Tumescent lipo of the upper and lower abdomen, pannus, and chin at MyShape Lipo

Ok so if I can get some photos up later, you will...

Ok so if I can get some photos up later, you will all see that I'm in need of some desperate help. I started the process of all the surgery I am going to need by having my hips and love handles lipo'd back in late 2012.. The results were great although I was struggling with weight loss since I was in nursing school... and then I got pregnant. I was pretty upset at myself but oh well my little baby boy is a blessing. He makes my 4th so my body has pretty much been wrecked by kids even though I've always been a bit on the bigger side. After my first son though, I've always been way over on the bigger side... Just down right huge! I haven't been under 200 lbs since before I had my first son and the weight has just been steadily increasing. I'm ready to do something about it, and just based on genetics, I know that diet and exercise will never be enough. So I have scheduled liposuction of my upper and lower abdomen, pannus and chin for February 25 with MyShape Lipo in Las Vegas. I know I am going to need several procedures that's why right now I feel like I don't know if this is what I should be doing. I've been researching tummy tucks with Dr. Duran in the Dominican Republic, and I am pretty sure I am wanting to have that done. Along with arm lift, full lipo of my back and thighs, and breast implants. I got ahold of Jazmine from Bella Vita consultants, and she told me Dra. Duran would not even consider me until I had lost 35 lbs. (I'm 5'6, 245lbs. ) Of course she was very nice about it and answered my questions very quickly. Off that alone I would definitely recommend her and plan to use her services once I have lost the weight. I have considered cancelling my procedure with MyShape, and just saving to go to Dra. Duran, but Jazmine said she is booked through July and I don't think I want to wait that long to do SOMETHING. I am really bad about motivation and think that if I have several months to wait around for something, I'll either lose interest or become depressed and end up gaining weight haha. February seems like a good amount of time to keep me motivated enough to try and lose weight. I wonder though, if I am just wasting money since I am going to have a tummy tuck anyways, if I should get different areas done? I don't know. I've recently joined a gym but have been working alot and have had sick kids so we haven't really gone. My plan is to go to bed early tonight to be able to get up early enough to hit the gym before I have to drive the 2 hours to work. I've been having trouble sleeping so we will see how that goes. Oh btw I fibbed a little to Jazmine saying I was 245 when I've really been running in the 253-255 range. I figured I could lose that bit of weight by then but turns out I have to lose alot just to get a consult.

3 weeks!

Just about 3 weeks left! So excited! Been hitting the gym so I am SUPER sore right now, and I have to stay out of town for 3 days for work, so I've already messed up and ate Wendys..I've been circling around 151-152 so hopefully I can maintain till I get home and can work out again!

One last photo, of my worse side..

I'll take more pics right before I go in to have the procedure in case I do lose weight and look different at all..

2 weeks!

2 weeks and one day tomorrow till we leave! I haven't been doing very good on my diet and have made it back up to 255 :(. But I got 2 weeks to try again, I'm shooting for a 15 lb weight loss!!

Face pics

I've decided to post face pics, since it's relevant to the chin lipo. I've decided not to blur my face because 1. I'm not ashamed of what I am doing and 2. If someone I know happens to come across this, then good for you, you are thinking of doing something to better yourself too! Say hi in the comments ! I am from a small town where people are pretty judgmental but when it comes down to it, the only one that has to live with me is me!


It's not uploading my pics!

Sorry I can't upload from my phone, I will have to do it later!



k Pics for real now..

Only 11 days.(till we leave)..!! I have most of my balance paid off...have 6 or 7 more days off work... I hope this goes by fast! I definitely slipped last week and just ate whatever and didn't go back to the gym..got to 258...eeek...this morning I am 255 again. I am trying Atkins for the first time ever since it is a high protein diet that promotes weight loss and protein promotes healing..I can say I am dizzy and tired and not very motivated about anything...but I'm not hungry!

