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I am scheduled for 11-7-2013 and I am excited. I...

I am scheduled for 11-7-2013 and I am excited. I am no stranger to cosmetic surgery. I have already had a full tt with muscle repair, lipo on my flanks, arms, pubic mons, and bra fat. This November I will be having lipo on my thighs, knees, inner calves, saddle bags, buttocks, and touch ups on the areas listed above including my abdomen.

Decisions Decisions

I need some major help! For some odd reason I am getting really nervous about my surgery. I was not like this when I had my first surgery. However, this one right here is going to be a killer. I am curvy with a small waist, nice hips and a now somewhat nice bottom. I just don't want to lose all of my curves. All I can think about is waking up with no shape and my curves gone! Such a scary thought. SMH. I have been searching the web for nothing but wish pictures. I tried the plastic surgery app but I can't get it to work on the areas of focus. I'm sure I'm just retarded lol. Have a good night all.

2 weeks left

I am all paid and my count down has officially begun. I had my pre-op today, I received my instructions and prescriptions. I also had my blood work done today. I kept stressing to my ps that I do not want to wake up looking like a little boy lol.. When I have my surgery before I go under I'm going to tell him remember doc I don't want to look like a little boy.

Day 1 post-op

So, I am on day one of healing. Let me tell you, the pain is much more bearable vs the pain from my tummy tuck and lipo. However, I am not going to lie I am in pain. I think the hardest part for me is getting in and out of the car, chairs, etc. When I went for my check up today they took the garment off and my thighs look amazing even with the swell hell! Overall I am happy. I mean you can't expect to go in there wearing a size 16 and come out wearing a size 8. Will my thighs still be thick? Absolutely! All in all I'm happy. Btw my nurse said they removed 450 cc from my outer thighs. Dr. Swanson is the best I don't care what others say.

Day 5 Post Op

I finally had a bm yesterday thanks to my gradmother's coffee. I am feeling much better today and I'm down to 2 pills a day for my pain killers. My hardest part of this journey is getting up and down from chairs the bed etc. My buttocks and hips are still very sore and I have some bruising which is good in my opinion. My doctor worked hard on me!
So far I'm still happy but I have a long recovery road ahead of me. Thank God for my mom, grandma and my sister. I don't know what I would do without them. My sister has passed on to me all the cosmetic fads on how to achieve smoother and flatter results. I will add photos later on down the road. Good luck to all of.

3 month

I am 3 months out now and I am still happy with my results. I glad I didn't wake up looking like a boy. Lol.. I have lost 14 lbs since surgery and I'm excited. I will be at my goal weight soon. All in all the healing process wasn't bad just very slow. I had soo many stiff days that I had to laugh at myself to keep from getting frustrated. My calves bothered me the most but my arms are still a bit sore. Yes, I would do it again.
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I'm glad you are happy! Who says bad things about Swanson? Why would they?
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Thank you! Of course people always have something negative to say you can't please everyone. My post wasn't directed towards anyone in general. I just feel that those who elect to get ps should have realistic expectations. Of course there are ps out there that have messed people up badly and those affected have a right to complain.
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Oh yeah, I get what you mean. I guess I wonder if the doctors have realistic expectations for their know what I mean? I think it's on them. But very happy that you are happy :)
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I know my ps discussed realistic expectations w/ me. Or should I say we discussed them together. I have never been a thin girl even though my mom has been a size 0-2 all her life. Lol. I told my ps I wanted to keep my curves and not look like a little boy. I know that working out and eating healthy is something I must continue daily in order to keep losing weight. One thing Swason does remind you of is that ps is not weight loss.
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Oh great! Have a speedy recover and keep us posted! :)
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When you had your bra fat lipod how long were you down?
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I was down for a total of 5 weeks but that's including my tt with mr and lipo to other areas. All in all I would say about a week for recovery should be good enough.
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Wow. That's a lot of plastic surgery, and that sounds like a lot of liposuction to have all at once. Does the doctor say that doing those six areas at once is safe? With all respect I ask that if you get fat removed from everywhere, where is it going to go?
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Yes, I have had my consultation with me ps. He has performed this procedure several times and I have met others that have had the same procedure. One thing to keep in mind is that I'm only getting TOUCH UPS on my upper body as those areas have already been done. The fat is leaving my body. I have a nice curvy shape I just want the fat removed. Thanks for asking.
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Have you ever had any type of cosmetic surgery or thinking of having any?
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I guess i missed that. The way its written, it looked like you were getting lipo on your thighs, knees, inner calves, saddle bags, buttocks, and touch ups on your flanks, arms, pubic mons, and bra fat, including your abdomen. I guess thats really about 10 areas, and i know that the doctors say that the more areas you have lipo at once, the more sore you're be. From what I've seen in photos, the nice curves are the fat, and when the fat is removed, the body isn't so curvy anymore. Ive seen people really bruised from liposuction, it just sounded like you would be bruised all over, and then where would you have fat left on your body? But you sound like you're very confident in your decision, so that must be very exciting. Would you be willing to post photos and the amount that your doctor plans on taking so we can follow your transformation. I'm not having surgery before then, and maybe there are other people besides me who would like to see how recovery goes when up to 10 areas are operated on at once. Congrats on the weight loss, by the way, you look great. from the photo you put up, your curves look great already. Thanks.
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Yes. I am studying everything i can about it. I don't love the idea of surgery, I've been really big into fitness and healthy diet, but my body got messed up with weight changes, i was pregnant when i was young... i want to understand the risks and the after affects of liposuction and tummy tuck. Mostly liposuction. The more i read, the more i realize that doctors disagree with each other on so many things. Like, many doctors recommend just a few areas be done at once, but then theres a doctor like yours who will do five new areas and a bunch of touch up areas at the same. I thought that touch up areas are even more difficult because of the scar tissue that has already formed. I just feel that, as women, we need to be confident in what we know about out bodies, and I'm trying to gather information and learn because i know once its done, its done, and you can't change your mind!
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Hi chacha, I can understand your concerns regarding your surgery. Your right each doctor has different views and opinions. It's just like buying an american made car vs a foreign car. When it comes to surgery you have to be confident and tell your doctor your expectations. When I met my ps I knew he was the right fit. He was highly recommended to me by my primary care dr. I did research on him and the 2 others that she recommended. My ps did tell me that I would be sore but it would be a piece of cake compared to my 1st procedure. I didn't have but a few bruises from lipo on my 1st procedure. My ps knows that I still want my curves but the fat rolls gone. I will post pictures after my procedure. Eating healthy and working out is how I lost weight 76.5lbs and still counting. Never had any type of weight loss surgery. We all know that diet and exercise can only do so much. Some areas are stubborn and that's where cosmetic surgery comes into play. I hope you find the right surgeon. I would advise finding a few ps and having a face to face consultation with the ps and his/her patients that have had the procedure done that your interested in. That's how you will find the right fit. Real Self is good for support, looking at results etc. but it can drive you crazy and confuse you if your just searching for answers or trying to find the perfect ps. A perfect ps does not exist. Everyone has something to complain about.
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