4" muscle seperation

I have severe diastasis and an umbilical hernia. I...

I have severe diastasis and an umbilical hernia. I had three c-sections in three years, my boys are 7, 5 and a few weeks from 4 years old! I don't have a lot of excess skin... Even my PS commented on that... My bloated and sore stomach is all due to the diastasis and hernia (s).
Feeling anxious...never been put under before...
Happy to have found this site!

Hi! I am new to this site as well and have found it so helpful! You will do awesome!! I had a breast reduction when I was 16 and the last thing I remembered was laughing them I woke up hours later in recovery. I kinda of liked the anesthesia lol!! My surgery is April 1st. I'm having tt with muscle repair and lipo of the flanks. I'm really nervous about the pain and recovery but I know it will be soooo worth it!! Good luck to you!! : )
Thank you for reaching out, we are a huge support group for one another... I am grateful for your support and will keeps tabs and prayers for you!!
We are on the same day we can do this together

Going this Friday to pay... Feeling much calmer...

Going this Friday to pay... Feeling much calmer about it all. Very much looking forward to being pain free again. Lately my stomach pains have been waking me at night.

I had my pre op by phone today. The nurse...

I had my pre op by phone today. The nurse answered all my questions and gave me a lot of information to absorb. I go pay tomorrow and get final pictures! I had a vivid dream last night that I had the procedure, except I could still see my diastasis and I had a new belly button, no drains and little pain. I woke feeling my stomach to see if it was real... my stomach was hurting all night... (nothing new really).
I am planning on getting a wax before the procedure and my goal to not have alcohol for the next two weeks is on my mind... but it is Spring Break then Easter break with three loud boys... umm... cocktail time is a sometimes good! :D Can I get a witness?
My anxiety is gone. My peace is through praise. Prayers are constant and grateful is my heart.
Bring it on!!

I paid up!! At ease. Ready to go.

I paid up!! At ease. Ready to go.

One week and one day to go. I had my pre-op...

One week and one day to go. I had my pre-op conversation with the nurses, picked up my meds, received my compression garments from makemeheal and just ordered my toilet riser and shower chair from amazon!
Anything that I allow myself to worry about is out of my control, so I continually pray and give it to god.
My husband has treated me to a spa pedi tomorrow and a massage next week... I am totally spoiled!
The in laws are arriving the afternoon of my surgery to help. This will be so wonderful, my mom in law has a keen knack for being a care taker. I will owe her big someday.

My doctors nurse called today to ask if I was...

My doctors nurse called today to ask if I was interested in using a product called strattice from life cell... As a sort of mesh, since my stomach tissue is so thin. I am meeting w my ps Thursday to discuss it more...?
Other than that, I have thoroughly soaked in time w my boys over Easter and spring break. I have moments where I begin to doubt this whole thing... And more moments where I am ready. I guess my greatest anxiety (if one can call it that) is the help from my mom in law... She is an allll natural person, my husband referred to her as the witch doctor growing up, ha! Anyway, she does not know the extent of my surgery... Like the lipo... I am sorta afraid to b judged by her... But she will be the one around me, changing bandages. Sigh... Oh and I do believe my period will come on surgery day, I will be a mess! :)
I got the last supplies ( I think) today...
Friday here I come.

My four year old has a terrible cold... My five...

My four year old has a terrible cold... My five year old has complained about his throat hurting, I just looked down it and saw white spots... I am hoping it is not what I thought I saw!
Good luck with your surgery Friday! I'm 6 days after on 4/11. Hope chicken pox isn't what you saw and your boys are feeling better soon.
I am the same way, you have to let go and let God. I will keep you in my prayers. Our surgery day is the same April 5. 3 more days. Yay

Went in yesterday... Tt...lipo... The dr said...

Went in yesterday... Tt...lipo... The dr said there wasn't any hernia... All muscle seperation... Not any skin to pull... That I know of... I will try to post pics soon.
The pain is more burning and deep... But tolerable.
Taking it easy, staying on top of meds.
Thank you everyone on this site!

Here r a couple before pics right before tt time

Here r a couple before pics right before tt time
Glad to hear that there wasn't a hernia. I would think that would make recovery a little bit better. Look forward to your pics, I imagine you are going to have an awesome outcome!
Thank u for the encouragement
My boys are ok... Allergies and drainage... Keep me posted on your progress

Took my first shower... Heaven, but then was not...

