Almost 5 months post op ********* As Requested Front Shot

All my life I have felt a void.... I've felt...

All my life I have felt a void.... I've felt incomplete, like I was taken out the oven too soon. Have you ever baked a cake or some corn bread and you look in the oven and the top is sooo buttery and perfect in shape and color....then you take it out just to discover that the bottom is not yet complete. Well thats how I have felt all my life.. 30 years to be exact. Its so hard to live life feeling incomplete or a void. Its even harder when so many people tell you regulary how beautiful you are. However no matter how many have told me how good I look, or the attention I have got from men or woman, I have never felt 100 percerent happy about my appearance. I have been an under clover beauty . I thought that I will live for the rest feeling incomplete. But now for the first time in my life I can finally do something about it. I am soooo happy and for the first time feel that I can finally be complete! Follow me on my journey

Ok so first pre-op pic, this pic is blurred so...

Ok so first pre-op pic, this pic is blurred so that my face is somewhat who knows after my bbl I might ditch my hubby and become a video vixen, and dont what yall ratting me out about my " natural booty" lmao . This pics is like 6 months ago, and I have gain some more weight since then, I believe in this pic I was like 5"6 167 38 F 35 ??? not sure how big my hips are here

Less than one week away, pre-op appointment went...

Less than one week away, pre-op appointment went well, been taking hella vitamins and driking water, got my post-op team on deck. home care nurses and sitter for my son. I cant believe it, its the birthday present I have always wanted take a good look at my pre-op pic below because that is the last time that body will be
Its not too bad, for the care services, transportation, and cleaning for four days its 400.00 so like $100.00 dollars a day.

If I didnt need transportation my total would be less but I dont want to try driving myself the first couple of days They charge like 15.75 per hr and .59 cents for mileage which is way cheaper than the 22-24 per hr that some of the nurses in Flordia charge. Also the nurses at the clinic where im having my bbl charge 17hr but thats just for them to stay the night follow surgey.

I am so excited, I cant believe next wednesday is like 6 days away
Oh wow! Is that expensive?

Five days away....tick tock tick tock. Going to...

five days away....tick tock tick tock. Going to post my more pre-op pics let me know why you guys think
@ AmarettoCream, thank so much. I am so ready to get this over with. I am anxious about my results, Im not sure what to ask Dr. J for as far as cc's. I would like something like a 8.5 on the 1-10 level of drastic change. Also hope to get as tiny of an waist as possible. Im thinking on the basis of 900 to 1000 ccs. Will definately track and post everything for you guys from start to finish
I'm really excited for you. You have a nice shape already so I think you will look great afterwards. I can't wait to see your after pics. Good luck!

I am sooooooo ready, Today I went shopping for...

I am sooooooo ready, Today I went shopping for food and supplies that I need. I cant believe I could not find the body pillow at walmart, so tomorrow I will be going to baby-r-us or target to get the pillow and a couple of big loose dresses to wear. Tomorrow I meet with my post-op team. I have hired home care nurses and a sitter for my mini me. Thusday is my b-day this by far is the best b-day present I have ever had...even through I am giving it to myself lol.tick tock tick tock wednesday lets get it
Im getting mine done April 4th also. Im super scared and excited. I guess we will be recovering at the same I have to try to post my before picturess.

Ok so waiting on my post op team to get here to...

Ok so waiting on my post op team to get here to discuss the game plan. Hopefully they wont take advantage of me or beat me like some of the homecare nurse do to the old people. That would be a nightmare.
U R GOING TO BE THE SH*T!!! LOL. Im laying here cracking up about the half baked thing. Your crazy. Where they taking the fat from, because you look in shape. Your shaped just like the old me, your gonna love it. The fact that your legs are big is a plus, because, its def. Gonna look like its your booty. Well good luck and let me know if you need to know anything. What doc did u go for and how many ccs are you hoping for?
Thanks! :) he's taking the fat from flanks, breast roll, and back and stomach. I hope to get anyway from 900ccs to 1000ccs. I am going with Dr. Jahno Bella Forma in Lawrencville GA which is the same doc realself user RosaPR used see ( BBL *4 months update*- Atlanta, GA”). She has awesome results. Will def keep you posted. So excited, I meet with my post-op team today at 6 to go over the game plan.

OMG cant believe this day is finally hours away. i...

