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Rhinoplasty After 15 Years of Insecurity - Latham, NY

One of the few brave male souls to post on here....

One of the few brave male souls to post on here. Surgery expected in less than 3 weeks. Have always been insecure at the length of my nose, I feel it overpowers my face, draws way too much attention, and is simply not in symmetry with the rest of my face. Found a really good doctor with great reviews on the first consult, hoping for the best but becoming very anxious as the date gets closer

Day of surgery: I was quite anxious, but the...

Day of surgery: I was quite anxious, but the nursing staff did a great job keeping me calm. Saw the doc for a few minutes beforehand, and he reviewed what specifically we were going to do. Then off the OR I went, and in a snap I woke up a few hours later and it was all over.

Day 1 post-op: The nurse warned me that I might wake up with a sore throat due to the breathing tube they would need to use on me during the procedure, and she was right. My throat was very irritated and it was difficult to eat, drink, or swallow at all the first and second day post-op. Sticing with very soft foods and liquids on this day. Fortunately, this has been the most severe part. Very minimal pain around my nose/eyes, despite all the bruising. It more or less feels like having a bad head cold, very stuffy and heavy feeling, slight headache. it is also quite uncomfortable to have to sleep with my head elevated. I'm more of a fetal sleeper, so staying on my back with my head lifted is tough for me.

Day 2 post-op: Lots of dried blood in my nose (thankfully, the doc did not use any packing). I used some q-tips and peroxide to gently loosen up some of the blood and remove it as gently as I could. In retrospect, it's probably best I just not touch inside the nose at all. Don't want to poke anything out of whack.

The bruising around my eyes is a bit more severe. I can feel the tightness every time I blink and I think my vision is a bit blurred. Also, have a little bit better range of motion with my mouth so it's a bit easier to eat, and my throat irritation is starting to subside

Day 3 post-op: Still very stuffy but I can actually breathe through my nose now and then. Throat is almost fully back to normal. Eating most anything I'd like. Bruising under my eyes is lightening up a bit.

So far, I've only needed to use pain meds sparingly, mostly to help me fall asleep. Today is Monday, and my splint will be removed Thursday. I can tell already that my nose is smaller all around, but obviously it is too soon to tell what it actually looks like or will look like.

Day 6 post-op: Splint is off, nose looks very...

Day 6 post-op: Splint is off, nose looks very swollen but great. Achieved exactly what I was shooting for. Fits much better with my face. Really happy with the result, Nose is still very tender and sore to touch, and still a good amount of blood caked up in the nostrils, but it's really no problem.

At 2-weeks post op, finall got some pics up. sorry...

at 2-weeks post op, finall got some pics up. sorry for the bluriness. my pc cam takes awful photos. still slight bruising under my eyes anda nasty scab in my left nostril. nose is still tender and swollen, and i am still pretty numb where the opne incision was. but i'm feeling and looking better each day. just being patient, and still quite happy with the results!
Albany Plastic Surgeon

