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I am a mother of 1 and only 1. I was planning on...

I am a mother of 1 and only 1. I was planning on having 2, but fate stepped in and decided one child would be enough for me, and, fate was right! :) He was born 9 lbs. via Emergency C-Section and I had to be put under once again, due to hemorrhaging. Needless to say, the doctors had to pull at my skin twice and my tummy never recovered. So here I am, excited and nervous for my upcoming TT!

You're going to do great! They really do make you feel at ease. If you have any questions, please let me know, I'll he happy to answer them.:)
Today has kinda just flown by. I haven't felt much pain,but I guess i owe that to my wonderful husband staying on top of my meds. I feel like I've been sleeping my life away. DH comes in, gives me a protein shake and meds, has me walk, lays me back down on my recliner, hands me the remote and repeats every so often. I have another appointment to remove my right drain and possibly my left as well, so woooohoooo! :D Still haven't actually seen the incision itself, just the tape over it and my tummy is still puffy so we'll see. I've been keeping the sodium intake at a minimum. How's everyone else doing?!
Oh and did I mention I got my period?! Yay.... lol

So here we go. I woke up with tons of energy this...

So here we go. I woke up with tons of energy this morning and then it just got worse and worse... I'm hating the swelling and want to hit fast-forward, but I'm sure we all feel that way! I got both drains out today! Woooohoooo! The nurse who took my drain out says I'm still really swollen and get this: My husband didn't pass out this time! lol. Anyway, today was a down day for me wasn't feeling too positive and starting nitpicking at little imperfections here and there. I go see my PS on Thursday. There's this one spot on my incision that's a little odd looking, but my husband keeps saying it's because of swelling. I hope he's right. I posted some 1 week PO pictures see if you can see the spot I'm talking about. :)
Pre-op visit went well. Getting the pictures taken were a little embarrassing:) I am going this weekend to get the foods I will need: jello, soup, clear soda and crackers. I am getting excited yet nervous. 3/28/11--what surgery center did you go to?
Oh, man! I know what you mean about getting your pictures taken! Especially when he says, Now reach... Ugh. lol.
I got my surgery done at Parkway Surgical Center. Where are you getting yours?
Good list for your prep food. The nurses at the ctr said they were pretty surprised that I have swelling but not swelling like they've seen in other patients. My hubby said every time he gave me soup he diluted it half water half soup because even the heart healthy ones contain tons of sodium. Oh, and also rice crackers have way less sodium and rice settles your stomach better than anything else! I really wanted to tell you about the soups because I thought they were okay as far as sodium, but they're really not.
I am having my done at Surgery Center of Southern Nevada. Thanks for the tip on the soups and the crackers. I will make sure to water the soup down. I don't want to swell up like a balloon:) Oh, and the reaching picture--not pretty, haha

Went to see my PS this morning. He removed all my...

Went to see my PS this morning. He removed all my sutures from my belly button, looked at my incision and said it looked great. I questioned the areas at the end of my incision and how they look a bit "bunched", if you will, but he answered that before I even got a chance to finish asking the question. It will straighten out and the reason he did it the way he did it is to prevent dog ears. Fine by me! He told me not to nitpick because my swelling would be 70% gone by 6 weeks at my rate and by then we'll start to see where everything is situating. Everything looks great, though! One thing I must mention is that he was impressed with my mobility and the fact that my compression garments aren't as tight as he thought they would be ( meaning not the usual swelling he encounters) Yay! Went well! :D Hope everyone is doing great, as well!
Ummm, no! HA! But I'm getting there! It would help if I could focus my thoughts on the tasks at hand and stop being consumed with the upcoming surgery. I swear! My ADD is in full force right now. I'll get everything done, sometimes I work best in a crunch for time! Ready or not, it's almost here! Yippee!!
It's so true, though! I remember when everyone on here was talking about preparations and I didn't do till a week before! :D
You look fantastic! You're PS did fantastic work! Your incision looks real nice and low! Congratulations!!

2nd Week PO! Woooohoooo! I woke up yesterday...

