Postponing for now!

When I was 19 I decided to get a breast reduction,...

When I was 19 I decided to get a breast reduction, went from a 36DD to 36A/34B. With time and losing weight my breast have lost the volume and now they depress me, I never want to take my bra off ever. I'm schedule to have my breast augmentation at the end of March. I plan on getting mentor silicone under the muscle, still deciding on what size to get ( Ideally a C), after all I am 5ft and 117lbs and I don't want to look top heavy again. I've been wanting implants now for the past 4 years and have done extensive research and this site has helped me out and I love reading everyone's stories. I'm just really scared on what could go wrong and praying nothing goes wrong. Reading people's explant stories and the horror ones keep making me second guess myself in getting them done. I want to feel sexy and confident again, just really nervous about the what ifs.


Omg I feel your pain girl!! I too am worried about the same things... But after all I've read on here I came to the conclusion that if you are always afraid of life you will never start living.. And you will be fine and look and feel amazing afterwards!! And we are all here to support each other : ) I keep focusing on the bad which is so rare and if you are fully prepared you will be ok. And have faith in your doc he is the first big step towards being ok and looking great.
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At least you know you're going into this fully informed! Thank you for starting your story.

You might want to check out this list of supplies for recovery. Please keep us posted as you get nearer the big day.

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In the same boat as you, Pinkice! My surgery is scheduled for April 16th and I know the next 2 months are going to kill me with the second guessing. You have done the research, made good choices, and everything will be fine. When I am freaking out next month please repeat this to me! LOL!
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Waiting for my PS to call me back, hoping to up my...

Waiting for my PS to call me back, hoping to up my surgery from March 26th to next week. I'm starting to get more anxiety about it and hoping I'm not making the wrong decision, I just want to be happy as all you girls and look amazing like everyone does. Fingers crossed and hopefully I'll know Monday!


Thank you, and the support here is great considering I haven't told many people and the ones I have told have given me mixed feelings and some make me want to change my mind.
Thank you
omg pinkice i am so with you and mama! i go back and forth with the idea and keep reading about the bad and think that will happen to me. but with all the good things that come with the BA i think we are all making the right decision. if you are afraid of life you will never live it and all of the good things that come with taking risks will not be expreienced. if you have faith in your PS that is the most important thing. and we are all here for each other, as some of our friends and loved ones might not agree or understand why we are doing this. sometimes its the friends you didnt know were out there that end up helping you through the crazy times : )

I have my pre-op appt tomorrow and I'm starting to...

I have my pre-op appt tomorrow and I'm starting to freak out and praying I have no regrets. I am very excited and want them but had to read a couple of horror stories today about toxicity and complications from breast implants. I know everything in life comes with risk and hopefully I will not have any risks or anyone else!


Good luck tomorrow! I was going back and forth and went in for a consult today with another doctor (just to be sure I was on the right path!) and put on sizers again and it got me excited about the whole thing! All the best to you!!
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I completely agree with Bkraz1109!!! Wishing u the best and congrats on ur decision!!! Yeiiiii we getting BOOBIES!!!! Xoxo
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Thanks!!!! Love all the support, reassures me that i'm making the right decision. I'm excited for all of us and how happy and amazing we are going to look and feel!!!

Had my pre-op appt today and feel so much better...

Had my pre-op appt today and feel so much better and excited now for surgery. I have decided to go with 325cc (hope they aren't too big). I also decided to have a mini tummy tuck and some liposuction which scares me about recovery time, but it will be worth it to look and feel better about myself.


whoa girl you are gonna look off the hook! i think you are going to be fine with recovery time. its amazing how much we can handle as women when it comes to our looks and bodies lol keep us posted if they are able to get your date closer than the 26th. im VERY excited for you. i hope our time flies by fast!
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Thanks so much :)
Thank you, my appt went well. I think I'm going with 325cc, hoping its not too big lol. I went to 6 doctors prior to this one. Wishing you the best too!!

March 13th is the big day, I'm very excited and...

March 13th is the big day, I'm very excited and scared out of my mind at the same time lol. I am a little sad I won't be able to celebrate St Pattys day this year and its one of my fav days, but trading one day on for looking good!! I have decided to do it all and finally feel good about myself and hoping after this ill be able to wear a bikini for the first time. I will be getting 325cc under the muscle (should give me a C) , a mini tummy tuck with lipo on my stomach and hips. Praying it will all be worth it!

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How long did everyone take the arnica pills for...

How long did everyone take the arnica pills for after surgery?


You got your date moved up that's awesome!!! And lipo too wow I'm so psyched for you : ) have you started hoarding you pre and post op stuff yet? Lol
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Thanks. Yes I've been beyond obsessed with it all, and praying I don't forget anything lol. Picking up all my meds tomorrow and getting comfy clothes ready!! :)
Congrats! Of course March 13th is the day...your user name has two 13's in it!!!
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I'm 10 days away and hoping I have everything...