OMG cant believe this day is finally hours away. i know i should be sleeping but i cant its like the night before the first day of school, or christmas eve,or a brand new pair of shoes to the fifth power. Im online shopping for funeral clothes because im bout to be killing them

Going to bed so that I can be refresh and ready...

going to bed so that I can be refresh and ready for the show. Keep me lifted in your prayers and stay tuned I will post pics asap. Duces
How are you feeing. Im feeling great,he said not much fat was put in. Like 400cc. I hope when this swelling goes down my butt looks bigger
I sent a prayer for you! I hope your surgery went well!
good luck sweetie hope all went well :)

OK so yesterday was my bbl. The staff was great...

OK so yesterday was my bbl. The staff was great and so was the doctor. I remeber lying down on the op table and waking up in recovery. Last night was the hardest I didnt get drain tube I got the very small ones, so linkage has been every where. As far as what I can see with the compression garment on,I look good but not sure about the size yet. I didnt get perks, I got tramodol and I have been talking tylenol extra strength sothe pain is tolable. I feel so dizzy right no everytime I stand up I instancly feel like I am about to pass out. I dont know how many ccs I got will find out at my first po op appointment this morning. This is day one post-op. Stay tune will post post op pics and let you know how my first massege goes. Thanks for all the prayers

Back from my masssage, it wasnt as bad as I...

Back from my masssage, it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be, I have swelling in my lower part of my stomach and on top of my shelf booty. 45000cc were taken out and 780 ccs was put in each side. I wanted more but so far I am very happy with my waist line. I still feel dizzy but no nausea, I think because I havent taken the zofran. The tylenol pm helps me sleep soo good until I had to get up and pee. Man was that a task because I had on a diaper. Im still wearing a diaper but plan on switching to a pad later todat so that I wont have to take my whole suit off. I have another massage scheduled at 10:00am tomorrow and all next week. On a scale of 1-10 I rate the pain at 7. I am going to take some more post-op pics for you guys tonight without my suit on. Thanks again for the prayers and support
Hay girly glad surgery went smoothly & hope ur up and feel better soon
Congrats. Let me know how your massages are going at Bella Forma and how much they charge. I'm going to Dr. Salama on July 10th but I also live here in Gwinnett area so I was thinking about going to his office for the massages. Again congrats on you ne body.
@unda @ MI Congrats on your sx and HAPPY HEALING updates look great @unda

Happy Easter Hi ladies, sorry for the delay in an...

Happy Easter Hi ladies, sorry for the delay in an update i have been trying to get as much strenght back and take advantage of my homecare nurses. They left yesterday and oh how I missed them. Ok so I am feeling better, not much pain like a 3 out of 10 now, i take the tylenol pm to help me sleep. But other than that just a lot of discomfort especially after lying down for a long time. I still get the dizzy spells after standing too long or after I get out of the shower. I still have my drains which I hope to have taken out this week like tomorrow. Today is the first day I havent had a massage, since its Sunday of course they are closed. Tomorrow through Saturday I will continue my massages.I really feel like they help drain better and help shape your body better, Massages are a must have. Tomorrow day 5 will be the first day I drive since sx. I am nervous but not that much because I practice for a week before sx with the yoga mat. I just concerned about the discomfort but regardless I have to get up and out hopefully driving wont be that bad. Thanks you guys for all you prayers and support it really means a lot.

OK, so I wanted to wait to take more post op pics...

OK, so I wanted to wait to take more post op pics when I didnt have my drains in, I cant stand how they link out everywhere. My bathroom looks like a Crime Scene or a murder happen and someone did a bad job at trying to clean it up. Since my help has gone it back to just me and man am I wishing I would have kept them on deck for at least two more days. But anyway no pain no gain. Since I was feeling dizzy and my nasty drains, I couldnt really take pics like I wanted to. Stay tune. I will update with more.
You look great. I still cant figure out how to post my pictures. Glad you are feeling better. I thought my butt was too small but when i tried on my uniform it looked huge lol the people at work are gonna know
High Five** Looking Fantastic!!!! Keep me posted on your massages, I am going to Salama in June for BBL/TT but I am going to Belaforma for my lymphatic massages. I can buy a package of 10 1 hr. for $500
OMG!!!! I love it!!!!! Your results are sooooooo good. This is exactly how I want my results. Not outrageously weird big.....just fat booty. I am so jealous. :P Thinking about doing this to my butt.....

Ok so today was my first day driving, not so bad...

