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I had my face and neck done with the fraxel repair...

I had my face and neck done with the fraxel repair in an effort to reduce wrinkles. The procedure itself was not too bad although I did look I had gone through a meat grinder. Bandages have to be changed every 2 hours for the first 2 days and you must use great care. I was so excited to look in the mirror and not see wrinkles. However, as time passed and the swelling went down, the wrinkles came back. I was SO hoping that I would see some benefit. Two years later, you would never know I had anything done. So, three weeks ago, I had a facelift, neck, and foreheard lift. Erbium Yag laser and SMAS lips. I should have NEVER wasted my money on the Fraxel.


You look amazing after your facelift!
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Had CO2 laser on face, chest and eye area 13 months ago at 43. Was unrecognizable for about 6 days... literally could not go out of the house. The lightening of skin pigment and elimination of the fine lines and the tightening around eyes was amazing and it reversed a lot of damage on my chest . I am now considering doing it again around the eyes and chest area again.
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Your facelift looks fabulous!
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The Dr. was nice enough as was his staff. I just did not see any benefit from the laser. Will submit photos soon.

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