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Latisse - Great Results After 17 Weeks - Shreveport, LA

After 17 weeks of using latisse, not a day goes by...

after 17 weeks of using latisse, not a day goes by that a complete stranger does not comment on my lashes.  several people have asked me if they are real (makes you want to ask what is not real on them!).


After 5 days of use, my eyelids are so red and inflamed. Now I understand why my 80 year old gramma has reddened eyes. Its due to her glaucoma and the same type of solution drops she uses for her eyes. It makes me look aged and I'm only 42. I get attention for my eyes alright! That they look red and irritated! My friend wondered if I was ok. I don't see this side effect getting any better. My lids seem to be feeling more and more tender and irritated. Horrible that I paid so much for this uglifying torture. sigh!
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I just read that it decreases orbital fat. the cosmetic doctor did not tell me this, and yet prior to this, we had discussed that what he identified as minor orbital fat loss that was already occurring, which I was concerned with. The Latisse side effects would exacerbate this. Okay, so I'm counting, I've used this crap for 4 1/2 days. I am throwing this stuff away before it does some real damage.
does latisse work with permanent eye liner
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Have been using latisse for 4.5 weeks. noticeable...

have been using latisse for 4.5 weeks. noticeable difference in lash thickness. my lashes are as thick as they were when i was a teenager. have always had rather long lashes, but as i have aged, they have thinned. i am now 45 years old. am taking pictures weekly, and will upload them after 16 weeks. am very pleased with the results.


Wow Suzi your lashes are CRAZY LONG!I hope I will have the same results with lumigan. Are you using latisse or lumigan?Also in the picture it seems like some of your lashes are longer than the other,especially the side ones.Is that just a picture impression?
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i am using latisse. yes, some lashes are longer, but that is because all of your eyelashes are at different stages of growth. this is normal, and really makes them look natural. if they were all the same length, they would look very fake.
suzi your eyelashes are insane. I can't wait for mine to look like that (I hope). How soon after using Latisse did you notice a difference? Did you experience any side affects?
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Dr. Wayne Barksdale

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