Wld Thermage Help Me? - Virginia, VA

Next monday I have a consult for...

Next monday I have a consult for thermagine/thermage. Im 34 5'4" &weigh 145llbs. I've always had a lil pot belly which after 2 kids turned to a big pot belly. It is really embarassing to go out &people ask me how far along I am or congratulate me on being pregnant. I wanna make sure my money is spent on something that will actually help. What do you all think? I appreciate any info.
Not sure if you still look at this post, but what you need is Liposonix, not Thermage. Liposonix is also non-invasive.
thermage is for skin tightening, not fat reduction. Diet and exercise is what you need.
Regular cardio, healthy eating and lots of water will definitely help lose it. :)
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