10 weeks post op - lift and implants

I am only 25 and my boobs are already a bit floppy...

I am only 25 and my boobs are already a bit floppy and have lost their perkiness. I think this is probably because I used to be about 50 pounds or so heavier a few years ago. I wasn't that heavy for very long, but I think it was enough to take a toll on my body. I think when my breasts were at their largest, they were maybe a 34G, which was pretty big. Now I'm about a 32DD and in serious need of a pushup bra. I can fake it pretty well in a bra, but without one, it just is depressing. I will post some pictures of the difference.

I had a BBL in June and am really happy with the results of that and the lipo. I am ready to take the next step with my upstairs!

I Have NO idea what size implants to get! I am...

I Have NO idea what size implants to get! I am getting saline, but, what SIZE??? Can someone help???
Please keep us updated!!! I want a lift with aug also, I have naturally large breast 34/36DD (also getting a BBL this march lol)... I went to a plastic surgeon and was told he wouldnt to the aug and lift at the same time so looking for another doctor that will do it all at the same time.Best wishes

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Have you tried the rice test? Here's how to do that.

Is your doc doing your lift and aug. all at once? If so, I would research people who get them done at the same time to know what all the risks are with doing that. I wish I could help  you with choosing size. But since you are getting a lift it will be hard to tell how much tissue you will have left and to know how much implant you will need. I think showing your doc your wish pics and letting him help you choose will get you there much closer than we can.  Good luck to you!

Excited about my fast approaching procedure. ...

Excited about my fast approaching procedure. Pretty cool that I am going to have perkier and fuller breasts! However, still don't know about CCs at all. Just know that I don't necessarily want them to be dropping to a 'natural' position. I want them to be high and perky with nipples slightly to the side, looking out. I added a picture of me holding up my boobs to look more lifted, which is the look I am going for.

I am nervous bout the scarring. I hope I won't feel self conscious if I am ever intimate with a man. I guess I feel weird saying "my breasts used to be kinda sagging." Not the most attractive thing to tell someone! I guess I will just put that kind of thing off for quite some time while my chest heals. This is all about self improvement. I have been going through the hardest time lately and trying to 'improve' myself is what I have. I was so uplifted from my BBL that I hope this procedure has the same affect.
Hiya blonde~good luck on the upcoming BA! When have you scheduled the procedure? I had mine done in Jan. 2012 and could not be happier. For the first time in my life I feel pretty when braless and have full, pretty ta ta'!!!! WOOO HOOO....Lol.  Look forward to seeing your post op piks soon:-)
Hi, I'm going in on November 1. I am really excited and cant wait to have them full and perky ! I want to feel good braless also. I used to feel so confident about my chest, but that's changed slowly over the past couple years. I just realized they are kinda deflated. In a bra, everything is great and I fill out my tops and feel confident, but not in a bra, that's not the case. I have looked at so many 'after' pictures on here it really woke me up to the fact that I'm not-so-perky, to put it nicely. I'm going through a hard time right now and just want to feel good about myself. I really hope this helps.
I guess the real question is, What size do you want to be in the end? Did your doc say what size you'll be after the lift? I am guessing a C????

Yesterday I went in to do my blood work. A nurse...

Yesterday I went in to do my blood work. A nurse came in and told me about IV therapy and how it prevents hardening of the boobs and helps with healing and scars, etc. I was a bit skeptical and still am but I elected to do it anyways. I don't want hard boobs!! I figured I may as well give it ago. They said that if my boobs get hard, I will get them fixed for free by them. I hope it's not a waste of money! I also am going to have a pain pump. I hope that is also worth it.

The nurse who spoke to me has had breast augmentation and lift and she actually showed me hers! THEY LOOKED SO GOOD and they FELT so good! I didn't want to ask her if I could feel them, but she offered, so I did. She has saline implants just like I will and I LOVE them! They felt so good and I can't get over and amazing they looked too. It REALLY got me excited for my surgery.