3 days till we leave!!

Ok I'm getting nervous and excited now! I don't know if I am more excited to get to hang out in Vegas for a week, or to see how different I am going to look. I've been having all these crazy dreams about having basically a bag of skin hanging from my stomach. I'm nervous since my skin is so stretched out from my pregnancies that it's going to look disgusting when I'm done. Sometimes I wonder if this is just a waste of time and if I should be getting a tummy tuck instead. I'm not doing so good on the weight loss because I get frustrated that I'm not losing so I just eat and over do it. Plus eating is fun, I love to eat. But that's obviously how I got here!!! My compression garment came in. I decided to go with a post c section one because it's a surgical garment that's basically for the same thing- to compress as your stomach gets smaller. It has three settings so I can make it smaller as my stomach gets smaller, and most importantly, it has a detachable crotch area! The last time I had to wear a garment I loathed it because it was so hard to get on and off. I tried making the hole in the crotch area bigger so I wouldn't have to take it off but I just ended up peeing all over myself lol. This one doesn't seem nearly as uncomfortable as the last one and it is just a high panty basically. I didn't want one cutting into my thighs making me look like I have rolls in the middle of my thighs. I bought a size smaller than the size chart said I should get because I'm assuming I will lose at least a couple inches with the lipo. I tried it on and I could get it on, it just kinda pushed my fat up a little making it look like I was bigger in my upper abdomen. Hopefully after the procedure it won't be a problem. Also, I had a hard time getting it all the way up because of my back fat :(. But I think I will try suspenders to keep it all the way up. My lipo foam came in too. I was glad to see it wasn't just cheap foam you get at a craft store or something, seems to be a high quality nice feeling foam. I didn't use any last time because I had never even heard of it so I'm hoping that it will actually help make a difference. Last time, I didn't know about anything. I didn't know you should massage, I thought you weren't supposed to even touch the areas! I didn't know much about compression garments, I didn't take Arnica and my experience last time was pretty bad. First of all, I didn't take the Xanax they offered because I felt that I wasn't anxious. I should have. It pry would have helped my perception of pain because holy hell it hurt!!! The part where he inserts the numbing fluid, I thought I was going to die!! I asked him, can't I have any pain medicine??? And he said, " this is the pain medicine." After he did one side he wanted me to turn to do my other side and to me that was like asking me to stand on a foot that had just been cut off. I think my pain tolerance must not be very good because they were kind of looking at me like I was crazy! Like they couldn't believe it hurt that bad! The actual lipo part didn't hurt so much except when he got to areas that the numbing fluid hadn't reached but I honestly would rather have that pain than the pain from the lidocaine fluid so I didn't say anything. Also, during the procedure he asked what kind of music I wanted to listen to and I said I didn't care so he put like rock metal on. I understand it pry put him in the zone, because doing lipo actually looks like it's a pretty good workout, but it was so not relaxing for me. It seemed to make me more tense and hard to concentrate on breathing through the pain. When I was done I was in so much pain I was crying. It kind of feels like you've just been violated or something too, but I could see the results immediately. Then she put me on the table and started squeezing and squeezing fluid out of me. I mean it just pours and pours out. But right then I didn't care about the fluid I just wanted to go back to the hotel so I could deal with my pain in peace. They had told me to bring extra underwear, but I didn't know what for so I just brought these tiny useless things that were supposed to hold the pads to me to catch the fluid lol. Then I went to the bathroom and I just poured fluid all over the floor and those poor girls had to clean it up, I was pretty embarrassed. I had to wait like an hour for a taxi to come because it was raining, and the whole time I just paced the waiting room crying because it hurt so bad. I think I made the office staff uncomfortable. But I didn't care, it freaking hurt. After I got back to the hotel and the pain meds kicked in, I was doing better. I felt bad we were leaving the next day and hadn't had a chance to see any of Vegas, so me and my hubby walked around for like 4 hours that night. Trying to sleep was ridiculous I couldn't get comfortable for anything. The plane ride home hurt too. I'm glad I'll be more prepared this time around. So only 3 days till we leave. I don't even want to work these next two days, I just want to leave now!

