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I've just had my first in a series of three...

I've just had my first in a series of three Laser 360 treatments. It's three procedures done back to back-they start with the AFT pulsed light for skin tone, then pulsed light for tightening and finally, the Pixel for resurfacing. I wanted general improvement in tone, texture, and wrinkle reduction.

Pros-you get all three knocked out at once, combination of lasers gives better results.

Cons-Don't let them kid will be out of sight for several days. The most painful part of the procedure is the Pixel, but it's tolerable. Definitely opt for the numbing cream! Pain from Pixel is like a bad sunburn and peaks out fairly quick. My pain was over in about one hour after procdure. Use vinegar/water really helps.

Swelling is significant and lasted for about two days. I used gel packs frequently to help with the swelling. Peeling started on day three and continued fully until day five. Days six and seven just some light dryness/flakiness but easily covered with moisturizer.

I'm seeing definite improvement in skin texture/tightening and have had compliments already. I will be going back for sessions two and three in Jan/Feb.

Mobile Facial Plastic Surgeon

Staff is well trained and they make every effort to keep you comfortable. Dr. Martin is exceptional and doesn't recommend unnecessary treatments.

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I just had my 2nd treatment done - first one was 4 weeks ago. I could tell after the first treatment that my skin was much better - less brown spots and freckles, more even skin tone and wrinkles were not as noticeable. I've had lots of compliments on my skin...everyone thinks that I've changed make-up. The 2nd treatment is not as bad as the first one but you'll still be out of sight for a couple of days. The Pixel wasn't much better the second time, either. However, it's something that is tolerable and I'm looking forward to my 3rd treatment.
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i've just had my second treatment of 7- this time much more tolerable, still the burning and prickly heat sensation but I think since I now know what to expect, I'll weather it better. Tylenol really helps with the burning pain. My doc says do not take Ibuprofen however because swelling is part of the healing process so NSAIDs are to be avoided. My skin seems better after treatment #1, but doc says you don't really notice until afer treatment number 3. I'd be curious about anyone who's completed the full series of Laser360 treamtments, I've only seen results from the Alma laser website and feel like its mostly marketing fluff. So far so good however, I am looking forward to full results after the full series of treatments! -5 more to go!
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I've had 3 treatments. It's been 4 weeks since my last treatment. I believe my skin has tighten. It's sutle, but I notice. I took pictures during the process and there is no doubt that the lines have improved. They say it takes 3 months to see the full results. I'll keep you posted.
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Im going for my first treatment so dont go back right away for 2nd one im schedule for 3 she told me I could come back after 7 days do you think I should wait

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It's been 9 days now, and I'm looking good. I still have a couple of red spot but over all my skin looks good. It took six days for the swelling to go down. Had lots of peeling through day seven.
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I am day 1 after having the first of my 7 Laser-360 treatments (microdermabrasion, RF laser + Pixel). WOW, I think i thought it would be less painful. I was burning pretty bad last night 1-2 hrs after the treatment. The most uncomfortable was when the numbing cream wore off. The burning was tolerable with a couple extra strength Tylenol (and one-third of an ambien to help me fall asleep). Another poster noted using vinegar/water solution- what is that for? My face is very red, and swollen slightly. I feel like i went skiing on a full sun day with no sunscreen and have severe sun/wind burn. That is exactly what it feels like. My neck welted up, and I suspect that will all peel off. But its all tolerable, some prickly heat feeling the day after but tolerable. The Laser360 website states very little downtime and back to work the next day, I would call bluff on that- I would not want to be in office today with this face. My guess is day 2 will be much better. From what most people say here day 3-6 are peeling days. I am not looking forward to going through 7 of these treatments, but hopefully the results will be worth it!
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I've had my second laser treatment. The first one was 4 weeks ago. First two days I had swelling by the third day I could see progress. Day six my skin was pretty much back to normal. Brown spots gone and I could see improvements to my pores. I've had my second treatment now. The laser setting was 2500 this time (2000 the last time). The after pain was much more this time, swelling and redness is much more this time too. Tomorrow is day three and I'm very, very, swollen. Don't believe them when they say there is no down time Hopefully this will be worth it.
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I just had mine done yesterday and I am swollen and my dark spot and more have come out. Did this happen to you and did they all go away? I'm a little scared. They acted like you could go out and do your normal thing. I don't think I look right to go out.
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It seems like everyone have their Dot done by a doctor. Did anyone know any doctor in California ,close by to Palo Alto, who work with the DOT laser? Thanks, Cindy 2009.
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Interesting treatment and protocol. And the cost seems very reasonable. Good information on the procedure and recovery time. However; I will say that when people report on the results and it's only been a few weeks, that info is not very reliable. And lots of people do that. They will say things like "I got my first fractional treatment 3 weeks ago and my skin looks amazing". From my experience, after the main puffy, swelling goes down on your face, there is residual swelling in your skin that tightens your pores and fills in your lines and it is not a permanent thing. I think the best time to judge whether or not a fractional laser rejuvenation treatment or combo treatment has produced good results is several months out.
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