I also did 3D imaging. It of course wasn't an accurate representation of my results because it doesn't show the lift, but I'm still glad I saw because it showed me about what the different CCs give. I decided I liked 400 mod+ or 380high profiles. I was thinking I would want 350ccs, but it looks like I'm going to need more than that. I still want to check with my doctor before the surgery and explain to him clearly what it is I want so I am sure to get those results and I don't end up looking like just a slightly better version of myself; I want a drastic, awesome change! PERKY AND FULL!

I got my post surgical bra in size 34, or, medium and I think it may be WAY too small. Any ideas for how to pick that size?? I don't know anything about what bras to wear after.

Tomorrow is the two week countdown and Saturday is my first IV therapy!
Hey PB, I was wondering what this IV therapy is? When they say hardening of the boobs, are they talking about capsular contracture?
Yes, they are talking about capsular contracture. They also say it's supposed to: reduce healing time, reduce brusing, reduce discomfort, swelling, strengthen immune system, body detoxification, and increase energy levels. But, they guarantee it will prevent capsular contracture and keep them soft!
Do you any more about the specifics of the IV therapy? Like what they put in the IV? I have CC in my left breast and i tried to look up this therapy and cant find anything on it.

I found a website where you can upload a photo and...

I found a website where you can upload a photo and adjust the size to see what you look like bigger! It's not perfect. But better than the 3D imagaing at the doctor's bc that didn't show a lift. The website is loveyourlook.com . It's super easy to use. I just posted the before (with boobs lifted up) and after, same photo, augmented. What I'd change is nipple placement and I would like them more full and projected. Any thoughts on this look?



I cannot stop stressing over how scared I am that my final results will not be what I want. I want a COMPLETE change compared to what I am now. I believe that it is possible, but it is also possible that I will drop by back into the same shape I am now. I do NOT want this same shape! I want an entirely new lifted and semi - fake looking shape with nipples that are looking out, nice and perky. I don't want my boobs flopping out to the side and down and deflating again! UP UP UP! Up is where I want them! I just have to vent because I cannot stress enough about this. I keep going over and over in my head about how I need to emphasize this again to my doctor and what to say and to make sure I do not leave anything out when speaking with him about it. I am bringing pictures to the day of surgery just to make sure. I am going to tell him not to focus on the natural look so much as making them round, high and FULL.

Ok, I feel a little better now.
Since you are also getting a lift, the chances are good that you will be "perky" and full. The only thing to consider is that if they do the lift and aug. at the same time- they can only go so big. There would put a lot of pressure on the incised areas. Some docs wont do both at the same time. So make sure you research that issue and ask everyone you can about it.
Might be good to post the question to the doctors on this forum if you havent already.
Whens ur surgery

Omg!!! This sucks so bad. I'm in pain and being...

Omg!!! This sucks so bad. I'm in pain and being every five minutes, I just am staying on the potty. My stomach is HUGE from bloating. Owowoowowowow. Thank god for this pain pump. I haven't taken my pain pills yet as I am quite scared they will be addictive. I have oxycodone and never had it before. Also scared of being sickm. Also scared I'm not going to like the results. I told the doctor a million times, round round, high, perky and not the natural look!!!!! If they drop any. Lower I'm going to be disappointed BIG time. Also,he said he wouldn't do HP on me bc I might look like I have "muffin breats" lol but I hope moderate plus is good bc I wanted projection!!! So nervous I won't be liking the final result. Already so low.

Ok, so earlier I was in ahorrible mood! I did the...

Ok, so earlier I was in ahorrible mood! I did the same thing when I got my butt done. I was so messed up on the anesthesia that I said, "he forgot to put the fat in my butt!" And was super pissed. Obviously, that's not true lol and my butt turned out great. I love my doctor! He's so amazing and a great listener and hard worker. I know I need to be patient as I haven't even seen my boobs yet.
The pain is BAD BAD BAD. If I didn't have the pain pump, I might die. On the ride home, I should printed directions beforehand bc my friend took the stupid way back and we were driving over bumps constantly! It hurt so bad. Istarted to cry. I think he was mad at me bc I was a total brat. Oh well, I owe him big.
I LOVE the feeling of implants. Is that weird? I think they feel so neat and squishy and firm. I can only touch them on the sides and top. So afraid to touch them elsewhere. Right now I can't feel that I was cut at all, but I know I have a lollipop! Freaky! The doctor predicted my scars will end up being faint. Hope so!
Still having to pee every five mins, UGH! Can't rekax any muscles due to affects of anesthesia

Weeee! Still in so much pain even with pump and...

