2 year update/scar revision/new photos - Layton, UT

Hello--I always (always!) thought that I wanted...

Hello--I always (always!) thought that I wanted big breasts. After I had my two children (and knew I was not going to have any more) I got 360cc saline implants (under the muscle) in March of 2000. Before implants I was a 34B/36A. After implants I was a 34D and am now a 36D. I never breast fed with implants (I nursed my first child for 6 months while my sencond child wanted nothing to do with it). I am about 15 pounds heavier than I was when I got the implants in 2000. I will be 42 in July, I'm 5'3 and weight about 143lbs. I have been considering removal for about 6 years now; I feel that I look heavy and shorter. I run/exercise and the weight and bulk are not comfortable. I always have to buy L/XL tops (my bottom is an 8). I also think my posture is worse than it was before. I feel really embarassed by them---like they scream "HELLO IM FAKE".

I never (never!) wear clothing that is tight or revealing. I tend to wear tunics and babydoll styles--which probably in reality, add weight to my frame too. I hate when my kids come to cuddle with me or lay on my chest and I literally have to physically shift my implant to they can lie down. with all that being said, I am TERRIFIED of how I will look once they are gone. My PS thinks that I will look "pretty much like I did before"..especially since I have gained weight..I have "lots of natural breast tissue"...aka fat..lol! I just called the doctor's office and they have an opening for Tuesday 22 May. Good thing is I don't have time to worry about things too much bad thing is not having enough time to worry! (if that makes any sense). I must say that this site has been a life saver for me--I'm obsessed with explants at the moment. Seriously, my family is sick of hearing about it--"get them out already!" they tell me. So....any thoughts or advice will be reatly appreciated! Thank you all so much. I will try and post pictures tonight...

Surgery is tomorrow and I keep having freakouts. ...

Surgery is tomorrow and I keep having freakouts. It's taking all my strength not to cancel my removal. I know I want the implants out, but I am so worried about how I will look without the implants in....UUGGGHHHHHH

Wow! Just saw my front view picture online---they...

Wow! Just saw my front view picture online---they look huge! LOL From the side not so bad..maybe its a bad angle or zoom..LOL

Well, I'm back to work today. This...

Well, I'm back to work today. This surgery/recovery has been very easy so far; took Tylenol the first day but nothing since. Surgery itself was quick; in and out. I went ot my sons baseball game that night, took it easy yesterday and today here I am at work. My breasts are VERY deflated up top. Saw doctor yesterday and they seem to think I will look fine once everything firms back up--I'm not so sure. I think I may have to make some sacraficial plea to the fluff fairy at this point..lol. I will post more pictures soon. They aren't bad I guess, just not very pretty right now. All in all, I still have breast tissue and may end up being a 36Bish. I have been told that I look like a: I lost weight and B: I look petite. Don't regret the surgery as I knew what I had was way too big---might have to wait and see what my next step will be if any as I contiue to heal. AGAIN THANKS TO EVERYBODY for their genuine support and empathy--couldn't have done this without you all! Sincerely!

Well, today is day 9 since explant. Things seem...

Well, today is day 9 since explant. Things seem to be going well---looking better and better with each passing day. I did have a freakout at day 4 post explant---I was trying on bras and was having a hard time finding anything that would fit me. I had a bit of indenting in the upper breast area but they seem to be filling in (slowly). I also went through my closet and had to get rid of just about all my tops; this is a good thing but it actually was sad to me seeing all the clothes that I had to give away. I am posting new pictures but I swear my camera seems to make things look bigger than they are--right now I'm about a 36B/C (not a full B/C just a regular/deflated size). I am still in my pressure bra (which leaves marks on my chest as you can see in the pictures--the marks aren't streachmarks or anything just, marks from the bra). Yesterday was the first day I thought, "these are actually kinda cute". I am hoping that once I'm all healed, they will look fine and I won't see a need for a lift. When I flex or lift my left arm, the left breast shows where the muscle is not attached but I'm hoping that will heal too (in time). All in all, I am enjoying having the implants out and don't regret my decision.