Ok so today was my first day driving, not so bad but not looking forward to sitting in traffic for a long period of time either. I had my 4th massage today it was nice as usual I was told that perhaps tomorrow my drains will be taken out. I so cant wait, I feel weird with them in like I am going to accidently pull them out or rip them..ok sorry for the graphic image that comment may have created. Anyway, feeling better today my stomach and back are still so swollen and very sensitive to the touch. Sleeping is still ok, with the help of the tylenol pm. Bruising is starting to reside still a lot where my breast roll use to be lol but not so much on my stomach or back. Dizzy spells, have started to subside as well. I was able to stand up longer that 5 mins without feeling dizzy. Tomorrow one day short of a week yeahhhh and of course massage therapy. My lastest pics will be the last pics until week 2
You have to click on your icon then click on update and at the bottom will be a place to add images.
wow, you are back at work already, How are you feeling? will you be able to sit down? are you driving?
Lol get bigger pants . Maybe they won't notice

Tomorrow is my one week anni, so excited because...

Tomorrow is my one week anni, so excited because today I feel like I am getting around better, sleeping is getting better especially since Im a tummy baby already, pain is like a 3 only when Im trying to get comfortable in bed or getting up and bending over. No dizzy spells, but still a lot of swelling. My body is very sensitive to touch also. this is day two with drving and getting better each day. looking foward to getting through another week. see ya at the 2 week mark
I have to say I freaking love your baking example. That is exactly how I feel :) Walking at you I'm all thick small waste so boys get excited then BAM!! I hit them with the flatest butt ever. So anyways all that said you look great and like the other girl on here who went to same Dr. Janho your only gonna keep looking better. I have four Dr's in mind and yours is one. Actually truth be told it's like your a sign because I was leaning towards him but he only had one client review on here, so I was like idk. Then you popped up. So all in all thank you for sharing your journey and results. I will be following your updates. Like a tv sitcom :)
heeey undercover u look great girl. I cant wait for my turm!
@Luxury hey hunny thanks, you are on your way boo your time is nearing. Im glad you put up your pre-op pics you are going to look amazzzzing, my prayers are with you for a safe sx and recovery. See you on the other side xoxoxoxoxo

Tomorrow is my first day back at work, kinda...

Tomorrow is my first day back at work, kinda nervous about making it through the day, luckily i have a position where I can be flexiable about how long I sit, and taking breaks, and lunches in other words, nobody really looks for me unless we have a meeting and tomorrow I dont have any meetings so I will be on some extended breaks forsure to make it through the day without having to sit for a long period of time. Wish me luck. I have posted some pics of how I drive and sit for those of you who asked. Hope this helps.
@Nola9 thanks, sure will be glad when more of the swelling in my stomach goes down. Almost two weeks I cant believe it. Now if I can just make it for another 4 1/2 weeks of no sitting I will be great. Stay tune will be posting 2 week post op pics soon
You look great! Congrats

Ok so three more days until 2 week post op, and to...

Ok so three more days until 2 week post op, and to be honest the biggest issue I am having is trying not to eat the fat that was taken off back on. It seems like no more than before I crave salt with a passion...wierd. Other than that my butt really itches and I am trying so hard not to get my back scracther and go to town. My swelling has gone done some but I feel like I have a huge dent on both sides of my waist as if I am sucking in my stomach...I think that this dent is going to be the actually crease of my waist line once the rest of the swelling goes down. Sleeping is better of course with me being a tummy baby all my life. Im scared to sleep on my sides because I dont want to loose any volume in my hips. Driving is cool, the yoga matt and neck pillow is a must have. I still cant completely bend all the way over withour discomfort yet. My bruises have gone and my incisions have closed. I am using a prescription skin lighter to fade the blemish. I feel that in 5-6 weeks the blemish will be gone. I have a family vacation with my hubby and mini me at the end of June which would make me like 1-2 weeks short of 3months post op so its double time for me as I want to flaunt a new bikini. stay tune 2 week post op pics coming soon
Enjoy your new body, so happy for you.
@Teresa thanks ma, wont be long before you are officially apart of the bbl sisterhood. Go forty and fabolous

Ok so 1 day short of officially being 2 weeks post...

ok so 1 day short of officially being 2 weeks post op. Today had my 8th massage and it was soooo soo great. I had a different massage therapist than usual and I had a brief moment of stalker tendencies, she was soo great. I wanted to actually take her home.her technique was so much better than my usual massage lady, I actually fell asleep. If it wasnt for my insurance authrorizing me additional lymphatic massages at my job, I would have considering actually paying more money for this lady no doubt. I

Alot of my swellling has gone down, but still a long way to go. I was told I could stop wearing my annoying garmet I was suprised because I thought I had to wear it for like 3-4 weeks, I actually feel wierd without it but happy to have it off, of course I bought a waist clincher and a tank top compression garment as well. I hope to get it in two days. Until then I think I will still wear my garment during the day but def not at night it is so uncomfortable then. Im thinking that the clincher will help slim the waist of my waist while it continue to go down.

