Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Best money I ever spent! My husband really didn't...

Best money I ever spent!

My husband really didn't want me to get the surgery. He insisted that I didn't need it. I know things changed a bit after my pregnancies. The main reason I wanted the surgery was the incontinence which is totally gone! My husband is not small..a bit bigger than takes a little more effort for him to get it in and I'm always pretty naturally lubricated.

Its been 7 months since the surgery and he still can't get over the difference. From the outside it looks so much better and I didn't get anything done.


hi how do i make sure doctor doesnt just tighten my entrance is there any doctor name for this? which type of gynecologist does thia procedure because i want to have from gynecologist... does anyone know of any natural pain killers for pain after vagina tightening of whole muscles..i have heard of anteroposterior i think this means top and bottom muscles thanks
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I believe when they tighten just the entrance its called a Perineoplasty. Vaginoplasty is tightening of the whole canal.
thnks so much
Dr. David Matlock

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