Well, it's been almost 2.5 months since explant. ...

Well, it's been almost 2.5 months since explant. I have been trying to post pictures but I got a new phone and it keeps telling me the file is too big to send (still working on it). So far, I think the shape has sprung back rather nicely. BUT bra shopping has been a royal pain in the butt! I'm not really a specific size--I have 36C, 34C, 36B, a 38B a Large and a Medium; believe me, I have tried on so many bras that it irritates me now and makes me wonder if I should have gotten smalled implants instead (for fullness). My friends with natural boobs say they have the same issues finding bras and there isn't a "one size fits all". What else....oh yes, I have a fold in one of my areola's---like it was stretched out and when the implant came out, it folded. I have an appointment with the PS next week to check it again--initally he thought it was scarring and has had me rubbing it for a month now---I don't think that has helped at all. Now I have to decide if the fold bothers me enough to pay another 2k$ to fix it---(it's a 2k$ OR visit fee regardless of procedure)--unless he can tweak it under local which I would much rather prefer then it would probably be cheaper. With the fold it makes my other areola look a bit larger than the other (nobody else could probably tell the small size difference but to ME, I can tell). Also, I still can see the muscle dis-attachement when I flex--which I'm assuming will never go away--oh well thats no biggie. Other than that, I enjoy wearing smaller tops and sleeping on my tummy! I will try and post new pictures soon.

6 Months: So far so good; definitely don't look...

6 Months: So far so good; definitely don't look as bad as I thought they would. Still having issues with fold in my areola (makes my other one look big in comparisin because it is pulled tighter). Just waiting a few more months before I get the revision/loosen the tethered scar. I do wish they were a bit larger (36B/depending on bra now) and I still have muscle seperation (seen when flexed)/slight "dents". I have thought about betting a smaller implant but it's really not that big of a deal. I will wait and see if they can fix my aerola (PS wants to wait as close to a one year post op before he does anything. Plus side: less back pain, people say I look thinner, etc. Buying bras is still a challenge---I have to try on many, many styles and sizes before I find one that fits. What I wish I knew before: maybe to have the implant removed from under the breast instead of through the areola scar--seems that people who have removal through the areola have tethering/caving in/etc. And now, I willl face another surgery (hopefully under local) to loosen that scar. I guess we will see~ I don't think they changed much/or fluffed more since the first or second month. *trying to load a picture but not letting me at work..will do it later*

So...I still have the fold and uneveness in/around...

So...I still have the fold and uneveness in/around my areolas. Saw PS last week and he said to fix the fold he would a. cut a piece from my butt and remove the skin and place it in breast (NO!) b. put in new implants that have to be bigger to stretch the areola out (still NO) or c. liposuction and fat graft.--all of which may not fix my issue. I'm not a doctor but it just seems like such an easy fix to me..lol..but what do I know?. I cried out of disappointment. I have two more consults with other PS next week for a second and third opinion. I'n the end I may just have to live with my current areola state--which I'm not happy about since I'm really embarassed by them. I'd never let anyone see them (I barely let my husband get a glipse). Overall, I don't mind my size and shape after removal. Turns out I'm about a 36B--BUT still have to try on a ton of bras to find ones that fit me (I hear that's normal). Just don't know what to do. I would like the fold gone and some of the bottom of the other to be reduced. Even thought I could live with the larger if the fold was gone in the other---maybe tattoo the smaller one to make it match the larger one?. I guess I'm getting nit-pickey but---what the hell, being vain is what got me in the situation in the first darn place! Ugh...what I would give to have just appreciated my old beautiful breasts and not to have gotten implants:) Thoughts? Suggestions?

So, as much as I'd like to say the scar on my...

So, as much as I'd like to say the scar on my areola doesn't bother me--it does. I am scheduled for a tweak on 10 May---they are going to unteather the right side and are going to make the left side match in size--"since I'm there". I do have a fear that I just might be making things wrose but, but aside from the areolas, I really like the shape and size I turned out being---36B which is pretty much what I was before (unless I was really thin, a 36A---which I probably won't ever see again and that's fine with me too...lol). I will post pictures of the after when it's all said and done. Again, thanks for all the support and I'm hoping my journey helps somebody like all of your's have helped me (and still do!).