Sleeping is cool, driving is cool, pain not so much but stiffness. I have soreness the most on my new shelf. My stomach is sensitive but only in certain spots and also in my back. I can feel some softness and giggle in my new booty but also still a lot of hard spots. I cant really tell if I have lost any volume. I dont believe that I have. My bruises have gone and I can tell that the prescription strenght skin bleaching cream is starting to fade my scars. Im not tried as much and kinda enjoy walking and eating more. I am however struggling with my salty food cravings. I know this is not helping my swelling but cant help it. I have been cutting back on my usual fat girl foods but I must say eating healty is a challenge but soo worth it, I dont ever what to go back to the body I had before or screw up the body I have now. See you guys in week four stay tune, more post op pics coming
I cant stop looking at your before and after pics! I am SOOO SOOO happy for you lady! I think you looked great before but I know you are happy with your results. I can not wait to be in your position! I hope you are feeling well. Have you tried some lotion or shea butter or something for the itch? I'm sure other ladies have this issue post surgery but never mention it lol! I wonder what causes that?

Week 2 officially, again I dont feel like I have...

week 2 officially, again I dont feel like I have lost any fat, I sure I will hit my up and down scale eventually. 4 more weeks until I can sit, omg the waiting is killing me. Its the most ackward at work. I cant wait I cant wait I cant wait to sit. Not sitting is the hardest to me at this point, I feel no pain, my stiffness is getting better everyday, my swelling is going down more and more, and yesterday at my follow-up I was told I could take my stray garment off lol, I bought a waist clincher which I hopes gets here by tomorrow so that I can really stop wearing my garment. I were it during the day because I feel wierd without it. Ladies be prepared to experiance a love hate relationship between you and your post op garment first you hate it hate then once they say you can stop wearing it you feel wierd without it....strange I know. Anyway my 2week post op pics are going to be it until week 4 or prob 6. Stay tune mmmm muah
Idk what the heck is going on! I am going to call my dr's office tomorrow. I have been using Benadryl it helps some but I'm still itchy a little after taking it. I'll let u all know when I find out what the cause is! Butterhoney I didn't know u had ur surgery already!
Yes gurl . Check my profile. I don't have much projection yet .
I've been itchy too . What is that ?

I had my last massage with my ps today, however I...

I had my last massage with my ps today, however I plan to continue getting the lymphatic massages through my insurance. They are a must have. Im almost three weeks and I feel great. I thoought my waist clincher would have arrived by now but not yet. I so cant wait to get it and get out of this garment suit for good. Today I went shopping for new clothes to fit my new body and man was that fun. I cant remember the last time I was able to fit into a small in anything. I have also been getting soo many compliements from everybody. This one lady asked me what I did to get my body to look like this. Of course I said I have been working out and eating healthy lol. This new life style is great. Happy healing everyone mmmmm muah
How much did you pay for the surgery? Your results are great! Best wishes to you.
Looking good girly
@beau10 thax honey, sure hope youe feeling better, we all support you boo

Ok so one more day short of 3 weeks and man has...

Ok so one more day short of 3 weeks and man has my waist gone down, which is funny because I swear I have been eating like a fat girl forreal. I still have some swelling to go down which is even more exciting because my waist is already so small.

Now for the upset, my waist clincher finally came that I was so happy about and wow it doesnt fit. Ok so ladies if you think that after lipo you are going to find a waist clincher that fits online .......good luck. Now that my waist to hip ratio is so different it seems soooo hard to find a waist clincher that will fit my waist and not hang over my hips its hard to explain but man is it diffulcult to find the perfect. I am sooo dissapointed because I was looking forward to getting out of my suit as it doesnt fit tight anymore.....crying...ok but really im so dissapointed. I refuse to buy another online so I am stuck with trying to find a shop in my area that sells waist clinchers that will fit my size. I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS GARMET ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY. ok now that I have had my bitch fit lets move on to week 3 post op review

I feel good, some lumpiness going on in my back and of course my stomach but man has my waist and back strunck. I am loving it. My lil donk aka my booty is still a nice size although I do feel like I have lost just a little. Im am using the fade cream religously and it is fading my scars I have 3 more weeks until I can sit and boy I cant wait. The ackwardness at the job is getting old lol See you guys in week 4 mmmm mmuah stay tune my pics to come
What awkwardness are you experiencing at your job? Im concerned about that.
@new york my co-workers are soo concerned about me not sitting and always standing. Most times if we have a meeting Im the one standing in the back of the room, or standing while typing at my desk. I work at an hospital in the IT department so I dont have to see patients or customers but its odd for everyone to be soo concerned.