Weeee! Still in so much pain even with pump and meds! But that's okay because drum roll..... my final CCs were: 325 implant FILLED to 390ccs! Quite pleased! My wonderful PS filled them up as much as he could, which, I do believe because they are TIGHT and FULL!

I love the saline! SO happy I got that because I'm going to have more of a round perky look. My PS said I am in the 1-2% of people who are thing and petite with lots of breast tissue. Only sad thing was that he said my boobs looked like I had had children (obviously not good and obviously embarrassing), but you know what? I did something about it! And in a few months, if I have a boyfriend, I will feel more confident with my shirt off. Not that I am trying to have a boyfriend at all, but whenever it may happen, I will feel good about it.

I love who firm and squishy they are! I know they will feel more natural as time goes by, but I kinda like the firm squishyness. It just really feels so cool
Go check my photos out...I wasn't as large as you or as droopy as you but I was borderline for a lift and chose not to get one. I am only a week post-op and my nipple position has changed tremendously just b/c of the implants. I think once you your swelling is gone and once they have "fluffed" you will look good. At least this is what I keep telling myself...patience is what I have been told!
Definitely take your pain meds. I am sure your PS didn’t give you enough of them to cause you to become addicted. In about 3 days or so Tylenol will be all you’ll need. Mine felt so heavy at first but I’m 9 days post-op and they are losing that heavy feeling. How many cc’s did you end up going with?
325 implant due to my small rib cage, filled to 390cc!!! YEAH! lol those pain meds effed me up so bad. I don't know what it is but anesthesia makes me into a bit of the 'b' word! I can't believe that after my bbl even I thought he didn't actually DO the procedure lolol makes me crazy! I'm still in too much pain to take off the bra, but hopefully tomorrow when I have a female friend (As opposed to a male) I will have an assisted sponge bath and can also see them as they are now.

I had my surgery on Thursday and today is Sunday. ...

I had my surgery on Thursday and today is Sunday. I had to take laxatives because I was SO constipated, it was terrible. Then, I spent all day going to the restroom and feeling very sick. I tried resting a lot and then an hour ago, realized it was time to take out my pain pump! What does that mean? That means sitting in the bathtub with no clothes on, putting a mirror on the edge and using it to see what I'm doing. The tape was super sticky and took me five minutes to get that off alone. Then, I started pulling out one of the catheters from my boob and just kept pulling and pulling! It was like 6 freakin inches long! I am proud of myself for handling that. I didn't pass out and was so relieved to get it out of my body. I HATED that thing! I am not even convinced that it actually worked at all, either. I was in so much pain from that surgery and STILL hurt that I'm not sure that it did anything. Anyways, it's out now.

My boobs are nice and large and up where they should be! The left one is riding higher than the right right now, but I've seen that a million times on these blogs and they do turn out okay. I notice that my left shoulder is a lot more tense than my right one, and that may have something to do with it.

