Latisse and Eyelash Loss

I used Latisse for 15 months and like many others,...

I used Latisse for 15 months and like many others, I LOVED my results. However, in January, I woke up with a CLUMP missing from my right eye. After reading other's postings I am finding that this is not uncommon. I realize (for those disbelievers) that lash loss is not published in literature. That does not make this side effect any less real. It has been 4 months since I discontinued use after waking up with a gap in my lashes. Over the next couple of months my eyelashes started shedding like crazy (No, not losing my results, SHEDDING.. mostly from my right eye which was affected in the first place.) While the gap grew back in, my eyelashes continued to fall out. After about 3 or so months it seemed my lashes were finally coming back to normal..about a week ago I started shedding lashes from my right eye a SECOND time...4 months after discontinuing. My lash volume has probably decreased by half on that side in WEEK. I am losing 5-8 lashes a day (and sometimes heavily from my left side too, though I don't notice decrease in the overall look.) I am theorizing that if my eyelashes shed once in the same cycle, they are all probably in a similar cycle now and still shedding at the same time. Has anyone else experienced this? I hope I am not alone. For anyone who is looking to see whether Latisse is right for you, please DO NOT use it. I think it is only appropriate for those who really have very very little lashes. There are too many side effects. I feel like those who have used it for an increased period of time are seeing this. Most people who love the product and results have only used it for several months...I did for over a year. I was one who would have recomended this product to anyone until all of this happened. Now it is stressing me out. I had NO issues before using Latisse, I am healthy and have got tested for other causes. If someone else has experienced this, please let me know.

I have lost 70% of my lashes after using 2 1/2 bottles of Latisse last year & the year before. My first experience was a success. My lashes got longer and fuller. I was happy. Everything looked good. BUT After discontinuing Latisse, within 6 months I shed the lashes I had grown plus probably another 30%. I bought my second bottle of Latisse at my doctors reccomendation, and I got maybe 10-15% lash regrowth in 2-3 months, but the lashes were unusual. Some were very long, some sideways, some stubby. I discontinued using Latisse for a year to give my lashes a chance to regrow naturally. They continued to shed. It has been 2 years now and I have about 30% of the lashes I had prior to using Latisse 2 years ago. I have labs scheduled to get blood work done to check thyroid and hormone levels. But last year everything was normal. I am healthier and happier than I have been in years, but something is very wrong with my eyelashes. I tried individual lash extensions for a special event, left them on for 3 weeks, giving myself another break from makeup, and looking NORMAL for the first time in 3 years,,,but have just removed them and I now look like I have had chemotherapy.
this is very strange that they did not grow back ......
Ive been using latisse since mid July to help my lashes recover from a eyelash curler incident mainly on my left eye and ive noticed a lot of eyelashes shedding. Did your eyelashes grow back and or ever recover? I am still using the product but only twice a week as im afraid if I stop completely I will experience more lash loss. so discouraging
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I did not have a doctor. Latisse is prescribed to ANYONE who walks in to a doctor who can sell it.

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