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18 days PO, came to work today

Hello Everyone. I am 43 y/o. My children are 22...

Hello Everyone. I am 43 y/o. My children are 22 and 17. I had both of them when I was much heavier and my "apron" is really gross. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and this web site is truly the most helpful research I've found. All my fears are common and that's so helpful to know.

My plan is to see my PCP in April, get her on board with an panniculectomy (I think my ins co will help w/this), then see a cert plastic surgeon in August to talk about panni and TT and schedule for right after Christmas, 2012.

I look forward to everyones continued support and honesty, you all look amazing.

I find I am reading patient stories for hours on...

I find I am reading patient stories for hours on end and that is the only thing that keeps me thinking this is a good idea. Husband is supportive but I am, of course, scared. I'm wondering...I'm 10 months away from a TT, have not even gone for a consult yet but I have made some calls. Any one in New Hampshire that they would recommend? I look forward to making many friends on real self over the next year. I am going to do this!

Well now I'm pretty committed to doing this. BTW,...

Well now I'm pretty committed to doing this. BTW, I'm 5'4" and around 200 lbs. I have to believe that 15 lbs of it is in this nasty apron. I am trying hard to drop another 10 lbs by December, that's quite achievable. I exercise regularly and am just at a point in my life where yes, I would love to be lighter, but I know my lifestyle and habits are stable. I have good self confidence, a good job, and it's just time to do this for myself. I have a few more years before starting to go through the "change" and want to look good while I still feel somewhat youthful, if you know what I mean. I am looking forward to my first consultation and hope I can find a PS that I like. I have identified 3 of them, 1 in Manchester, 1 in Concord, and 1 in Lebanon that I'll meet with. It's pretty slim-pickins up here in New Hampshire. Right now it sounds/looks like the one in Manchester is the best fit for me, but that is a 2 hour drive. Insurance is not going to cover, but at least now I know and can start saving. I have found some ladies with very similar body types on real self and I cant tell you how motivating it is. I really like the fact that everyone is honest and supportive, that means a lot to me. After reading so many of the stories, I begin to recognize personality types and it's so funny when I read something and just burst out laughing thinking "that's exactly what I would say!" I feel like an odd duck, in that a web site alone could keep me hanging on and give me enough motivation to do this, but it's true. I haven't found anywhere else that has provided as much information and helpful feedback. Especially important is knowing that being scared s*&%.less is very normal. Every time I start thinking I could possibly back out of this because of my fears, I just have to get on here and read and I feel better about it. I work in a professional office setting, and have told only a couple of my closest friends (who happen to be co workers). Although they say that they'll support my choice if it's what I really want, I can tell they think it's unnecessary and dangerous. I even undid my pants and said "See??? Look at this thing!! This is disgusting!" I think they were surprised but oh well, I find that I do need support and feedback from my friends that I'm not crazy by doing this. My mom is a snow bird and will be back North soon. I plan on talking to her this summer and asking if I can fly her home (she'll head south again in October) to help my husband for a week when I do this. I don't think she's going to be terribly impressed or supportive but maybe I'll be surprised. Every day now, I'll go to do something simple, like stand up, or sit down, or get in the shower, and I'll think "God, in 9 months I wont be able to do even this!!" I think a lot about activities that I really enjoy that will be on hold for a couple of months and it sucks. It's stupid, because 9 months is a long time away and I dont like that I'm consumed with thinking about this but, I suppose it's normal. I'll be in the store, and walk by a cute outfit and think "You know...next year at this time I'll be able to wear that with pride!" That is such a good feeling.

I go to see my PS on November 5 to schedule my TT,...

I go to see my PS on November 5 to schedule my TT, and I'm hoping it'll be the first week of January. Over the summer I went to see a couple different PS's and I chose this one...I feel as though I would like to get to know him a little more to be comfortable though. I am going to try hard to be faithful about posting my experiences on here so that I can give back to this community. Soon I'll try and get some before pictures and that is going to suck. I have a vertical scar from a diaphrematic hernia I had when I was born. Because of the way the skin around that healed, and because of weight gain/loss/babies, I have this 3rd boob thing going on plus the massive apron. It's so gross, really. I'm quite sure I'll be needing the fleur de lis TT and I don't want any lipo or muscle repair. Even if I end up having a horrible scar, swelling, dog ears it'll be better than this thing that keeps me from being normal. I will never be a bikini girl and have no interest in showing people my midriff but I'd like to be able to tuck in a shirt and simple stuff like that. I am overweight but I'm tellin ya, getting rid of this monster is going to make me feel soooo much better, I just know it!