I put on the genie bra and have realized it offers zero support lol but at least it's comfy! I can sleep in it and hopefully get a new and better bra with support. I'm just glad to be out of the stupid surgical one that was itching me. I am SO glad that I have moderate pluses. They are absolutely the perfect fit! I was convinced I wanted high profile, but that would have just looked ridiculous, so thank goodness for the surgeon's expert advise.
Petite, I have to say I love you. You remind me so much of my daughter and niece (daughter from another mother) who are only about 4-5 yrs younger than you. They and I just pretty much had the same conversation on everything you stated above. They too want implants (we were not as blessed as you upstairs though, but do have the Latin behinds lol) and I can't stress enough how much I want them to get Saline. I also feel Dr. P is a magician, although I might not always sound like it. I too fear my breast will drop low. A friend gave me the advice of ditching the surgical bra and buying a sports bra (the kind with cup size) a cup smaller than I think I have (maybe D) stating this will help gravity keep them high until they settle. I plan to ask Dr. P if this is true or not tomorrow as I have an appointment with him tomorrow. Thanks for the pep talk on my review. I needed that and you are 100% right. I appreciate you. Thank you.
Well thanks for such a nice response! I am glad that helped because for some reason, the immediate response to surgery can be so negative and angry because we just are so tired of WAITING! It's so cool that we both go to the same doctor, that really helps me a lot to talk about it. It's not like any of my friends are having surgery and can relate to or understand what I'm going through. I do have a friend who is quite sure she will be going after she has kids in a few years, but that's not until forever! This blog helps so much and so does your enthusiasm. Thanks a lot for your great persistence and attitude. About the bra; I have had a lot of concerns that this surgical bra isn't good for much seeing as there is NO support there. i didn't know what other bra to get, so I just got two of the genie bras based on someone's recommendation. I'm hoping that that will be a good step up and then when I'm more comfortable, find a good sports bra. I have a long history with sports bras and have known which ones are good for natural breasts. There's a champion one with underwire and then an Underarmour one without underwire that I have that's surprisingy supper supportive. It has a cross back on it and sits comfy on the shoulders. Other than that, I'm hoping to find a zip front sports bra. Let me know if you find one of those, because I wasn't successful.
Like I stated, I want to talk to Dr. P first, but there is a bra in Walmart that zips up in the front. That is the one my niece stated her friend bought a Cup size smaller than her implants. Dr. P stated he was hoping I would be a D or DD. Let's see what he states tomorrow, honestly I see myself as a C, but he is the professional and I trust him. Besides I know I have not dropped yet. If he says so, I will probably by the bra at Walmart my niece says her friend bought. I know it's cheap, but sometimes some cheap things come out better in the long run. My niece stated her friend wore her Walmart front zip sports bras a size smaller for a long time and now she has no problem with droopy breasts and hers were pretty large to begin with. She stated her Dr. stated we sometimes need to go against gravity until the implants settle before we can wear normal bras or no bras. Let's see what Dr. P states about that. Like I said, Dr. P seems very open and honest and I really trust him.... so far.

Day five of full days after surgery. Still in a...

Day five of full days after surgery. Still in a LOT of pain. My boobs feel as if they are filled with rocks and are pushing so hard against me. They shift when I lay down or sit up and it really hurts. I am also very blaoted still, constipated and lack of appetite. I stopped taking the oxycodone pills bc they take away the pain but made me so sick, grumpy, sad, constipated, depressed and moody. I am now taking Tylenol instead. Does help with the pain, but it is still there.
When sleepling, I'm dying to lay on my side, but I can't. When I had my Bbl I had to be on my stomach or my side and was dying to lay on my back. When I shift my weight, my boobs also shift and it HURTS! I feel like they are bursting! How long is this supposed to last? I feel like forever.
The good news is, I look like 'me' again before the sagging and deflation happened in my breasts. I pulled out my sports bra I've used for years and am waering that bc it gives support. It has a wire but that's not affecting me. The other bras I have just weren't doing anything.
I posted new pictures but in the bra. It sickens me to look at my bare chest, even in the tape. I've seen a million pics with my procedure but something abt sEeing myself like that is so sickening.
I hope I feel better soon bc I am just so miserable. I am huge and bloated and feel so gross.
Hi there Petite, I too had my BA done on Nov1. I'm glad I came across your post. Now I know all this discomfort is kinda normal. I just can't wait till all this swelling goes down.
Yeah, it's pretty miserable. All food even grosses me out. I force myself to eat and feel so gross after. This recovery really is horrible. I can't wait until I'm just better. I hope you do. I just wish I knew how long I'm going to fEel this way.
I don't believe that the Genie Bra was ever meant for first stage post surgery! It is a bra that you progress into at a later time when you don't need as much support. I purchased 2 First Stage Post Surgical bras: Isavela.com Comprexxwear ($26) with 3 adjustable hook & eye closures (but this one has a dart seam) and Renolife by Annette seamless ($44). Has adjustable straps, but only one hook & eye setting for chest. But that one was the most comfortable. Even though I followed the fitting chart, I wish I had gone one size bigger with both. I ordered both thru MakeMeHeal. And for goodness sake, don't wear that underwire sports bra! That's a no, no for the first 6 weeks. After the first week, the bad pain will subside, but the swelling will still make you uncomfortable. Hang in there. Use ice to feel better and a heating pad on your back. If you are still taking pain medicine, make sure you continue to take a stool softener every day. Being constipated will make everything feel worse.

