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I had the procedure on Nov 6. I had four 8"...

I had the procedure on Nov 6. I had four 8" sections in essentially a diamond pattern around my belly button. The lower sections were extremely uncomfortable, but the upper sections were downright painful. The feeling of having your skin stretched and pulled was almost enough to have me squirming. Then, when they took the applicator off and did the massage part, I about came uncorked. I have a pretty good pain tolerance, but almost lost my cool. The last section was the worst. I was soooooo glad to get it done so I could leave.

The swelling was terrible. I looked pregnant! I went from a 32" measurement the morning of the treatment to 36" that night. It was gross. My skin was numb but the tissue under earth was sore already. Like I'd done about 1000 crunches.

Day 1- still very swollen and sore. Wore spanx to try to hold everything still to minimize the pain. Definitely no jeans. Not that I could have gotten them buttoned over my new 35" waist. Leggings and a long sweater that day.

Day 2 - started to feel like I'd been punched in the gut about 100 times. Bruises started to really appear. Still swollen and miserable. No sleep. Couldn't sleep on side or stomach. And the least touch anywhere near my side or stomach sent electrical shocks through my body.

Day 3- the bruising is worse. The pain is excruciating. The nerve damage is the worst. It's a constant feeling of electrical shocks through the entire treated area. Enough to make me nauseated. Can't wear jeans still. Can't sit still. Still having to take shallow breaths. Even the slightest touch to the area about puts me on my knees. Can't sleep, can't get comfortable. Seriously considering buying pajama jeans. The edges on the treated area feel like having your skin pulled very tight, even though there is no pulling going on.

Day 4- no change.

Go ask your doctor for a prescription for neurontin and ice your belly when you can. I had to do this for 2.5 weeks after the procedure. The nerve pain is horrible otherwise!
I did get an RX for neurontin on day 5 when I couldn't stand it any longer. On pill didn't help at all. Two made barely and difference by day 8, I went to my regular doc, who had me go up to 3 and add Vicodin. Finally, some relief to the razor blades in my stomach and chest. Still so sore around my belly that I can't wear pants. Thank God I wear a lot of dresses, so I had a lot of loose, flowing ones to choose from. But even just the fabric touching my skin was hurting. I had to leave work after three hours every day this week. I'm really regretting this. When my doc called Le Med Spa to find out more about what they did during the procedure, she told them they obviously needed to be more up front with their clients because "this isn't one of my frequent fliers. I mean, this lady drove herself to the hospital in labor, and drove herself home after the baby was born, then last year had a complete hysterectomy with ovaries removed and was back at work 5 days later and off RX pain meds by the end of the week." That made me feel better to hear I wasn't just being a whiner.
Sorry the meds didn't work well. I was doing 3 a day (and even though I probably wasn't supposed to, I was doing 2 at once at night.) I have read so many stories of the pain afterwards, yet this is described as "no down time." I teach dance and was not able to do so for 2 weeks. I also have had a couple of surgeries and recovery for them seems like a walk in the park in comparison. I am glad that my dr. let me get as much of the neurontin as he did because the electrical shocks were what was making my life hell! I am still only 2.5 weeks in so I just pray that this is all worth it! Good luck to you!

I stopped posting at Day 5, mainly because there...

I stopped posting at Day 5, mainly because there was another two full weeks of the same. I did get the RX for neurontin. I did very little to help. I was taking it and Motrin. THe pain was so intense, I was worried that something was actually wrong. The best I can describe it was the way I heave heard people describe shingles. Burning that makes you want to crawl out of your own skin.

I could only wear loose-fitting clothing (dresses with no waist/belt) and no undies (if I hadn't looked so swollen - preggo - and bruised, I'm sure my husband would have enjoyed THAT). And I couldn't work for more than 3-4 hours a day. I would try to push it and end up driving home in tears. And every bump or pothole I hit on the way was a brand new nightmare.

By the end of day 9, I went to my regular doctor, and she couldnt find anything "wrong" so she made a call on my behalf to the office where I had it done. I felt a little better when she told them that they obviously had done a poor job of preparing me for what to expect, since I have a high tollerance for pain. I left out of there with an RX for Vicodin. It helped with the pain, but then I had to keep on top of it. One missed dose and I was back in hell.

