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Goodbye Baby Belly! - Las Vegas, NV

Before I start, I have not had my surgery yet but...

Before I start, I have not had my surgery yet but I had to choose a rating and I chose worth it because I know it will be!

My story is pretty much the same as most of the other women here on this website that have gotten, or are thinking about getting a tummy tuck. I was married at 20 and had my daughter when I was 21. I loved being pregnant, but I dreaded the fact that I knew that my body was going to be ruined. It happened to my older sisters so I knew that it would happen to me. My husband and I were both in the Army and I was working out 2-3 times a day, so I was quite fit. I was always at a steady 129lbs. I am 5'2" but according to army standards, I was considered overweight. I have never had a tiny body and I never will, I am not built that way. I was always happy with my body though...until I became a mom.

After I had my daughter, I did lose all the baby weight, but my stomach was dis-gus-ting! I was super embarassed to show my husband when he got back from Iraq. I felt bad that when he deployed I was not even showing and when he came back I had a totally different(disgusting)body. Fortunately, he has never made that an issue and has always reassured me that he loves me no matter what.

Fast forward to my current situation. I had my son last year and I started out my pregnancy pretty high, I believe around 155ish? Big jump from the first time, but what can I say? I am going to be 30 next year and I haven't kept the most active lifestyle. Anyways, my second pregnancy basically just filled up my deflated balloon of a belly again and then added on a few more stretch marks to top it off...whatever, I was excused for being fat at the time so I didn't care, how much worse could it get?...A lot I guess, lol!

My sister and I were 2 months a part in our pregnancies and we had the same body issues before that. So now that we are certain that we are done with having babies, we have decided that it's time to stop living with our miserable bellies. We have been researching plastic surgeons, reading reviews, going on consultations, watching every possible tummy tuck video on youtube, talking, talking, talking....and now...we are finally going through with it!

My reason for doing this is simple. I am truly unhappy in my own body. I am not lazy and trying to find a quick solution of losing weight, I have worked out and dieted before, but I am always going to be left with the disgusting stretched out stomach. After a while, it's like, what's the point when I am still going to hate my body. It's a horrible feeling to not be comfortable in your own skin. Another reason is that I want to be able to wear whatever I want and not have to worry about flab hanging out/over, or rolls showing through, or reaching for something and someone getting a glance of my stretchmarks. If it's hot, I want to go swimming in something other than a total coverup granny style swimsuit...I live in Vegas for gosh sakes! I don't want to be stuck wearing the same 5 outfits that I have been wearing for the past how many years. I want to be able to buy jeans that don't go all the way up to my boobs so they will hold in the belly. Yadda, yadda, yadda, sounds really superficial, but this is something that I have dealt with since I was 21 and it sucks to be an adult that is self-conscious about their body. I thought that was something that only teenagers have to deal with. I am doing this surgery for myself and no one else. There should be no other reason for plastic surgery other than to make you feel better about yourself.

Well, on Monday I am calling the doctor's office and setting a date! I already know that this is going to be an emotional roller coaster for me and I am trying to prepare myself by reading other women's blogs and telling myself that I deserve to get this done and it will be worth it in the end. Wish me luck!

P.S. It kills me to show pictures but the pictures everyone else posts have been so helpful that it only seems right that I do the same. Besides...I'm not going to look like that much longer!!!

OMG! My pre op is on wednesday! Surgery scheduled...

OMG! My pre op is on wednesday! Surgery scheduled for Monday the 26th! I'm so excited and anxious at the same time, it's all happening so fast but I am ready. I am glad I don't have a long wait because I will drive myself crazy with my thoughts. Part of me is just expecting something to go wrong or delay my surgery, don't know why, maybe just nerves? Expecting doc to say, "sorry, lab results aren't what we wanted." I don't know, just running through worst-case scenarios. Still talking with sister about the whole sleeping situation, I am open to any suggestions. Recliner, hospital bed, couch, floor? Also gotta figure out what I need at home too.
Thank you friend, I wasn't sure exactly what was gonna happen at the appointment so thanks for the heads up about the questions. I was thinking of bringing in pictures of what I would like and wouldn't like(as far as the scar, even though Im sure it all depends on my body) but I am afraid of him taking it as me being rude or doubting him. The last thing I want to do is offend my plastic surgeon! It still doesn't feel real yet, I think once I do this appointment and get the go ahead for surgery, maybe then it will, but for now, I guess part of me feels like it's not gonna happen. Weird. How are you feeling? Did the drain come out?
Hi. It's me. Good luck on your pre op tomorrow. Make sure you ask all the questions you can think of. By the way, your tummy is better looking than mine was. I had a big fold that went around to my hips on both sides. I bet you will look great. Keep us updated.

