After Too Much Botox Injected in the Crows Feet...all my Face Went Down - Lebanon, OK

Hello This is my experience with botox. I think...

This is my experience with botox. I think its long….but it's worth reading it...It took a quite effort it to write it down… but this is to help other girls not to fall in the same mistake.

I once read that there is something called botox that, if injected between the eyebrows, prevents the 11lines. I liked the idea, especially that i really hate those traces.

I went to the first doctor. He advised me to postpone it a little since i don’t need it that much.

Few months later my friend told me she got botox and the result was nice. I wanted to try it. She took me to her doctor. He injected between the brows, and in the areas of the crows feet 3 LAYERS of botox (as he said so he can lift my brows it would be attractive!!). I attached a figure in which i illustrated the points of injections in yellow.

Few days later i started to notice:
1- An obvious increase in the volume near the edges of my mouth...i.e. in the lower part of my cheeks...and the upper parts became thinner as if the flesh has migrated down...and I started to see obviously my cheek bones (the ones on the sides- they were previously covered by flesh…don’t ask me how!!)...
2- My eyebrows went too much up, but at the same time my eyes were pulled down. This made them look round. :(((
3- Appearance of the nasolabial folds ( i didnt hv any before)
4- My smile changed + appearance of new smile lines

All my friends, family, coworkers wondered what‘s wrong in my face...I looked like as if i lost too much weight, I looked tired…sad…angry. I went to the doctor to show him what happened...he thought that the after pictures are the before pictures and vice versa. I left the Clinique crying. I went to another doctor and he explained to me what happened....the first doctor went too much down my eyes to the upper part of my cheeks which caused the muscles near my mouth to strengthen; Pulling my whole face down.
After some time, new horizontal wrinkles under my eyes appeared (the eyes were as if they are separated from the cheeks)
Now…after more than a year, as the effect of botox has gone, the muscles work again with much more wrinkles. But I’m devastated as nothing will get my cheeks up. Botox has simply sped the aging process. I dont go out at all except to my office...

A doctor told me the only solution is to fill the upper areas and to make liposuction of the flesh that has been pulled down. Im stuck here. i don’t have the courage to do anything.

I realized that I have never thanked GOD for what He has given me of beauty…I really want to grow old naturally and gracefully…but after getting my face back. I wonder if this will ever happen.


Hi Rubruba Muscles can be strengthened and built up with facial exercises. Please do try some, especially ones that lift and fill the upper cheeks.
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Hello, so sorry about this but I am suffering the EXACT same thing. Too much botox around eyes and by the temple area, this was done for PAIN, not for any thing else but was also happy to have less wrinkles I thought. Then about 2 weeks later, my whole face, cheeks fell. I have a naso labial fold that was never there before, my cheeks look hollow and deflated. I look about 10 years older now. I look bony. I don't know if you are planning anything like maybe a cheek lift or fillers but maybe they could plump out our hollow, bony cheeks. But then it is something you have to keep up and that's costly too. My upper lip is thinner and asymmetric. Maybe you are recovering better now. Please let me know. Best of luck to you.
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Hello im afraid to tell you...that I didn't improve at all...on the contrary... im extra super depressed :)...I went to another doctor....of course, not to mention, he didn't admit that botox can do all this damage. he injected 1 resthylane in one cheek...clearly he neither understood my case nor he was experienced and the problem went worse...he injected too much in one small area of my cheek that it under the middle of my is a bit bunchy. it pulled my eye further down. I went to another dr..a famous one. He didn't offer me any solution.. He told me: where do u want to inject?? I indicated the top of cheeks....I used 2 resthylane. it was really expensive. The result would be nice if I had not the problem caused by botox....i.e the top ofcheeks are now good...but under, the hollow part increased and the edges of mouth are the same. The muscles at the two edges of my mouth, that got stronger and overworked when the upper muscles were paralyzed by botox, are still very strong.... "my cheeks look hollow and deflated. I look about 10 years older now. I look bony. My upper lip is thinner and asymmetric. " SAME HERE. Cheek lift may be it is a solution..but its not easy...and it is irreversible....botox, the simplest procedure, was a failure for us...anyway I don't think doctors will accept to do the cheek lift as we are not old
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