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Still Thinking About That Tummy Tuck - Lebanon, LB

I am a 30 year old woman, married with two kids...

I am a 30 year old woman, married with two kids aged 3 and 1. I have been fat since my adolescence and always struggled with weight and body image issues. I tried so many diets and attacked the gym but apparently my relation with food was pathological. Anyway, I decided to get a Mini gastric bypass in 2007 because i couldn't look at myself anymore. I was 100 kgs for 1.64cm. Nothing fitted, i looked awful. The surgery was not successful and i only lost some of the weight and I couldn't keep it off. It was a post-op mistake because i was not well informed (despite all my researches) and the dr was not the kind that explains everything, u had to litterally pull out the words from his mouth. Now, 2013, i weigh 85kgs and most of the fat and ugliness is concentrated on my belly area (2 consecutive pregnancies+overweight+fat= 0 self esteem). So i have been hearing about the tummy tuck and coming to this group and reading the reviews and taking more and more info each time, made me seriously think about having one. I KNOW that this procedure is NOT for weight loss...That is why I started a diet (AGAIN) with a dietician and i am planning to loose 15 kgs before really going through this. I am lebanese and live in Lebanon. I had several Drs names and i am trying to get in touch with one soon (maybe this month) just to get an idea about the cost and the pros and cons etc. I am really scared this won't work just like my bariatric surgery (the bypass) and i am REALLY REALLY REALLY in NEED of feeling better. and for me feeling better comes from looking better. Don't get me wrong i am SO blessed to have my husband and kids and my lovely life but i don't seem to enjoy this because i am not satisfied with the way i look.......I don't know what more to say...I will update when i see the dr........any help will be good.....i couldn't find someone with the same body as mine here..help :S

Can't. Believe it!

After a long period of thinking reviewing and checking this site, i finally gathered my courage and took the appointment. I am going to see my PS on the 6th of January 2014. I do not have the money yet, i saved the first 1000$ i think i might need some 3000$ more (my friend did the TT last july and told me about the cost). So, i am a bit confused scared excited and a bunch of feelings i cannot define hehehe i guess because it s still not real. I am thinking of doing it when i take my summer vacation (July 2014). I have 2 months off work and i cannot do it any other time and in case i decided i will not waitfor the summer after i want this now i am fed up with my looks. One more week and i will update my review. Please God i really need this to work :(

First photo

Ok see the ugliness....i dont know how i ended up like this...this is awful. My husband still manages to tell me i am pretty though...

Happy new year!!

Happy new year to everyone! Ihope this year will help us all believe more and more in our selves and i really want to be a bit selfish and say: i decided that s it i want to have it i want to do it....the PS appointment is getting closer it s on the 6th and i am very scared but excited and i dont know how will i come up with 5000$ before july but i will work more and more...please cross your fingers for me

Wow! I saw my surgeon today!

Wow. I still cannot believe that today i finally saw my surgeon. He was calm sure of himself and explained everything I needed to know about the procedure. But i was a bit disappointed because i have been reading here that there are a lot of people who say they are going to have several procedures like for example a tummy tuck along with lipo or a tummy tuck with a breast lift etc. My doctor told me that he prefers NOT combining two procedures at the same time because lipo and tummy tuck done together might give more complications related to healing and stuff like that. So basically the plan is to loose (try to loose) 15kg from now till end of June and i will have my operation in July and then, a year from that we can decide weither i need lipo or not. Y a year?? Because my Doc said it takes up to a year for a tummy tuck to be fully into place ( swelling gone etc ) & then we can decide on which areas to target with lipo then the final results will be clear and it would be more efficient. Even though i wanted to get it over with, i think he might be right and i wonder how everybody is doing several surgeries together....i mean i am confused but i see logic in what he said. The cost will be 5000$ with a 2 nights stay in the hospital he said i needed muscle repair too because alparently my two pregnancies stretched my belly muscles (i read this will be painfull .... Omg!) and he also told me that the reason why the upper belly is protruding that much is because i also have fat around my intestines (i think this is a serious health issue right?) and this is my part of the work while everything else is his job (exactly his words)....so...what do u think?? I have a target now ... 6 months to go .... Please God help me with my weight loss journey it is going to be tough .... Oh by the way, i cannot describe the feeling of shame and disgust and ugliness i felt when he asked me if he could take a look at my belly & when he actaully held my lower jell-o belly with his hand,,,i was soooo ashamed: it s as if i was nakeda and revealing all my self in front of this perfect stranger...no one touches the belly even i dnt dare to touch it...and now it s getting more real....6 months and it will be gone for ever ... oh and i still don t have the money and no one covers plastic surgeries here ....so i have to raise the 5000$ in 6 months ..... Im keeping my high hopes that everything will work lut for me eventually. Oh and i have a big patch of vitiligo on the right side of my belly so the great news is that it will all be cut and it will dissapear!!!!!! Oh wow .... I dont know what more to write! I took my hubby with me and afterwards he said: but u know Lama??i dont even see the belly!!!! I see you! It was one of the nicest things he ever said to me... As a matter of fact i am going to give him a biiiiiig hug right now... Cross your fingers for me dear friends and if u have any piece of advice plz shoot it at me. I ll try to take more pics of THE BELLY soon and post them!

another surgeon!

I took another appointment with another surgeon on monday. I am trying to be well prepared for this and i notice that last time i took ONE PS's opinion and was deciding upon it! so this monday i booked another PS and we will see what he can/will do and for how much! Actually a friend of mine went to him and she looks AWESOME guys!! like reaaaaaaaaaally ! and she lost 15 kg after her TT and she hit the gym and now looks athletic.........I am training every single day and watching my food intake.......will update once i see the other surgeon
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