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Rhinoplasty. Taking Action After Several Years - Layton, UT

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for several years but...

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for several years but never went through with it because my apprehension of altering my face and having an undesirable outcome. My constant obsession with my nose finally lead me to take action. I felt that if I felt confident enough in a doctor that I would go through with the procedure. My friends and family were a bit judgmental about me wanting this procedure because my nose isn't unsightly, but to me it has always been a source of negativity. I can't remember a time when I didn't look at other noses with envy, wishing that I had a more feminine nose. Therefore despite others negative reactions and judgments on vanity I went through with it because it mattered to me. In the end the only opinion that matters is your own, it is hard to not be swayed by others judgments but this has been a lesson to let go of.

My nose was wide and had a slight bump. My goals were to narrow the nose, refine the tip and have a slight slope. My only concern is that I don't want the tip to project too far, but as I understand it that is the last to heal. I have minimal pain but I definitely look beat up!
Feel free to message me with any questions.

I am currently on day 5 of recovery and I am...

I am currently on day 5 of recovery and I am excited to see the results on Friday. I can already tell a noticeable difference in the width of my nose and I believe that I am going to be happy with the results.
I have been told that the nose swells after the removal of the cast but I will be sure to take photos before this occurs. It is definitely a lesson in patience to wait and see but I think it will be well worth it.

I had my cast removed yesterday and I am very...

I had my cast removed yesterday and I am very happy with the results. It has swelled quite a bit from yesterday and is very sensitive. It is a little bigger than I ultimately want but that may be due to the swelling, and it does look very natural. I feel more feminine yet still it isn't a drastic change that everyone would notice. I will post more pics in a couple of weeks

I will be at the two week mark on Friday but...

I will be at the two week mark on Friday but thought I would share some of my thoughts. One thing I have noticed is that my nose tends to be more swollen in the morning, and so it has me wondering what the end result is going to be. I am unsure how much swelling does occur but I know that it varies from individual to individual.
Today is a day where I finally feel like I am breathing normally through my nose. I have a feeling I will be able to breathe even better than I was before surgery because I had a deviated septum. I am excited about this because I had a hard time breathing during exercise...on another note I am going absolutely crazy not being able to resume exercise yet, Saturday can not come soon enough! I have another appointment this Friday and I will update to let you all know what the good doctor says. Btw my friend, who also had a rhinoplasty, and I like to say "we have a Bitner". I have a feeling that Dr. Bitner is going to become more and more sought after, and so we are proud to say that he is our Dr.
Apparently there are far more people than I realized that want a rhinoplasty, I have another friend going in to see him for a consult. It is amazing how few people discuss this procedure and yet want it done as well. I have to say I was so nervous to do this but even if it doesn't narrow to the degree I hope it does, I am so grateful that I was brave enough to go through with this. For as long as I remember it has been an annoyance for me, and I am excited to no longer be consumed with thoughts about my nose. It may sound silly but it is crazy how much I thought about and hated my nose. A little thing like being able to purchase sunglasses that won't pinch my nose excites me more than I can say! So I am grateful that I finally did something about it after so so many years. :)

I am at the three week mark and I have noticed an...

I am at the three week mark and I have noticed an increase in swelling; this may be due to resuming my workouts but I'm not sure. I did have one nosebleed and so I thought it best to tone down my exercising a bit. I was hoping that by this point I would notice a decrease and so I am disappointed that it hasn't happened yet. At times I become nervous because it will swell more on one side which gives the appearance of asymmetry, luckily I have been reassured by reading posts.
I will post pictures at 6 weeks because I have heard that at this point there is a noticeable decrease in swelling. If anyone has any reassuring comments I would appreciate it! :)

I am currently at two months and I feel like my...

