12 weeks tomorrow!

I am 35 almost 36 years old. I have been married...

I am 35 almost 36 years old. I have been married for 11 years and I have 3 children, a 10 year old boy, 7 year old boy and a 4 year old daughter. I have been overweight since middle school! I am 5' short ( hahaha) and I used to weigh 190 pounds. I have lost 70 pounds total since Jan of 2011. I workout 5-6 days a week and eat healthy and have maintained 120 pounds for a year. I have a large pouch of skin on my stomach that will not go away no matter what workouts I do or how I eat. I wear a size 2-4 and I am sick of trying to lose weight ( and tucking my stomach into my pants) just bc I want my stomach gone when I am pretty happy with the rest of my body. My loving husband knows how upset I have been about the way I look, I have worked so hard to lose this weight and I want to be able to be comfortable in tight fitting clothes and he told me to go for it. I originally decided to do just the tummy tuck but after many discussions with my husband and my parents I have decided to get a breast lift and augmentation. I am a small droopy B after losing the weight and I decided if I was going to do the tuck I should do both as it is a little cheaper doing them together than doing them on separate occasions. I am not going huge in size just the sized used to be after losing weight and having kids! I am very nervous but excited and wish the next 5 weeks to go by quickly! I am ready to get this surgery over with and start healing! I will post before pics soon, just trying to get up the nerve! No one but my hubby has seen my stomach:-(

Welcome to RealSelf! Think of this as 'reconstructive' surgery. :)

You've worked your rear end off to lose that weight and you deserve to live in a body you're happy with.

Please keep us posted!

Thank you! I am so happy to have found this site!
It sounds like your story is similar to mine. I am 15 months post surgery and very happy. You'll be fine after the first week. It will be hard until then. You'll need good help with your kids, because you'll hardly be able to take care of yourself, but after the first few horrible days it will be great. You're in my prayers.

Okay so I ordered all my vitamins for per and post...

Okay so I ordered all my vitamins for per and post op last night on amazon. I have 2 weeks and 4 days until my surgery and I can't think of anything else now that Christmas is over! I ate way too much during the holidays and not a ton of working out so I need to eat healthy the next 2 weeks! The weekend before my surgery I am going to visit my husband's family who we haven't told anything to. They are very judgmental and I know they would give me a lecture on how I look great since I lost the weight and how it's a waste of money:-( the thing is that they don't know what I look like under clothes and I hide my pouch of stomach very well, no tight fitting shirts, spanx, etc. I am not brave enough to show them and I don't want to defend myself to them. I believe they also would have a problem that we are spending so much money when I am a stay at home mom right now. My youngest is 4 and she will be going to kindergarten next fall and I plan on going back to work and if money gets tight I will go earlier or get a part time job! My problem is what do I tell them??? My oldest son is 10 and he will find out I am having surgery and he will probably tell my inlaws that mommy had surgery....so do I lie? I could tell them I am having a hernia operation but I hate lying!!! I don't know what to do:-( If anyone has a suggestions please let me know. I go to the doctor on Thursday to pay him a lot of money and get in my last appointment before the surgery! I am sooooo excited! I still haven't figured out if I am doing 300cc or 350cc yet. I am hoping Dr. Deluca will help with the decision. I am only 5' short and I don't want to go too big. I am hoping to stay in the size C range and not a D! I will update after the doc on Thursday when I am broke! Hahaha
I think the size selection was the hardest decision for me during this process. what we think we want is not always the best option..I went into this wanting 400cc, I have 330 &380 saline & they are perfect...trust your ps are you getting silicone or saline?
My PS suggested 350cc I am getting saline implants. I just don't want to be too big or small! I am only 5' so if I go too big I will look heavier:-(
I hear ya on the size D part! I also wanted a full C and not go past a D since we are short :) What is your current size no?

So I meant to post last Thursday about my pre op...