Well, I went in Friday afternoon at 1 PM and left...

Well, I went in Friday afternoon at 1 PM and left the doctor's office at 345PM. PS initially thought we would be done in an hour---BUT there was a bit more work to be done than he thought. I had my scar revison done under local which was a piece of cake! Honestly, wish I had the implants taken out under local instead of general (would have saved alot of $$)--it was really simple and painless. He said the tethering was mostly scar with a bit of a dent. He used/"manipulated" my own tissue to fill in the small dent---not a fat graft but sutures inside the breast itself. He also did the same on theleft although he said it wasnt nearly as bad as the right. I am all taped up right now and will be for a week so I can't see them. I do know he measured like crazy and even sat me up to see how they looked. Dr. Ashby did my revision and seemed to be a perfectionist--really taking his time. I guess we will see when all the tape comes off. He did suture, glue and tape them--not sure why but that is just his procedure I guess? I felt a little burning around 11PM and took two Tylenol--that was all the pain I experienced. I will send pictures as soon as I can. And again, if you are having a basic/simple removal...please consider local (I'm a baby and it was so simple and not painful at all).

update...May will be two years

Well so far things are very good. Scar revision went well too. I am still the same weight and after everything seemed to settle I'm a 36C (depending on bra...I can't fill out some bras). While I don't miss the implants I do miss upper pole breast fullness. Since my removal I haven't had that weird shooting pain/numbness in my left arm (not sure if it was related to implants but haven't had it since). I also love wearing smaller tops (no more LG or xlg) and I feel thinner and more confident (I didnt realize just how self conscious I was before). Im glad I removed and am happy with my results. Adding more pictures (I included one showing my muscle preparation when I flex and the Dr said there isn't much to be done to correct that being my muscle was seperated from my chest wall for 12+ years).
Ogden Plastic Surgeon