Leaving tomorrow!

Trying to see if my phone will let me add pics...

It did!

That was a better up close pic of my belly. I'm also going to post a before and after of my first time at MyShape lipo. I think the pic is a little deceiving because my belly is tucked in my underwear but you can see the difference. This was 2 weeks post.

Ok here's another pic

This is a pic of me, over a year later and after having a baby. Sorry bout the toilet, I was staying overnight for work and it's the only place with a mirror.

Well it's done!!

I went and had my procedure today! I left early and got there around 10:20 am. Brandy was really nice and talking to her helped my nerves a bit. Pry around 20 minutes after I arrived, they took me to the back. I can't remember her name, but the medical assistant that was helping me was very nice. She's a very pretty and petite short girl, with dark skin, pink glasses and blonde hair. She never made me feel uncomfortable or judged. I did have to get undressed in front of her, which was kind of weird. First she took pics of me at all angles, then measured my skin folds and my general measurements. She took my blood pressure and gave me a gown. I guess there is no pregnancy test beforehand but it was that time of the month so there was no question of that anyways. They have me Xanax and an antibiotic, and turned my bed warmer on. They gave me about 15 minutes to let the med take effect, then came in with some ice packs and set them on my belly to help numb the area. A little bit after that, he came in and gave me lidocaine injections in the 4 adit areas. Then began injecting the fluid. It kind of feels like tugging as he pushes through the fat. It didn't hurt nearly as much as it did the last time, just slightly uncomfortable, maybe some stinging. He was finished doing that pretty quickly, then he began the liposuction. We were able to talk during the first part, even though it was uncomfortable. He hit some sensitive spots, so he had to put more numbing fluid in here and there. After a while, I don't know if the numbing fluid was wearing off, but omg it became sooo painful. I kept kicking the blankets off because I was pouring sweat. I almost told him to stop it hurt so bad but not wanting it to turn out bad so I dealt with it. It hurt so much I just wanted to rip my gown in half. Finally he was done. All I could think about was the 2 Percocet in my pocket that I forgot to take beforehand! And I really wanted them to put my garment on because I felt it just had make it feel better. Then he moved onto my chin. He made 3 holes in my chin area and got to work. Every now and then it would distract me from the pain in my belly, but not for long. The chin didn't hurt at all. It just vibrated my teeth. It was pretty obvious I was in pain, so I hope he didn't hurry just because I was really in pain. When he was done, another medical assistant helped me change my underwear. And take off my socks so they wouldn't get wet when I stood up. She measured my skin folds again, which had obviously gone down. Then she took pictures again . Oh ya before that she pushed some of the fluid out. She helped me get dressed, then I went to the bathroom. I took the Percocet then! I went to the recovery room and I was so uncomfortable because I felt really nauseous . I watched the video then was getting ready to leave. The first medical assistant I had , the blonde one, went and got me a compazine for it. I went to the lobby to wait for my taxi. I asked brandy how big was the biggest patient theyve ever had and she said 400 lbs! Oh ya I forgot to mention I asked Trevor if there was a limit to how much numbing fluid they can put in and he said yes, that it's the lidocaine they mainly worry about. I didn't even think about that. Of course they are watching it. Lidocaine is one of the drugs we use during a code to try and get the patients heart to get an effective rhythm again, so obviously it affects the heart, so duh of course too much could send you into an ineffective rhythm as well. Can't believe I didn't think of that before. So that's why they are so careful about how much fluid they put in. Good thing is, the heavier you are, the more they can put in. I'm pretty sure mine was wearing off because damn it hurt. The taxi came and took me by the pharmacy to get my meds, then took me back to the hospital. Oh ya I forgot to mention, on the way out she asked if I wanted to take the elevators or stairs, and I was fine enough to take the stairs . She told me I was tough haha because some people are really bad off. I laughed because that's how I was the first time. Crying and carrying on. This time was much better. So I'm pretty sure that I convinced my taxi driver to get lipo on his belly haha. I told him all about it, and was talking to him about how bad belly fat is. He's one of those guys that's a fairly normal weight everywhere else, just has one if those big ol beer bellys. I guess he had high triglycerides but didn't know what it meant. He said he'd talk to his wife about it because he thought the price wasn't too bad and he knows he needs to do something. He works out, just can't get rid of the belly. Anyways, I got back to the hotel and man I was in so much pain. I took arnica, then a lorab then ibuprofen. My stomach just hurt so bad. My husband ordered pizza and I just are some breadsticks because I thought maybe I needed something in my belly. I finally fell asleep for a little bit sitting up. I woke up because my face was itching from the gauze needing changed. I stood up and I just started pouring blood from my lower stomach adits. I had to get into the shower as my hubby tried to readjust the garments and change my pads . I fell asleep again. It's hard to stay awake, even to write this review . Must be the Xanax. I didn't feel anything while I was in the office, but now it's hard to stay awake. Ok I'm going to try and post pics of me and my garment. So my stomach looks pretty gross and I think my face looks the same since it's swollen, but I post pics of that later.