Took my first shower... Heaven, but then was not easy... Trying to figure out the binder w my drain site... And how do I address my drain site? Lots of gauze ??? Feeling exhausted... My dr called to tell us how . Still not sure.. My drain site never felt tender until now. And I am itchy all over. I will post a pic.

The purple line is the marker used by dr.

The purple line is the marker used by dr.

Each day I feel stronger than the day before. ...

Each day I feel stronger than the day before. Someone once told me that we need to mentally note in our heads that the healing should be thought f in "weeks"... I like that idea.
I have a lot of help around the house and love my recliner. I do miss not being able to hold my boys, but soon enough I will...
It is one in the morning, I was fast asleep in my chair, when the ph rang. Wrong number, but hearing it ring, made me jump... Ouch!
I should get more rest. Good night!
Looking great!,
Thank you wannaflattummy... Each day is a little better!

3days post tt... Feeling really great... Meds are...

3days post tt... Feeling really great... Meds are crucial... Sleeping is key. I finally pooped this morning, nearly passed out on the can, felt like Elvis. The problem was I went to the bathroom b4 I got a chance to eat. Light headed... Fortunately the colace and milk of mag helped "ease" things out. Should wish I had known that for after babies!
My in laws have been incredible and my parents a huge help w the boys, taking them over nights this past wknd.
Funny thing as in strange, I began my period the day before surgery. Stopped after surgery... Then began a little again today and hen stopped again. Weird what stress to the body can do.
Going on thursday this wk to get checked... Don't know if I will have the drain taken or not... Only had one put in... .
I have been icing on and off all day... Heaven.
I can't remember if I mentioned it...I never had a hernia... It was all muscle seperation... Nothing protecting my insides except my skin!
I caught a glimpse and I think I had to have a little vertical incision too to help my belly button... I think he said there was not enough kin to pull.
I had the same n feel a lot better, 2weeks PO..welcome to the flat side!!!
225, we are Tt sisters glad to hear you are doing great , welcome to the flat side.Stay strong and god bless

I had THE best night of sleep last night. I can't...

I had THE best night of sleep last night. I can't remember the last time that has happened, did not wake once w stomach pain like I normally would.... I have napped on nd off all day... Spreading my pain meds out as much as I can. This afternooni changed the dressing around my drain, got super faint and went downhill from there... My drain site is super sore and I accidentally tugged on it a hit and got nauseous.

My mom in law is the bomb... Keeping track of my drain records, medicine and food intake. How can I ever repay her and my father in law?

Each day is better, some great days have poor moments... But I am not going to let that get me down...

I am feeling blessed for the help and the love of family and friends!

Took acetaminophen this morning. I had woken up...

Took acetaminophen this morning. I had woken up feeling like I had lost a battle... Sore all over. I am icing my back, which helps a ton. I am thinking the muscle repair is similar to a c section... Not too bad. The drain is achy..l but the lipo is brutal... The bruising and constant ache is strong.
I took a shower last night... Kicked my ass... Almost passed out again, and the pure trauma sent me straight to the toilet w explosive diarrhea. My poor hubby! Cleaning up after me, let alone the smell... I know TMI!

Keeping a positive attitude, and know each day will be better than the last. I feel so blessed to have my in laws o loving and helpful... My parents are too and my husband my rock.

More later...

Necessary items I know many have posted items...

Necessary items
I know many have posted items they have needed to get through this... Here is what I found was necessary...

Toilet seat riser!! A god send
Shower chair
Gauze... But not the stringy (cheesecloth like gauze) that tended to stick on my stitches
Ointment for the drain tube
Lots of pillows for under legs, and back
I live in my recliner (electric)
Baby wipes... To clean face, pits and overall a bit of freshness.
Someone else to record drain numbers, and keep track of meds
Lots of water... I put a little lemon in mine to help reduce swelling
Speaking if, ice packs... A large one for the front and lg none for the back, helps swelling and pain

And as hard as it is... Do not constantly look in the mirror... I am focusing on simply healing and getting back and forth to the bathroom. I am sure u am swollen and bruised, if I saw it, I mighteasilyget down.

Six days since surgery. Yesterday I got off my...

