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Dr. Athre is a good doctor, he is very humble...

Dr. Athre is a good doctor, he is very humble person, love his energy. Going for my surgery (Revision) this week, I am kinda scared of course but I trust him and his stuff. I am sure that all this stress will disappear as soon as I get to his office. I will let yall know about my experience this time and probably post a picture( before and after).
Please post pics of your before and after..
Hello! I'm going to be praying for you! What is it about your primary that you need fixed?
Hi, thank you for praying for me. My surgery was done and had an amazing experience. I was awake the whole time and laughing with the Dr. And his nurse. I can't believe that I stressed about it for about 2 years. I was amazed of how nice and funny the doctor was, had music on, I hear the doctor and the nurse talking about music, singers, the weather.... Lol I felt like Im having lunch with them. For your question yes i had a big or I use huge nose better,especially when you look at it on the sides :(. I had a bump so my nose looked like a mountain or a man nose. I had a surgery 2 years ago, but I had so much scar tissues in one side. So it affected the other side of my nose,so one side was bigger then the other. I decided to go to Dr. Athre and as soon as he looked at it, he knew right the way what I needed. Soon ill post pictures :)

My original nose

This picture was from 2 years ago before my 1st surgery.

Before pictures

That's how I looked before my surgery.

Pictures During surgery.

I didn't have any bad bruises because I don't consume alcohol. I had mild bruises around my eyes but not bad at all.
I had a bad headache and had hard time breathing. it was horrible. other than that the surgery went well and I didn't have any complaints

After my 1st surgery

2 or 3 weeks later

Later after my surgery

one side is bigger then the other one due to scar tissues.
Hi. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! It seems like after your first operation you developed something called an inverted v deformity. Did your doctor mention that?

Surgery #2

The surgery went really good. I was hesitating at first because I didn't want to leave my 5 months old baby. the surgeon was very nice, the surgery was on time. I felt like home.
the surgeon told me that he would not surprise me with anything, and that he would tell me everything he is doing. I was awake the whole time, listening to music and doctor talking to the nurse. I might felt one of two numbing needles other then that everything was fine. I know its funny but when it comes to my body everything that touches me I freak out. so you might have even better experience than me. my husband came to see me after surgery, I looked at him with a big smile, he was like WHAAAAT!


How are you doing? Looking forward to more good news!
i hope everything is going ok and you are healing well. Look forward to seeing an update from you :)
How are you doing taninana?
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