I'm 10 days away and hoping I have everything ready. I'm just starting to panic about the anesthesia, IV, being light headed and nausea, lol. I'm going to try to exercise like crazy the next 10 days since it will be awhile before I'm back into it. But very excited for the new me!

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I keep going back and forth now... Being excited...

I keep going back and forth now... Being excited and then having doubts : / I'm already paid for and 99.9% sure I'm getting them, I just need to stop reading regret and horror stories.


im excited for you too!! what have you gotten together so far for your post op? dont worry about the iv and anesthesia, its going to be fine! it will make you sleepy and when you wake up you will be sportin a new rack! i was nervous about it two but the few times i have had it for minor things like wisdom teeth, etc its never really kicked my butt and the fact that you are totally with it one min and out like a light the next is crazy! i wish i fell asleep like that everynight lol
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Me too, I need a good nights sleep lol. I plan on staying at my aunts till i can shower on my own, so I've packed all my yoga pants, lose tee shirts and sports bras, just picked up my pain meds, antibiotics and some dulcolax. Also bought ice packs, two cases of water, Gatorade and vitamin water. Thinking I may also pack some cute clothes to try on and takes pics lol. Now I just need to get my place organized and wash for before and after surgery. Hope I'm not forgetting

Nurse from the hospital called me to ask me...

Nurse from the hospital called me to ask me pre-surgery questions today and she advised me I have to be cleared by my primary doctor first. I have that appt on Monday and they had to squeeze me in and thank god they could since the big day is Wednesday. Fingers crossed I get cleared.


Crossing fingers for you hun! xoxo
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Wow! I read your story and it sounds very much like what I'm going through. Having a BA and mini TT April 11th. I'm excited and freaked out at the same time! Will there be complications?? is the size right?? how bad will it hurt?? am I doing the right thing?? So thankful for this site to be able to go down this road with others who are doing it too. I'll be watching your progress as you go through everything since I will be just a couple weeks after you. Good luck with your surgery, I'm sure you'll love the results!
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Thank you, I know this site is amazing! I would be lost without it. I will be posting pics right before my surgery and then after ones of course, lol. I will be here for questions and to help you with anything you might need. Congrats to you on the soon to be new you :)

I'm getting very excited and now I'm just...

I'm getting very excited and now I'm just obsessing over the fact I have to have a pre-surgery exam done by my primary doctor and pray I pass on Monday. Hoping the next 5 days Dont seem to drag, but I'm thinking positive and going out for one last celebration tonight with my girlfriends and looking forward to some margaritas, lol.


Yummm...margaritas! Have one (or two or three) for me!
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Will do ;)
hee hee I'm going out tonight too for dancing and drinks it's my last time out! Looking forward to some fun tomorrow. Living it up this weekend while I can! haha Then spring break I will just rest!
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Had a blast out with my girls last night for one...

Had a blast out with my girls last night for one last celebration of the old me, i was so excited about getting my surgery and well today I'm back on the emotional roller coaster. My nerves are getting to the best of me and I'm starting to second guessing myself now and praying I'm not making a mistake. Hate days like today, and hope this feeling passes soon!


I hear ya girl. We must have gotten on the same ride on that emotional roller coaster! I'm ready to get off and just be content with my decision already! I am having a BA, mini TT and lipo just like you. I'm excited and nervous and feeling guilty about all the money, etc. I think that you've come this far, just go for it!
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I completely agree with you, I think I'm just getting such an overwhelming feeling today, and I think the healing process is what's really getting to me. It comforts me knowing all the support I have on here and that we are all having something done together. Thanks :)
Yes, this site has definitely helped me. I feel much more informed about what to expect, what to buy to prepare for recovery and so much more! I hope in the end you are comfortable with your decision, whichever way you go and we will all be supporting you through it. I just had another conversation with my husband about, "should I do this?" I think he is getting tired of me doubting myself, but he says to just do it. (I think he is really looking forward to the end result. )

Any advice ladies on moderate plus or high...

Any advice ladies on moderate plus or high profile? I'm going to call the office tomorrow to ask some questions but would love some input!