Just had my appointment to schedule my TT. I have...

Just had my appointment to schedule my TT. I have seen 2 other PS's and although this one is a little impersonal, there are very few plastic surgeons in this area of New England unless I want to travel several hours. He is highly recommended, tons of credentials, board certified, etc but kind of lacking in the social skill area. Anyone else have this feeling with their PS? I am going to have an extended TT, and then 2 horizontal incisions above my BB. When I post pictures you will understand. I have a large vertical scar that makes it impossible for him to perform a fleur de lis, but there are these "extra boobs" that NEED to go. I'm not concerned about scars (again, you'll understand when you see my disgusting belly) as a bikini will never be an option for me. I can't imagine my results will be anything less than extraordinary but I'm scared as he**!

Looking for January buddies!

Looking for January buddies!

I just paid for my surgery. I was trying to...

I just paid for my surgery. I was trying to explain to my Dr how surreal this is, and how I am certain something will happen to prevent me from having a TT...I'll be sick, my Dr will be sick, we'll have a huge blizzard, there will be a problem with my blood work, etc. I suppose I'm thinking these things as some kind of defense mechanism. I simply can't believe I'm going through with this and it does NOT feel real.

Going to try to be faithful about posting over the...

Going to try to be faithful about posting over the next few weeks, as I have so much appreciated everyone else's honesty. Had all My pre op done today. Gonna get prescription and pick mom up at airport Thursday and have to be at hospital at 7 am Friday. Ladies I've been on this site snarking around for over a year and I simply can't believe my time is almost here. Anxiety is at an all time high. Happy new year to you all.

Po day 3. Ladies I feel so blessed. I'm fully...

Po day 3. Ladies I feel so blessed. I'm fully aware that things will likely get worse, but this has been a breeze. I totally expected the worst. I had extended tummy tuck with two additional extractions of skin below each breast. C sections were way harder. Taking Percocet faithfully and I'm dizzy and sore and my incision sites burn but its very tolerable. Moral of the story? This could easily be you too...stay positive. I'll b seeing my tummy tomorrow can't wait!

I got my drains out today po day 3. It didn't hurt...

I got my drains out today po day 3. It didn't hurt a bit. I'm quite swollen above my bb but already I can see such a difference. I don't know why...but this has really been easy and I hope the same for others! Knock on wood.

Hello everyone. It's weird to be on the flat side...

Hello everyone. It's weird to be on the flat side and realize I'm starting to pull away from the thing that gave me the courage and strength to do this in the first place...I was on this site for hours on end reading everyone's stories well over a year ago and, alas, here I am inevitably moving on just like everyone else. I have had an extremely easy recovery. I promised will get pics up for you. I'm not a size 4, and a bikini will never be in my future, so even though my scars will be very pronounced (hip to hip, two-6 inch horizontal incisions under each breast, and a vertical scar from a hernia at birth) I am ecstatic to have this "apron" and "extra set of boobs" gone. I have not had to walk hunched over, my BM's were not an issue, pain has been very tolerable, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. It's still early and complications can occur but I am one lucky girl. Do not be afraid of your recovery you will get through it and I'm living proof that it may actually be 100x easier than you expected! I did not have MR or lipo and I'm sure that would've made things harder. Sneezing does hurt and I'm following the drs orders.

Hello. I have had such an easy recovery...still. I...

