Didn't Work at All and I Wasted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

Yes, you read it right, I've spent at least...

Yes, you read it right, I've spent at least $10,000 on laser hair removal and it has not worked at all!

The first round of treatments through UCLA Medical Center were costly and worthless.  I spent $500 per series of treatments, and I had a LOT of treatments.  I was trying to get a more "acceptable" bikini area if you know what I mean.  It was very embarrassing, but that's easy to forget about.  The $$ that I wasted is not quite so easy to forget!

They used three different lasers on me and none of them removed the hair for any period of time.  By the time I would go back for subsequent treatments, the hair would already be back.  Finally one of the doctors told me that I had "refractive hair and they couldn't do anything for me".  Supposedly, that's when your hair reflects back as a different color when the laser hits it and the laser can't "zero in" on the melanin.

I went to two other practitioners who performed countless treatments on my abdomen and chin/neck with different lasers, all to no avail.  It hasn't done any good.  I still clog the drain every time I shave!  :)

Hi Rosie. Do you know what three lasers you were treated with? Based on your picture, I would suggest a "diode" or "alexandrite" laser. Examples of these are the Lumenis Lightsheer (diode) and Cynosure Apogee (alexandrite). If you were not treated with either of these types of machines, I might be able to understand why you did not achieve good results. If you were treated with these machines, then the explanation woudl be more difficult.
Could you please tell me where you had your injections done. $150 dollars sounds to good to be true...I live in Las Vegas as well and would love to know..Thank You
does anyone know of Kendela ipl machine? cos i wanna know if its good or better for laser hair removal treatments??
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