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Noticeble Right After but Worth It? Hmmmmmm - Las Vegas, NV

I personally think there are other machines out...

I personally think there are other machines out there that can produce somewhat the same result for much less.

I feelthat because this procedure is somewhat new and because the technique is Ultra Sound then the initial price is inflated.

I was one of the first to try the photo lite (highly recommend for dark spots), thermage (not impressed at all waste of money)

Fraxel (3 times loved result but pain is the only thing keeping me from going back). Topical medication really doesn't mask any amount of pain that these machines put out.

Pixel (1 time and had an allergic reaction to something the doctor gave me to put on my skin to comfort).

The Ulthera was by far the most pleasant experience due to the doctors shots to my face to numb the pain. I only wish every doctor did this with all these types of machines. As the pain can be more than a bit to bear and actually makes you think twice about doing it again. Kind of like child birth.

The technician Judy that performed the procedure was experienced and knowledgeable on a bunch of machines as this is all she does.

I had posted on another person's review that in my opinion all these machines are temporary ways to put off going under the knife.

Although I initially loved the Ulthera, I still think the cost for it, especially if in some of the comments it says that Doctors recommend a second passing is priced too high.

I think it should be sold for between $1000-$1500 because it is new and eventually when other newer machines come out then dropped to $750-$900

I only decided to look for reviews after the procedure to see what other people had to say regarding their treatments and happened upon RealSelf.

I know this post is 5 months after my procedure so bear with me my home photos as I wanted to at least show before and after photos of myself.

Out of all the machines I tried I would push for the Fraxel which cost $800 where I am from. The Ulthera where I am from was offered at $4500 so I chose to get it in Las Vegas for $3100 since I was going to be there anyway.

I went to the Ulthera site and saw some before after photo's plus the local doctor where I am from provided me a couple of his patients photos, even his own. His area was under his chin. He showed me before/after pictures and the results were immediate for his 2 patients and his own. Mind you I think they were all in their 40's. Maybe the older you are the results may take longer.

For me I could see results immediate.

In the end, after doing many types of machines wanted to express to people that if you can afford to have these refreshers here and there then great, however, If you are the budget minded then Fraxel is a good alternative for less.

If you need to get any of these procedure's done more then once then the cost should not exceed $1000, since Ulthera is new then $1500 but not $3100.

Of course this is only my oppinion.

Oh I forgot to mention that I am 46

Oh I forgot to mention that I am 46
Dr. Curt SamLaska

This Doctor, his office and staff were professional, and amazing. I would go back if his price was substantially a lot less just for the fact that it is pain free due to his numbing shots on the entire face.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can I just say once again that this poster Lipwakkiki looks AMAZING! I think it's because of all the treatments besides ulthera she mentioned having done -- I think she looks literally flawless and I would be very happy to have her skin. I need to look into the ones she suggested and she seems to know her stuff. I would only do ulthera if I had money dropping all over the place and needed to get rid of it. Lizzy10, I got an LED red and yellow therapy device when they first came out. Never noticed a difference so I quit using it, plus I blinded myself a few times by accident. Allure magazine did a side by side test of all kinds of treatments. The people who tested the LED never noticed ONE difference, nor did the docs who put their skin under a microscope! There was such a small improvement that it was not worth it. They advised (rightly so) that Obagi and Retin-A gave far superior results to the LED, and I have found that to be true, beyond a doubt. I say if you had to choose an at-home device check out the stuff on here, like Dermawand, Nu-Tone, etc.
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Has anyone tried a more basic LED Red light therapy treatment, which is also supposed to help tone and firm skin? And would the results be anywhere close to this Ulthera? If you use it continuously over time...
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Hi ginaprolaser, I know that ultherapy supposedly stimulates collagen, it's just that for such a high price I would expect better results. Maybe yours is cheaper since you work in laser medicine? Usually if you work in a PS office you get way reduced rates, but for the rest of us, about 4000 just ain't worth it for such meager results. I did my jaw and neck and saw very slim results, and I am such an ideal candidate. Maybe I slowed up the aging process, but I will wait til something more in my price range comes around. I too would do ANYTHING to avoid sagging jowls, turkey neck and a future face-lift, but that anything doesn't include robbing a bank!
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Ultherapy is the new best thing ever to be FDA approved after fillers and botox. I work in laser medecine for a reputable plastic surgeon in Montreal and I will tell you that this does give RESULTS. If you are a good candidate between 40 to 55 or looking for maintenace after a surgical face-lift ...then Go for it.I had my neck done..and I will tell you this procedure stimulates collagen which is responsible for skin's ability to rebound and keep its shape. I'm 45 and being in this business I will do anything and everything to avoid sagging jowls,turkey neck and a future face-lift. Good Luck. Pls feel free to contact me . GCG
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Wow you are so beautiful, I can't believe it -- but not from ultherapy, you say. First, I cannot BELIEVE how many different things you have already done at yr age! I thought I was an addict (fillers, botox, one ultherapy on my jaw) but you REALLY take the cake! Or should I say the plastic? Thanks for yr reviews, though -- I am looking for major tightening and am so undecided about ultherapy, and bc you did so many different things now I am considering Fraxel although my ps warned against it, said it doesn't work. I believe you more, though! Can I ask why you have done so many different things -- bc I wanna do some of these but they are WAY out of my price range, and I agree, 3100 way too much for ultherapy. Can you guys on here believe that the only doc who offers it around here charges not 1000, not 3000, but a whopping 4500? When I told them that they said that everywhere charges that. I know for a fact this is not true, and it pisses me off. If any docs read this know that we aren't idiots and know who overcharges! Okay, got it out of my system.

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Hi Nadia, six months after Ultherapy I was very disappointed as all the plumpness went away. I recently did Fraxel and have to say that I never had pigmentation problem till now. I haven't been able to go back in but plan to ask what happened.