So I meant to post last Thursday about my pre op appointment and all the details but after the appointment where I spent 13,500 on this Mommy Makeover I received some devastating news. My best friend in the whole world who I spend almost everyday with ( and sometimes see more than my husband) found out she has breast cancer!!! She is 33 years old, 3 kids, and a loving husband. She works out regularly and is the one who got me on this path of getting healthy and losing 70 pounds without her I would not be here. Since this horrible news I have not been happy or excited about my surgery and have wondered why I am doing it. She has been wonderful and told me not to cancel or postpone my surgery and that it's important that I do this, I am having trouble seeing it. We will most likely be having surgery around the same time and she says we will recover together. I just can't believe this is happening to such an amazing person. I am heartbroken beyond words. I have however gotten most of my vitamins, pain medicines and antibiotics. I am almost ready, I think. I have also been eating, stress eating and that is not good. I have to get control of this before it gets crazy. Tomorrow my goal is to eat healthy and get in a workout and hopefully get out of this funk! I am trying to keep busy, I am organizing food for my friend while she is recovering and possibly going through chemo and or radiation treatments. Hopefully we will both be recovered at the same time like she says but I have to be able to be there for her so hopefully I will be back on my feet quickly after the surgery!
I am sorry to hear about your friend but am very glad to hear she caught it! Think about you and your friend- you pull strength from each other. Stay strong!
Thank you! We will def lean on each other:-)
so sorry to hear about your friend,glad you have each other

Wow what a week the last one has been, so not...

Wow what a week the last one has been, so not wanting to go through that again but on the plus side I am one week from tomorrow morning getting my Mommy Makeover!!! I am getting excited, nervous, scared etc but wanting it to be here so I can start healing. I bought some pre op and post op vitamins, trying to decide which ones are best and when to start taking them. Any suggestions or tips? It turns out my friend and I will be having surgery one day apart. She is most likely getting a lumpectomy the day before me which makes me glad I will be able to be there for her. Both of our kids will be at their grandparents over the weekend after surgery so we are having a recovery date she is coming over in pj's and lounging on the couch with me while our hubbies hang out:-) I am getting nervous that my stomach won't be flat or my breasts will be too big, too small....ugh how to stop worrying!!! I broke down and showed my Mom, Dad and best friend my before pictures and hey we're all shocked because I hide it very well! I will be uploading them soon to this website.

I DID IT! My surgery went well yesterday....

I DID IT! My surgery went well yesterday. Recovery not so well,I got really sick and nauseous and they had to keep me for a few hours. I was afraid they were going to keep me overnight. I don't remember much of last night until 9pm. Still in a
lot of pain. I can't get up by myself yet. Hubby is being sweet! I am all bindedup so. I can't see much but my boobs seem to look awesome. I coughed a few times and is suh horrible pain:-( will update again soon and hopefully someics.

Ok I am Post Op day 2 and I am able to get around...

Ok I am Post Op day 2 and I am able to get around a little better. I can now get myself off the couch to use the bathroom unless I am due for more pain meds and then it hurts too much. The drains keep getting clogged and I have to milk them and I am def not having as much stuff come out and i am leaking a bit from where the tubes go in. It is also turning to a yellowish color and light pink. I go to PS tomorrow so hopefully I will get to see my results! My kids come back today from spending the weekend with my parents but luckily my hubby took off until Wednesday to help me out. I honestly didn't think it was going to be this hard. I am hoping the next 2 weeks go by quickly. My BESTIE and her hubby came over to hang out and watch a movie with us. She had surgery on Thursday to get her lumpectomy and lymph nodes out. We are a sad pair the 2 of us. It was nice sit and chat with her. Today I slept most of the morning/ afternoon and I am still tired.my boobs are super hard and I am def a little swollen. My mom is coming over to wash my hair bc I don't know about anyone else but I am so itchy all over:-( I will update after my docs appointment maybe even get a few pics there:-)
Welcome to the flat side! I totally feel you on the coughing thing. I choked on some water and thought I was going to split in two. I'm hoping to have my drains out on Tues but they haven't been too much of a bother. They just make me feel like an alien. Lol. I wish your friend all the best and you a great recovery journey.
I am annoyed with the drains bc I don't know where to put them if I want to wear pants! I will have to leave my house at the end of the week. I hope you are able to get them out, I have to wait until next Monday:-(

So I am three days out and I am feeling a ton...

