YES! to Laser Hair Removal for Men

Not a lot of men are getting cosmetic surgery but...

Not a lot of men are getting cosmetic surgery but I know a surprising number who have had laser hair removal. I got turned onto it when I started going to the gym about four years ago. Hair is OUT now and I had really coarse black hair all down my chest and abdomen, reaching around on top of my shoulders and down my back too (not as much).

I started shaving at first but that was a nuisance and ingrown hairs were common. Girls, I don’t envy you at all!

I started on the “metrosexual path” so to speak and began going to this spa, I don’t know, maybe two years ago, for facials. They did hair removal too and I inquired about it.

I booked eight sessions, every two weeks. The first few times with it being so thick I had to shave beforehand and maybe the first three treatments were really bad. The nipping of the laser I got used to but the hair would grow back like normal in a few days. But I stuck with it on the advice of my “laser lady,” who is a gem.

As the sessions went by my hair growth thinned out and what was there was weaker. I didn’t have as many ingrown hairs and the hair would routinely just fall out when I showered. A good sign! By the eighth and final treatment it was more touch-up work than anything else.

Now I label the whole experience an astounding success. I still get some hair and I may need to go back in a few months but it’s nothing like it was.

A resounding YES! to anyone who is considering this, especially the men out there!

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