Fraxel is much cheaper however, is your skin dark or light? Mine would be more asian skin so probably prone to have pigmentation.

I would not recommmend Ulthera unless you want to pay that amount to look good for one year only. The results are not long term. This is only my oppinion. If we had to pay $3100 and it last 3-5 years then heck I'd say do it in a heart beat.

I just like taking care of my skin, which is why I had so many face rejuvenating procedures. Hope this helps and good luck.

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Yeah, I was going to get it but from what I have gathered, unless you have tons of money to blow (not me) or get stuff for free like many on here (like the comment after mine, I think) then it definitely has not seemed to be worth it for far too many people. If it were free of course I'd do it, since it never has BAD effects, just not very much of any effect at all. I have been looking into lasers for skin and it seems many advocate CO2 dot therapy, Fraxel Repair, and a few others so I am considering doing one of these as they aren't too pricey and I had bad results from a recent glycolic peel -- MORE pigmentation and zits which I haven't had in years! I don't get it, so I really want something to clear up the freckles and zits plus some added tightening would help. Any suggestions? I have olive skin which has been pretty tough in the past, but who knows...
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hey I am once again seeking something for lifting, and I got back to your comment. The good thing is you HAVE had a lot of the things I am looking into (I'm pushing 40 and freaking out!) and thus you have the ability to compare and contrast. I am kind of going back and forth between ulthera and CO2 Dot or Fraxel Repair -- and then reread these and saw you suggested it! I am prone to pigmentation, though, so I need to weigh my options. Thanks for the advice, and if you find anyone who does ultherapy so it WORKS, let me know! Oh -- one thing -- do you think the Fraxel Repair TIGHTENS as much or more than ultherapy? My main concern is tighter skin since I can always get a major peel for all the yucky discolorations. Thanks for the help!
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Hi Nadia, if you are prone to pigmentation then after having Fraxel for the 4th time and for the first time ever having pigmentation I would not recommend Fraxel unless you are sure you are going to protect your skin if you go out in the sun.

As mentioned for Ulthera, if you want results then yes I saw results however, did it last after 8 months the answer is no. So is it worth spending over $3k? No.

I have never heard of CO2 Dot. Is that the Fraxel CO2? I had that done under my eyelids instead of having my lower lids done and it helped a lot. Making it look more refreshed.

Anyway, I used to think fondly of the Fraxel however, since this last episode feel very differently.

Since I live in a place with a lot of Sun, it is much harder for me to stay out of it. If you live somewhere where you can stay in doors more than Fraxel is not a bad idea.

Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks Lpwaikiki. You do have beautiful skin -- how mine can look hopefully although you are a tiny bit darker. I do have olive skin that freckles, but I am EXTREMELY careful in the sun (having had years of horrible sun damage in the past doing stupid stuff!) But you are too and you are now having pigment probs, so that makes me hesitate as many others had pigment issues and they are like us, avoid the sun. I don't know why but it seems pigmenting is still a problem with CO2. I read on this site somewhere that CO2 dot is the ":gold standard" and that it is the best for collagen production, but on the other hand everything needs to be read carefully and with thought to who promoted the study.

Looks like I might just do ulthera in desperation just on the upper face area, maybe to test it out. I mean, what else is there? Nothing. I found a place five hours away that does upper face (forehead and under eyes) for 1200, a special, and it's practically the closest thing to where I live anyway.

Keep us updated on the pigment problems please! You have GREAT skin so I wonder if maybe you are just judging yourself harshly?
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Hi Kelly, I had read a post from someone in the beginning and she said at first she felt like a million bucks (not exact words/just translation) however, over 6 months down the line she feels it is back to the same.

So I would truly recommend not spending money on Ulthera.

I am six months out and I too feel I need another refresher and mine was just recent.

If you have to pay that kind of money try fraxel repair. I think it should cost less and when you read reviews then it says it should last 3-5 years.

To me that is worth paying over $2000+ for because it buys you time.
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I had Ulthera done 3 months ago and have seen no results. I was told that I would be 4 months out before I would notice any difference.
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Well, I'd like a little perk in the jowl area & a little under my chin. I'm not so worried about my eyebrows because botox works pretty good for me there. Thanks you so much for your input!
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Hi Kelly, Thanks for your comment. If you click on the before photo it will show bags with lines under the eyes and the 2nd day photo shows it is gone.

I am not sure if I was possibly swolen after having procedure done because if I were to look at me today, I don't feel that I look as good as the first and second day photos.

I definitely felt like I had great results right away but being almost 6 months later feel like I could use another treatment.

I mentioned this in another persons comments and wanted to mention that I asked the technician how long did this procedure last, she said one year and if you have good skin then possibly a little longer.

With that being said, the question to you is, Do you mind paying $$$$ for this procedure if it only last 1-2 years?

For me I do feel it tightened however, still want to consider having another treatment. I feel the jowl area, forehead (lifting the eyelid) and under eyes could need another tightening, but will not pay $3100.

I placed a call to technician and will ask how much for a touch up.

What I thought was interesting was that I glanced over all 10 pages of comments to look at pricing and it amazed me how much variation in price there was.

Some people were free, then there was $350, $1500, and the most being $5000. This part concerns me. Thats when you know that someone is paying way too much.

What areas do you feel you need improvement or help?
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Thanks for posting your review. I have to tell you that you looked great both before and after--but I cannot tell from these particular pictures if there is a difference. I am considering Ulthera (I'm 43) and want to understand your review. I totally get that the procedure is overpriced! Even the best pics I've seen barely warrant the price tag in my opinion. But, taking away the $$ factor, did/have you seen any lifting results yet? What specific improvements have you noticed? Thanks so much for your help,

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