Awwww I know it's so hard. That is why I left the profile up to my PS. One thing I do know is HP's have smaller diameters, so you can get more projection with them. There is also Ultra high profiles (that is what my PS chose for me because I wanted high cc's or volume), they have the least diameter with the highest projection. You know, on my opinion, the moderate profiles have side boob with less projection. It makes sense because their measurements are a wider diameter. A lot of the moderate profiles volume is taken up in the width. Which look do you like better? Ask yourself that....also if you want lots if volume say and your breast width is narrow or cannot accommodate the extra volume, that is when HP or UHP come in handy ;) I believe if I was getting mod plus profiles, my PS probably couldn't have done more than 350cc! I got 480ccUHP....Anyhow, try not to stress too much over this. If you know what look you like and you've communicated it to your PS as best you can (with pictures too) AND if you trust in him/her, then just enjoy the process. After all the professionals know best....I hope this helps a little :) Xo
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I so know how you feel! But I have thought long and hard on it an made a decision. (I am hovering between low profile and midrange (mod+). I have never performed a BA, so I am gong to bring in 6 before and after pictures that look similar to me with the results I am looking for. I have resigned to let the PS choose the best option for the look I want. He has done is 6000+ times. Better he be the judge than me.
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That's true, every thing I've read said to have the PS decide. I was all set with mod plus till I've started like the HP pics better and now I'm reading the difference between them and so more confused. Just can't believe how boob obsessed I have become lol. When do you see your PS?

So my primary physician has not cleared me yet as...

So my primary physician has not cleared me yet as we are waiting for my blood work to come back and if my levels are not therapeutic for the medication I'm on then ill have to reschedule. I'm trying to stay positive and praying I can keep my surgery date for the 13th!


Any news about tomorrow??
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Hoping everything works out for you for getting new boobies tomorrow!!
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Any news? Are you able to have your surgery tomorrow?
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So my surgery had to get postponed to the end of...

So my surgery had to get postponed to the end of the month or till April 3rd. I'm looking at this for me to lose a few more lbs and to get all my push-ups done since I read you will not be able to do them anymore or any chest exercises after your BA. I'm also starting to get a little anxious and reading more stories which is making me question myself again, I really just want to get off this emotional roller coaster. I want to thank all of you ladies for your support and stories, it means so much to me. xoxo


Man that stinks!! But at least it is only a few more weeks and you weren't told a complete no. Focus on doing doing stuff you won't be able to do right away after the surgery. Your day will be here soon!! Thinking of you!!
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Thank you, how is your first day going?
Overall good my right boob hurts way more than the left one. Saw my doctor today and he said they looked great :) I've been sleeping on and off today which has been nice

I actually called the office today to cancel my BA...

I actually called the office today to cancel my BA from freaking out lol. They talked me back into it and have set my date to March 29th. This past week has bee stressful and emotional. I also started looking into fat grafting, but its expensive and I love the look of implants. I think it would be easier and not so emotional if I actually had a bf or husband for support. Again I can't thank you ladies for all the love and support, means so much to me! xoxo


Sorry to hear that you had to change your dateI:( I hope you are feeling better about your decision. It is definatly worth it and the pain is only temporary, i promise you! i felt the same before and shortly afterwards but now that i am back to my old self and not relying on others i am 100% glad i did it! Just remember that the recovery is only temporary, give yourself a good 1 1/2 weeks to get back to yourself. I would suggest getting off the pain meds as soon as you can stand it!! 8 more days to go! Good luck and can't wait to hear all about your recovery!
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Thank you, and my nerves are in full force now!!
Glad you were able to get a new surgery day! It's overwhelming and scary leading up to the surgery. I told myself the day of the surgery I can still cancel there is still time lol but now that it's over and done I'm so happy with having boobs! Focus on working out and staying positive and know that your feelings are completely normal!
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After lots of thinking I have decided to postpone...

After lots of thinking I have decided to postpone my BA for the time being. Since I am not 100% sure I'm going to wait till I am. I'm going to have my mini TT and lipo done this Friday and go from there. I want to thank all you ladies for support and I wish you all the best with your BAs. I wish I was ready but unfortunately I'm not and I have some self-esteem issues I need to work on first. But love to all of you xoxo!!


One more day Hun and you are in ... Make sure u get rest u will need it
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Thank you xoxo
I got mini tummy tuck with muscle repair and she added some lipo, it didn't end up being that bad at all nice and tight, good luck you will do just fine!!!
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Actually cancelled everything for now, some...

Actually cancelled everything for now, some personal things came up. So I will be focusing on eating healthy and exercising and hope to reschedule after summer. I wish all you ladies the best, can't tell you how much all our support means to me. Love you all xoxo!!


Good for you! Please exercise all if your options before going through with implants! I got then 5 weeks ago and it's the worst mistake I have ever made. Nothing is wrong with my results, they look pretty. The fact that I am no longer natural has really freaked me out! If you're looking for a slight increase in volume, try BRAVA. PS here on realself say it does infact work, but many women aren't satisfied because they want a more drastic increase in size. I wish I had tried all options before going under the knife. I know it's rare and most women love their implants, but I was one of the unlucky ones who cannot adjust to them and miss being 100% natural. Good luck!
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Thinking of you!!
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Hope everything works out! Best wishes to you!!
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