Laser Hair Removal Was Well Worth What I Paid

I just completed my 6th session, I have two more...

I just completed my 6th session, I have two more sessions I've paid for but may not have to use. I went total Brazilian and started my treatments last year in April (08). I have been told that they are putting the laser on the highest setting for my skin type and while I do experience some redness immediately after a treatment, it goes away within an hour or so following the treatment.

Is it painful? Here lately with the newly calibrated laser they are using, it has hurt, but only on the areas closest to my private parts. It's a small burning sensation but not completely intolerable and nothing that is even close to bringing me to tears.

I've yet to see the results from my treatment the other day, but I'm betting most of my hair will be gone (like 90%). I likely will continue on to treatment #7 and #8 to make sure that any and all "straggler" hairs are gone.

04/21/09--for the last 4 days straight, I've been...

04/21/09--for the last 4 days straight, I've been totally AMAZED at how much and how many hairs are falling out!  At first I noticed a pattern going horizontally over my public bone, and then before my last treatment, the pattern of hair was more "plaid" looking with both horizontal and vertical "stripes" of hair.  Now all I have are splotches...just a and there.

I have two more sessions left that I've already paid for.  I'm thinking that if sessions 7 & 8 go as well as this last one did, I really WILL be totally hairless and that I won't have to make any additional appointments on their "guarantee".

I'm not sure what went on with you guys who used my provider...because so far they have really delivered on their promises to make me hairfree. 

It's now end of June 2012. I'm about 95% hair...

It's now end of June 2012. I'm about 95% hair free and have been for over a year (I ceased treatments in May of 2011). I do have a very small number of hairs on my leg (less than 10) but they take only a few seconds to remove with a razor about once every week. This process was lengthy...I took treatments for over 2 years and some treatments were uncomfortable but I wouldn't trade my results for anything! Before I had this done, I was "Wookie" hairy in my bikini line and now I can wear the shortest of shorts or skimpiest of thongs and not a single hair anywhere.
American Laser Centers

I went with the company that I did because they offered a 2-year guarantee on their work. If any hair comes back, they take it off for FREE for up to 2 years following my last treatment. UPDATE 6/28/12--my company stood behind their work, continuing well past the treatments I paid for up through May of 2011 when I was 95% hair free. Today, I'm STILL 95% hair free. This company does great work and stands behind their guarantee. Recommend!

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I had laser hair removal too at Monarch. At first the hair are falling out pretty quickly and it remain hairless. Then after several weeks.. (not months)The hair starts to grow back and majority of the hair are still there. they said they can get the ingrown hair too but they didn't. That's why i wanted laser hair removal, to get rid of the ingrown hair. The pain wasn't so bad but since it's not permanent, it's not worth it at all. And I have fair skin and dark hair too. And that was after my 6th session.
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Monarch? Never heard of them. That is not the provider I used. My hair has fallen out over the last year and it has NOT come back...AT ALL. After 6 treatments more and more is falling out. I seriously expect all of it to be gone by about two weeks after my 8th treatment.
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