Six days since surgery. Yesterday I got off my pain meds, and did great. Last night was another story... Horrible... Pain, incomfortable, burning, sweating chills... Aches. This morning, I took one pain pill, feeling better.
Going to the rotor n about an hour.
you look great so far! Thanks for the tips, I have what's on your list and I'm glad to know it'll all be needed, My surgery is tomorrow! Hope your healing continues to go smoothly!
Don't forget the bendy straws... Sending prayers your way!

I got a shower today, and did not feel faint this...

I got a shower today, and did not feel faint this time... I shaved at least one cave woman off my body. My parents came for lunch, they brought it for me and my mother I law. My father in law left to drive back to chicago this morning, my mil wanted to stay to help.
I napped this afternoon...
But all day, my incision has hurt. I even just went into the bathroom to see if it had started to open up on me. It hasn't, just feels like it.
I am icing it again.... I don't remember my c section scar hurting like this, ever... Wow!
You are going to have beautiful results! You look so good already! Congrats on the beautiful new you! :)

Post op 8 Taking half a hydrocodone as needed......

Post op 8
Taking half a hydrocodone as needed... Went from 10:30 today until 4pm... Big step for me. Being that it is Saturday, all boys were hm, my husband working all day. I don't know if my boys were crazier bc I was unable to chase them down to correct them, or if I was on edge...? My MIL was great, helped me corral them in... At moments they all wanted to be right next to me, and then hey would fight over the spot closest to me.
Finally my husband took the older two hm when he got hm and got them out of the house. My four yr old is napping next to me.
I have been feeling blue today. I read all these women's stories about being off pain meds, mowing lawns within weeks of surgery... I feel like I am failing. I know everyone heals differently, different rates... Am ready to be me again. You know?
Family is coming over for dinner tonight...
Thanks for letting me vent. I have never blogged before, didn't think I would, but this has and is helping me... Thank you!

Post op day 9 Woke up stiff, but feeling really...

Post op day 9
Woke up stiff, but feeling really good. My (MOM) kicked in... Have mercy, The Lord is good!
My husband and my MIL and the boys went out this morning... Peace and quiet is heavenly, listening to the wind chimes in the trees.
My incision is tender, someone had a great description... Sunburn... And tender is mine. The drain site is just achy... Hope to get it out on Thursday at my next appt.
I took the time this morning to photograph my belly. I took one pic of what I think are called "dog ears" on my hip... Let me know what you think... I am hoping it will go down. You can see the "t" incision he made, due to lack of skin to pull... But at least my belly button is in. I apologize for the hair growth... No way in heck am I going to attempt to shave that area this soon!
Thank you so much Lacey. Each day is a stepping stone!

PO10 Today is the first day I woke up and did not...

Today is the first day I woke up and did not immediately want a pain pill! This is a triumph for me, as I was beginning to feel that I was 1) a total wimp and/or 2) maybe getting addicted to them.
We'll see jow I am doing in a few hours... Ha!
On my agenda today... Shower.
My MIL leaves Thursday, so I literally want to rest rest rest so I can heal that much more before she leaves.
My house is in disarray and the bathrooms not to my particular sanitary style... But I truly don't care. This giving up control thing is hard, but kinda nice. :)
I love your agenda for the day :-) SHOWER... haha today was the first day I woke up feeling rested and able to stretch a bit. On my agenda, empty dishwasher, refill dishwasher and push the on button and then SHOWER... I'm glad you have help. Enjoy every bit of it. I hear ya on letting go. It's so darn hard, but necessary and somewhat liberating :-). Happy healing, your results are fab girl.
Baby steps, right? Next we will b burning our bra's... Liberating!
You look great! I don't think thats a dog ear. I had the exact thing on one side and with putting my scar strips after just a couple weeks it flattened out and i don't have a pleat anymore. Not sure if you can see it in my early pictures. Ask your dr. when you can start scar treatment and go from there. The incision is beautiful, your going to love it!!!

My 7 year old crept down the stairs at 1 am this...