Sorry forgot to update my measurements for my 3...

Sorry forgot to update my measurements for my 3 weeks post op. 36DD, 30, 44 1/2. I hoping that my waist will get to a 27 and that the rest will stay the same wish me luck see ya in week 4 more pics to come stay tune
@unda how u doing babe? Ur results look great. ur goal measurements r the same as mine. Dr J done really good work. Kp that waist cincher on and im sure u will achieve it. Thx for insight on ur journey.
Looking good girly :)
Which garment are you wearing in your most recent pics? Is that a strapless with clips in front? If so do the clips show through your shirts?

Hello my bbl sisterhood, ok so I will officially...

Hello my bbl sisterhood, ok so I will officially be a month post op in three days. I cant believe I have survived almost a month of driving, sleeping, sitting. I think I need a momement of slience................ok to a review.

Ladies pleeeeeeeeese do not rush to work out trust me dont do it. For the record, I did not intend of working out, hell I didnt even have a work out plan or nothing. I assume that walking 4.5 miles would actually be a good thing for my body right.....wrong. I participated in the March of Dimes March on yesterday ATL GA. Of course I had to rep my son is a March of Dimes survivor 5 years. My mini me is my joy..ok so I didnt realize that the area we were walking ' downtown Atlanta" had soooooo many inclines. I also didnt realize that my team I was walking with would be actually walking and not taking a stroll......

I felt great after the walk, I was excited of my acomp. Thats until I woke up this moring. I feel like somebody tied me to some train tracks on my stomach and a frieght train from hell ran my lower back and ass over.....twice.. then stop and let people off while on top of me.....yes..its that serious. I mean its wierd because my body feels like post op week 1 after that walk yesterday. Ladies for those of you that have never been active or into sports of the worst cramps to get in the world is a butt cramp. I swear now that my butt is bigger the cramp is even worst. In addition, it would not be wise to try to jogg, skip, or run 3 1/2 weeks post op. I had to tie my shoe lace and wanted to catch up with my group by jogging, first time I feel my ass jumping around which was great but now this morining I so regret that. I am sooo sore its sad...... End of melt down

At 3 1/2 weeks, I have started jiggling babe. Yes, my butt giggles. Its so amazing I mean the slightes movement and it giggles sometime on its own, lol. I dont feel like i how lost anymore vol, if fact im not sure now if I had lost any volume I now that swelling has gone down and my curves are def here now, my waist is going down more too. In fact Im back to square one, my clincher I bought is not tight enough. I need something a bit tighter and that doesnt leave prints on my skin. At this point I can bend it over and touch my feet without any pain.

Infamous lower back stiffness is still here to stay but only at its worst in the mornings when I wake up. My stomach is not as sensitive. I mean I can rub and have it massage without any discomfort what so ever. Overall I feel great. Oh and yesterday at the walk was the first time in my adult years I have worn some tights/ biking pants in front of anybody. OMG it was the greatest thing ever to flaunt my butt and feel so confident. It was the best thing ever. I didnt even care about the stares either until this one homeless man off the street tried to attack me during my walk. Now that was actually funny and scary at the" same dam time"( future) But it was great wearing something I would have never wore at least not without my pads or butt bar in public it was really awesome to feel whole.

I wanna take this time to shout out to my girl erdeam. She made such a valid point. She said now that I've had my bbl I should change my profile name from undercover. I think she's right. I do need a new name any suggestions ladies. Until then I will be known as the "booty formly known as undercover". xoxooxxo stay tune
congrats on everythng. I wanted to know how many massages hv you got & are you continuing on with the massages? Also do you hv any lump or hards irregularities on ur abdomen or lipo areas? I'm going to Salama but plan on goin to get massages at bella forma
@nevah I did 10 massages at bella forma and I am continuing my massages through my insurance. I did have hard lumps around my stomach and in my lower back. The massages and lipo ultrasound they use really helps break up the scar tissue and reduce the swelling big time. The lumps eventually start to loosen and soften up until they completly reslove. At almost a month I have probably like two lumps out of like maybe 6 that are still present. I also massage my stomach and back in the shower with the water pressure as high as it will go. The water pressure makes the lumps feel much better.

Officially 1 month post op, I cant believe I made...