Hello. I have had such an easy recovery...still. I get the swelling and I'm still sore sometimes and I'm taking it easy, today is my first day back to work I'll be part time for a couple weeks before returning to full time. I do get pains, don't get me wrong it's major surgery but compared to some of my other RS'ers I've had it easy. Some of you girls have really suffered. I think part of the ease is that I had so much skin, he didn't have to "stretch" me too terribly tight. Right now my pants still fit my butt and thighs but there is a big baggy spot in the front where the apron was...if I dont keep pulling my pants up it almost looks like I have a male package going on. I'm a little down about things but I am starting a new diet when I go back to work on the 4th and I know that will boost my spirits. My goal is to be down 10 lbs by my birthday in March I know I can do it. I was so scared to do this folks but I know it will be worth it on the very first sunny day when I can put on a pair of capris and a normal shirt, I cant wait. I have my before pics but I want to wait to put after pics on here until I feel more confident. Do this for yourself and pay attention to what people say about the roller coaster. You may not look like you want to for a couple of months, your body needs time to re-adjust to the new you and it takes a while to accept that and not let it get you down, but keep your eye on the ball !!
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It sounds like this a dream come true for you as it was for me. I didn't get the mr either. I have debated back and forth if I should have because I have only seen a couple people that did not have it done. But after reading your posting, it makes me more comfortable with the decision not to have them done. I am a wimp when it comes to pain and my ps said the MR was most of the pain. I too will never be in a bikini, lol. Isn't it just amazing how differently clothing fits now. I would love to see your before and after pictures. As you can see on me I also had that horrible apron of skin.. It would crack and the rash was horrible. I can't wait for warm weather to see how it feels to be in the heat, riding my bicycle and not have to pay the piper with a bad heat rash or worse. It's a whole new outlook on life now.
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Yay!! So glad you are doing so well!!
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Just thought I would check in on you and read your last post. So happy to hear you're doing so well! I've been so nervous about the recovery because my c-section recovery was so painful, so it's very helpful to read your comparison of the two. Hope you continue to feel good! Keep us posted!
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Good luck to you!! I will be a few weeks behind you!! I wish you a very speedy recovery!! I'm nervous too. I keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end!!! Focus on the results!!
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Hi, I just read your post. I live in Litchfield NH so I know what you mean about not many PS in our area. I however found an amazing one in Nashua. I HIGHLY recommend him. His name is Dr. Jeremy Waldman of Waldman Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. Just look at my profile pictures to see for yourself. I think the man in a surgery god. You can also check out his website, there is a link in my profile as well. I'm 6 weeks post op now and feel just as good as I did pre-surgery. I have no swelling at all, I'm surprised at the swelling I've seen from the other ladies that had their surgeries in September as I did. You know how you have this picture in your head of what you want your results to look like.......well my TT looks WAY better than I ever expected. I'm so excited! Congrats on your decision to make YOU feel good about yourself! Good luck! Dawn
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Saw your post when I was "reviewing" and wondered how you are! Are you still doing it?
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Hi Taylor! I've found another December TT buddy! I hope to schedule my TT for mid December. I'm so excited to find people on this site to relate to and talk to. I felt so silly obsessing daily about this and it's still over four months away but now I don't feel so silly. I've found two December TTers just today! Good luck to you and I look forward to following your journey!
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First off i want to say thanks for popping over to my review and chatting, it means the world to be able to chatter away some of my nerves. Secondly i know what you mean about spending so much time on this site and finding bodies that match yours. I have done it for well over a year before my first consult even took place. As a matter of fact the BL/BA pages is where i lurked the most because my girls after all that weight loss need a lift and some volume. LOL i did indeed almost fix them first and you've seen the pics of my tummy (i am that vain about my breasts) however i smartened up and starting reading about the TT's on here. I love this site and all the women on here willing to post such embarrassing pictures on here for the sake of helping /educating others. I will say don't be over thinking things too much since you still have so many months to go. =)
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Insurance didn't even come in to play for me. I had to pay for the whole thing and I also paid to loss the weight which is now 75 pounds and I have been holding on. But being able to wear nice cloths and look good in them is worth everything. The pain is long gone and I am enjoying being a new person. Stay focus I know it is hard, worring is normal so just keep putting it away. You are priceless as a person, mother and wife and you need to take care of you so you can take care of them. Stay in touch I won't let you loss your way.
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Taylor-good luck with the search and insurance, I gave up trying to get insurance to pay, they would cover the panniculectomy but not the full TT or muscle repair or for a new belly button, by the time it was all said and done to use the insurance I had to go to the hospital my put of pocket was going to be more than paying the surgeon I like to do it in his office surgical suite, so that is what I did, it pains me that I lose all this and cant get anything covered, but I dont care if I am broke forever, after being fat my whole life, I am fixing me at whatever it costs!
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Bejewelme...congrats on all that weight lost...you're such an inspiration....and you look awesome!
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Welcome to RealSelf!

It's never to early to start your planning process.   I look forward to following your journey so please keep us up to date every step of the way.

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