1 week post op and I have decide yes, I do like...

1 week post op and I have decide yes, I do like them! I am actually feeling better about it than i thought i would. My left one is riding a bit higher than my right, but that's to be expected. Everything is going well thus far! Definitely still in pain, but I am not nearly as bad off as I was a few days ago, thank GOD.
Hey Petite, I'm glad you like them because they look amazing. Dr. P also advised me on the moderate plus and I am so glad he did. I love that I have side boob and projection. He does have an expert eye and I love him. He's awesome. I did not do the IV, but did do the pain pump and so glad I did. I don't understand why you had to pull out your own pain pump and drains? Was that your choice? They didn't even ask me, they just scheduled an appointment for me to come in and have them removed by the nurse. You are one brave chick!!! I don't think I would have been able to do it. I'm so happy for your turn out so far!!! You really do look amazing!!!
I did not have any drains. I was aware beforehand that some patients choose to remove the pump on their own and Dr. Pane confirmed this before surgery and said I didn't have to come until one week post op. Since I didn't have a ride to the doctor, I pretty much had to do it myself lol. Dr. Pane is always so serious and when he said I would look like I had a giant muffin on my chest if I would have had high profile, I laughed. I still laugh every time I think about it. You know him, so you can imagine how funny that was. Thanks for the compliments, I am happy. You also are looking great! Which, I'm not surprised of, I told you you would be happy with him! You will just look better and better.
Like I said, brave chick!!! Yes, he is funny at how serious he is. I like how he is so matter of fact and to the point. I probably would have laughed if I was there too. lol I can just imagine how he said it. But the moderate-plus do look great on you. I'm glad you got them. Thanks for the compliment. I really needed that because I am feeling so depressed today. Just so tired of the swelling from my TT and just want to get back to normal already.

I am getting impatient waiting for my left on to...

I am getting impatient waiting for my left on to drop down a bit! My right one looks awesome, no major change needs to be made there at ALL, but my left looks so funny. I am going to re assess at week three if it is finally starting to descend.

I found a way to wear my bras: Recovery bra topped by Genie bra is perfect! Sometimes I just wear the genie bra. I didn't like the Genie bra at first, but after the pain went away, I realized it's pretty good. My surgeon said a bra isn't necessary beyond just comfort, and I think that makes total sense.

I really hope that I'm not really swollen because I am super happy with my size. I hope that they don't get any smaller, because I love them! I just hope the left one descends a bit so it's not up in my arm pit.

I look forward to making my new year's fitness goals seeing as I basically haven't really exercised regularly since May. I look forward to being healthy again!
Wow girl, you look amazing!!! I am so jealous. That is how big I wanted mine, but he couldn't fit anything bigger in me. :-( I can't believe how perfect yours look. Be patient with lefty. Remember it can take up to 3 months. Are you doing your exercises. Dr. Pane only showed me two, but I found this on YouTube, maybe it will help bring lefty down some: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ7vFcicM1c
Thanks so much!! I am lucky in that I started with so much breast tissue that needed to be filled up, but they absolutely could not have been made bigger, either. I am happy with their size, but it's mostly luck. Yours seriously look great too, though! You will continue to be happy with them I'm sure of it. I am not even two weeks post op yet, so he hasn't told me to do any exercises yet, but when I'm supposed to start I will def use that video! Thanks so much for sharing. That left one is bugging me.

TWO WEEKS POST OP. Had to miss my doctor's...


Had to miss my doctor's appointment because I needed to go to work, so rescheduled for Monday. I have my second round of IV therapy on Saturday to prevent capsular contracture. I am still hoping that it makes a difference. My left side still has that long droopy look and it is DRIVING ME INSANE. I am so worried it will not end up dropping since it has been two weeks and absolutely nothing has changed with it. My right one is still perfect and making me very happy. I can't stop obsessing about my left one.