My 7 year old crept down the stairs at 1 am this morning saying mommy, "I almost just threw up."
In a groggy state from my recliner ( my current pace of sleep) I said, go tell daddy...
So he did. Daddy was sleeping in the downstairs room in case I needed anything at night for the past ten days. My hubby got u and asked my son what he needed... Just as my 7 yr old grabbed his mouth and muffled, "it's coming!"
The hallway, the walks the door and half the bathroom received my sons blessing from below.
There i was, stuck in my recliner like a turtle on its back, unable to jump up to help. My husband, my poor exhausted husband cleaned it all up.... Got new pjs for the sick one... Then showered himself. I asked a few times if I could help and he said no, he wouldn't want me to see it.
My five yr old woke w a sore tummy too... Kept him home from school. They both have been very still all day watching tv... Thank god!
But I am achy from bending and doing... My mom in law is here too to help, but has a bum knee and is also exhausted. My mom took he four yr old for the day..,
Blessings of help.
My binder is not sticking as well anymore. Each time I would bend to help, it would unvelcro itself. Another blessing... I go Thursday to get the drain out, so a new compression garment on the horizon!

Boys are all better today! Everyone at school for...

Boys are all better today! Everyone at school for at least a few hours. MIL leaves tomorrow, she is out getting groceries for us before she leaves town. God love her!
I am PO12 today and took a pic this morning while changing. Not a great quality of pic, but I can see progress coming along. This definitely is a week by week progression... And it has gone fast considering that most of what I have Solent time doing is "nothing". Healing is exhausting and listening to your body is key... I am off pain meds... Or so I say right now. Yesterday after helping car for the littles, I did take one in the afternoon. We need to do what we can to heal and not take chances of pushing ourselves.
Going to the dr tomorrow, not sure if I will get the drain out... As much as I want it gone, I am also ok keeping it... I mean, where else will the swelling go? As long as it has somewhere to drain then I won't swell so much.
In for severe weather today in KS... Happy I am far enough along to attempt stairs in case I need to take cover.
Loved reading you updates. I go in next friday for TT muscle repair and hernia also with BA. Excited but very nervous as well. Had 2 c-sections and keep telling myself I can do this...lol
My3sons2005... Please keep me posted! I will b thinking of you

PO14 Doing lots more today, but did manage to...

Doing lots more today, but did manage to find time to rack out in the recliner during my four year olds nap time. Love that time of day!
I am sporting my new cg today... Dreading showers tonight bc I will have to take it off and then squeeze my way into it again... Good lord! How did women of Victorian times wear girdles everyday?
My seven yr old stayed hm again w a stomach ache... But it was a blessing bc he could be my assistant.. Pillows, ice pack, fetch this for your brother.
Planning fish tacos tonight... And alone time w my hubby. I miss him... His mom left yesterday, so our lives will slowly connect again... Physically and time wise. :)
Loving the two week day. Not one pain pill today, or even a muscle relaxer! Mile stone for me!
Wow! I am PO3 and your story is exactly my story complete with "umbilical hernia". You look fab, take care of yourself you are doing great.

Po 16 My whole body aches. Fever last night 100,...

Po 16
My whole body aches. Fever last night 100, currently 99. I can barely move my arms, have absolutely no appetite and no strength to squeeze into my cg. So I am just wearing my binder.
Grateful I haven't thrown up, although I dry heaved yesterday afternoon... Ow!
Need to get better fast. The boys need me!
Thank you whitestone09. I have managed to pick up the flu... Can barely lift my arms.. Want to cry.

Today is 19 days since surgery. I am exhausted......

Today is 19 days since surgery. I am exhausted... And emotional, I want my life back. My mom, god love her has been doing our laundry for us, my son has no more socks!? Where could they have possibly gone.
I want to do my own laundry again.
I want to drive my children to school and baseball. Some may ask, why are you not driving? Well, I know my body and I don't want to push this healing process.
I have had the flu since Saturday... Today is better.... But I weighed myself this morning and am down down down in weight. I need to start being able to get an appetite back, keep food down. I am 5'8 and currently 114.
I miss my husband. When we do not connect physically... We disconnect spiritually, mentally... I want intimacy back. We barely even hug right now... Sucks
I am just tired. I am complaining... Venting and praying that my words and needs are heard. It is time to heal.
Last night I kept getting woken up by burning in my abs, I kept thinking it was my binder too tight... And would readjust it... But it wouldn't help. I am not sure what it is...
Don't have it now, just extraordinary exhaustion.
I am posting pics from this morning.
And you look great.
You need try some sups and honey ,lemons and tea to help you with flu and you realy need some nutrition to start healing fester and feel better.Sorry to hear that you are emotional and wanna to do all on your own .We all been there and tomorrow you will feel much better .
Thank u kiara... U are so right! Today I actually had some appetite! Took a nap this afternoon and feel a lot more refreshed.