I am currently at two months and I feel like my nose is slightly crooked. My right side has an internal bump that's creating a weird dent in my nose. I am hoping this is swelling and not something permanent...I do like my nose better than before surgery but I am not completely happy. I am hoping with time this will change!
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

I went to several consultations and Dr. Bitner is the one I felt most comfortable with, and I felt that his work was the best (according to photos). He is very professional and takes the time to answer every question and is available for any concerns you may have. He listens to your input and while he has his opinion of what would look best he ultimately goes with what you choose. He is a very attentive listener and I felt that he understood what I was hoping for and he explained clearly what was possible. I feel that I am in good hands and that Dr. Bitner does all that he can to achieve a desirable result.

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It can be really tough as well as scary to notice something that you feel is not right after this kind of procedure.... I hope what you don't like resolves on it's own, which very well may happen :) Having said that, even if it does need to be fixed, it truly doesn't look like it would be a major issue to resolve (my unprofessional opinion, of course) I think you are looking good so far! Wishing you the best!
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Your nose looks fantastic! It's going to change DAILY for the first year. I can't imagine how much patience it must take...I will soon find out as my journey starts on Wednesday. Congratulations!!!!
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Hey looks good and better than before! I am sure you will still see some improvement over time. Good luck!
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Your profile looks great! From the front, it's a subtle but GREAT improvement. It looks like you received exactly what you desired. :)
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Thank you :)..I am hoping the front narrows more and the tip becomes more refined. It is a practice in patience!
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Holy! You look fantastic!!!
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Thank you, as do you! :)
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Profile looks great. I am at 3 weeks as well and am noticing the same thing. Everyday is different. Right now I have a lopsided nostril and swelling on one side of my nose. I know it will all settle down eventually and that no one really notices it but me but it's still hard and if I let myself I start to freak out. From everything I have read it gets better! Hang in there!
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Thank you for the reassurance, I have one friend who has been through this process as well and she says one day it looks crooked and the next it'll be perfect. Basically, I am trying to not over analyze it and just let myself relax. It's crazy that no one really notices what I did, but that I look different. Overall I do feel good about the results and would rather have it be bigger than I envisioned than to look 'done' and too small.
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Your nose looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Your profile shot is amazing!!!!! I'm scheduled for rhinoplasty this Tuesday, I'm excited but nervous. Again, your outcome looks amazing.... :)
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Thank you, I appreciate your comment it reassures me lol. Even if my nose doesn't turn out exactly as I envisioned I am definitely more confident and feel more feminine. I know how nervous you feel but once it is over you'll wonder why you waited so long. I had the same worry that I didn't explain what I wanted well enough, be sure to take pictures with you to give a visual and see what's possible. I took a black marker to my nose and drew my own profile by having a black background behind me. He actually ended up using the picture that I took into surgery. I recommend doing this because it is surprisingly easy and you can do several images to see how much you want taken off. Good luck!
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That is a great idea!!! Thank you so much :)
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So far it looks great! One question...did you lift the tip? what you said you wanted done is exactly what I want done but I'm contemplating lifting it or not.
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I know that he brought the columella down and that may have given the appearance of a lifted tip. I plan on asking him when I go in for my 6 week check up, and I will let you know. :)
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Looks great! Lucky you.
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You are a beautiful girl, I wish you luck in finding the right surgeon! If you are willing to travel I don't know anyone who wouldn't like Dr. Bitner. Otherwise, just make sure you do several consultations and listen to what feels right for you. It is an overwhelming decision but it is definitely worth it!
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Your nose looks really great! You really lucked out on having minimal bruising and swelling. Did you take arnica or bromelain before your surgery?
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I actually didn't take anything for the swelling and bruising
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I didn't take anything before surgery, but I do have a very noticeable black eye. When I walk around with my boyfriend it is funny to see people's reactions to him because often I think they believe he is the cause of it..so, as you can imagine, he's not enjoying that too much! I need a make-up that hides it better apparently!
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Your nose turned out amazinggg!!!! love itt
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Thank you! I definitely feel more feminine
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Your new nose looks perfect! Congrats!
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Thank you! I am glad I finally had the courage to do it and found a doctor that I am confident in.
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Looks amazing! Glad to hear you're happy with it :)
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You are looking amazing as well! Isn't it nice that we went through with it?
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