Officially 1 month post op, I cant believe I made it. I feel like I need to say a speech or something thank god and give a shout out to my momma.....sad.. I know.

For me, I havent had a very hard recovery. Once I got pass the first 72 hours I have been recovering better day by day. What I can tell you is that you will become obessed with looking at yourself in the mirror. Its an addiction thats so crazy. I mean I think I have tried every booty dance in the mirror possible and then some. Its wierd.

As I stated a couple of days ago, right now the most issue I have is back stiffness and a little swelling in my lower stomach and of course trying to find a waist clincher that fits. I am still not sitting I only have 2 weeks left and I plan to make it to the finish line. I also believe that not sitting for the whole 6 weeks is a factor in achieveing the best results.

Althrough I am a tummy babe I am tried of sleeping on my stomach but I am pushing through. Eating differently has become the biggest challenge. Its hard to shake the 'go big gurl' habits but when I look in the mirror I feel its so not worth the late night binge eating. I dont have sharp pains, there are still about 2 lumps on the sides of the stomach but each day I can tell they are loosening up. I massage in the shower at night and in the morning. I am still going to a massage therapist but like once a week

Getting use to the attention is a little different, I thought before I got plenty of attention but now its different. I feel like people are looking more. I also feel more relaxed about my butt. Before I would flich up or move really fast like I had a butt reflex if I felt someone brushing pass me or attempting to slap me on the butt..... Now Im not worried about somebody slapping me on the butt and feeling a butt pad. Im not as tensed. Before I was real careful about anyone hitting me on the butt... you know the whole " good game" booty slap that people give you .... even when your not in a game.....wierd right...anyway I felt one of those coming on at my job today from one of my co-workers some would call this sexual harrassment but she's female.... not that it matters..... sexual harrassment is regardless of the gender, but I think that people cant help but want to slap your butt when its big.... so after I filled out the sexaul harrassment report and before I sent it to HR..I realize that I should probably give my 60 year old female co-worker some slack ...she cant help the urge to want to slap my ass...can she???? any way the moral to this story is be prepared to get the 'good game" booty slaps even when you are not in a game.

I added some more pics not much has change except tha my waist is a little bit more smaller and of course my booty jiggles and of course I have the booty OCD aka cant stop stalking my own butt disorder. So I think I wont post anymore until I reach 8 weeks.

Thanks for continuing to follow me through this 9-12 month journey I also would like to take this time to aplogize for all the typos and misspelled words in this post, previous post, and future post.... Im spell check spoiled sorry. stay tune xoxoxooxox
can't stop looking at your pic woman! he did such a good job...

Oh and anyone for Salama who is in June and would like to switch for end of July please let me know...i need sooner :(. ill even take mid June or end of June --just can't do it in July cause of work---may have to find another dr with june appts if not and i kinda dont wanna :( helpppppp
Undacvr we still haven't thought of an awesome name 4 u yet! ill sleep on it ;)
Your results are amazing! I love how the dr. sculpted your body. How much did the dr. charge?
@ Forerlylly look amazing! I know you're happy as hell its done and

Xoxox my bbl sisters For those who asked, I...

xoxox my bbl sisters

For those who asked, I posted a pic of how the thinpin looks on. Today was the second time I wore it all day at work. Its not like the normal thong its tighter, so if you do a lot of walking at work I would not recommend you wear it for 8 max hours. Its would be good to sleep in and to wear at work if your working 4 to 6 hours and dont have to walk around all day. If you do have to walk alot you can still wear this but you may need to use a thin piece of tissue to put in between your butt and the thong. This is make shift but gives comfort for walking around all day long for 8 hours. I love how it presses my lower stomach in . and the back support is good to.

Its best to put this on then put your bra on to secure it down tight towards the top of your back. Most important, this is something that you would wear when majority of your swelling has gone down and its not for every single day perhaps every other day. Overall I rate it a 8 1/2 out of 10. Hope this helps.

BTW if your not use to wearing a thong on a regurlary basis then this is not the garment for you.
what's that waist cincher you have on? Where did you get it from? Your doctor did not have you wear the full garment? I have to remain in mine for 6 months but i'm soooo ready for my waist to cinch in. I think i will wear that under my garment and keep the lift from my butt also... I need this waist to go in ASAP lol. i'm trying to be patient but if i can rush the progress, then why not. Your hips are the bomb.COM!
@divaish I did wear the infamous garment for three weeks. Suprisingly I was told at my 2 weeks post op visit that I could wear it during the day and not at night. By the end of week 3 I started to wear a waist clincher but it didnt fit right so I found the thin pin shapeware from Its like 38.00 dollars. Its a thong but tighter than the regular thong. If you walk a lot during the day at work then I wouldnt recommend it as its can become uncomfortable after walking around max6 hours. I wear mine everyother day. Hope this helps xoxoxoxo

6 weeks yeaaaaaa I can finally sit. Didnt think I...