Of course it's not uploading my pics

One last try to upload >:/

K guess I have to turn wifi off.

Here's another.



Chin 2

Forgot to put how much fat they took out!!

4.8 liters... Roughly 10.5 lbs of fat

First day post op

Been sleeping a lot. I mean I was OUT. My husband took a video of me snoring really loud lol. Anyways I'm feeling pretty good and the pain is just some minor soreness. I've been taking all my meds pretty regularly so hope that's helping!

Front chin

Face is swollen. I think the hematoma on my neck developed from me having the chin strap on too tight around my neck. Looks like my throat has been slit.

Front belly, really bruised

Side one day post

Bruised and swollen.

Just wanted to update

I'm two days post op, and doing great. I've taken only one pain pill today, and have been taking my Arnica and using my arnica gel. My draining has pretty much stopped, with a scant amount on my lower right adit. I've just been cleaning them with an antiseptic spray, and covering them with band aids with antibacterial ointment impregnated in the bandage. I've been walking around Vegas for hours, and all I feel is a bit itchy. Oh and I carried a very heavy 3 month old two blocks to the hotel because he badly wanted to be held. We went to shows and ate at restaurants. All was fine. It is a little uncomfortable to sit at first because of the garment, but I adjust and get used to it. They gave me two garments, one for upper and one for the lower abdomen, but I haven't worn the upper one because it's sooo uncomfortable. The darn garment I bought doesn't cover all the way up and cuts at me underneath my back fat. So there's 100$ wasted. The best I can do is put it on, then put lipo foam in the areas it cuts at me, then put the upper ab one on top. Maybe I'll try the lower ab one up there. I remember reading from a doc on here that he doesn't have his patients wear any garments at all. That'd be nice. They are the worst part of all of this. But Trevor says to wear it, so I will. I don't know what the difference is this time compared to last time. I don't know if the other areas are just harder to recover from, or if the Arnica has really made that much of a difference. Last time I was in horrendous pain and couldn't do anything. This time is totally different. I hardly notice anything was done. Besides the horrible bruises on my pannus, and my chin feeling numb, and having everyone staring at me because I am wearing this damn chin strap. A homeless guy yelled at me tonight, "what the hell do you got on your head???" I just ignored him. Maybe the extreme pain and stiffness/soreness will come later. Hope not. If it is the Arnica girls, get some! I bought mine at GNC so I can just chew them whenever I remember too. It's actually way more convenient than having to swallow with water. Anyways I leave tomorrow!! I'm soo looking forward to being in my own house, and own bed, and not having to walk 3 miles with 4 kids it get everywhere! I'm a little nervous to see what the scale will say. I know the weight loss comes later. But at the office is said I weighed 265!! What the hell? I thought 257 at most!! The girl helping me says it weighs you more than your home scale but how much more?? Plus it's that time if the month so I know I gained from that too. Hopefully all this walking all over the place helped!! I'll add one pic, a side shot from today.

