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So far I am still playing the mental game asking...

So far I am still playing the mental game asking myself over and over if I should do this. The consultation with Dr. York Yates went well. He pretty much said I was a good candidate for abdominal lipo, a mini tummy tuck, or a full tummy tuck. He said my inner thighs would be great because my skin is very elastic same with my upper hip liposuction (maybe all the working out, running and Pilates has paid off)

I went in for a consultation on liposuction. He was very good about staying with that request. He only mentioned the other options after I asked. He didn't try to 'sell' me on anything. He just gave me tons of information and it boiled down to price for me.

Scheduled in two weeks. Nervous about being happy with the results, my husband being supportive and happy with the results. Hoping the scar won't be terrible and wondering how to tell my two young girls (6 & 8) why Mommy had surgery without giving them a fat complex like their mom has.

Before photos to come...


Cost and healing time is why I am leaning toward the mini. The dr said I would benefit well from both. He even said just lipo would help as my skin isn't super loose, but could only take 50% of the fat to avoid the raisin look! I have my preop Wednesday . Browsing the site a lot to build my list of questions! Are there any questions people wish they would have asked before the surgery?
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Welcome to the community.  I am happy that you joined us and look forward to seeing your final results.  

What is your thinking about either a mini or full tuck?   

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Before Pictures

Here are before pictures. Pre-op tomorrow...still hesitant but hoping tomorrow all my questions will be answered and I will be more confident with a decision!

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Ready...set...go (happening in six days)

I had my pre-op today and I feel fabulous about my decision! Dr was great at answering all my questions...most questions he answered before I even asked! He increased my confidence in the decision for a mini instead of the full. The nurse was super helpful also. I am starting to feel more excited than nervous!

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Last Run...for six weeks!

Today I did my last run for the next six weeks. It is crazy that I am going to miss my workouts more than anything. For three years I have been focused on my life style change...Healthy eating and regular exercise. I feel that I have been very true to myself with this lifestyle change and this tt and lipo is that final boost that will put me within my body image goal.

I have all my prescriptions filled and my colace ready to go! Day after tomorrow. I am getting super nervous and excited. I need to quit stressing and put my faith into my surgeon, who I know is going to do a fabulous job! right?


I have never heard of "the raisin look". I wonder what your surgeon meant with that. Good luck with your upcoming surgery!
when asking about just getting lipo, he said he would only take 50% of the fat so my skin won't sag. If he took it all my belly would look wrinkled. Like a grape turning to a raisin with the juice taken out :)

Today is the day

Surgery at 3 pm. Hope the Dr is not too tired! At least morning coffee jitters will be worn off!!

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OMG. I am in so much pain! 4 hours post op an cannot take another pain pill for 2 more hours!!!

Should I sleep reclined?

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Day one post op

Well I have been a very rough 24 hours. Can't get up by myself to even pee. I am fortune my mom and husband were able to be here. When I get up I get super dizzy. The first half of the day I was very nauseous and took pills for it, but that is tapering off.

I didn't have coffee this morning which may have been a huge mistake! Pounding headache for the second half of day and continuing into the night. I have also only been eating graham crackers, really don't have much of an appetite but have to eat something with the pain pills and antibiotic. Can't wait to lay down flat and stand up straight! And very anxious to see the results.

I have a drain which has been a pain. I worry that it is not working properly because I am hardly getting any fluid. Other incisions leaked quite a bit this morning, but tonight no leaking and drain is pretty empty. I hope this is normal and it is not pinched under the bandage...little worrrd about that


Hope you are feeling a bit better today , just think by the time I have my surgery 24 th jan 2014 you will be feeling amazing , and I will be right where you are now ouch !!!! Looking forwards to your updates and pics soon :)
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Today is better. Still a bit dizzy but the drain is working. I read your posts about the concern regarding the full vs the mini. I really hope the mini gives me the results I want. I almost cancelled to save more $ for the full after reading all the comments about the full on this site being the best. But the dr made me feel good about being a good candidate for the mini. I will get pictures posted as soon as the swelling goes down. Fingers crossed it is fabulous :)

Three days post op

Today i see it's getting better. It doesn't hurt so much to stand. Still sleeping in a recliner, and I think I will be for a while. Going to try to wean from the pain pills today and go to ibuprofen. I need to work in two days, so I have to transition off pain meds... Still have the drain, think I will be able to have it removed Monday. Not much is draining anymore. I am super swollen and have yet to have a BM. I've been taking laxatives with the antibiotics, but no luck yet. I feel pretty bloated and think I would feel better if I could have a successful BM...


Great news your doing well. Can't wait to see pics . Yes I will talk once more to my PS to make sure a mini is enough , he did say I didn't have enough skin for a full , but I'm concerned about stretch marks above belly button and loose skin , I have read on here a few women were not happy , so now I'm thinking mmmmm decision . Looking forwards to your pics :)
This saggie raisin look is what I don't want after my mini above belly button , I will use your words to explain this to my PS . Choice words thanks heaps :)


I know I need patience...
The first day I was flat and fabulous. Now I am a swollen wreck. I know it's going to take time but if I look how I did that first day, I am going to be happy!

