Coolsculping on Abs and Flanks - Layton, UT

I had the large applicator done on my lower...

I had the large applicator done on my lower stomach and the small curved applicators done on my flanks. It was super painful on my stomach, but the flanks were not that bad. I bruised pretty bad on my sides from the procedure. The pain continued to get worse up until about 2 weeks after the procedure. I rubbed Arnica gel on my stomach and that helped. I didn't take anything for pain because I was breastfeeding. I had my child in mid April. I would suggest anyone who has had a C section not get the procedure done until at least 6 months after. I had a VBAC this time, but it was still painful. I started working out again at about the 2 1/2 week mark. It was painful to walk or jog. I started Crossfit a couple weeks after I had the coolsculpting done. I have always worked out, but I needed that extra kick after having my second child. The coolsculpting was a great motivator. I wanted good results! I am happy with the results. The first photos were taken September 3rd and the second photos were taken 3 months after.
Hello, I want to do my abs too on 13 march and still breastfeeding my 9 mo child. Your photos look great and I am happy you recover your shape; short question as I am a bit ...concernd for breatfeeding. Did you notice anything with your baby? ( I do not want to risk anything...) Thanks so much
If anything my milk increased because I wasn't working out as much the few days after the procedure. I sleep with my baby in the bed with me and sometimes at night while she was eating she would kick me in the stomach and it's painful, but it didn't bother her. If your baby is a gymnast like mine, then you might want to try a different feeding positions such as the football hold. Keep me updated on how you like your results. I was a little discouraged at first because I was a little swollen and I thought that it didn't work. After the swelling goes down it's hard to tell what is actual results and what is just pre-swelling. My husband could notice a difference, but I didn't really notice it until around the 2 month mark. Make sure you buy some Arnica gel.
Thank you for your replay; I was more concerned about the effects coolsculpting have on breastfeeding than the pain itself, however I understand that there's some pain involved as well. I will buy the Arnica gel as well and let you know on the effects. Once again thank you.
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