Today Blows!!!

Ugh all my kids are sick, and we fly out today. We went to the Fashion show mall so we could use up this groupon for Johnny Rockets. I knew we should have just gone straight to the airport and just hung out there for 4 hours. We lost one of my son's bags and thought it was stolen.well this made my husband livid so he started running all over the mall trying to find who stole the bag. We found it right as we were leaving. Turns out one of the kids had left it outside. So in the process of running around we somehow lost two other carry on bags. Omg one had my daughters brand new tablet and baby blanket in it, and the other had ALL OF OUR MEDICINE ! It had my baby's stuff too, but my antibiotic, my Lortab, he had a full bottle of Percocet and his muscle relaxers for his back, and my Arnica!!! Omg this is just ridiculous. We couldn't find a taxi to take us to the airport so we had to get a limo. Then we get here, and our flight has been overbooked so we are delayed 2 hours. This is the first time my baby boy has been sick and he's miserable. I feel horrible. Then I wore the garment I purchased, with lipo foam in it, then wrapped the bigger abdominal wrap around the top and I was so bound I couldn't breath. I was soo uncomfortable , when I got to the airport I ripped that crap off. Luckily Brandy called me in a script for my antibiotic because I didn't want to have to go the weekend without it . I didn't ask for more Lortab though , because then id look like I was making the whole thing up for more pain pills. I'm in the medical profession and unfortunately we think pretty much everyone is drug seeking. So I just avoided it. It'll suck to not have it, but it's the antibiotic I really need. I'm waiting for the hubby to get back with my script so I figured I'd go ahead and post pics from today.


That was 3rd day post op. This is a pic of the bruising. Obviously I was dumb and put the bandaid in the wrong area because the adit is in the pic haha.


Just woke up

Side chin

Side pic

1 week post

I don't feel so good. Tired a lot, sore, I don't even want clothes on my belly. I am super swollen. Looking in the mirror is kind of discouraging. I weigh more than I did before and I'm bigger. I know it should go down but it is disappointing. Sometimes I wish I would have just got a tummy tuck instead. Then I know for sure I'd see results! I'm just an impatient person. I am worried about returning to work in 5 days. I do a lot of bending and I don't even know how it'll be possible to pull all my meds with my stomach like this. My stomach looks horrible. It's all yellow and bruised and the pores are huge. My husband hates touching it. I made him massage it a little today. He says that he can see where it's going to go down. But I don't! I hate being less than 100%. I have been hanging around the house a lot though so I'm going to try and walk later tonight. Maybe that'll help. Sometimes I look at myself and think, "I can't believe I paid to do this to myself!"

1 week post

2 weeks post!

I can definitely see the changes now. My belly is much smaller. I weighed 252 this morning, so I'm not sure how much weight I've actually lost since in the office it said I weighed 265.. My belly is still pretty hard, and last week I developed these like pink scar looking areas that had this brown flaky skin around it on the underside of my pannus. I don't know what they are and I've emailed Brandy and still have received any response. The best I can guess is it's some sort of like stasis dermatitis from the blood pooling in that area early on. Since then, the flakiness has disappeared and it has turned black. I'm just trying to avoid putting Arnica gel on it and I hope it clears up. I hope it isn't permanent, I've never seen this side effect before mentioned with lipo. I went to work the last 2 days and luckily I was placed on units where I didn't have many meds to pull since bending over is quite challenging. I did have to shower a new admit though so my abdominal binder slid all over the place and when I took it off when I got home, there was a big dent in my belly. It was gone by morning though. I did notice that I had much more room than usual in my size 20 pants and by the end of the shift they were almost falling off. They've always been loose enough that I didn't have to unbutton to pull them down, but they seemed to be even bigger , even with the abdominal binder on.