To give you an idea how I guage my pain tollerance level: I do laser hair removal on my underarms with no topical. I have had botox on my eyes and brow twice with no topical. I drove myself to the hospital when I went into labor, and drove myself home the day after the baby was born (driving a manual) because my husband had a broken femur and couldn't drive. And probably the best measure -- I had a full hysterectomy two years ago, and was back at work, against my boss' wishes, in less than one week. She wanted me to take more time, I felt like I could have gone back on day 4.

Back to coolsculpting: The pain finally subsided at the beginning of the 4-week mark. Then came the insane itching. The flesh under the skin was still very sore, like I had been punched in the gut over and over. So scratching the itch was out of the question. I finally found a nail brush that was good for scratching all over the area with. That itching lasted about 2 weeks.

I was still not able to wear pants at all until the end of the 4th week. Than God I have a large selection of dresses and it was a very warm fall.

By week 5 I was able to start wearing pants again, as long as they were soft material and had an elastic waist (glad leggings work in the fall and winter). The muscle soreness finally faded away that week too. Took my first measurement, still not back to the waist size I was the day of the procedure.

Week 6 - I had some rebounding of the nerve pain. Yikes. Here and there, out of the blue, electrical shocks of pain just rip through my side or stomach. Not fun. Still 1/2 an inch bigger than when I started.

Week 7 - Pain and itching finally a memory. Still no noticable change and the tape measure shows no changes either. I asked my husband to make this part of my Christmas present. He feels so bad that I went through so much, and have nothing to show for it, that he is insisting he buy me something else instead. What a Christmas non-miracle :-(
So I am wondering how you are liking it, because I am now 7 weeks post-procedure and I can't see any difference at all. My measuring tape shows no change either. The pain was extreme and I was so angry that I was led to believe that this was not going to interrupt my life. Their materials even say "no down time." I have actually considered a small claims suit to recoup some of what I lost in visits to my doctor, prescriptions, and lost time at work due to the fact that my skin was so sensitive for two weeks I could barely put on clothing. Their brochures are misleading at best, and false advertising for sure. The office where I had this done keeps blowing it off as an isolated incident due to what they called "hyper-aggressive" treatment. Don't know what was "hyper-aggressive" about doing 4 areas for 1 hour each in a No. 8? They keep saying they overlapped, but I was there, and there was no overlapping. Each area was done separately.
I have seen a HUGE difference on my stomach-so much that I need to do my upper stomach because the lower is now gone and it's very obvious. I saw the biggest change between week 4 and 5 (and I know you're past that.) From the other posts I have read, it sounds like people have different success rates and that even those who do have success with this have so at very different times. Someone posted their 3 month post picture, with no difference. But then they posted a year later, and there was a huge difference. I had my love handles and thighs done about 3.5 weeks ago. The pain was NOTHING like the stomach. I don't see any results yet, and don't know that I expect to see anything soon. I agree, they need to be advertising that "no down time" is with certain parts of the body and only on certain people. My place told me that I was the second person to complain about the pain and that the other person had lower stomach done just like I did. I wonder as more people come forth about the pain if they will make some changes... Well, I am so sorry that you're not seeing any results yet. I can only imagine your frustration (especially after the pain.) If you end up sending something in about the pain, I would be more than happy to submit a statement about what I experienced, too. So let me know if I can help!

Well, it is now 6 months Post Cool sculpting and I...

Well, it is now 6 months Post Cool sculpting and I can def say that this was a complete and total waste of money. I feel like those people who get scammed out of money from an email promising that they won the lottery. Very disappointed, especially every month when I pay that credit card bill. I wish I could go back and invest that money in actual lipo that would have helped achieve the desired size reduction.
I am in day 13, and the pain is finally tolerable. I absolutely do not reccomend this procedure.
So sorry it didn't work for you either. Comments like yours can really help those considering plunking down 2-3 months' mortgage payments in hopes of dramatic changes. That is why I included so many details and pictures. This procedure is truly buyer-beware
I AGREE.Buyer beware!
Le Med Spa

I chose this provider because they are the only one offering the procedure in a 250 radius. They charge too much, and I won't go back. IF I have repeat treatments, I'll go to Denver or Colorado Springs. Partly because they charge too much (can you say monopoly?), but mostly because I made the appointment with them and they charged my card for the procedure that day. I called the next day to try to cancel the appointment. I had decided I wanted to put this off until the spring and they told me there were no refunds, I had already been charged because they had already "ordered the plates" and "couldn't use them on anyone else." I was not impressed. Poor way to conduct business. I went ahead with the procedure, but will never go back to them for anything. Lets just hope it works.

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