Po20 I cannot believe what a day makes... I feel...

I cannot believe what a day makes... I feel so strong today, even did the laundry! Maybe it was my nap that I needed yesterday, or the perfect spring weather w chirping birds... But I feel loved, blessed and st peace again. Thank you God!
Last night was hard, my stomach burn and stinging pains woke me several times. I would massage my pain and soon it would subside. I cannot wait to sleep totally flat and on my side again! When I do roll over, I can feel my stomach muscles being pulled don by gravity... My mind begins to think, what if it heals that way. Which thinking in the full light of day, cracks me up... Like when our moms would say, "you're face will freeze like that!"
My boys are off tomorrow and Monday, teacher in service or something. Praying for strength to keep up w them.
If you like to sleep on your side try haging big flaffy pillow and baby position ,I am a side sleeper and that helped me after two weeks and gradually you will stretch to flat position,hope it helps and be strong you are getting closer to full healing.
Kiara1170... Thank you for the tip, I will try it, I did try that last night... Maybe indeed a bigger pillow? I SO appreciated your kindness and help. We would make great neighbors! :)

Post Day 25 I think I have done too much. The...

Post Day 25
I think I have done too much. The left side of my belly is in pain. Kept me up last night.
This morning I managed to do some laundry, sweep, get groceries and get a bridal shower gift... And I am literally pooped!
I have posted new pics. I took one in my bikini bottom... It does not cover my vertical scar. Sorta looks like a happy trail... Although I have not reached "perfection" in plastic surgery... I am so happy that I have my muscles back together! Admit it, after all, at some point we all need to retire the bikini. Ha!
I am truly hoping w some rest, I can get the dull pain to subside.
Oh my goodness, reading your post made me crack up with laughter, and cringe with pain, you are such a descriptive writer! I am just getting started scheduling my consults for my BA and TT and have become addicted to this site! You look amazing, and your strength gives me strength and courage to go through with this too. I have nervous nights at times and think I can't do it cause I REALLY HATE needles. But you look great and I want your flat sexy tummy! Keep listening to your body, that's the secret to the best recovery! Good luck with your boys too, it's hard to take care of yourself when they have such high demands. Worth every second though!
Hey sexy mama82, thank you for your encouragement! Tell the nurse u are afraid of needles... They are great at distracting us when they poke... :). You will do amazing! When is your date... I will keep tabs on you!
I haven't scheduled it yet, I will be meeting with 2 different PS at the end of the month and go from there, but I want to do my surgery right after Thanksgiving cause that would be the best time for my husband to be able to take time off work and help take care of the kids while I recover. Long ways away, still 7 months, but the most realistic time for me I think. So if your bored between now and then, I will be updating! =)

Four weeks today. I feel 95% back to my self...

Four weeks today. I feel 95% back to my self except sooo much better than before surgery. Yes, I m still sore and have my moments...

But I don't hurt like I did before!!!
You're a week ahead of me in healing, love hearing you're doing so well! Looking great too! ( I had extensive MR too)
Each week gets so much better! I am so happy that I got this done... I look at my before pictures and remember that pain I had ALL the time. So happy to feel strong again!!
You give me courage! I'm so excited to have a flat tummy again soon, I think all the trials are worth it. I hope you are all healthy in your family and staying that way!

I went to a bridal shower yesterday. I don't know...

I went to a bridal shower yesterday. I don't know what possessed me, but I found myself in the middle of the luncheon, standing up and then hearing my own voice tell the ladies in the room that I finally got my stomach fixed! WHAT was I doing?? It is a day for the bride... I am such an ass.
Furthermore, I don't really know the women in the room... But they all knew of me bc of the sweet brides kind words about my family... Most of them know my husband through the bride. Ugh.
Insert foot
You look great. Glad you are feeling good. I wouldn't worry about the shower talk. I agree with love the sun. I bet the other ladies are taking a second look at themselves. Who knows. You may have inspired someone. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to talk about mine either. He'll, I'm proud of my tummy! ;)
Thank you Imasweetie10. It is sorta sad that getting muscles sewn back together is considered such a hush hush topic... I too am excited about the pain free me! Heck, I held my four year old on my lap this weekend for the first time without discomfort... For the first time since he was born!
I am so glad for you! That's wonderful.