So I am three days out and I am feeling a ton better! Still sore and having a hard time getting up when my meds as running out. I ate better today and was up walking around a bit more too. I saw my PS today and finally got to see the results:-) I am pretty excited, I have a FLAT stomach for the first time ever!!!! I just kept staring at my stomach and I love my new BB. I can't wait for these darn drains to come out and the swelling to go down. I have to keep the drains in until next Monday:-( i was super itchy and the binder was bothering my skin so I put a cami underneath it and wow did that make a difference, I am so much more comfortable now. My incision is just above my pubic bone, it is so low...I love it. I will try to upload a few picks tomorrow when my hubby can help me. I had a BM today and it wasn't bad, I am drinking a ton of water and eating healthy bc nothing really seemed appetizing to me so I am eating soups, oatmeal, slim fast shakes etc. I am trying not to weigh myself for a few weeks, we will see.
Thanks for sharing your story! Anxious to see pics! How many cc's did you end up going with? Saline or silicone? T-9 days for me. Oh la la I'm getting antsy!
I ended up with 350 cc Saline. I think it is going to be a good size, hard to tell bc they are sitting high right now. I did get the lift and I must say I am so glad, they are so perky!!! lol I wouldn't have to worry about sagging anytime soon. One suggestion is don't overdo it! At post op day 4 I was feeling good and was up doing stuff all morning and by lunch time I was so swollen and in pain so def take it easy. It took until this morning for my swelling to go down:-(
Thanks!!! I am so excited.

Okay I way over did it yesterday:-( I was feeling...

Okay I way over did it yesterday:-( I was feeling good, wasn't sleepy for the first time since surgery and I did way too much in the morning. By noon I was in pain with the pain meds, my stomach was swollen, I cold actually feel it getting bigger. I spent the rest of the day in bed and it took til this morning until I felt better. I won't be doing that again! I think I used my right arm too much bc it is sore and my right breast implant feels a little swollen and sometimes a weird almost burning sensation on the top of it. Has anyone had this? Is it normal? I am going to call PS this morning and see what they say. I am trying to get the pics off my phone onto my iPad, easier said than done! Pics coming soon!
I'm 7 DPO and overdid it today. Like you, my left arm is sore and my implant on the left side is swollen now too but no burning sensation. It just feels like I overused my muscles on that arm so my DH has been massaging my arm. Hope the burning sensation is normal. Happy continued healing!
You too! Are you wearing a band/ strap?
I have a surgical bra on. There's no support really at all. Would have loved a strap.

Ok POD 6 and I slept horrible last night, I...

Ok POD 6 and I slept horrible last night, I couldn't get comfortable. I am not enjoying sleeping in this position and it is giving me back and leg problems:-( I did get a hold of the nurse and she confirmed that my right implant that felt swollen and my arm that was bothering me was because I did over do it! I am a little frustrated because I thought I would feel a lot better by now! I know they said 2 weeks recovery but I thought I would be able to do much more by now. My kids are doing great, my 4 year old daughter tells me everyday she hopes I feel better soon:-) so sweet! I am down to one pain pill every 4 or so hours and sometimes Advil in between to help me go longer. I am a little concerned about my implants. They seem higher than they did right after surgery. The doc took the band strap off at Monday's appt and I am wondering why I don't have it anymore.... I feel like it would help keep them down, I am contemplating calling the office and seeing what they recommend, I hate calling again since I have called a few times already:-( I could use a spandex tank I have and bunch it up and use like a band but I am not sure if I should do that without discussing with the doc. I hate to be annoying to them....lol. My Mom is coming to take my daughter to school and wash my hair for me this afternoon, I can't wait, I feel gross!!!

