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LATISSE Latisse Week 3! and Already Smiling! - Dubai, AE

Been using latisse week 3 now, all thanks to the...

Been using latisse week 3 now, all thanks to the eyelash extension which in return gave me no eyelashes! At the start, alot like all of you i was skeptical but i was desperate after a years use of eyelash extensions. At week 3 today, i can feel some of my eyelashes hit my face when i shut it, i see growth at the areas that had none, and overall very excited to see the lashes at week 24. I did experience redness, puffyness, slight itching/dermatiatis near the crease of the eye, and alot more sensitiveness to bright light. But all of which the time i had my eyelash extensions removed and could have possibly contributed. I am now using the MAC 2.0 eyeliner brush, and so far one drop helps serve for both upper lid, lower lid, and eyebrows. I’m hoping that by using this brush it would help with the discoloration everyone’s talking about. Also read alot of reviews that the growth of the lashes until 16th week may vary at sizes until reached their maximum potential @ 16 weeks, and that the long lashes may shed their length to 70% after long periods of use and is a cycle, that will need to be kept , maintaining to be kept at 100% growth. Which i am guessing the product should not be overused and only be, three times a week after full growth @16 weeks.

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Am willing to try Lumigan too. Thanks.
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Hi! Sorry, I don't know where you could find it in Dubai. What about a plastic surgery clinic or office? That is how I get mine...
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Maybe a plastic surgery clinic will sell it? I got my from a company called Mylash and they have a website. They are London based but maybe they ship to Dubai?
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Hi. Can you please tell me where I can buy Latisse in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? I've just moved here and ran out about 2 months ago and am trying to find more but no one seems to ship to the UAE. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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Where did you find Latisse in Dubai?

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I used latisse for bout 18 months. There is a point when you want to let them rest. The first 3 months it looked like I had 40% more thickness and maybe 30% length. That made a difference. However, after 6 months or so, I applied everyday and yes, the shed faster than usual. It was like speeding the process and I lost them quicker. So, I stopped and they sort of returned to normality after about 6 months. However, just like you, got eyelash extensions and that looked good for 6 days. They curled a little but some days were pretty. I liked the fullness. After 5 weeks, I removed them and yes, I lost the tips of my eyelashes. About a good 30% is gone. I had them put and removed by good professionals but the super glue/medical glue is very strong and I think it burned them. So, I started latisse before removing the extensions (about 19 days) and I have 2 days after removing. I am so sad because they look so tiny. I am sharing my experience and will take note of your advice of using it 3 times a week after the 16th weeks period of maximum potential. Will post my experience but for the record, do not glue the extensions to your own lashes. I guess some falsies clusters here and there when you have a party are much safer. Also, the glue, the itching, not worth it. You can get latisse, 3 bottles for 200 dollars at some renowned plastic surgery clinics. I bought mine at the morrow institute, rancho mirage. I hope that in one week (since I have been applying for almost 3 already, my eyelashes blossom and I recover at least my tips for now... Will post and wish me luck!!
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hahaha ! okay !! that sounds scary hair in my palm T_T hahaha
ill drop it onto a mirror or in its cap ill figure out a different way thank u lol:D

yep 600 dirhams :S and yes they deliver you can call on their number they just take couple of days to deliver it

btw i saw the results on my friends lashes same results im getting from lumigan
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Hi Hind,
I would be so grateful if you could provide me woth a number or the website where i can obtain latisses and/ or lumigan in Dubai. I'm getting married in 2 months and would love to see some results before then!
Thanks ever so much!
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Thank you Hind!

600 derham or dollars? and they get it to your address? I tried to contact them via email but they dont seem to be receiving or reading any cause I havent got any reply yet.

Just be careful about putting the drop on your hand, I read on Latisse's website that it shouldnt touch your fingers or any other part of your body. It might have a secondary effect (like maybe growing hair in the palm of your hand:P). Try to find another way to use it.

Thanks alot!!!
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heloo ya i found this website that sells it in dubai
but they sell it with a high price ! around 600 not worth it !!! i got the generic version lumigan u can find it in all pharmacies 4 weeks now and im having amazing results

i put a drop in the palm of my hand and use an eyeliner brush to apply on my lash line 1 drop is enough for both eyes

great results so far

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I would also like to know where I can find Latisse in Dubai?
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hey ^_^ happy u started to see results
may i know where did u get it from in dubai ??

excited to start using it :)

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Hello :)

Did you find Latisse in Dubai?

Im looking all over for it but I cant find it!

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