To my fellow tt sister's and few lone cowboys who...

To my fellow tt sister's and few lone cowboys who are considering and or are scheduled to become a double "t"... I have some wise advice that only could be given from experience...

Continually wear your binder!

The last few days I have slacked and only worn my CG... Tonight I am sore... Say that like it has two syllables... so're!! I feel like I have pulled a muscle on one side of my tummy... And I am finally understanding swollen.

Some other new developments... The spot where my old bb was is beginning to implode and turn a bit dark. Not sure what that means, but I will be calling my dr about it. Crazy. I don't care do much if there is a "dent per say, but he discoloration is a little unnerving.
I can't believe every time I look at your pics that you are still only 6 weeks out, you look so freaking amazing!
You look great! I'm 5 days PO. I wish i had your mother in law!

Just got past five weeks!! Had a beautiful...

Just got past five weeks!! Had a beautiful Mother's Day... And feel better each day. I do believe I have over done it with carrying laundry up from the basement two flights and back down again. My garden is screaming for me to tend to it, but bending can hurt at times and I just don't have the strength to pull some if those tough weeds!
I cleaned out my dresser this morning, getting rid if the granny panties I bought for post surgery... And some clothes that no longer will work. I came across an old bikini... And tried it on... Posted it today. It feels hood and weird all at the same time to see my old body again! Crazy how fast this all has gone.
perfect process diary, did you end up with dog ears at the end?


Last week after I removed the silicone based tape stripe to my scar I noticed my once super new cute bb was funny looking. Almost like it was sealed shut... One big smooth button. And red.
This morning, a bit of crust came off of it and it bled.
I fortunately was going to the dr this morning anyway. At first he thought it might be a stitch. After slightly opening my "sealed" button, some green ooze came out. He said it looked like puss, but most likely (since I was not in pain as he squeezed) it was dissolving fat w no where to go. Really? They took a sample for the lab just in case. He drained the belly by squeezing it for several minutes. It felt wonderful... I had so much pressure over the last week... I thought maybe that was my "swell hell" everyone writes about. I was six weeks on Friday. Ibuprofen didn't touch my discomfort over the weekend, and I was convinced my belly was coming back and I bent too much from the garden work I had done.
I was also depressed because the last three mornings in a row I put on a lb each day. I am not one to keep record and feel upset, but I felt so bloated and not sure what I had eaten!
When I returned home this morning, just out of curiosity, I stepped on my scale again, lost a lb! Gross!
At one point while being squeezed, the dr even said he was shocked w how much fluid was coming out. I go next week to get checked again. As of right now I have a piece of wick gauze and gauze over my bb... Very much uncomfortable right now. I had really wanted to work in the garden again too. Just feel yucky.
I'm sorry to hear about your BB!! I hope it gets better for you soon. Your pictures look amazing - how do u feel about the vertical scar? I'm going to have that...
The vertical scar is ok... It is very faint. I don't know about bathing suits... I am sure it will show. I just wrote to MCCCP and told her my goal was to be pain free from the muscle separation - goal accomplished! :). When do you have it scheduled?
I had a mommy makeover and chose not to do a vertical scar when my surgeon asked me right before surgery. He did not tell me though that I did not have much skin and without a vertical scar my big scar would only be two inches under my belly button. It shows above all my clothing. But I am only 2 1/2 weeks out and ps tells me when swelling goes down it should lower. How are you feeling about your vertical scar these days?