I am on POD 10 and I got my drains out!!! YAY!!! I...

I am on POD 10 and I got my drains out!!! YAY!!! I feel a million times better and they told me I could shower today as long as I put band aids on the drain holes:-) it was so exciting to put on yoga pants without those pesky drains! My incision looks good, they took out all the stitches on my breasts and belly button. I have to wear the Binder for a few more weeks and then I move to Spanx.My implants are still high and I can start massaging in a few days and start scar treatments next week. They told me to expect a little swelling over the next 2 days from getting the drain out so I am going to try to rest and not do too much. I can't wait until this swelling goes down and I can start wearing my pre op clothes again. I haven't even tried to or weighed myself. I am going to wait another week or so until the swelling goes down:-) I am finally starting to feel like I am egtting back into the swing of things. I drove today and I am only using pain meds at night and only one pill. I am going to try just Advil tonight and see how it goes now that the drains are gone. My hubby is starting to make comments about my body, I think he is happy:-) I came outin my undies, bra and binder ( mind you I still had the drains) and he said oooo you are almost naked! I told him soon but not quite ready for anything yet:-) I am still having trouble getting photos up because I have an iPad and it says I need a computer to upload. We have one but it is very old but will try this week! The only complaint I have had lately is I am so ITCHY!!! Is anyone else having this problem? I am scratching so much that I am bleeding in some spots. I have been taking Benadryl to help stop the itching, I am also hoping that showering for the first time in 1 1/2 weeks will help too!
Glad your post op went well!!

Ok so I am POD 13, I have had my drains out for a...

Ok so I am POD 13, I have had my drains out for a few days and that has been nice....the swelling however not so nice! I am able to do some house work here and there and I did go grocery shopping and cooked dinner yesterday. I also swelled up a ton and after dinner I was on the couch for the rest of the night. I know it will take time to get back. I am still itching but I am using cortisone cream, lotion and benadryl to help. I am a little discourage with he way I look and I am hoping it is just swelling:-( everything is puffy and my hips are swelled up too so I can't tell what I will look like yet. I started massaging my implants to day and hoping they will settle soon! All in all I can't complain too much it just feels like this recovery is taking forever and. Knew this coming into it but when you are in it it seems to last forever:-)
Tomorrow I hit four weeks and noticed earlier this week that I've been feeling pretty good overall. Good enough that I sometimes temporarily forgot I had surgery in December. The recovery does seem to last a long time. I felt the same way you did a few weeks back.
I am so glad you are feeling well:-) i know I will get there soon!
I miss calculated! Today is my five week anniversary.

So I did a lot his weekend! I went with my best...

So I did a lot his weekend! I went with my best friend who has breast cancer to get our haircut and get her fitted for a wig. We did lunch and some shopping too and I was totally exhausted I could barely move! I was super swollen:-( Sundaywas super bowl and we went to a party and I was still swollen and a little pain from doing too much. I also found a small hole under my left breast withnwhat looks like pus, my PS said it was normal and fine and I could put some antibiotic cream on if I wanted. I also was swollen more on my left side but he said it was not fluid so no seroma thank goodness. He said I am healing well and it takes time. One more week of my binder and then I go to spanx. I also can stop wearing the surgical bra and go to a soft wireless comfort bra. I am to do massages a few times a day to my breasts and I don't go back for a month! Wow that seems like forever away. I forgot to ask about when I can use scar treatments so I will email or call the nurse this week to find out, I already purchased the silicone sheets and gel so I am ready when I can use them:-) I have been a little depressed lately because I can't do much still and I am need to get my house cleaned! It is horrible! My husband is trying but between working full time and our three young kids he just doesn't have the time. I don't want to get a house cleaner because I am not working and I want to save the money so for now we have a messy house:-( I am kind of OCD so it bugs me! My kids have been crazy with me not being ale to do much and I really hope I can get back to normal soon.

Ok so I am 3 weeks post op and doing ok. I still...

