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Latisse Well Worth It -- I Use Off-label Lumigan Because It's Cheaper - Denver, CO

Just a quick update. I have been using Lumigan...

Just a quick update. I have been using Lumigan (same thing as Latisse) for close to 7 weeks now. I still love it.

My lashes are getting fuller and longer. I have to admit that my right eyelashes are doing better than the ones on the left, even though I apply it evenly every night. Kinda sucks, but I just go light on the mascara on my right eye since they need less, and just use a little more on my left eye and they look pretty much even. Hey, they warned about

In another month or so, I'll post an "after" picture so folks can see the progress. I am moving to Alaska in a couple of weeks and my laptop just died...so hopefully I'll have a new setup when I get there. Things have been hectic to say the least. =P

I have been dying to try Latisse ever since I...

I have been dying to try Latisse ever since I heard about the Marini Age Intervention Eyelash conditioner. Then her offices got raided by the FDA for illegally using a prescription drug, bimatoprost, in an over-the-counter product, and I couldn't find anyplace to buy Marini's lash product.

Anyway, I had my doctor write me a prescription for off-label Lumigan. It costs a lot less. I use a soft retractable brush to apply it each night after I take off my makeup and wash my face. I have been using it for 2 weeks, and I am already seeing some improvement in my lash thickness. Since I reuse other applicators like eyeliner and lip gloss, I am not worried about contamination at all. I think it's fine to use a eyeliner brush, as long as it's dedicated to applying Lumigan only, and not used for anything else.

The main reason why I wanted an eyelash growth stimulator is because my lashes are stick-straight. Unless I curl them, my eyes look very tired. Although my lashes are already decently thick, long, and jet black, if they are longer it will be easier to curl them.  In another few weeks I will post my before/after pictures.

Had to stop using Latisse, now using Rapidlash

After using Latisse for over two years, I had to stop using it. Although I loved how thick, full, and ridiculously long my lashes were (complete strangers would comment on it when i was out in public, saying that I had the longest lashes they had ever seen), I started having side effects. My eyes were so red and bloodshot that people would come up to me and ask me if I was high, or comment on my bloodshot eyes. it got REALLY annoying, and finally I had to concede defeat. I stopped using Latisse.

I use Rapidlash now. It is much cheaper, one tube lasts me 6 months, and I don't have the itchiness or dry eyes that i got from Latisse. My lashes are still impressive, although nowhere near the insane length that I got with Latisse.
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My optometrist was a total jerk and refused to write me a prescription. Don't argue with them, just go see another doctor.

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Hello, i bought Latisse recently and i'm looking for the generic version. Does anyone have a website that they have ordered from and used the generic version without any side effects or problems ordering the bottle. I only want websites that people have used with no problem as i'll be using a debit card. Also my eyes are sensitive cause of my contact lenses so i want to order the exact brand someone else has used with no problems.
I've been using Lattisse for 17 weeks now.After 8 weeks I start see the result.. It really works! At first, I didn't believe it. My lashes are longer than before, I just wish it would be darker and thicker though. I also use Lattisse on the bottom of my lashes and eyebrows. The only side effects are skin darken on the area you apply Lattise, but will disappear in time. I really love this product! Just wish it was cheap. (LOL)
I trust these guys. I just ordered 10 bottles as the shipping was much cheaper if I get a great number of the product. I have to say, this generic works as well as Latisse and the results are faster. I reached a plateu on Latisse and I cannot explain this but my lashes grew a tad longer since I started using the generic that my husband actually said this to me this Saturday "Ok your lashes are getting too long. Any longer and you will look ridiculous!" Enjoy your new look, define it with a cheap mascara like the ones you can get from your local pharmacy. The things those expensive mascaras offer, latisse or the generic latisse deliver!!
Received today, 4/14! WOW that was quick shipping! Just wanted to let you guys though, my package had a sticker from an Indian postal service under the USPS sticker; I peeled it back and it said it had cost 475.00 Rupees to ship. That's the equivalent of USD $10.64; While shipping is alot, I only ordered one bottle. It listed the weight as 90 grams, so I'm assuming two bottles would cost them around $12-$15 USD to ship, three would be $15-17 to ship, etc. Get your money's worth! Overall, very satisfied. Opened package just now: they included a long-handled eyeliner brush! I kid you not. "VEGA" brand. I'd rather not use a brush to apply as I fear waste, haha. I'll try to find some sort of plastic stick, as others have recommended. The package also included a nice sheet of stationary bearing the invoice and my name and address; at the bottom was a signature in a "MEDICATIONS & QUANTITIES DOUBLE VERIFIED" box, very reassuring. Hopefully we'll see results soon!

Just ordered one bottle of Careprost off {edit} for $10.00 USD. S/H was $25 (!!!) so the whole thing came to $35. It would have only been $30 on {edit}, but the customer service has been extolled on this discussion so I decided it was worth the extra $5 for the peace of mind. I literally JUST got off the phone with {edit}, called them at their toll-free number to confirm my order, which I placed late last night. The representative I talked to had an Indian accent and sounded rather glum but was pleasant enough; he assured me it would ship tomorrow. I did not need a prescription of any kind whatsoever. When it arrives I will take a 'before' photo of my lashes.

This post has been blocked because it promotes purchasing prescription medication from an online pharmacy or vendor that does not require or verify prescriptions. Medical experts have advised the RealSelf Team that this practice is potentially dangerous and may violate FDA regulations and federal laws, so posts of this nature will no longer be allowed.

