Didn't Work at All and I Wasted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

Yes, you read it right, I've spent at least...

Yes, you read it right, I've spent at least $10,000 on laser hair removal and it has not worked at all!

The first round of treatments through UCLA Medical Center were costly and worthless.  I spent $500 per series of treatments, and I had a LOT of treatments.  I was trying to get a more "acceptable" bikini area if you know what I mean.  It was very embarrassing, but that's easy to forget about.  The $$ that I wasted is not quite so easy to forget!

They used three different lasers on me and none of them removed the hair for any period of time.  By the time I would go back for subsequent treatments, the hair would already be back.  Finally one of the doctors told me that I had "refractive hair and they couldn't do anything for me".  Supposedly, that's when your hair reflects back as a different color when the laser hits it and the laser can't "zero in" on the melanin.

I went to two other practitioners who performed countless treatments on my abdomen and chin/neck with different lasers, all to no avail.  It hasn't done any good.  I still clog the drain every time I shave!  :)


Hi Rosie. Do you know what three lasers you were treated with? Based on your picture, I would suggest a "diode" or "alexandrite" laser. Examples of these are the Lumenis Lightsheer (diode) and Cynosure Apogee (alexandrite). If you were not treated with either of these types of machines, I might be able to understand why you did not achieve good results. If you were treated with these machines, then the explanation woudl be more difficult.
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Could you please tell me where you had your injections done. $150 dollars sounds to good to be true...I live in Las Vegas as well and would love to know..Thank You
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does anyone know of Kendela ipl machine? cos i wanna know if its good or better for laser hair removal treatments??
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