Ok so I am 3 weeks post op and doing ok. I still swell a ton but I have been doing a lot especially around the house. I am very itchy and it drives me crazy at night! I have been trying to shower in the evenings because it seems to help a little. I still can't wear my pre op clothes and it makes it difficult to leave the house in something other than yoga pants:-( my hips are swollen and I am hoping switching to spanx tomorrow will help, but I have to say not looking forward to wearing them all the time, not the most comfortable things to wear. By the end of the day I look about 5-6 months pregnant with all he swelling! I am trying not to get too upset and depressed about it but sometimes it hard. My hubby doesn't understand because he says even with swelling it looks so much better and I get that and agree but it is still frustrating!!! My right side cuts in more than the left and I hope that it is swelling and not because I will look lopsided in the end. On the plus side I am not in any pain just itching like crazy. I sleep pretty good and a lot of he swelling goes down during the night! The other night I was sitting without a shirt on doing my massages and I was excited to realize that my implants were all of a sudden soft! They don't feel like rocks anymore and are beginning to fell squishy like before:-) I am hoping this means they will be dropping soon!

I moved to spanx during the day! It is going well...

I moved to spanx during the day! It is going well so far, I am not noticing any extra swelling. I am doing the binder still during the night because I find it more comfy than wearing the spanx to bed. I wore jeans for the first time yesterday for about 6 hours until I had to go back to yoga pants. I am slowly getting there:-) I still am worried that The puffiness will never go away, even in the morning when I wake up my stomach is flat but looks puffy to me, I hope it goes away! I still get tired easily after a few hours on my feet. It is so much easier to wear clothing with the spanx and not the bulky binder. I am going out to dinner this weekend so I am hoping to find something nice to wear. Hope everyone is healing quickly!!!

So yesterday was my 4 week post op, it was a...

So yesterday was my 4 week post op, it was a horrible day! I had my daughters field trip to the post office in the morning. She had an 11 am appt at the doc after it to get double casts on her legs to correct her toe walking. I was already nervous about that because my daughter runs everywhere and I am afraid she will get hurt! So as soon as we walk into the post office with 13 kids and about 10 other parents I coughed slightly and felt a pop in my stomach above my belly button and then I coughed again and felt another pop. At first no pain but within minutes I felt a burning feeling and it was tender to touch. I started to panic and best friend was with me and told me to call doc. I stepped away from the field trip ( which I felt horrible about because I was there for my baby) I called my PS and he is out of town! The nurse told me she def thought I popped a few stitches and ask if there was any bulges. I explained where I was and that I couldn't check she referred me to the doc on call for my PS and I called them a few minutes later and she had already called them for me explaining the situation! She is awesome! The doc on call was I surgery all morning and I got an appt for 2:45 in the afternoon. Now I had to find child care for my kids because they would be getting off bus and thank goodness my mother came to the rescue! So I left my daughter with her class and other parents and ran home to get my binder. I was wearing spanx, I had started on Monday 5 days before. I felt better with my binder and I had to take my daughter to get her casts on so I wanted to be sure I was ok. My daughter's casts went well, my hubby met me because I can't lift my daughter yet. She got one pink and one purple. So on to my appt, it took forever, I waited about 45 min total to be seen by the doc. He was very nice and pushed very hard into my stomach feeling my abs and making me clench them. She said I def popped 2 stitches and that I didn't separate the ab muscles, they felt intact. He thinks that by 4 weeks I am 50% healed and and that when the stitches popped it may have pulled it slightly apart like a cm and that is why it burns and is tender but he said he thinks they are healed enough so that it won't effect the outcome of the surgery, I am not swollen extra there or any bulges. He said to be prepared for a few more pops of stitches since the rest now have more tension on them. I am to go back to my binder 24/7 until I see my PS and not to lift anything heavier Han a gallon of milk:-( I feel like I took a huge step back!!! I know this is stupid but I am supposed to go to dinner with 2 couples tonight and I was so looking forward to looking sexy without the binder since it is the first time I was going out since surgery and now I have to wear the stupid thing again. I am so frustrated and I am back to not being able to do much in the house! My house is still a mess as it is because I wasn't totally back to normal. I called to get an appt next week with my PS and of course he is on vacation the whole week so I can't see him until Feb 25 th and the nurse told me 24/7 binder until I come in:-( I know it could be worse and I could have damaged my muscle repair or have a hernia so I shouldn't be this depressed about it but I am:-( between myself and my daughters casts this house isn't fun to be in! Also to make last night worse my 5 month old kitten ate my sons pill that helps him not wet the bed last night when he went to go get a glass of water so I was worried about her too. Thank goodness she is fine and apparently they use this drug on animals too...weird! Hope everyone is having a better week than me!
So sorry to hear your ordeal! I have been away from the site for a while. I hope things are going better for you!
I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope that things turn out just fine once you see your PS. Take care and take it easy.

