Laser Genesis - Great for Skin Tone and Texture and Plumper Lips! - San Francisco, CA

I love this treatment.  It's a really...

I love this treatment.  It's a really quick lunch time procedure that, for me, had absolutely no down-time.  I put makeup on immediately after my treatment and went straight back to work.  I noticed that I had a real healthy glow and that my skin tone and texture seemed to improve.  Small pimples seemed to disappear within hours!

The one thing that really surprised me was my lips.  The nurse doing the treatment spent extra time going over my lips.  Following the treatment it looked like I had plumper, fuller lips and the fine lines around them seemed to disappear.  The effect doesn't last as long as filler, but it looked great. 

I would highly recommend this treatment and buy a package of 6 or more as it is cheaper to do it that way.

Where did you get your treatments?
i just had my first laser genesis treatment last week but i felt so unrelaxed and even burned some part of my eyebrows. Is this normal for the first timer?
No, that is not normal. You should go to a doctor that makes you feel comfortable. And if it is being done correctly, your eyebrows should remain untouched (unless you flinched or moved suddenly while the area around your eyebrow was being done). My advice is if you don't feel comfortable, go with your gut and find another doctor in your area.
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