Don't see much of a difference from last week

If anything, I think I'm bigger. I think it's hard because you forget what you used to look like. But I do remember my tummy used to be so big that when I sat down I used to put my hands under my tummy, and kind of like hold it, but I can't really do that anymore. My measurements go up and down, and so does my weight, but I haven't lost more than 6lbs at my lowest. I haven't been eating very well though. I've returned to work and I don't pre pack food since I have enough stuff to pack to take with me, so I just buy food out and the other day I got Pizza Hut instead of my usual subway. Then yesterday I was upset about my measurements and weight going back up so I ate a bunch of crap of course. That's why I am fat after all, I eat my emotions. Whether I'm happy, sad, bored. I just love to eat. I'm not one of those that eats and then like cries because I eat, I minimize it, and say it's no big deal. I can eat better tomorrow. Of course I don't. Anyways, my stomach is still hard at the bottom. I know some people massage after lipo, but I hate how it feels so I don't. It still kind of hurts. I haven't gone to try new clothes but I did try on a swimsuit at Torrid. I haven't been in a swim suit in public since I was pry 9 or 10 years old, although I pry could have pulled it off in my teens, I just had a seriously misconstrued view of my body then. 100 lbs ago... Anyways so I fit into a size 2, which was kind of discouraging because I wore a size 2 before. But I pry looked better in it now than if I would have tried it on before. I chose a one piece of course, with a small skirt to help hide the thighs a bit. I'm just so tired of not being able to take my kids to the pool, or go to any waterparks because I am so worried that I will offend someone with my body. My kids shouldn't have to suffer because I'm fat. So this year I am hoping to take the kids somewhere for summer vacation (hopefully Disneyworld, if I can save enough money) and we are going to go to a waterpark dammit! People are just going to have to deal with my body and if they don't like it than oh well! My kids are going to swim this summer! Plus I will pry get a spray tan to help hide the blinding white cottage cheese I got going on haha. I do hope to lose 20 lbs by summer too, but with work, I rarely get to work out. I'm going to try and add push ups or something in my room. So when I work till 3 am I am still doing SOMETHING. I've pry had only 3 or 4 sodas in the last couple weeks but I guess I didn't drink it enough before for it to make a difference in my weight! I'll post pics, but I don't think it's any different from before!

3 weeks

3 months!! Don't know if I should have just gotten a tummy tuck!!

Well it's been 3 months. I definitely have more confidence and look better in clothes. From the front, when I wear jeans, it looks almost flat. Before it used to protrude and was really unflattering. It definitely helped my shape, but was it a drastic enough change? I don't know. Hardly anyone at work noticed. Although it could be because I just had a baby, so weight loss was expected. Some family I hadn't told said I looked really good and wanted to know what I was doing. Since the area is no longer hard, my tummy has become saggy. I tell my hubby that my tummy is sad. It's also annoying that no matter what pants I wear, it leaves a huge indent in my tummy by the end of the day, although it is usually gone by morning. I can tell the difference, but I almost wish I would have just had a tummy tuck instead. I am afraid to go under, but I do want a big change. I am starting to save for it now. I also want an arm lift, lipo of the full back, thighs, and breast augmentation. I got a long way to go... I haven't lost anymore weight either. Been stuck in the 247-251 range. I am to start some diet pills tomorrow, so hopefully that will kick start things. I guess it is up to you how much of a change you want. I think lipo is good for smaller people or smaller changes. I'll keep you guys posted!!

