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Fraxel Ruined my Skin and Life

I had one Palomar 1540 restore treatment a little...

I had one Palomar 1540 restore treatment a little over two years ago and it ruined the texture of my skin and broke nearly every blood vessel on my face. Before the procedure I had near perfect skin except for some fine lines around the eyes.

The healing process went exactly as described yet two weeks after I started to have major issues such as broken blood vessels, wrinkles that were not visible before and a strange grid like pattern all over my entire face. When I went back to the tech who preformed the procedure she informed me that the grid-like pattern would shed off in time and the broken vessels were probably there to begin with even though it was not noted in the pre-op report.

Two years later the strange pattern isstill present along with more broken veins and extremely dry skin. I have spent a ton of money trying to repair the laser damage but nothing seems to have worked. Please do not do this procedure unless your skin is really bad and even then I still would hesitate.


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Filed FDA complaint from another disappointed patient. Everyone should file their complaints with the FDA: http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfmaude/detail.cfm?mdrfoi__id=1375137
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No doubt this was avery adverse reaction to the 1540 treatment. I am a certified Palomar Light Systems clinician, and I have never in my 6 years of using and performing Palomar treatments such as this, experienced any of the said side-effects. I myself undergo the 1540 skin resurfacing treatments at least once a year with great visible skin resurfacing, tightening and rejuvenation- So I am truly sorry for your negative experience. I would suggest a series of IPL Photofacials to collapse the broken blood vessels and help to minimize the damage done my your original treatment. Also, a ".1% Retin-A" used nightly will help greatly resurface the skin and build collagen in the comfort of your own home.

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I am 3.5 years out from one 1540 treatment and my...

I am 3.5 years out from one 1540 treatment and my skin still has the weird grid pattern and broken vessels. The extreme dryness has improved and the texture is not as bad as a year ago. I purchased a skin care line called Osmosis and I feel this is why I have seen some improvement and the fact I have juvedem and Botox injected every six months. Ladies please do not let this laser touch your skin. I have consulted many top derms and plastic surgeons in my area and all of them have replaced the palamar 1540 machines since they have seen little to no
Improvement in their patients skin.


Hello and I am sorry that you have been unpleased with the outcome of your procedure. I am a bit confused a you are combining the names of two separate treatments that are trade names of two separate companies. Fraxel restore, and palomar 1540 fractionalized treatment. I've had both and vast experience actually performing the 1540. Patterns are a normal process, at times when either too aggressive or dealing with thin severely damaged skin the pattern can be long term with any fractional laser. In which case I've also experienced when I had the SmartXide DOT fractional laser. Personally the fraxel restore have me no improvement in melasma or fine lines and wrinkles.
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Sorry about the confussion. I believe I had the Palomar 1540. The place where I had the procedure was comparing Palomar to Fraxel, and that is why I myself was confussed. Anyway, my skin is back to normal. The track marks & pustles really frightened me, and I didn't feel comfortable to go out in public until at least day 10. I have very thick, good (non skin damaged) skin. Just trying to do things that will help me maintain my skin! The place I went to understood my not wanting to continue the treatments and refunded me my money. Shortly after they discontinued doing the procedure entirely. So I have to think others were having similar results, and were leering of continueing on. Anyway, a few months later I did the treatment that I wanted prior to getting this Palomar....Ultherapy! I loved it and should have done it initially, but the gal selling Palomar said I'd have similar results for a fraction of the cost. Ultherapy is expensive, but it certainly tightened my skin. People who didn't know I did it think I look younger lately, and I get lots of compliments on my skin. Thank you for asking!!! :)
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I do not blame the tech who preformed it nor the doctor just Palomar

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