Tired of waiting!!! ahhh.

Just about crazy over my left one riding so high....

Just about crazy over my left one riding so high. It' SO high and I'm sick of it! I'm not a patient person, so that's probably a problem the way that I am handling this. I decided to go ahead and put in my prescription for the valium my Doctor perscribed me at week one. I'm not a huge fan of consuming any kind of drugs, but I feel a constant inability to relax my left side. No matter what I do to try to relax, it doesn't work, so I'm hoping this will help things along and get that thing to DROP!

Tomorrow I get to go to the doctor and address my concerns. Hopefully they will show me messages that will not stress my incisions,
Have you been wearing a breast band? I was going through the same thing and started wearing the breast band on Friday and it seems to have dropped. I've also been massaging the heck out of mine. Still not completely dropped, but it's to the point that you can't really tell the difference which is awesome for only wearing the band for two days. And I also took breaks with the band because it hurts me, so every once in a while I will take it off for a little while. I can tell it hasn't fully dropped because it's me, but my hubby says he can't really tell and in pics they look very similar. I don't think I will wear the band anymore though because I am wondering if I am pushing the one that dropped further down and I am scared of bottoming out.
Where do you get a band thing? I still haven't been to the doctor for my second appointment, but will go to learn the massages. I'm just so scared I'm going to stress the incisions by doing it wrong. I def want a band though because I'm becoming obsessed with the unevenness. I could be wrong but I think bottoming out is caused by an error the surgeon made, not anything you can do yourself.
They sell it at the pharmacy at Strax, but you could probably find it cheaper online at shops like makemeheal.com. Ask Dr. Pane though what he thinks first. He asked me to get one at my 2 week appointment, but I honestly forgot by the time the nurse was done with me. I'm still a little concerned as I feel I have too much side boob on my right breast and wonder if that has to do with wearing the band. I read on here (RS) that wearing the band after one has dropped might push the lower one down some too. Do a search on here like, "One dropped and breast band". I would do whatever Dr. Pane tells you though. The Dr's on here are awesome at answering questions, but there is nothing like being seen by your PS. My DH is thinking of sending me back to Florida. I'm so anxious about something going wrong and only talking to Dr. P via the internet and pics doesn't make me comfortable. I also think DH is going to take away my lap top soon. lol I keep reading things on here and then freaking out thinking it's going to happen to me. lol Like bottoming out or this side boob thing. You're lucky to have Dr. P near you. Take advantage and go see him if you are worried. Ask him about the band, although if he feels you need it he will most likely bring it up like he did with me.

One month. Boobs are softening up, but left on...

One month. Boobs are softening up, but left on has NOT budged. I know I don't have capsular contracture because they are soft and feeling good. I traveled over the holidays to a cold climate and it was a bit painful between the airplane ride and the cold. I think it also made my muscles more still with all of the shivering.

I have been sleeping on a bit of an incline to help the left one drop, but my muscle is just SO tight! What can I do to make it relax? The muscle relaxers aren't enough either to loosen up my left boob muscle. UGH. I have a doctor's appointment next week and hope my doctor can help me figure out wtf I can do about the left one. I'm just super annoyed about it. No one can tell when I'm wearing clothes but I can tell because it feels weird. I keep massaging and pushing and nothing. THe right one is perfect and doing great, the left one just needs to get there. I'm so sick of it having that weird 'long look.'

Are you massaging at all? That usually helps the tightness.



Of course, I am an avid Real Self reader, so I knew that this wasn't anything to worry about and I just needed to call the doctor, get some antibiotics, saline and gauze and I will be okay. PHEW. Too bad it's disgusting lol. It is SO gross. I actually am posting a picture of it so you guys can see what it looks like. It looks bad, but don't be too alarmed because over all I am healing well.

The rest of my incisions are practically invisible, it's kind of incredible. I am excited because I think my scars really could be practically invisible within a year, if not sooner. Sorry for not posting pictures because I am all taped up once again and only took a photo of the icky yellow crap so I could text it to my doctor.