6 weeks yeaaaaaa I can finally sit. Didnt think I was ever going to make it. Here's the irony, post op all you want to do is be able to sit, once you can your constantly wondering if sitting is messing up your wonderful butt.....crazy how this whole process plays tricks and mind games on you like for real as if me stalking my own butt every chance I get isnt enough to drive me crazy......WTF .

Ok so, I dont feel like I have lost much volume so far. Im still trying to get to a size 26-27 inch waist so I have been doing crunches. My back still is sore in the mornings but not as bad. I have completely stop my massages but I still have a small lump on the side of my stomach that is dissloving week by week. I imagine it will be gone by my 2 month mark. My scars are starting to smooth and still fading. Last, Im not starving myself but I have def let my "go big gurl" eating habits go. I still eat the foods I want but in smaller moderation so instead of inhaling a 12pc wings and fries I eat a 6 pc. I am targeting my abs and upper body to more define my coke bottle shape. Other than that everything is Good recovery for me is down hill at this point, however I do think I may be over obessing about having a smaller waist I mean I really would like to get 26 inches. Posting 6 weeks pics below not much has changed so will post more at 2 months xoxoxox
You look great...what are all the thing you had to buy to prepare for the surgery??
You look great formely I have a question where did they lipo bescuse u didnt look like u had 4500 cc's OMG that a lot am just trying to figure out how much fat I have, what were your measurements before surgery? Please help am trying to figure out how much I should get please see my pictures I have gained some more but sm not even sure how much fat I have? And why did he only put 780 only? If u wanted more? My doctor is doing lipo of inner thighs abdomen and bra area.
@perfect buns, thanks for the comp. I had my bra roll, flanks, back, and abdomen done, it would have been nice to have my inner thighs as well but oh well guess I will have to exercise to tone that up lol. I believe my measurements before were like 38, 34, 40 something like that. I never told my doc how many ccs I wanted I only described to him the look I was trying to achieve. going to look at your pics

2MONTHS yea mee! Ok so I am not the only one...

2MONTHS yea mee! Ok so I am not the only one stalking my butt, my hubby has also join the "stalk my butt club" I cant seem to keep his hands off of me. Ok so overall I feel great. I still have lower back soreness but very minimum. The last lump on the right side of my stomach has finally dissloved. I can barely feel it now. Massaging my body in the shower under high pressure has really helped. I also finally feel better about sitting. Althrough I stated sitting 2 weeks ago I was driving myself crazy thinking that I was messing something up by sitting too long so after constantly checking my butt aka stalking my butt after sitting for a long period of time, I finally stop with the torcher and I sit comfortably now. Ladies please dont drive yourself crazy, after 6 weeks of not sitting you will be fine. Trust me.

I dont feel like I have lost any volume at all. I am working out but only on my stomach. I want that 25-26 inch waist like yesterday. So everyday I am crunching it up before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning.

I am still so in love with my body, I cant tell you enough how much fun shopping is. I also get sooo much love from everybody about how great I look. My hubby has been giving me the dirty old man stares...I dont know if thats good or bad but either way I kinda like it.... My scars are still visible but are getting lighter each week, I also think the fact that I have gotten a tan is helping cover up the dark blemishes some. I am still using my bleaching cream. My scars are a lot smoother than they were weeks ago. especially the one right above the crack of my.....shut your Overall everything is great. I love my body soooo much. I have posted some new pics but I dont feel like I look the same as I did 2 weeks ago. What do you ladies think. Happy healing be safe...stay tune.
U look great chica!! It looks like ur volume is holding nicely. Congrats or the new hot bod!! :)
I'm back lol is your butt still going down? If not when did it stay that size? Also do u no if the fluffing thing is true? Thnks again:-)

2 months and 1 week day, not much to update but...

2 months and 1 week day, not much to update but just wanted to shout out to my girl" ER this is a Nightmare", please ladies stop by her profile and show her some love she is having her big day June 11th and she is sooooo nervous and freaked out. She is team salama so for all you team salalma" al-bum-ni" aka veterans show her some love and support and keep her lifted in your prayers.