Welcome Girlie!  So glad you are hear with us and you definitely deserve this!  

You can do this and it will be fine.  It sounds like you are prepared and ready to go.  So just dive in and keep moving forward.  We will all be here to support you:)

Let us know what your date is and we will all be cheering you on.  Sending you hugs, happy thoughts and good wishes your way.


Had my pre op today and getting more and more...

Had my pre op today and getting more and more excited about surgery day! I only have a few more days left with this belly and I will NOT be sad to see it go! Took pre op pics...talk about embarassing, sister and I could not stop laughing and my surgical panties. They were folded up and packaged, sitting on my seat and I thought it was a lenscloth. Lol when the nurse said to put them on:) So excited I cant wait!!!!

I highly recommend the hospital bed.  It's a lifesaver if you can swing it.  

And I know what you mean about the surgical panties...tiny little things and your entire booty hangs out.  Too funny.  Did you also have your Kodak moment?

Hi Kimmers, Yes! Had my kodak moment and glad my sister was there to laugh with me, made it a lot less humiliating. It didn't help that my ps had posters of all his billboards on the walls, they were pretty entertaining. I remember a christmas themed one with my ps as a buff santa and a bunch of girls surrounding him wearing thongs and not much more. I said, "I would like to look like that please!" lol, just waiting for my nerves to kick in, my surgery is first thing on Monday morning and I am still excited!

I remember that horrible moment standing there in the little triangle crotch cover.  Yucka!  Things hanging our all over the place..LOL  Well we made it through that.  

Monday is going to be here before you know it.  It's all very exciting when you get down to the last few days.  Did they give you a definite time to be there yet.  Just try to relax this weekend and baby yourself.  Go treat yourself to a mani and pedi!  It will make you feel good.

I will be anxious to hear back from you after the surgery.  If you start to have a melt down this weekend just shoot me an email and I will talk you off the cliff ok!  

I am so excited for you:)


Got my prescriptions today, only one more day to go!

Got my prescriptions today, only one more day to go!
Thank you so much Kimmers. It really helps to hear that. Starting to understand why my ps prescribed the xanax for a good nights sleep before. Its saturday morning (3 am) and my brain is racing. Can't stop thinking about surgery. My body is freaking out on me too, I think I'm more stressed than I realize and my body feels like its tensing up or something. Just want to get through this already so I can get back to normal.

Surgery is tomorrow morning! I am so excited! Not...

Surgery is tomorrow morning! I am so excited! Not scared or nervous, just want tomorrow to be here already! I just finished cleaning out my whole garage, don't really have an appetite today either. Gonna go get some last minute stuff (soup, crackers, bottled water, etc.) Feel like I am going on a trip or something. Super hot day today, was thinking of going swimming with my babies for the last time before surgery and before it gets cold. Need to clean house, finish up some laundry, prepare my nest downstairs, blah, blah, blah...I'm excited!

Lol! I just read my last post and I sound like I'm...

Lol! I just read my last post and I sound like I'm on crack! I guess I am just really excited. While I know there are risks involved, I am not even going to worry about it because at the end of the day, I am still going through with it. I am just thinking of the positive outcome this is going to have. Just did a total scrub down since I wont be able to shower for a while :( Not anxious at all so I don't think I'm gonna take the xanax. Worked hard today so I know I am going to sleep good. My surgery is scheduled for 8:00, hope my ps doesn't party too hard on the weekends, lol! Can't wait to start posting some post-op pictures!!!! Thank you for all the kind words and the support from you ladies, it has been such a big help!
Good luck tomorrow!! I think you are going to look great!!
I'm so excited for you. You are going to be so happy with your new tummy. Good Luck and I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

Well, I am alive! I was fine and excited up until...