What I think happened was that I was healing perfectly. Of course I had a lot of scabs from healing. I was doing alright until I traveled. I think the combination of going on the airplane and visiting family in very cold weather caused my scabs to open on the side of my nipple. ALso, I wouldn't be surprised if doing certain massages aggressively had something to do with it as well. I did a couple that I didn't see in the office. One being where place your palms flat on your nipples and squish the boobs 'flat'.

If I were to go back, I would definitely pay attention to the fact that I am stitched up and healing and should have been a lot more gentle with letting the incisions heal. I think I did take it a bit too lightly, including walking the dog a bit much, house cleaning and being a bit careless with what I lifted and movements I did. I am going to treat myself more gingerly from now on as the icky yellow heals and also to prevent any of the other scabs being opening up.

I am happy that I am not in pain and I have not BEEN in pain at all from it. Only thing that hurt was last week when I was SO cold and tense from it! I did notice that something had bled through the gauze, but I did choose to ignore it seeing as I was so far away from the doctor and didn't feel pain. Good thing I dealt with it today!

Also, stupid lefty needs to DROP. UGHHH. The good news is, someone asked me today, "Where did you get your boobs done?" Apparently, they look pretty good. Also, I wore a low cut sweater yesterday and saw photos of myself and feel like I am proportioned quite well, but also that some dropping does need to occur.

(sigh). Patience.
Good luck with the yellow stuff and just try to take things a little more easy. You look GREAT!! Can't wait to see the finished result!

It's been one month, one day. Still have scabs,...

It's been one month, one day. Still have scabs, but some areas are small, thin, faint scar.

But of course I still have the icky yellow crap around my right nipple, too. It's disgusting and going to take forever to heal. Hopefully it will be good by Christmas so I can at least go for a brisk walk again.

Also, I don't think they have dropped. Soften up, yes. Dropped? No. They look pretty much the same as they did when I came home. I'm not sure if that means they never will or if it's just going to take longer.

I posted new pictures so everyone can see. Maybe someone can tell me if they look any different.

Just so tired of being depressed and waiting to be healed.
I think you are looking fabulous. Recovery for this is a slow process and of course trying to be patient is unbearable! Thinking of you! Take care
I think they look great Petite. I do notice that they have dropped some, still need a little ways to go, but they did drop some. You can really see the difference in the pics you posted.
Really? Lol this is why we need eachother because we can see things the other can't. I can't even imagine how much better we will feel in 6 months.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and he cut away...

Yesterday I went to the doctor and he cut away some of the gross yellow stuff. He told me it will take quite awhile to heal but that it will and I can even exercise with the it, just to shower right after and change the guaze. So that's good!

Also, he advised me about the dropping of the implant. He said keep massagin (which I have done three times a day consistantly) and to push down on the implants and also put my hands on the top and pull the skin up so the implant moves down to fill out the bottom part of the breats.

I am keeping paper tape over the scars to help them smooth over, so that's great!

It just takes time, but I am feeling better about it. I just do look forward to the infection healing.
I'm sorry about your infection. It sounds like your appointment went good otherwise. I'm glad you can still workout. I just started back up yesterday and it felt so good. The paper over my scars has helped me a lot. I haven't even started scar treatment and they are so smooth and you can barely see them. So definitely keep the tape over them. Happy healing my friend. Keep the massages going. We'll drop and look good in no time. ;o)
Hi PetiteBlonde. Don't be depressed. Surgery is a waiting game. Which sucks because we wait to decide to have surgery and then we wait for our results, but it is all part of the process. have you been massaging your boobs? I see women saying that helps to get implants to drop.
Thanks so much! I'm trying to keep my mind off of it.

New photo of me doing the 'rolling' motion with...

New photo of me doing the 'rolling' motion with slight pressure pushing down on the implants. The left one is still being stubborn, but they are softening up.

The opening of my wound where the stitches split is closing slowly but surely. Just trying to be patient.
Hi, sorry about that yellow stuff. It will heal. It seems that everything about ba is about being patient. I'm not very patient. :)

Left one is being a dumb*ss. I'm just over having...