Really great surgeon. Very patient, and very clear with me. Never felt pressured to do anything I didn't want to do. Highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Amazing, I'm trying to decide for myself but still on the fence...
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Took me about 10 years to finally make the decision, so I can understand!
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Very nice, and you still look like YOU :)
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it looks good & natural =]
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Yes, I would agree with jbunny, I think the surgeon you chose did a great job. Looks really good, seems to have given you just the refinement you were looking for.
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He was a really great choice!
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Looks really good, still masculine and fits your face nicely
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Thanks! I was def afraid it would be too feminine, but I think it's just right.
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I think you were an attractive man before and moreso after surgery. Our original noses are quite similar (and I'm a girl), but it fits your face more than it does mine even though you were unhappy with it. I hope the recovery period is quick for you and that you're able to move on with your life without thinking about it again. Those are my hopes.
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Thank you, will you be getting a procedure done as well? It was def a much easier recovery than expected.
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Thank you. Yes, I will be soon. What would you say were the most painful and difficult parts so far?
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The most painful part was the sore throat from the breathing tube they use during surgery. It was pretty sore for a couple days after surgery, but no worse than what you would get from a cold or flu. The most uncomfortable part was all of the caked up blood that accumulated in my nose. Made it very tough to breathe through my nose. Also, sleeping with my head elevated all the time wasn't very comfortable. A lot of waking up throughout the night in that first week of recovery. Overall, though, it was a very easy recovery. Just have to be careful not to bump your nose on anything and resist the urge to poke around in that area :) When is your surgery date?
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Hi Bseargent,
Congrats on getting the results you wanted!
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Hey! I saw your post when you had the pictures up, and do agree with everyone who said you looked good the way you were. At the same time, though, I could see what you might not have liked about your nose, and think that it was brave of you to move forward regardless of what others had to say. Sorry that you did not receive a lot of support before taking the plunge - but glad that you came back to update us after you did! Would love to see the before and after... You were handsome before, so I'm sure you must be radiating confidence now!
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Thank you for the nice comment :) I will get pics back up soon, probably once I have a more refined result. Then I'll put everything back up.
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Dang it, I missed the photos! I read your review when it was first posted and didn't have any and now it doesn't, either.
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We like him the way he is :) but of course this is his decision as he is the one that will live with the consequences. I'm sure everyone wishes him the best and hopes he keeps us updated.
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I thought this site was to cheer persons on... and give him the support he needs to do the procedure he wants to do!
Best wishes with your procedure bseargent.
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Actually if you look a little more on this site you will find hundreds of questions from people who are freaking out about their decisions after having gone through with it and getting results that were not what they thought. Lots of scared people like myself looking for answers to post-rhinoplasty concerns.
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This is true....
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Bseargant......LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN ........The above commenters are not just "being nice". You are a handsome man. I am a woman-30-...i always hated my nose because i thought my profile was too long and not feminine enough. I had slightly long nostrils too like you. I was very focused on my profile. The irony is that i was very beautiful from the front. I noticed you are quite handsome front on but your nose is a little long from the side----BUT NOT BAD...you dont even have a beak nose. So, i went against my family and all the other people i thought were just "being nice" to have my nose "fixed". Do me a favor....touch your nose...can you move/ bend it around? Probably yes, because its REAL, its yours. My plastic surgeon gave me a great aesthetic look from the profile, and took the liberty to build up my tip. He also took the cartilage from my nose to support my columella to keep that tip up. My 'new' nose is much smaller now and i feel it looks strange. I feel like i have a teeny rhinoceros bump from the front. And every time i catch myself in the mirror i feel scared...it looks so fake. Now i got the profile i always wished for and look scary from the front. And my nose is rock hard. The tip feels so hard as well as the columella. And my nostrils are now exposed from the front, changing my beautiful front on features i once had. I thought i would be so happy, but im not. I wish i would have just been happy...i could have just gotten a good facial, a filler, or something else. You are going to kick yourself in the ASS and say WHY THE HELL DID I DO THIS. Dont just think about aesthetics...your nose will not feel like your nose anymore....if you had an awful beak nose i would say yes, go for it. But you have a great front on look, and your profile is charming and part of you. It has probably given you a great personality. And yes, when you put the camera right up to your nose like you did its going to look silly. Be happy for the lucky people born with great noses. As for you, youve been so hung up on this less than perfect feature of yourself for so long that the complex itself has become a part of you. It sounds like a cliche, but as i sit here with this strange plastic stiff nose on my face, im telling u, love yourself and your less than perfect nose. I thought my results were just going to please me 100%...after all, my surgeon has been doing ONLY facial plastic surgery for 25 years and i liked his before/afters. I will say it one last time, people are not just being nice to you. Did you ever think about what youll do if you dont like the results? Youll have to wait at least a year...and recovery sucks...my nose is full of stitches and all kinds of rock hard crap i have no idea what the hell is in there...and then you get to go through hell again....andthen what if that makes you look more weird??!! Heres what you should do....take the money youre going to waste on rhinoplasty, and use it instead to go to Bangladesh....seriously, go somewhere where people are just trying to survive...youll be more grateful for what you have. I guarantee no one will notice your slightly long nose. I bet you have a great smile. Focus on that my friend.
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Thank you all for the nice compliments. I really wish you would rather just tell me it looks awful and could use some refinement...how dare you all be so nice!
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