Well, I am alive! I was fine and excited up until the moment I laid down on the operating table, lol. I remember that I didnt think much about it when I got my gallbladder taken out, but that was an emergency and I was pretty drugged up with pain meds so I didn'thave time to notice. I started to think, " Oh my god, what if this is the last thing I see? What if I don't wake up? Is this really worth it? What if I wake up mid surgery?" then the anesthesiologist said that I would feel some burning from an injection and I just remember it burning in my hand so bad that I said, "ouch! My hand is going to pop!" Then, just as they all told me, I was waking up in the recovery room that I had started in. Of course, there was tightness down the middle where the nurse told me there would be. ( she had also done a tummy tuck with my ps) Super nauseated, just like I expected. I hate nausea, more than pain. The pain is tolerable though. I took a flexiril when I got home but I really am trying to avoid anything that will add to the nausea. So far, it just burns where I assume the drains are and the middle is super tight. I would feel more comfortable if I didnt have this stupid binder on. I lift it up occasionally to relieve the pressure and it feels much better. Back is hurting from sitting in this awkward position. Drains are annoying. Wish I could take pain meds but will totally choose pain over nausea. I had to stay days after my gall bladder surgery in the hospital because of all the nausea from all the pain meds they kept feeding me afterwards. Anyways, just munching on some plain crackers now and just happy I'm okay!

Thank you for the update and I am happy to hear you are doing well.  Rest and keep us up to date on how you are doing each day.

Praying for you tonight. Can't wait to see your post-op pics. You're going to look great!
TummyTuckeroo! Yay! You made it to the other side! Take care of yourself now.... Sending healing thoughts your way.

I am one day post op and Ihad my appointment to...

I am one day post op and Ihad my appointment to change my dressings. Got to take a peek at my tummy and it is so weird to see it! Definitely flat, almost all my stretchmarks are gone, my belly button seems a bit higher. I think its gonna look great once it heals! As for pain, i made the mistake of taking a motrin, that is a big no no says my ps. Stick with what you are prescribed. I didnt know it was a blood thinner so its a good thing I told him. I can't wait to get these drains out, they are so annoying!

Pain is minimal today, but taking pain pills to...

Pain is minimal today, but taking pain pills to help sleep through the night. Actually having more pain in my back from hunching over. Getting sick of laying around but I know I have to. Right now its just a waiting game, glad my hubby will be home with me for the next few days. Still happy that I did this and cant wait to get these drains out! Will try to get a pic on tuesday.

Today I am 9 days post op and feeling a lot better...

Today I am 9 days post op and feeling a lot better. Yesterday I had my appointment to take out one of my drains. I was really hoping that I could get both of them out but I know they serve a purpose so I just have to be patient. If there is one thing that you have to have with this surgery, it is patience. This past week was the longest week of my life! My son has been with his grandma since I had my surgery. I am so grateful that she has been willing to help me with him, there is no way I could have taken care of him properly when I was thinking I could. I wanted to have him back today, but I am still not able to fully keep up with him, so mom wants to keep him for another week. I am looking forward to my 2 week post-op appointment. That is my goal...2 weeks! I am walking straighter, but not totally upright. I can still feel the muscle pulling me down a bit and I don't want to hurt myself so I am just listening to my body and stretching throughout the day. The nurse said that by 2 weeks I should be able to walk straight again. I will also get the belly button stitches out and the other drain out as well. I can't wait to have the drains completely gone, they are the biggest nuisance. The cut does not hurt at all. It is a little itchy from the healing. My tummy is a bit swollen but looks sooooo much better than before and I know it is going to look great when it goes down and heals. The compression garment sucks! I hate the feeling of being squeezed but I feel like it will help me heal faster and drain faster if I am being squeezed. The muscle still hurts if I laugh too hard or if I accidentally gag when I am brushing my teeth. The only thing that really bothers today is the compression garment and the drain. Will try to get a pic next appointment, didn't get a chance to take one at my appointment.
Congratulations hun I hope u have a fast recovery and please put pictures up so we can see lol i can't wait till my turn comes I'm due for surgery February 16,2012 I'm so excited.I so love real self its a gift to be apart of it all...
That is gonna be so weird, to not feel anything. That thought kind of freaks me out lol. I read a lot on here about how people where their compression garment for 3 months or more following surgery because it helps support them and helps with swelling. Not sure what I would do. See what feels best for you and if you feel you need the support and it helps with swelling. I was told at my pre-op today that they will give me a binder after surgery but that I need to purchase a compression garment from somewhere. Not sure what kind or where I'll get it though.
Definitely weird not feeling anything in tummy area, mainly up to belly button all along the incision, but seeing my flat tummy makes it not that big of a deal. Feels just like when you you get numbed up at the dentist and your lips feel all huge but when you look at them they look normal, lol! The compression garment my ps gave me was kinda like a swimsuit. I dont think they make them for short bodies like mine and im sure its supposed to come up right under my boobs, but it was crushing my ribs so I would pull it all the way up over them, lmao! It looked pretty funny walking around like a little sausage in my granny swimsuit with drains
hanging off of my sides.