I saw many doctors that told me I would be deformed if I explanted without replacement. Dr. Ralston was the first to say that my implant was modest, I had good skin elasticity and that I would look "pretty much like I did before". I started crying before I went under (from a mini panic attack) and the nurse and doctor were rubbing my legs and holding my hand while I went under--even at that moment he said "you are welcome to leave right now and not do this if you aren't sure; it's not too late to change your mind". Again, I knew I didn't want the implants I had and my wish was to be smaller. All in all, everyone was kind and supportive of any decision that I made.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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they did a great job with the scar revision! :) you look perfect!!!
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Wow, you are very fortunate you got such BEAUTIFUL results!
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You look great! I was curious though, did you have the capsule removed?
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no capsule removal...he didnt see the need
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no he left them in...said he didnt see a reason to remove
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How much did scar revision cost? Who was your doctor?
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2K..Dr Ralson..Dr Ashby did revision..1K
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Thank you so much for your story... I am just starting the journey. I think your after looks SOOOOO much better than your with implants. Your with implants look much like mine, so you give me hope.
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I think you look better now than with the implants! Truly! They look very feminine and like the perfect size for you! I think photos magnify every little 'imperfection' so I bet they look amazing in person!
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I trully think they look amazing... and I would totally tell you! There cute and firm looking. So much better!!!
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Thank you...we all have moments of doubt and its nice to hear that we look "better" without implants. You put a smile on my face :-)
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Where u pleased with ur revision?
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Hi nervousamy! I hope your revision was successful! I am hoping you will post pics as I will likely be undergoing the exact procedure you did to release the tethering. Thank you for detailing the process. Very curious to see the improvements without fat grafting...I'm sure I'm not the only one! :-) Happy healing, girl!
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Hi Nervous girlie and nervous amy--- i am waiting in the wings for a scar revision too so would love to see your pics---please post xx I saw my PS last week. My revision is scheduled for the beginning of Sept. She was so pleased with how they are doing. She still says it is a simple procedure but more work for me after the revision with massaging again YUK! I have also had another reply from a doctor here about my tethering. My PS is right to wait and i feel the hardening scar is definitely softer--BUT nipples are still pulled downwards. Hope all ok with you girlies--I am taking a step back at the moment xx
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Ugg...so sick of massaging my boobs!!! lol. Are your nipples sore from all that massaging? My 'bad' scar is on a portion of my breast that is completely numb, so the only discomfort I feel is inside. I guess maybe that's helpful? lol. :-/
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Oh I am so pleased it all wnet well. Cant wait for your pics--really really hope it was a success for you. I am next!! I see my PS Thursday about a scar revision---hoping in August then it is almost one year . xxx hope your not in too much pain xxx
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Your result is absolutely lovely! You must be thrilled!!
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all the best nervous amy---cant wait to hear how it all went and your pics. I will have a revision in Agust--at my almost one year mark. So very interested what will be done to your nipple area--although your are looking pretty good and i would die for your size!!! LOL xxx
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May is my 1 year mark---I'm a bit terrified that it may come out for the worse---the more I keep messing with the areola and breaking down that tissue area the more I feel this could occur again (or get worse). Fingers crossed~
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I have everything crossed for you too xxx
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Hi I think you look wonderful and I can barely see any 'indention' on your breasts. I have a 'huge' indention on my right side and I see my PS tomorrow. I have been massaging and doing all he has told me to since March 15th (surgery for explants) and I am still so disappointed at the areola caving in. I was all set to do the infra mammary incisions to remove the implants on the day of my surgery even though my PS wanted to go through the nipples(how they were origianally planced) but I was set on not 'compromising' my nipples anymore at the pre-surgery visit. I asked on the day of surgery if he thought going through the nipple again would be a problem and b/c I trusted his opinion he said he didn't feel that there would be any issues; So I changed my mind ( I was not under any anesthesia, however I was really nervous) but I TRUSTED HIS word. I feel that if I had a clear mind and was not getting ready to go to surgery, I would have never changed my decision, and I wished I never had. I haven't read about anyone who had problems of any kind doing infra=mammary explant and wish so bad that I never would have agreed to do the areola incisions for explant. I wish you luck in your revision, but really you do look very good now. Let us all know how it goes :-)
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May is my 1 year mark. I have massaged and massaged but nothing ever changed on my scar. If I could go back, I would not remove from the areola (original incision) again. Seems like everyone on this site that has had tethering or areola issues, had their implants removed from the areola incision. And I know I don't look bad and I'm embarassed to even be trying to release this scar again due to vanity, but it just makes me uncomfortable---I know it's there and that's enough for me I guess. I do have a fear that messing with the areola incision again will damage that tissue even more---my PS said he will "manipulate the underlying tissue" to avoid it caving in or tethering again. I have such anxiety over this. He is going to cut out the old scars and try again....ugh! Doesn't think I need a fat transfer so I will need more clarification on what exactly "manipulation" means before he even cuts into me----the lessons we learn....ASK QUESTIONS! LOL
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hi, you have a great result. I have the same issue with one of my nipples which folds over, my PS said it is due to lack of breast tissue to push it out. I think he may be right as it is fine when I massage or push the tissue from below - it pops back out!! let me know how you go as I think I will need to deal with mind also. It's frustrating but it's not a major issue I would just like to know if if can be sorted! good luck xx
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Hi nervousamy! First of all, your breasts look really beautiful! But I understand the feelings you have. I have a tethered scar which is not in my nipple, but mid-boob, and it does drive me a bit mad and make me somewhat self-conscious. I am currently waffling back and forth whether or not I should do anything about it. I think I would need a fat transfer for any meaningful improvement since I have a dent in mine, but it doesn't bother my hubby in the least, so not sure it's worth the money and recovery time. Hoping the best for your revision and that you get exactly what you want out of it! Your boobies are gorgeous anyways, and it's a shame you aren't letting your husband enjoy them. He's truly missing out! ;-)
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You look fantastic. All the best for the 10th and I hope you get the results you're looking for. Will be thinking of you. X
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