2nd Week PO! Woooohoooo!
I woke up yesterday feeling so energized. We had some friends over for dinner and halfway through...CRASH! All I wanted to do was put my fee up! This morning has been the same, but I was able to take my son to school since the surgery and he looooved that mommy was up and moving. I'm feeling great and am happy with my results, so far. I seriously can't wait to get back to the gym, though. I've lost 4 extra pounds! Yipeeee! I'm still a little swollen, but it's tolerable. And just like most women on here, it gets worse at night. I posted some pictures of my progress. :D
not waking up--that is my fear too:) I told my daughter I can't wait to hear what all the crazy thing I say. Back in my college days I had to have surgery. When I woke up, I asked my dad if President Reagan was coming to visit me:)
hahaha! You'll wake up. One of the first things Dr. Cambeiro ever said to me is, "We don't play around here. Everyone we use is topnotch." You'll wake up. :)
Okay. Leeanne, I posted my new 3 week review. I'm doing great so far! And so will you!

So I'm at my 3 weeks! Woohooo! Nothing much...

So I'm at my 3 weeks! Woohooo! Nothing much has happened, my scabs are starting to peel which is good. My swelling drastically low, which is great. My bellybutton is healing and not bleeding so much anymore. I'm still putting neosporin on it and my surface bruising from lipo are gone. That doesn't mean I can't still feel it, though. When I sit it hurts and I have to rub those areas a bit, still. Anyway, happy healing everyone! :D

Me too 3/28/11.. I miss my gym. And the ppl. Im a gymrat!! I still have 4 weeks. Bummed
well i am not ready to go back to work yet..just enjoying being home still..last night i tried to exercise a little marching around the house and a few minutes of walking with my arms feels good to do it , i did about 15 minutes and will try to do it again today..well at least i "m trying to motivate my self..can't stand just to sit my healing is doing good so far.i have an appt. with my PS this Friday my daughter will drive me there too.. so will seee what she got to say about my healing, i know that i'm still swelling a lot and my boobs is hard..i'm not really in pain so thats a good thing..well listen i will let u go ttyl God blesss:)
I WISH with all my heart I could get back to the gym! So much. My legs are so out of shape now and I was running 2 miles a day. :( Looks like I'm gonna have to start all over again.

So I've been feeling good. Swelling was down, that...

So I've been feeling good. Swelling was down, that is, until Easter came. Too much food! Too much walking around. So I took some pictures of me at 4 weeks anyway, but be nice this is the most swollen I've been since the surgery, or at least it feels that way! I'm going in for a postop on Thursday and asking about a few clear sutures sticking out at the incision and one at a lipo area which hurts if anything touches it, but other than that, great! :) Back to counting calories tomorrow. All the food is gone now! lol
WOW , you look amazing!!!!!!! Im sooo excited im counting down my days.
Nice and skinny!! Im blueberry girl husband bday and easter killed Back to lite food tomorrow
Yup, I'm back to calorie counting today! :/

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. My life has...

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. My life has started to get busier, which is good. I visited my PS last Thursday. He took out a few sutures that were sticking out of my incision and irritating me. Then, I was told I could start Scarguard (medical strength). I started using it about 2 days ago. I'm loving my tummy, but my legs are getting soooo out of shape! Please, let me go to the gym!!!! lol. Anyway, here are some updated photos, you'll notice my tummy getting slimmer and my legs getting bigger... :/
I really really really want to start running again. Got the sudden urge badly yesterday. I am going to call doc tomorrow and ask what speed I can start walking. I can't do this sitting around anymore. Driving me MAD...
Urll be back. 2 days at gym i was right back to want i was going. And feeling great
You look fantastic. So tiny!!! Yeah, I agree don't worry about your legs, there will always be something to be nit picky about I guess though. Easier said that done.

I am still having problems. On meds again. I just can't get a break... Glad you are doing so well.

I'm 6 weeks PO today and doing wonderful. I...

I'm 6 weeks PO today and doing wonderful. I decided today would be the day to go for a run and so I did. I'm doing the From Couch to 5k plan. So today was walking run walking. It was good. I got a little more swelling today and I suspect it's because of running, but hey, gotta start somewhere. I'm getting back into my daily routine. Hope everyone else is doing great! :D

7 Weeks today. Feeling great! I started running...

7 Weeks today. Feeling great! I started running last week and have started getting a bit more intense. I've got some work to do on my legs, again! lol. Does everyone get swollen after a workout? Ugh. I wonder when the muscles will get used to it again?
I know,.right!! For years i bitched.about no butt, but i love it.. And my husband keeps yalkung about so were happy!!
I know! Lol. Some would say It's a bad thing but I love my big butt! :)
Damn girl, baby got I notice i got back too..woohoo tho i had no butt!!! Lol looking good!!!!!!!
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