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Finally Going to Make It a Reality! -Leawood, KS

So I have wanted to have a tummy tuck since the...

So I have wanted to have a tummy tuck since the birth of my twins almost eight years ago. I would say that I'm a little overly-sensitive about my stomach. I really doubt anybody else notices, but I spend so much time being self-conscious of it, it's really starting to have me obsessed! I just want to be comfortable in a bikini. Every other part of my body I am totally happy with. It's just my stomach that gets me down. It doesn't match the rest of me. I went to the lake with friends, was the only one not in a bikini. Now I'm bothered by the fact that I don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini in front of friends, yet if my stomach looked like theirs I probably wouldn't feel comfortable doing it either. But they are happy in their own skin I guess and don't care. I'm way too critical of myself I think. Maybe I'm too obsessed and overboard about this. I really don't expect perfection, I just want my belly button to look like a belly button and to not have loose skin when I bend over. If I showed it to people they would be shocked because I'm toned the rest of my body, but there's nothing I can do about the belly except the surgery.
I met with a couple doctors and I knew Dr. Swanson was the one I wanted to go with right away. The delimma I'm having now is whether to do it this Dec and have to get back to work in a week to ten days, or wait until next summer, which seems like an eternity away, but I would have two weeks off work. I really want to be prepared for what to expect, so good recovery stories, as well as the nightmares are appreciated!
Thanks so much for your input. I look forward to bonding with all my tt sistas!!


Good luck! December should be a great month to get the tt! I just couldn't convince myself that it'd still be an option by then! Now or never chicken butt! I feel the same way you do about the belly. It troubles me while others don't seem to care about theirs. Funny how that is.
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Did you decide on summer or winter? I would not do summer again if I had a choice because I hated missing almost the entire pool season but if I had to get more time off and summer was when I could do it then I totally would.
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Dec. 19 is me surgery!!! I've got it worked out for me to go back to work PO day 14. I'm so excited to not have to miss out on summer activities and be ready to hit the pool come June!!

Three-month countdown is on :-)

Labor Day to Christmas always flies by, and my tt is Dec.19th! I am feeling so excited, just ready for it to be over and to be on the road to recovery.
To no longer have to tuck in my muffin top is going to be so freeing and such a relief. It's a real bummer to work out and see no results in my stomach!
I know that I will never regret having this surgery. The scar is going to be nothin' compared to what I'm living with now!


A month from now I will be on the flat side! WOO-HOO!
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Four Weeks to the Flat Side!

Two weeks to Pre-op appointment and two weeks after that is surgery day! I planned all this in the summer and never thought the time would go so quickly. I am beyond excited!


Oh my gosh how quick did this get here? Almost there!!
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I had my TT with MR and lipo yesterday. No regrets, even though I'm sore, but I knew to expect that. My entire experience so far has been great. My PS in Houston is Dr. Sugene Kim.
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I'm Ready

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday and everything went great. I'm getting so excited! It's only 10 days away!


Whoooo! Can't wait to see your skinny belly pics!
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Drains come out tomorrow!

My surgery was on Thursday and everything went great! I couldn't believe how flat my tummy was when I went to my appointment Friday morning. I am sore and bored because I very rarely sit still, but I'm making myself do nothing and it's nice to have an excuse to lay around! My husband and 3 crazy boys have all been so awesome and supportive! They are taking real good care of me!! The Oxy made me feel pukey, so I quit taking that on Friday and switched to extra strength Tylenol. I'm doing good and haven't taken anything for pain today. I'm excited to have the drain out and to have a nice relaxing Christmas with my family. I have not regretted having this done for one second!!