8weeks post

The belly button ooze has slowed down... I find it acts up with more bending and carrying laundry...
Turns out that it was due to my body absorbing and rejecting the bovine strattice. No infection though. :)
I am waiting for the bb to close completely now, so that I enjoy the pool with my boys. I am so happy with the results, mainly that I can hold my boys without discomfort and I just feel so strong.
I am glad your BB wasn't an infection, I hope it closes soon so you can enjoy the summer!! I have enjoyed reading about your experience, thank you so much for sharing! I just did my first two consults and have one more next week, I am right at the start still! Thank you for helping me be better prepared. One PS I saw wants to do the same vertical scar you have, and I thought of you when he mentioned it. Do you regret it at all? Just posted my two consults, trying to decide which I like best.
Of course there is a bit of vanity in all of us... and I have moments where I wonder what the heck... But I also realize that if he didn't do it, my scar might be high up on my waiste. I guess the good thing is that my Dr's touch and stitching is very delicate. The scar is super thin and getting lighter each day. My bb has closed up and I can tell bc the fluid is building up again. I just tried to milk it and reopen it w a pin... Now I am all sore... It didn't help. Bummed!
Gross, and I'm so sorry it's an issue for you! The reason this PS wants to do the vertical cut is so he doesn't have to make the scar as wide. He said he could do it so it's only 7-8 inches wide, but would require a small vertical cut to keep it that short. I am deciding if I would rather have the scar extend to my hips with no vertical and try to find bikini bottoms to cover it, or have a shorter scar with vertical, and be able to wear just about any bottoms I want so long as the vertical is covered.

10 weeks

I have some days where I feel amazing... And then like yesterday where I hurt. I can't tell if my belly is swollen or if I have more fluid... Some leaking still from my bb.
I looked at my pics and feel like I looked my best at day 25... I have not been that flat since...
We are beach side in a few days...
You look fabulous. Enjoy the beach in your bikini.
Thanks for sharing your story! Loved it!!! I am 11 days post op and am feeling great too! Your results are beautiful!!! I love the honesty of your posts too!
I am just over 2 months and although I haven't had any of problems with mesh etc, since I didn't have any, I do feel like I have a little more swelling these days. It must be due to the fact that I am more active and am doing some ab work, etc., but by the end of the day, I feel like I'm round in the middle. But wow, you are looking great! I hope things continue to improve for you and the absorption is almost done and you can completely heal soon.

10&1/2 weeks

Tomorrow beach bound. Still have a leaking and bloated bb... So will not b able to submerge in water... Still. Ugh
So ready for this process to be healed and done.
My tummy is not as flat as it was... Due to I think swelling and fluid in my tummy. I am not going to sport a bikini... Going to keep sunshine off the scar.

Before and after

This is totally gross, but I took a pic of my swollen fluid filled belly... Then after "milking" it... Can anyone else see the difference?
I can tell the difference too. What does your PS say about how long that will happen?
Whoa, that makes me nervous. I CAN see the difference after you've uhm.. "milked it". I'm 6 weeks PO today (getting my stitches out of my BB in a few hours!) and I feel like I'm more swollen today than I was at 4 weeks PO. I'm hoping PART of it's due to my menstrual cycle (yay :/ ) but I know it's mostly just swell-hell. Good luck to you & have fun at the beach! It's been so hard for me to not just jump into the water when we're at the beach/pool!

Cut open again

Almost four months later... Still draining out of my belly button. I went in again today - want planning on what happened... They cut me open again to clean out the bovine that was being rejected. I have a drain again... Whoopee.
I was not put under, just numbed. Drove myself home, shaking. Please lord, let this be the end of this.
oh goodness, so sorry you are going thru this. Will the PS need to re operate and remove the bovine strattice? Oh goodness, I hope you are ok. Please keep us posted, you are in our prayers.
Hi! Long time no hear... :) The bovine was being rejected. He numbed me in the office and cleaned it out. He said I didn't do anything to make this happen, and I certainly do not blame him, the office, staff and dr have been amazing! I hope this is the end of it!! Thank you for the prayers...

Almost 1 yr out

Going into today for scar revision. I have a dog ear on my right side.
I still have pain in my abdominal area. I swear there is a hernia that was never discovered in surgery. Overall, I feel blessed to have gotten "fixed"... Just wish I was pain free and over this whole thing.

Scar revision

Had the procedure done yesterday.... Today feel like I have been in a knife fight. He shot me several times w steroid along my keloid... Then removed the dog ear.
I broke down this morning and took a hydrocodone at 8am... Now at five thirty I am super sore... Probably bc all three boys r home from school and wild. Just took another one.
Giving myself twenty minutes before I get up again... Hoping it will kick in faster.
Lordy are my boys crazy wild... Wishing the snow and negative temps outside were no longer... I could ,ale them go outside! :)
I hope your feeling better!!
I hope you are feeling better, I'm sorry you had to do a revision, but I am learning that is very common. Are you perfectly flat now? I would love to see some updated pics!
How are you feeling now?
Dr. Cannova

A friend of mine had the same procedure.

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