Other side

Trevor Schmidt PA-C

He seems a little stand off-ish at first, but once you start talking to him, he warms up. He's very knowledgeable about what he does and even though he is just a PA, he trains SURGEONS all the time. They pay him to learn from the best. If you are looking for the best in tumescent liposuction, this is the place.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I think you look great! You can definitely see a huge difference. I am having my Lipo on June 18th and I have the over hang like you do from kids. It makes me feel good to know that yours has decreased tremendously so maybe there is hope for me since I really do not want to go through the pain of a tummy tuck... I almost died just from a csection. Keep up the good work, I will continue to follow your progress.
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Hey there! I think you look amazing! Good to hear your recovery is going so well. I still have firmness in certain areas and my clothes leave imprints in my belly too but overall I'm pleased with how I look in my clothes too! Can't wait for the next update:)
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I know some doctors have a bmi that they look at and it helps them decide if the tt or lipo is the better option. But in the pictures I sure do see a big difference. Good luck
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Thank you!
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Keep us posted.
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I think it's amazing to be able to see such great results this early on in your recovery. You look great girl!!! What about your chin? How has your pain management been? Are you still numb or have you also recovered the sensation in your treated areas?
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No I'm still numb, belly still hard, my chin is numb and lumpy and sometimes it like gets stuck and I can't tilt my head all the way back until I massage under my chin. I had a 43 inch waist and yesterday it measured 39.5 so that's exciting! I don't notice as much of a difference in my chin but I hope it gets more defined later. I was going to ask, how was the smart lipo? Did it hurt? Did it take long? What did he do? Lipo first then laser the area? Or what? I'm thinking about doing the next time I go so I'd like to know what it's like. My pains pretty tolerable, just some stinging and sharps pains every now and then. How are you doing?? Still numb? When are you going to post more afters??
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I was actually pretty drowsy after the meds were administered. I know the smart lipo was done prior to the liposuction but not sure if it was before or after the numbing fluid was injected. I'm inclined to think the process began with smart lipo, then numbing fluid followed by liposuction. Smart lipo didn't hurt at all but I was good and doped up by that time. Trevor recommended smart lipo on upper and lower but I opted for only lower. I could see the difference in the two areas immediately after the procedure, I had less pain from my lower abs as well. Now that I'm a little more than 2 weeks out, I'm also noticing my lower abs are not as rock hard as my upper but the skin tightening is the same in upper and lower. Trevor said healing would be faster in the area treated with smart lipo and since going through this process, I do agree. I'm actually traveling back to MyShape for another appointment on Monday. I still haven't made up my mind which areas I'm going to have treated. Now that my waist is narrow I think it makes sense for me to treat back bra and arms just to round out the upper part of my body but the funny thing is my arms can fit into blazers and coats (small and med) that I couldn't squeeze them into before. I'm not noticing a difference in the bra back fat though. My daughter said I should treat my thighs because they are huge and probably hard to tone and slim down than arms and back. What do you think? What areas are you going to get treated next? Yes I am still very numb and very hard and swollen and my belly feels like I have a thousand needles sticking me at time. I can only sleep on my back. I have a HoMedics massage pillow that helps with the back soreness and swelling. My lower back is the only area I don't have pain in.
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That's awesome that you can go back so soon, I can definitely see your results! I have to wait and save up, it will pry be a while before I go back, because I'm wanting to take my kids to Disneyworld this summer and that will cost a lot. I think you know your body and should do what you know is harder to tone. For me my arms are harder and my thighs easier but I also don't mind larger thighs (and neither does my hubby) but my arms bother me quite a bit. My back fat does too. Since you had your lower back done, it'd pry be beneficial to smooth it out and do your back bra roll. But I think your arms are fine, of course I'm bigger than you. Just go with your instincts or go with what Trevor tells you. Good luck.
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I'm glad you are able to see results in my photos cause I haven't notice much of a difference in the fit of my clothes or anything else for that matter. I decided to go with arms, back bra and front bra roll. My hope is to just have a slimmer physique. I do know that my friends haven't noticed that much of a difference. I'm constantly asked if I'm sure it was worth the money and, after being about 3 weeks out, I honestly still don't know.