I am doing so much better than I was a few weeks...

I am doing so much better than I was a few weeks ago. I can't believe how different a week can be I recovery. I have started walking and small workouts. I still swell a lot by the evening but it isn't painful. I stopped wearing the binder and moved to spanx 24/7 and I like it a lot better, looks better under clothes and it isn't as uncomfortable as I thought it was. Hubby and I have resumed extracurricular activities on a regular basis( hahahaha) it isn't painful or uncomfortable. He is loving my new body and said that it was the best $14000 he has ever spent:-) for once in my life I truly feel sexy and attractive and I am happy! I bought a string bikini on clearance because I didn't know if I would ever wear it. It isn't bad and once all the swelling ones down and I lose a few more pounds I may wear it in public! My hubby wants me to wear it around the house:-) lol I still can't fit into all my pre op clothes particularly my skinny jeans but my hips and thighs are still swollen! It doesn't look horrible but I can still tell. Overall this is the first time I can say it WAS ALL WORTH IT!!! I know it will keep getting better too. Everyday I can do a bit more.
I started the silicone strips while I sleep, they are ok, a little itchy but I am getting used to them. I am using the scar FX and then the esthetique cream during the day. I am hoping to do some running and workout videos soon. I am nervous I will swell a ton but I am going to try:-) hope everyone is healing well too!!!

I started working out!!! I am doing 20 minute...

I started working out!!! I am doing 20 minute Zumba routines once a day to ease myself into my workouts again. I really want to do P90X again but I know I am not quite ready yet. Hopefully in the next couple weeks. I am having some swelling during and after the workouts but not bad at all!!! I have not had any pain or discomfort or even soreness after. I am feeling so much better now that I am able to do something. I have gained a few pounds since the surgery and I am hoping to get it off soon:-)
So happy things are going good with you!!
I am so happy that you are feeling well! I am so excited for you!

So went to Victoria's Secret to get measured today...

So went to Victoria's Secret to get measured today and I am 34 D!!! I was hoping for a full C but I really like the size I have and I happy with the D. I did have problems finding a bra that I liked though:-( it might be because I haven't fully dropped yet but I had a coupon for $10 off a bra and free undies so I bought a set. I did get a lined push up because I liked the way it looked the best. I will show hubby tonight and see what he thinks:-)

So here are some pictures finally!!!! i haven't...

so here are some pictures finally!!!! i haven't updated pics since the bikini shots at 4 weeks post op which is almost a month ago! i have to gte hubby to take some new ones and post them. much of the swelling has gotten better. As you can see it is a huge improvement!!!!!
You look amazing! I so hope my results are great like yours! Did you get a breast lift? What size?
Thank you! I did get a breast lift and I got 360 cc saline under the muscle. I am now a 34 D. When is your surgery?
You look great...

Well I am almost 11 weeks post op and doing pretty...

