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My Journey with Invisalign - Lausanne, Switzerland

Im 25 years old, from Canada. My teeth were fixed...

Im 25 years old, from Canada. My teeth were fixed as a teenager but then I didnt wear my retainer all that much and eventually broke it. My teeth spaced out again so im almost back to square one.

I have gaps between my teeth and want to fix it. Im in swizterland right now and going back to Canada in 6 months so I decided to do this while being here. I hope the
treatment will be finished when I go back so my teeth look perfect.

In a few hours im getting my first tray and the verdict of how long my treatment will last. At first my dentist told me it should last only 4 to 6 months. But reading all the reviews I can see that treatments last longer. If it doesnt finish in less than 6 months ill have to continue this treatment back home.

Im only doing the upper teeth because I have no complexe with the lower one.

So I got my first tray, 1 of 14. I am so glad Im...

So I got my first tray, 1 of 14. I am so glad Im only having 14 which is going to last me 7 months as I have to change the tray every 2 weeks. My next appointment will be in 2 weeks when I get my buttons attached.

When i first put in the tray it was quiet hard to get out and the next morning I got a really bad headache. Now, being day 2, its really much better and I dont realize that i have anything in my mouth.

I was also impressed on how invisible this tray is. None of my friends saw it when i went out today.

I hate taking it out, im afraid for some reason that one of my tooth will come out... -_-

Thats it for now, will give you updated on my journey :)

I got my tray 2 in last week and went home with 2...

I got my tray 2 in last week and went home with 2 months worth of trays. I also got the buttons put in. Im glad i dont have any on my front teeth but I do feel like the tray is more visible with the buttons on.
I felt lost of pain the first day but didnt feel the need to take any medicine.
I cant wait to get to tray 8 as the video showed me that the gap i have would start to close up.
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Isn't it neat to be able to see on the video how and when to expect certain movements?! How are your teeth feeling now? Have they adjusted to tray 2, or are they still pretty tender?

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Yes its awesome to be able to anticipate what the out come will be :D
My teeth have adjusted to tray 2, after 2 days I could not feel any pain. Although i know it will start all over again next week. But im just excited with this process and getting the teeth ive been dreaming about
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Yay for no pain!! It sounds like you have a great attitude towards the entire thing - looking forward to hearing how things continue to go for you. :)

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Thank you very much!. I am currently in Europe for vacation and dentist here made computer animation for me, unfortunately I have a space between teeth that cannot be fixed with Invisalign, I will have to go with fixed braces..
Good luck to you with your treatment:)
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Thanks ;)
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I am from Montreal too and need treatment. Anyone can recommend a reliable dentist?
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Hey, you can find a good dentist that does invisalign in the sunlife building on metcalfe and st.catherine. I went there before moving here and was satisfied with the office. I didnt end up going there because i moved here but if i had stayed i would of gone there.
the only down side is that i think its more expensive than other orthodentist..:S but you can go for a free visit and ask about it. hope this helps
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I finally found an easier way to get it out, but i think next week this wont be as easy as im getting my buttons. Right now what I do, is pull it from the back (on both sides) and keep pulling down as I go more in the front of my jaw. Then it just slips out.
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Congratulations on getting your trays!! I'm sorry to hear getting them out has been a bit rough. Here is a forum where people are talking specifically about removing their trays:

How do you get your Invisalign trays out?

Hopefully there will be some helpful tips you can use in there.

Keep us posted on how you are doing over the next few days as you continue to get used to your trays.

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How fun that you are living in Switzerland for a little while! I would love to hear what brought you there.

That is awesome that you are taking steps to correct something that makes you feel self conscious. Update us when you get your trays so we can hear your initial thoughts on them. :)

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