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Give yourself some time. I get discouraged sometimes too when my measurements go back up, but we are still swollen and we won't have full results until 6 months to a year. But I'm hoping that at 6 weeks it'll be better. I know it makes a difference but sometimes I wonder if it is worth it too.
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Hey there…you are absolutely right! I think I'm in the mist of another post-op depression period after my 2nd procedure. I just feel like having a cry day. The recovery for arms, front and back bra roll is pretty mild. It has only been 4 days and I have very little soreness remaining in my shoulders, now my underarm and upper arms are still tender to the touch but it doesn't really hurt when I take off or put on my garment or tops. I did ask Trevor the order of procedures when smartlipo is added to the equation and he said it begins with the numbing fluid, then smartlipo followed by liposuction. It looks like you are recovering nicely! Your most recent pics look pretty awesome too!!!
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Well I feel worse now than I did after surgery. I am soooo swollen! I hate the garment, and I don't wear my chinstrap all the time because I wake up dang near choking because my face is so swollen the thing is digging into my throat. I'm glad to hear you are doing better! That's good you have an office job. I'm nervous to return to work because I do a lot of bending over at my job. I don't even bend over at home because it just hurts. I'm tired most of the time and fall asleep just randomly a lot. Hopefully it'll get better. I keep telling myself that anyways!! Glad to hear from you!
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Stick with the garment - It does make a difference to the end result. Here in NZ some surgeons say 3 days only (!!!). Mine was a six week minimum kind of surgeon. I wore mine begrudgingly for 7 weeks. You do get used to it and it really does keep the swelling in check.
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Ya I know. I still hate it. I'm not putting the chin strap back on though, that thing just chokes me no matter how loose I have it around the back of the neck. I take the garment off for periods at a time during the day because sometimes I swell so much around it, it causes shooting pains . I need to get a body one but I haven't had the motivation. Maybe after the swelling goes down a bit, I can put on the one I had originally bought for the surgery .
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The first couple of weeks are so hard so my thoughts are with you. Look after yourself.
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My chin has really gotten hard over the past week. The chin strap chokes me too but I'm more concerned with what I might end up with if I don't wear it at least during the night. It just feels like it weighs a ton! Hang in there! I checked out your pics and I'm with your hubby, the results are VISIBLE!!!! Stay encouraged and keep updating us:)
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Hey you!!! How does it feel to be past the one week post-op milestone? I hope your doing well. I was supposed to return to the office today but decided to hang back and relax at home for one more day (thinking I may have overdone it yesterday with all the driving, appointments, and trip to Walmart). I'm feeling better, still plenty sore, just have to remember to take it slow. Hope to hear from you soon!
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I knew you were going to be just fine! I'm so happy you came through ok and you look good! I can definitely see a difference. How long was your procedure from start to finish? I'm going to take a couple of percocet before I leave for my appt:)!!!
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I wish I would have! And I think things got started around 11, I arrived early, like 10:15, and was done by 12:30. The actual lipo part wasn't that long at all
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Good luck!!
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Please post pics and send out updates as often as you possibly can cause I want to know you are doing well in your recovery. Yes, my day has finally arrived! I'm nervous and excited all at the same time...I'll keep you updated on how things go!
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Wow - thats quick. Here in NZ I went to the surgeons at 8.00am. Surgery probably started about 9.30am and wasn't over until 2.00pm and I had 3.5 litres of fat removed. I went home at 4.00pm after throwing up all over the place (embarrassing).
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Ya I know the tumescent lipo isn't like a huge operation here. At least Trevor doesn't make it that way. I was awake talking to him the whole time. I think since we don't use general anesthesia, we don't have as much problem with nausea. I was a little nauseous but I think it was from the Xanax. How are you doing?
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