2 week post op today and I am soooooo happy! It...

2 week post op today and I am soooooo happy! It feels like it has been much longer though, considering what my body has been through. In the beginning, it seemed like it would take forever for the muscle to recover and the incision to heal and to be able to stand up, but here I am! Drains are gone, stitches out of belly button and all the dressings are off! Only have to wear binder during day if I want. I finally got to take a shower!!!!!!! I was speeding all the way home so I could get in my shower :) It's funny how I couldn't wait to be able to take the compression garment off and now that I can, I feel exposed without it. I need it now because it feels strange without the bandages and stuff. It protects me somehow. I'm hoping the belly button will improve, its just awkward to me because Im used to seeing it deep down in a sea of belly fat and skin I guess. The last time I saw my natural tummy and belly button was like 9 years ago. Doc says it is all going to take time so just be patient. Fine with me, even with this fresh scar and swelling, it looks a million times better than it did before. So happy and can't wait to see how much things improve over time!
So glad things are going well and you got to shower ;-) I know that had to feel good lol. Can't wait to see your after pictures. I bet you look great!

My 2 week picture isn't the greatest quality, took...

My 2 week picture isn't the greatest quality, took it with my phone. I am still not totally comfortable without my garment on so I will try to get a better picture next time it's off. Last night I slept without the garment...not horrible but would have been a little more comfortable with it on. I need the pressure on my tummy for some reason, like when you cut your finger or something and it feels better when you put a bandaid on it. The pressure helps more than I would have thought. I am not comfortable standing straight without the garment, but once it's on, I have no problem. My whole tummy feels like it is bruised but the muscle gets better every day. Wondering when to start scar therapy, any suggestions on what works best would be greatly appreciated. Right now I am just putting paper tape on the scar just because I don't like it to rub against anything. As of today, still not one regret from doing this surgery. Totally happy with the results even with the swelling. Can't wait to see the final results!
i feel like we are body twins im also short and had no room for my two babies in my torso. my body will never bounce back even though people tell me i need to diet and exercise. i guess they havent noticed the 20 lbs ive already lost. my tt is scheduled for nov 17th along with a total hysterectomy and lipo im so excited and nervous but it makes me feel so much better after reading experiences like yours. i know you hate your pics but they are so motivating to see. best wishes for a quick recovery!

You are looking fabulous.

Your tummy looks great!! Swelling and all ;-)

3 weeks post-op! Today is another milestone that I...

3 weeks post-op! Today is another milestone that I have been patiently waiting for. Scar is healing very well. Belly button is still pretty red around the edges but I feel like once the swelling goes down it is going to be pretty much like a normal button. I feel like I am doing great as far as swelling goes (knock on wood). If I am doing waaaaay too much, I will get a little swollen at the end of the day. I am able to fit into my jeans and stuff that I had before, they are actually a bit loose. Today I wore my shorts that actually used to pop open from my belly before and now there is a lot of slack in them! Sister keeps asking me if it feels better to not have it anymore and all I can say is that it's the best! This is truly, like the best thing I could have chosen to do just for myself. Even with the swelling that I do have, I am soooooo much more comfortable with myself. I am so excited for her to get hers done so she can start enjoying what I am feeling. It's pretty amazing that such a silly thing like extra skin can change a person so much...and how dramatic it can be when that skin is finally removed. I mean, my personality has and always will be the same, but I am much more confident in myself now. I can't wait to start working out again and letting the rest of my body catch up to my flat tummy! Still no regrets from having this procedure done and I would encourage anyone else to do the same if they have the same problem.

Do you mind answering some questions? I was hoping to connect with local tummy tuckers so, I would feel more at ease with my decision.
I am in the process of selecting my PS and came across your post. I see that you've selected Dr. Stile for your TT. How do you like it now? Are you happy with the end results?
Your response is greatly appreciated! Thank you
Great story!! You look awesome you even have a much slimmer waist!! Congrats..
Glad you are doing so well ;-) You look awesome!
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