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LASIK Was Great, but Don't Do It Too Young

I had LASIK at 21 as a graduation gift. My vision...

I had LASIK at 21 as a graduation gift. My vision was pretty bad, I needed contacts or glasses everyday. Because I did not have a consistent eye doctor, I only did the consultation with the LASIK doctors. Make sure you meet with an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to ask their opinion!

My LASIK surgeons were supposed to be one of the best in the area. The procedure went very well, no pain, and I could see more clear right after the surgery. Post op was fine, no issues.

5 years later, I need glasses to drive. My vision was not as bad as before, I'm technically still "legal" to drive without corrective lenses -although I feel I can't see well, especially at night, for driving. Went to an ophthalmologist when vision started to blur. She said I had the procedure too young and my cornea looked too thin to have it done again.

I do have a desk job, so that may have contributed some but I hear many people being advised to wait until they are around 30 (for eyes to fully develop). I loved LASIK during the 5 years I saw clearly, but I am disappointed that it didn't last longer.

Just wanted to add that I was about 20/200 in both...

Just wanted to add that I was about 20/200 in both eyes (that is where you see the eye chart but even the top line is a blur).  Astigmatism in both eyes too.

5 years later, I think I'm 20/40 or a little worse, which doesn't sound bad but it does make me feel I need glasses to drive.  I still have astigmatism in both eyes.

Overall, maybe I'd change my opinion about Lasik being worth it if I had it later -but for my situation, it wasn't worth it.

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Wish I would have been explained fully what could happen, how long procedure could last, etc. Procedure was great, but would have liked more realistic expectations from them.

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I am considering it, I am 25, going to be 26 in August. I'm hoping between now and 30 there wouldn't be that much of a drastic change for myself. Thanks for the info.
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Thank you for this information
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Okay, thank you for explaining.
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BT-The ophthalmologist just said that I had it too young. I've heard people that get it "upgraded" after 7 years or so. I know some places have that option. Bj-The only reason I said 30 is because many people I know have had doctors tell them to wait and they're 27/28. (I know about not wanting to wait!) The LASIK surgery apparently can thin out your corneas...maybe mine were initially thinner? I'm sure there was some discussion about vision getting worse again but not what I would expect if it would happen after only 5 years...I wish they would have told me why I may want to wait. Like I said, I work at a computer all day, so maybe that accelerated it.
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Very interesting that 30+ is the ideal age for Lasik. Im 35 now, and considering a re-attempt. I attempted Lasik (with the blade) in 2000. They screwed-up on the flap and aborted the surgery. Maybe my age and or the thickness of my cornea had a lot to do with it.
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Wait until 30-years-old? Are you serious? I heard everything from 18, to 21, and 25. Never 30 though. That's crazy, because I'm 20 and I'm not waiting ten years. lol Did they tell you had thin corneas when you went in for ur lasik evaluation, and warn you in any way of what might happen?
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Thanks for the helpful review! I am young also and have considered Lasik. Now you've got me thinking. Did the ophthalmologist say how long it is supposed to last?
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