but she told me it would look better. Then she injected juvederm in my cupid's bow and into those two lines that come down from the nose --- i forget what they are called, but I think it's the philtrum, to create a more youthful look. They had actually gotten droopy and flattened from guess what? Filler in my lip, plus botox beneath the nose tip weakened those. She kept squeezing them with her hands, to make the divide more defined. By making it puffier with the juvederm -- and she took GREAT care in doing it well -- it looked so much better than automatically just shooting stuff into the top lip which really had looked horrible. So those who claim only a facial plastic surgeon should inject are discounting the most important facet of this of all, which is artistry. Something I wish doctors were required by law to have before delving into this field. As an artist myself (I draw) I can tell you that it is all about the sculpting and molding and aiming for perfection, rather than just blindly doing what you are told will look good. Perfection is stressful but you just can't stop until you strive your utmost for it; my RN said "I like to WIN" and I knew just what she meant -- you want it to be the BEST it can be. Yes you need to know about facial muscles and all the other medical stuff, but there is also that vital piece -- the pursuit of the perfect word/shade/shadow -- that I think many doctors simply don't care about.
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nadia - you know, I 100% agree with you regarding nurses/drs. Petra is an artist - she takes time to look at you, and look at your features, and suggest what is appropriate - not what would make her the most money (at least that's what I believe). I am sorry that you had bad experience(s) (and I have read your reviews) with some doctors. My undergraduate degree is in medical biology - and I'm doing a master's degree in biomedical sciences. I would like to think I am reasonably aware of medicine. I would never go to someone where I didn't feel comfortable and like they knew less than me. Just because you have a medical degree does not mean you are good or great at what you do. xx
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by the way - in checking your profile out - you are WAY too hard on yourself!! You are most definitely not saggy and ugly! We are our own worst critics - I think you are stunning :) xx
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Yes this is true --- and thank u soo much! I have in fact been trying to be less hard on myself, since really, it is just too much damn work! And I have a life to live, of course.
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