Fraxel: Biggest Mistake of My Life

I had Fraxel: Restore done over a year ago. My...

I had Fraxel: Restore done over a year ago. My face is scarring, I have tissue/fat loss. This is the most horrifying mistake of my life. I wake every morning to new scars on my face. It looks like both cheeks are going to be covered with scars. I was told NO complications, NO risks, NO side effects. I did this for a few scars and now I would give anything to have my old skin back.

None of the doctors I have been to offer any help. They tell me to use Retin-A and this only makes everything worse. Is there anyone out there that can help? There are others like me. This has ruined my life.

Palomer emerge laser ruined my life too !!! Im 6 months out , early days , but I'm trying retin a / needling . Very slow and painful emotionl process . No words can describe . Thank god for support from other victims . I will try to post on my progress with any treatments I undertake . Hopefully I will have some success one day soon.
This is what you should do. First do a facial fat injection where they take your own fat from your body and put into your face then wait a few months as it heals your skin and every 6 weeks, do dermarolling at a doctor's office.
the same thing happened to me. My damage is just on the nose but if I look in the mirror I can see sandpaperlike skin. Everybody is telling me that it doesn't look that bad but I know how my skin looked like before and it wasn't that horrible. At at least I got a visible zit or gristle after that procedure. I was so stupid... I had a dermatologist who worked very well but that I read about this super doctor in hamburg who has removed a scar. ... And then the shit happened. Maybe someone can check my photo and can tell me if your damage is similar? Cause I'm very depressed can't sleep at night and I dont think that this skin can rebuild.
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