Seeing ourselves for the first time after our surgery is exciting. We try to imagine what we would look like prior to the surgery, then for it to become reality is so amazing. My surgeon likes to eave the drain in for at least one week to prevent seromas, so mine is still with me. I go back in the day after Christmas, so I am hoping that he will say it is good to come out. Hope you are doing well as we draw closer to Christmas. Have a wonderful time with your family and keep relaxing.
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Yay for getting the drains out! I should get mine out tomorrow's post op appt. I will be 12 days post.
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Congrats on your surgery!! I'm glad to hear you are feeling so good. I had my surgery Wednesday and I have ben doing pretty well also. Made a trip to Walmart on Friday before my first Post-op, went and took some family pictures earlier today. But now I must admit I'm ready for a nap. Can't wait to see pics of your results. Keep taking it easy. I'm sure you are just as relieved as I am to be done with the process. The waiting was the hardest part. Talk to you again soon.
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A Christmas to remember!

I'm feeling great, walking 95% straight and so, so happy with my recovery. My mistake is that I have felt so good that I've been doing too much around the house and so my husband has not done shit for me since yesterday and is being a complete asshole. I'm glad he's working tomorrow. At least my kids will let me relax. I have that to be happy about, and my Awesome Flat Tummy!!!!! His crappy attitude is not going to ruin my bliss! Thanks for reading my rant tt sisters! Happy Holidays!

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Bring on 2014!

I got an apology this morning before he left for work and I gave him an apology too. This is a hard recovery, especially when you are a very independent and self-sufficient person. It's been difficult for all of us to have mommy not be able to do things that I usually do. On top of that, two kids have been puking for two days, my husband has to get new truck tires which puts him back about a grand, and our roof started leaking yesterday from all the melting snow and we have major water damage. He also had to take down the tree by himself which made a huge mess and was an even more unpleasant experience than usual.
My advice going thru this would be have patience with your body and your family. I didn't really think about how this would affect them and how worried my husband would be about me going thru this major surgery, I was just so excited to have my body back. I guess I thought it would be hardest on me. But that may not be the case at all. This is a life changing experience for everybody, inside and out! Keeping my eyes on the prize and taking it one day at a time!


I can so relate with you about not only it taking a huge toll on you but the family too. My poor hubby had anxiety day of my surgery... You are looking good and seem to be healing well. I'm sure when in a few weeks, you'll be loving your new you and everyone knows when mommas happy, everyone's happy! Happy healing :)
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Thanks so much! Same to you!

Another Post-Op Appt Today

Today I was supposed to have the steri strips removed but I was able to peel them all off in the shower yesterday! So all we did today was an ultrasound to check for blood clots. Negative on that!!! I'm feeling great. I'm pretty much upright, although by the end of the day I feel more hunched than at the beginning. I'm not complaining. This has been a lot easier recovery than I was expecting :-)
It's up to me if I want to wear the binder anymore. I do like that it gives me extra support but might see how I feel tomorrow without it. All I do for my scar is put neosporin on it and gauze. It's still numb but sensitive.
Monday I go to have the belly button stitches removed and then I don't think I'll go back for another month or so but I'm not sure.
I hope you are alll hanging in there and as excited about bikini season as I am!!!


Did u have muscle repair and lipo as well?
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R u happy with the result? How is the swollen, incision and belly button? I am having one with him next month. Did u have a blood test a week prior to the surgery? I know he doesn't use pain bump. How did u cope the crazy pain?
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You are looking great!! Don't over do it. Listen to your body for its limits.
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Feel awesome at 6 weeks!

Time is going so fast! I can't believe it's almost 6 weeks since my tummy tuck. My scar is healing nice and flat. I'm cleared to work out just no ab work. I still have a lot of swelling but I couldn't be happier with my results so far!


How r u now? Can u post some pics? Thanks
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Congrats, motivating story I just did mine on Feb 7, so I can already see huge difference even with my wrap on and swelling. I have to keep the drain in till Tuesday, 10 full days..like you I had twins and c sec ruined my muscles, as well as an abdominal hernia that was fixed. Looks good and best of luck!
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Yes, I had muscle repair and lipo on flanks.
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

I knew I wanted Dr. Swanson to do my surgery right after I met him. I felt like he listened to what I was really saying and wanting and his staff was very friendly and welcoming to everyone in the office.

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