Laser Genesis

I have had 4-5 Laser Genesis treatments and I am...

I have had 4-5 Laser Genesis treatments and I am very pleased with the results. The actual treatment feels good and there is zero downtime so I was able to go back to work immediately.

This is the only treatment that has helped reduce the size of my pores and reduce redness not to mention the doctor removed a few facial veins with his 1064 laser. It will take a series of treatments but you WILL be pleased with Laser Genesis. On my reccomendation others in my family have received treatments and they are just as happy. I highly reccomend!

Other alternatives

Since writing the review I have found much better alternatives to Genesis.
what the hell. hey i think you chose "not worth it" instead of "worth it". unless you're giving that opinion based on you finding some better alternatives which you failed to specify and share with us. you said it worked for you so that's a plus, but i don't understand how it wasn't worth it.
Things change and I have not had a Genesis treatment in years but my condition has improved much more significantly since I started using great skin care and doing chemical peels. Skin Care Management System morning and night and a 2-3 chemical peels 2-4 weeks apart. Love it! It is also MUCH less expensive. While I would have recommended the treatment years ago I would not today as there are better technologies out there. Unfortunately I could not find a way to delete the review all together which is what I would have done if able so I provided an update and changed. Sorry for the confusion. -Mia
ok! im curious as to what the better technologies that can help reduce pore size are. thanks.
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