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After having 3 kids, I knew wanted a breast...

After having 3 kids, I knew wanted a breast augmentation and finally went for a consult in February. After talking to Dr. DeLuca and him discussing the process, aswering all my questions professionally and honestly, I booked my surgery!

I wanted to be natural looking for my height/frame yet look filled-out in my bathing suits so I went with his suggested size. I am 5'5" and 115 lbs. I was a small 34B and had no volume left so I went with Mentor 350cc/375cc (because my left was slightly larger than my right) silicone moderate plus and under the muscle. I am 5 weeks out and love them!

My healing process was a breeze, my husband was amazed of my pain tolerance. I had some swelling and currently going through the D & F stage. I am left handed and because of that, my left breast is still slighly larger, higher and tighter then my right. I am VERY happy with the surgery, Dr. DeLuca and his amazing staff!! I do hope the swelling is gone, I'd like to stay the size I've become, 34C. I can still wear my old bakinis but fill them out (and by out, I mean I have round fullness popping out the sides) very nicely!! I do hope over the next month or two the slight size difference evens out ... but what I have is sooooo much better then what I had! I see changes week to week so time will tell the rnd result:):)


They look great I'm at 5 days out now and hoping my shape looks like yours!
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Your boobs look good; they look very natural;
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Your boobs look really nice, I think you chose the size very well, congrats!
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Thank you for all the nice comments! To...

Thank you for all the nice comments! To beyonce12, changes happen each week. How is your pain? BTW-my second photo was 4 1/2 weeks, not 5 1/2.


Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! You look perfectly proportionate...nice job! Glad you are being patient with the changes. The slight size difference can easily take 3-6 months, so "hang in there!"  Looking forward to your updates!

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thank you!!!:)
Thank you! Give it time, they can change week to week. Good luck with your healing!!:)

It's been 6 weeks now and I have lost more...

It's been 6 weeks now and I have lost more swelling, very disappointed in how small they have become. I am not a full C like was hoping. My right one is also smaller and lighter. The difference is literally driving me crazy! My right one seems to have dropped and my left is slowing dropping. I know no matter what happens, the weight of my right will not increase. I am upset because after my BA, I'm finding out that under the muscle tends to be a lower profile compared to high profile. I never even knew there was high, moderate plus or moderate. This was never mentioned to me. Well I know that I will not be happy later if I'm not happy now..what if I actually still have swelling and they decrease more!? I have a feeling that a re-do is in my future:(

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I have an upcoming appointment on Monday, May 6th...

I have an upcoming appointment on Monday, May 6th so I will discuss my concerns with my ps then, curious about what he is going to say. I know I have to wait 4 - 6 months to see end results and for healing and if I choose to get re-do.


I hate to hear that you are unhappy. Your photo you have posted looks absolutely wonderful and so natural! Wishing you the BEST.
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Thank you, that does make me feel good! I guess we are our own worst critics, hu?? LOL. Thanks again:):)

Oh bummer on the size. Do you have some before photos to compare with your new photos? Sometimes that helps women realize the overall change. You sound rather petite so I was thinking you looked pretty and natural in your photos. Does your PS know you are disappointed? Feel free to post another photo with your reduced swelling. Take care!

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Well, I had my 7 week PO and my PS agrees that the...

Well, I had my 7 week PO and my PS agrees that the one is still slightly larger than the other. They have settled into place and swelling is gone. So, we are going to switch them both out with slightly larger implants, one will be 50cc's larger than the other to equal out the size. I'm so excited that I have this 2nd chance! Dr. Deluca said he wants me to be 100% happy so he offered a revision!!:) His work is AMAZING and regardless of my size difference, my breasts look and feel real at just 2 months PO. I recommend him to everyone I know who is interested in getting a BA!! Now I just need to wait til I'm 3 months PO. My hubby doesn't want me to go bigger, he thinks my larger breast is perfect. But I think 400/450cc's will get me to the full C we originally aimed for. :):)

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8 Months and One Happy Mom!

After having my second surgery back in September, 2013 to correct a slight difference in sizes... I have to say that I am 100% happy with my final results!! One year ago (March, 2013) I went with 350/375 silicone Mentor Mod Plus unders. After a few months, my doctor and I noticed a bit of size difference in my breasts still & decided I needed a little more to make the girls even and make me feel more comfortable. I have scoliosis and a twisted rib cage which caused asemmetry. My doctor offered to either fix just the one or take the opportunity to go a bit bigger altogether. I took him up on the offer to go bigger and he put in 450/500. All the dropping, fluffing and swelling is done and I think that what I have is what I will be. I didn't realize it the first time, but ladies...changes will happen for months! Just two months ago I was still noticing changes. I thought after a month or two the swelling is gone but soooo not true! When in doubt...GO BIGGER! And remember that if you have breasts that point different ways, breasts that have a gap between them or any other will still have that after surgery. Implants do not fix pre-existing issues, the implants just make the breasts bigger. Just keep that in mind and remind yourself that we all have different sizes & shapes and we are unique from each other. Embrace what you have and don't expect perfection! Just be happy that what you end up with is still better than what you had before!:) Anyway, Dr. Deluca is the BEST in the Albany, NY area! I'm very glad I picked him as my surgeon and have already sent a friend to him who is also extremely pleased with his work and his entire staff. I'll try to attach a picture! Happy healing ladies:)