Today I had no pain meds during the day. And finally had a BM. My back really hurts, but I think it is from sleeping in a recliner. I'm going to try to go back to my bed tomorrow. I have to work the day after tomorrow so I have to figure out how to hide this yucky drain. I will post some pictures after I get the drain out, I really should have taken some that first day! I just have to keep telling myself to be patient... After all the money I spent, the pain and misery, it's going to be great

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Day 5

Still sore. No pain meds again today but Ibuprofen twice. Hopefully the drain will come out tomorrow. Still sleeping in the recliner :( Anyone considering this be sure to plan plenty of time off work. I think I could use another day or two. Might have to call in sick tomorrow...

Worried about the drain coming out. I have read on this site that it can be super painful...


I've been considering Dr. Yates and my stomach looks pretty similar to yours prep. I'm excited to follow your progress! What makes the mini different than the full? no muscle work at all? Hope you are feeling better quickly!
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Slowly feeling better

Today was bearable. Back to work this week has been hard. Today I worked a full 8 hours!! (it's a desk job) but really paying for it tonight. I am super sore and tired.

I am going to try to not take any pain pills tonight. I haven't been taking any pain pills in the day since Monday, just taken ibuprofen during day and pain pills to help sleep. Tonight I am going to enjoy a glass of wine and then Advil PM!

I sneezed twice today! Holy He// that hurts so bad!! Brought me to tears!

To follow up my last post. I did get the drain out on day 6. Didn't hurt at all!!

Going to try to sleep in bed tonight instead of the recliner! Wish me luck


You look great. I just had a mini TT on 11/22 and your results are very similar to mine. Has your swelling went down?
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Thanks! The swelling is still there, slowly going down. My inner thighs don't look much different, I sure hope it is because of swelling! I would love to see any pictures you have of your progress....there are not nearly as many mini Tt as there is for the full.
I had a full tt with muscle repair...had 3 kids that left a big gap inbetween my muscles but no lipo. Did u have muscle repair with a mini look great! The first week back at my office job & was swollen at night and so tired. Ate as soon as I got home and went to bed. I am now 2months and running 5 -6ks three or more times a week. Hang in three it gets better and better.:) Happy healing.
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Day 10

Today was pretty good. I didn't take any ibprophen until the late evening. I had spent the day vacuming, cleaning and setting up the cristmas tree. So I was pretty happy. Today was the first day without tons of pain. I actually coughed and it didn't hurt too bad :) I do hope the swelling goes down... and that it is swelling! My inner thighs look the same. I did read on this site that at 6 weeks you have only only gone down 50-60%. So if I get slimmer, I will be much happier. Posted a side view. Of course my before pictures I didn't take a full right and tonight only took a left, but I think it works to show progress

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Another front photo


Are you happy with your results?
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I am super happy with the contour of my sides, the flank lipo really gives me a nice hourglass shape (in the morning before I swell too much!) I love how flat my lower tummy looks and if the upper ab lipo swelling goes down, I will be happy with my overall tummy. Still yet to see how my inner thighs will look, dosent looked much different at all! How about you? Are you happy with your results? You had it done about 4 days before me...correct? How is your swelling and pain level? When did your doctor say you could work out?
I am happy with my results but I feel like when I bend over there's still some loose skin. I am just about 2 1/2 weeks post op, so I'm hoping that I still have yet to see the full results. When I am laying down and standing up, it looks great. My pain level has diminished almost completely. I went to an outdoor concert on Sunday and was on my feet/walking for almost 9 hours and I was very, very sore afterwards but it has went away. I am still swollen, too, mainly in the incision site. My doctor said 4-6 weeks until I can work out again. I lift pretty heavy in the gym so probably will be back at it after the 1st of the year. I go back to work today (in an hour...ahh!!) and I am a waitress, will be on my feet for about 6 hours, so it should be interesting. When will you be able to work out again?

Two weeks ...

It was two weeks ago today I had surgery....only two! And I am so over wearing this miserable garment! It is uncomfortable, inconvenient when I have to go to the bathroom, and looks terrible under clothes! I have 4 more weeks to go before I can ditch the garment and start to work seems like forever! Feeling frustrated :(


HI!!! Since its been over a month I was just wondering what your results are now? Can you update us and maybe share some pics, please?? :) Erin
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How was work? Waitressing is a tough job! How are you feeling? Did you have any lipo done? I have an appointment tomorrow to have the tape removed from the incision.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good. Very informative, confident, friendly and professional. More to come... Day of surgery he was fabulous! Obviously likes what he does and I felt great with all the information and enthusiasm he gave. He also gave me his cell phone number and responds immediately to any text I have sent. Which is very comforting because I was so delirious after the surgery, I needed reminding on some of the post op stuff I had to do. His staff was fabulous in the surgery room. So friendly, their conversation was fun and light. Felt reassured with everyone's competence,

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