As for me almost at my goal waist 26 inches, I have about an 1inch and some change to go. Man this is the hardest. Volume still holding and very soft and jigglely still happy and loving this life style. See you guys at month 3 stay tune xoxoxoxoxoxo
I am so envious its not even funny!!! Congratulations on your healthy healing and amazing results!! I am hoping to go for a BBL this year. I recently started the process last week. Found a Doc, emailed pics and now waiting for a response to get a body like yours!!! If you have any tips please let me know!!! Congrads again!!!
Hey girl ! U look great!! Did u ever wear the garment that covers your butt? Ur pics are amazing and I feel like my compression garment that covers the butt was making it smaller so I cut most of the butt out. When did u switch to the waist cincher? Sorry for all the questions but u look so good ur advice will def be appreciated! Thanks girl !
You look amazing love your new curves.....

Hello wonderful ladies apologies for being away. I...

Hello wonderful ladies apologies for being away. I am a few days from being 4 months post op and life has been good. So lets get straight to the review. At 4 months I have no back pain whatsover no stiffness nothing. Everything is completely soft. I have been slacking on applying my skin bleaching cream religously so my sx blemishes have not completly vanish however I know that had I continued to apply twice a day the sx scar would be much better faded by now. I plan to start back up. My current measurements are 36 E, 26 1/2, 42 1/2 . I have been struggle with trying to keep my waist at 26-27 I notice that in the mornings my waist and stomach are much smaller than by the end of day even when I dont over eat. Not sure why but I believe I am still adjusting. I have also been trying to tone my thighs and arms more to really give me a more seemless figure.

overall I love loooooooove the new me. It has definately gotten better with time. I believe that I have gotten bigger which has been soooo great. Please keep in mind that you must continue to work on your new body to perfect it even more. Eating is my biggest challenge. My clothes fit so great the biggest challenge is jeans. Finding a jean with a small waist but more thighs hips and butt room. I believe the Columbian jeans are the cure for this issue. I will let you know. Life is great and my confidence continues to soar This has been to greatest journey ever. I will post more pics later stay focus, positive and healthy xoxoxoxo

New pics updated . I forgot to to give a shout out...

New pics updated . I forgot to to give a shout out to all my bbl sisters that have followed me on my journey and who have been a great support and encouragement. Thank you for stopping by my page and posting comments and private messages. I could not have made it this far without you. Your thoughts, prayers, kind words, and questions really have made this experiance thus far a very memorable for me. 4 4 months down 5 months to go stay tune xoxoxoxo
You look amazing! Just wondering if you can post a pic of yourself from the front so we can see the hip to waist ratio.
Hey girl! You look so amazing!! I really want your shape! What Di you tell Dr Salama abiut what you wanted to look like? Did you show pics?

I only have 4 more days and I still need to prepare! Do you know if we can take ibuprofen instead of percoset afterwards?
She didn't go to Dr. Salama. This is a Dr. Jahno job.

Hello my bbl sisters. I am almost 5 months about a...

Hello my bbl sisters. I am almost 5 months about a week away. Not much to report but I have had several of my bbl sisters request a front shot. I typically always post back and side shots and forget to take shots of the front. So per your request I have posted a front shot to show what my waist to hip ratio looks like from this angle. I apologize in advance for the crotch shot, I had just got out the tub and I dont wear panties to bed......ok perhaps that was tmi.....but hey you gotta let your kitty purse air out at night. Hail to the V....

I will also be posting some pics of me in clothes lol for those of you who requested to see what my body looks like in clothes. On a different note this lifestyle is truly a lifestyle of keeping your body in the best shape possible and even perfecting it even more but working out, eating right, and getting your bootyrest lol. It is so hard to stay in shape and to maintain but you can do it and the benefits are so wonderful. Until next time Stay healthy, be safe, and enjoy the new you. xoxooxxoxoxo to the bbl sisterhood
You have the best results I've seen thus far on real self.A$$ so phat i need a lap dance :)
Hi formerly undacovrbeauty. I am scheduled to do bbl with Dr Jahno on 10/16/2012 ans was so excited to see you results. I am a little scared but I am going through with it any way. I am 5ft 7.5 inches and 175 lbs. How is your healing coming along?
You look amazzzzzzzing. Keep up the good work.
Dr. Jahno Bella Forma Clinic

Dr Jahno is very experianced and has a great patient doctor communication. He staff is wonderful and very helpful, everyone called me by my first name. This made me feel like a real person and not like another job or number. I am happy with my results and am considering using his services for my vi-peel. If you want to come to ATL I would reccommend Dr. Jahno without a doubt.

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