I am happy to hear he offered you a revision and you are much happier now! I am booked with Dr. Deluca for surgery on May 13th and have been going crazy trying to decide if I want 425 or 450 bc I am also a small 34b and want to be a full c small d range. I want mod+ profile bc I feel HP would just look too perky and fake on me. I am traveling 3+ hours to go to him so I told Brianne, who orders the implants, to order both and then he can decide the day before! Your post definitely is making me feel more towards the 450cc's... I was thinking at first that might be too big. Did he also do the 3D imaging for you? This is what scared me in the size bc they look huge in those photos! lol
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7 months, not 8 months ... Sorry!

Sorry, my update should say 7 months not 8! ????


Hello! Your boobs look great, and massive in my opinion! I am a 32 AA 5'6 105 pounds so no fat layer and worried that getting 300cc hp unders will look too big! Hope all is well and that mine heal as well a yours after surgery! x
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Hi H. Amelia!!! Everything will be great! I went with 350/375 (I have assemetry) the first time and ended up a small to mid c-cup range. I started out a very small b-cup, possibly a-cup. I'm sure you will be very happy with the 300's!!! Mine looked great, I just ended up with boob greed and wanted to go bigger. Believe me...I can totally hide my boobs if need be. Just not in a bathing suit, lol. Good luck, you must be very's coming up soon! Just remember, your final results will be in months to come, not weeks. Happy healing:):)
Hi there! I recommend going bigger, honestly. What I didn't realize is that a percentage of volume is lost by going with under muscles. 25 cc's is such a small difference anyway! Dr. Deluca was so absolutely amazing!!! I had another friend go with another doctor to save a few bucks and hers were placed unevenly. Now she wears shirts to completely cover them and is angry with herself. I never did the 3D imaging, just sort of went with the try-ons. I thought the 350/375 were huge but even my husband noticed after a few months that I lost a full cup size after swelling went down. I started off a very small b and ended up a small c. Go bigger, trust me! I think they look big but I promise it's the positioning of the photo!! I went with moderate plus which are wider implants. If I went with HP, they wouldn't be so wide, more of a profile like you said. I can totally hide them if I want, it's hard to describe but you will understand after yours are in and healed. My husband even noticed that they look bigger in pics than in person. Take pictures every couple of weeks to watch your's interesting!! Good luck, but you are in amazing hands and he is very worth the drive and money!!

Almost 9 months and feeling GREAT!

Well, it's been almost 9 months and I feel great! I turned 40 in January and I feel better about myself than I did at 20!!! Dr. Deluca is a wonderful surgeon and I'm so glad I went with him. I uploaded some pics I took today:). Hoping all you ladies are doing well, I enjoy reading your stories!!


Girl, you're 40?!!! Dang you look AMAZING!!!! I am 2 weeks 2 days out from surgery with Deluca and so far so good. Undecided I'm hoping they don't shrink any!! They are atill high, taking awhile to drop. I went with 425cc silicone... Hoping I don't regret not doing the 450s, but he recommended the 425's so I'm gonna trust him!! Did yours take awhile to relax??
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Having fun with new suits & bras:)


Hi MadiM! Thank you for the nice compliment:). Yes, they took MONTHS to stop dropping and fluffing. And they got bigger as they did! Yours will look drop, just give it time...easier said than done but you will be happy with your final results! Wink-wink:)

One more...


Woww you're rocking those bikinis and the boobs look amazing!
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Thank you!!:)
What size are you wearing in bikini tops?

9 months post...HAPPY!!!!


what profile did you get?
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I got Mentor silicone moderate plus 450/500 due to asymmetry. :)

1 Year Anniversary!!!

Couldn't be happier with my decision to get a BA! If you are in the Upstate NY area ... do NOT make the mistake of going to anyone other than Dr. DeLuca in Albany! His before and after photos says it all ... hands down he is the best! This site has been a huge benefit to my decision & healing process and I appreciate all you lovely ladies for being couragous by sharing your stories and photos. Xoxoxo????


Wow your boobs turned out great! I am 10 days post op and have 475 ccs mod + . I am 5'5" as well 132lbs atheletic. I wanted to see if you could give me some advice with your experience. I feel that they are smaller than i expected. Will they get bigger in time once they drop and fluff? If so when did you start to see the differences? And what time frame did you notice you fit in DDD? I really hope mine turns out like yours. Oh and i had the same 34 B pre op. Any advice would help thanks!
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I agree, he must be an awesome PS cuz yers look fabulous ;) happy booby birthday! XXXX
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They look sooo natural! Happy for you!
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