Left one is being a dumb*ss. I'm just over having a wound and a high left boob. I'm so depressed I can't stand it.

SO here it is on the looonnnnnnng journey to...

SO here it is on the looonnnnnnng journey to recovering from my Breast Lift and Implants..

At this point, it's been seven weeks since my surgery. Here is an organized list as to what's going on.

So far:

Right one has dropped into place
Left one refuses to budge
Swelling has gone down but not 100%
Scars are healing
Split stich is healing

I am up one cup size just as I had asked
I am now a 32 E
My breasts are full and no longer 'hanging around' when I don't wear a bra
I look awesome in clothes (super hour glass figure since my butt was done earlier too)
cannot tell in clothes that left boob is not dropping as much as right (breasts look even and the same shape/size)
Breasts feel lighter than ever with the implants and not as heavy as before
Breasts feel better and squishy to the touch on the top and sides (fun to play with haha)
scars are fading and smoothing out with tape

Split stitch around nipple on right boob is taking FOREVER and a day to heal, but is actually healing
Nervous what skin will look like where split stitch was when fully closed up
Left boob is holding itself high and scared it will never fall into place
'empty' skin on bottom part of left boob where implant is eventually supposed to be
scars are still visible and will take several more months to heal completely
bottom part of boobs are sore and swollen feeling to the touch, especially near where incisions were made. I have to massage this area constantly to help keep it soft and in hopes of making it easier for the left one to DROP.

So, there is my update in a nutshell. I needed to write this out. I think that my right side will end up being okay with the split stitch situation. I've done lots of research on this and it happens in all kinds of surgeries. Hindsight, I should have been more careful with how I treated my boobs. I should have been more delicate with them and could have prevented the split stitch from occurring. I should not have been so aggressive in my massaging or tensing up so much in a cold environment. Sigh.

The left one that is still so high and up there is my biggest worry. I know that it has only been seven weeks but when it's your body, you are STUCK with it 24/7, there is no getting away from it. There is that worry, "Will I need a revision surgery to correct it?" I try not to think about that and focus more on the blogs I've seen where people's breasts really have taken the 3 - 6 months to fully settle. All the doctors I have asked (including mine) say that it really is too early to tell and to be patient and just wait and see. It's just so hard to keep my mind off of it. I really do not want to have to get a revision. I want the implant to just settle in where it's supposed to be and move on with my life.

Other than that, I'm feeling so great about my surgery. My body is improving and I just need to be back in the gym and focusing on other things to really FEEL better.

Having a revision of my left breast on Feb 1 by...

Having a revision of my left breast on Feb 1 by the same doctor. I am so relieved! I am so happy the way I look in clothes now and the size of my breasts: 30 F ! Now fixing the left one I will look perfect out of clothes in a few months. Patience... I will post photos soon.
I am in the same boat with you on the high left implant! When was your original surgery? When did he decide to do a revision? I'm kind of FREAKING out and don't see the PS until tomorrow hopefully (but I have to change the appt I got called into work early).
Im so happy i found your story, im also very petite with a b cup, ive not seen many people around our size getting saline (which is what i want) reading your story makes me confident that saline is the right choice for me :)
Looking good !! What shape most of u guys prefers when u are getting Brest implant ? That look more natural ?

February 1 is my revision on left breast and some...

February 1 is my revision on left breast and some all over the body lipo. I'm supposed to have it relifted, but I am reconsidering. I think I am just going to ask the pocket to be adjusted. I do NOT want to go through that again. Getting a breast lift and implants is not small surgery. It takes awhile to get out of the red zonein healing and I just don't have the patience. Besides, now that some time has passed, I am happy with my right breast and simply want my left implant lower. I hope my doctor says we can simply just release the pocket. I will be SO relieved!

I will post pictures next week, the day before surgery.
How are you coming along since the revision
Hey Petite, I hope your revision went well and you are happy with your results. Well you probably can't see the results yet, but I'm sure you will look great. Can't wait to hear from you.
I can see results immediately!! My boobs look much more like twins now. The left one has to drop a tiny bit and the swelling go down, but I am so happy! They look like MY matching boobs now. phewwwww.
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