Laser Skin Resurfacing Made my Skin Worse

Don’t make a big mistake! I tried laser...

Don’t make a big mistake! I tried laser resurfacing. Oprah had Thermage on her show so I went and looked up docs in my area who would do something about my skin. I was very naïve and thought there either wasn’t going to be anything or that they only dealt with taking off beauty marks or whatever. Boy was I wrong. There’s a whole industry for it! Every conceivable company has a laser. I actually considered this a good endorsement. So I had the laser resurfacing and hated it right away. The procedure was uncomfortable, not “painless”. I was pushed out pretty quickly and left to heal up at home. I wanted to get rid of old chicken pox pits and discoloration. It helped with neither. Instead, my skin tone changed, first to red and then settled into a darker color that was the wrong one! I looked like I had only been able to afford to tan my face (it wasn’t tan exactly but more of a red-brown-green. You would have to see it to believe it). My spots actually showed up more too. Now I’m researching injectables that might fill out my face or enhance the good points instead of showing off the bad. I don’t know if this is good practice but I need to do something. I went into this wanting a difference – I should say a GOOD difference – and I’m still looking for that. I’m not gonna give up just yet but definitely gonna rethink where I get my information from.
Are you able to email or post before & after pictures? I'm considering getting the co2 laser, but I'm nervous.
base on comments i've read, i observed that this C02 fractional laser can only see most improvements on wrinkles than acne scars
Hi Regretful One, I know how you feel as the same thing has just happened to me and I'm wondering if you have had any luck correcting what has been done to your skin. I am so upset about it, I cry about it daily and hate to go out in public. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE PEOPLE!!!!!! Any information would help and be much appreciated as I am so lost and confused at what to do as different doctors tell me different things. Please help.
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