I just received my recent order from {edit}, thanks to a realself.com. poster. Each bottle of Careprost is $10.00 shipping is $25.00. Read the reviews here. It is the same product as Latisse and yes, it is made in India. I had ordered from another site and thought that $65.00 for two was a good price. This time I received 5 bottles + shipping for a grand total of $75.00. I ordered on Jan 22 and received my order Feb. 3. I have found that a bottle lasts for two months. My eyelashes look unreal. When I went in for a botox treatment the nurse immediately noticed. She asked where I was getting my "latisse" as did my Doctor.

This post has been blocked because it promotes purchasing prescription medication from an online pharmacy or vendor that does not require or verify prescriptions. Medical experts have advised the RealSelf Team that this practice is potentially dangerous and may violate FDA regulations and federal laws, so posts of this nature will no longer be allowed.
just joining the bandwagon and am sad i'm late to be enlightened by the group. :) so what's the latest, where now can i get L____ or C____? thanks guys!
Could someone please tell me where to buy lumigan online that ships to canada pls?
Hi Everyone! I am past the 16 week mark and wanted you all to know to just hang in there with it! I was discouraged around the 14 week mark because it was still slow going with just small improvements. But the weeks 14-17 really showed a incredible improvement in my lashes! I am huge fan now and I use the Lumigan.
Hi, wanted to ask you if you experienced any side effects from use, like itchy red eyes, etc??? If so, how long they it take for that to go away?
I just started using Latisse 8 days ago and am concerned about a side effect I'm having. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a DARK GREY RING/CIRCLE around the outer edge of the colored part of the eye? I understand that using this product "MAY cause increased BROWN pigmentation of the colored part of the eye", per the Latisse literature. However, since my eyes ARE already DARK BROWN, I wasn't too concerned with that possibility until on my 7th day of using the product, I noticed the DARK GREY RING/CIRCLE around the BROWN of my eye. It is a little disconcerting to say the least. So today I decided to check the internet for the symptom and found this forum. I've read through ALL the listings from the beginning, looking for my problem and found none. I did however gain an enormous amount of VERY useful info, THANK YOU ALL. I'm sad to say I apparently missed out on the benefits of the pharmacy in India. I DO have a R/x for Latisse but had it filled at my local Walgreen's for $120. bummer! Anyway, if anyone knows anything about a DARK GREY RING/CIRCLE around the colored part of the eye, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. Thank you all again, caz1948
That's weird i never heard of that side effect. Can you send some pictures of it?
Hi mceleste60 - I am still using Lumigan because I have not run out of it. I am just getting ready to order some and was going to order the Careprost as it is cheaper and I only now have to do maintanance. I am happy to hear that you are getting good resutls. Keep us posted.
Hello everyone - I thought I would update at my 16 weeks. I continue to see results. My lashes are a bit obnoxious at this point. I think I am going to stop every day use. I can't wear too much mascara for work because my lashes look too crazy. They went through an unruly stage and they seem to be better now. I am not sure how much more they can grow. I may just go to every other day to slow the process down. I will post again at my 18 weeks. Just to let you all know if there is still more growing going on during the last two weeks. Oh and I have experienced absolute no shedding and no other side effects.
Hi Andee, Thanks for the update, I have been using for 5 weeks now and very noticeable results, did you switch to the Careprost or still using Lumigan? I had used LiLash before coming on here and that worked great for me but too expensive so you had recommended the Careporst and it works great, hope to have results like yours soon. thanks.
Oops, forgot to say that I'd tried the Lumigan for about 5 months prior to leaving off and then returning.
Oh well, here goes. I laid off Lumigan due to small results about a month ago. These last two days, I've returned to Lumigan, as my lashes were clearly reverting quite quickly to being paler and thinner - despite daily use of a lash conditioner/growth promoter. So, it looks as if I'll have to continue the Lumigan to some degree, in order to preserve any gains that I DID get. Believe it or not, my lashes ALREADY look a bit darker and feel a bit stronger. Must be my imagination. Anyway, I'm back (for now!).
I'm really, really pleased for you Andee! I do wonder, though, why I never managed to get that kind of result? Oh well...
Its been a while so I thought I would post an update. I have been using Lumigan for 13 weeks. My lashes amaze me every day. They are fuller, darker, longer (too long). They touch my eyebrows and hit my glasses. I don't need mascara but I still use it to get more drama. I am extremely happy and I can't imagine they would actually improve more but I will let you all know when I reach the 18 weeks.
Thread come to a standstill, eh? Well, I threw in the Lumigan towel about 2 weeks ago as I wasn't really getting very much further at the five month mark than I had by the 2 month mark! Waste of time to continue. I'm using something else now called Mavala Double Lash. No miracles, but at least they are reasonable (although no better than with the Lumigan).
Could someone be so kind as to send me the link wherein I can order lumigan w/out prescription? Thank you
unfortunately, i don't think you can. you have to have a doc prescribe it because it's not an over-the-counter product.
Could someone be so kind as to send me the link wherein I can order lumigan w/out prescription? Thank you
So does anyone have any experiences to post about c_____ so far? I'm curious about how others are doing that have used that and will likely order that the next time it comes to re-stock.

Katgilm, you can still buy Lumigan online from the "{edit}" place (remember, there has been two websites mentioned here? the one does require RX now, but the one I am talking about - no). I ordered 6 bottles for 149 with free shipping a week ago, should be on the way. Goodluck to everyone! I'll post my pics in 4 weeks. :)

This post has been blocked because it promotes purchasing prescription medication from an online pharmacy or vendor that does not require or verify prescriptions. Medical experts have advised the RealSelf Team that this practice is potentially dangerous and may violate FDA regulations and federal laws, so posts of this nature will no longer be allowed.