Well I am almost 11 weeks post op and doing pretty good. Still swelling and wearing my Spanx. 24/7 but I am working out. I started Chalean Extreme which is an extreme circuit training program. It is tough, especially the push ups! I am trying not to push myself too hard and doing lighter weights until my body adjusts. I swell quite a bit after working out so I try to do it in the evening or afternoon if I am not going anywhere. I am trying to get the last 10 pounds that I need to lose off:-( it is taking forever but I heard that the last 10 pounds are the hardest! I am still so happy I did this, it was the best thing for me. I can finally feel good about myself and comfortable in my skin!!! I will update more photos tonight when my hubby comes home with our camera:-)
Really great pics!! I can't wait to buy the blue one hopefully by end of the yr..Pink is cute too :-). Happy healing and happy cuddling with hubby!
Thank you!
All your bikinis look great! You must be having a blast shopping!

Ok so I have been working out with Chalean Extreme...

Ok so I have been working out with Chalean Extreme which is considered a extreme circuit training program. I have noticed that for the last week my swelling doesn't go down all the way during the night like it used to. I used to wake up with a totally flat stomach and then it would swell during the day now I am waking up still swollen, not as bad as when I went to bed but definitely swollen. Has anyone else noticed this once resuming a tough workout program? Did I do too much too son? Should I slow down a bit or just keep going? I have no pain or discomfort during or after the workouts. I hate the swelling in the morning though! I am never going to get these extra pounds I gained off without working out:-(
I am 12 weeks PO, and I am having the exact same problem!!! I tried going back to my Insanity workout (while still listening to my body), and even though I felt able to do the workout, the swelling afterwards was completely discouraging! And you're right, the swelling is not gone by morning either! I finally decided a week and a half ago to give my body some more time and just focus on the diet part of it right now. It's really driving me crazy to see all of my muscle disappear, but it's only temporary, and I still look better with less toned arms if my swelling in my middle is not there! My weight is higher than it was at 6 wks PO, but it will be gone within a few weeks of working out again-- when my body is healed and ready! Give yourself a break and maybe stick with some long, leisurely walks so you're still burning calories, but not stressing your body out.
I have a doc appt on Monday so I am going to hold off until I see him. I am having trouble with the dieting part! Every weekend seems to be some dinner or party:-( I would rather workout and be able to eat more! Lol good luck! I have a feeling I will be one of those people who swell longer than others:-(
I'm not certain how you are able to even attempt an extreme workout! Im 9 weeks post op and finally After 4 weeks of couch to 5k I'm finally getting into a decent jogging pattern. Last night I tried to go into a push up and my stomach felt way too uncomfortable. I then tried to just hold a plank and it was not possible either.

Ok so I am 12 weeks post op tomorrow! Had my doc...

Ok so I am 12 weeks post op tomorrow! Had my doc visit on Monday and he said the swelling was from doing too hard of a workout and that I have to take it easy until the swelling goes down and then ease into my workouts...no circuit training yet:-( I was a little bummed because I thought by now I would be back to my workouts but everyone heals differently and I am slow! I had gained a few pounds since surgery and was getting depressed because I really like working out to help with weight loss. I started the 17 day diet on Monday because you don't need to do intense workout but have to be strict in what you eat. So far so good, I am on day 4 and no cheating:-) lol I am down 2 pounds so that is keeping me motivated. I am hoping to get about 8 more by my weekend getaway to the vineyards in May. After that maybe 5 more depending on how I look. I don't have a lot to lose and I am almost there, unfortunately the last 15 are the hardest! I want to rock those bikinis and feel comfortable in them! That is hard for me because I see myself differently than everyone else. I was overweight for so long, it is hard to think I look good, I look at every little thing and critique it! Hope everyone is healing good! So glad to be 3 months out, it really was all worth it. We are taking my kids to Disney in June and can't wait to wear tight fitting tank tips:-)
You look so great!!!
Albany Plastic Surgeon

I found him on the Internet and heard about him from others. He did an amazing job!!! Also his pictures of surgeries he has done are amazing. I knew if anyone would be able to help that it would be him. I was so right!!!

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