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I just turned 70 and have been thinking about this...

I just turned 70 and have been thinking about this surgery forever! My surgery date is April 24th, and I am also having implants exchanged at that time. I am a cancer survivor and had issues with the implants I had a few yrs ago, so need to exchange them. So I am a little nervous and excited at the same time. So many things to get myself ready for this. Love this site, it is so encouraging & helpful to read everyone's experiences.

Hope you are healing well and getting around good...i applaud you TT at 70 ...you go girl...proof that TT and MM is not just for the younger girls...looking forward to following your progress...

Wow, how exciting! What sort of issues have you had with your implants?

I hope you'll keep us updated on your progress throughout this journey. Here's a great post by JenBob about her mommy makeover experience. Hopefully it'll give you some insight into the TT part of the process (I know you have experience with the reconstruction/augmentation).

Keep us posted!!

Hey, if you have to change the implants any way, Its a good time to do this too, But please make sure your PS has tons of experience with TT's. some seem to be great at one thing, but not as good at other things, and I've seen many things on this site with complications that are a little scarryyy. Ask if he uses a a binder post op. most do, but they seem to inhibit blood flow to the healing areas. I did not wear one. Make sure you see happy with smaller aka waist agains story she has had a lot of post op issues. You obviously have a great attitude and I can tell you are a very young 70, but I know I jumped into it blinders on to all the possible complications, knowing they were there, not thinking any would happen to me, and by enlarge, mine haven't been so bad, But being on this site makes me worry so much about everyone! I hope your surgery and healing go beautifully.

33 Day PO Tummy Tuck

It's been not quite five weeks since my Tummy Tuck and Implant exchange (due to horrible implants & leakage. I had Breast cancer in 1988, and decided to have the TT done now at the same time as the implant exchange.. I had three children who were big babies, one weighing 9. 4, .so that streched me out considerably, and over the yrs the the muscles just gave completely out, even though i excercise at a gym,. Nothing would help the muffin top and pregnancy look.
On April 23 I had my TT and implant exchange and am still recovering from the surgery. I will say the first few days, was the worst, although i still have bad days with the swelling, and pressure i feel when walking a lot. I am told the swelling can last for months.
I am still mending but see a difference and time will show more when swelling subsides. I still can not wear my cappree's that i wore before that button, and jeans are still tight. I did take off about 5#' and trying to lose more to help the situation. I also need to move from the binder to the next stage of spanx type garment. My PS was great, with yrs of experience behind him. My very kind, understanding, compassionate.
I am happy with the results, and thinking in time it will get even better once I start back working out.

33 days PO

33 days PO

Before & 4 Weeks

Before & 33 days

Before TT & 33 Days PO

Wow! You go girl!!#70 and hot!
OMG!!!! You are looking great!!!!!
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I chose my Plastic Surgeon based on all the pictures, reviews and of course by the fact that he is board certified and also has experience have done many Tummy Tuck's, Mommy makeovers.

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