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My personal goal was an augmentation so that I...

My personal goal was an augmentation so that I could feel better about myself and I spent about a year saving up for the procedure. I went in for my procedure and was optimistic that I would get good results. Not the case, the results were much less than what I expected. My boyfriend says my breasts looked better before the procedure. They are not symmetrical and the scars are terrible! 


If your consult went great how would you go about doing more research? All of Dr. Yates' other patients on this site have great things to say. Plastic surgery is so expensive you definitely want to feel like you made the right decision.
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I'm sorry you're not happy with your results. Thanks for sharing. We'd love to see before and after photos so we can visualize what you're describing.

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York Yates staff was friendly and my consult went great. I wish I had been more careful beforehand in doing my research. To others out there do your homework and talk to other patients as referrals. Not a good value for the price. If I could reverse the procedure and go back in time I would.

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