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After searching real self for the ast 5 months, I...

After searching real self for the ast 5 months, I decided to start my own review.blog, well two... I have scheduled both Rhinoplasty and a BA for May 15th and it can't come soon enough! But here I'll deal with the details of the Rhino. I'm not 34, almost 35 and I went to my first consult when I was 16... I've finally made my mind up to do it! More recently I have seen 5 docs and was quite frustrated as I didn't feel I had fount "the one" (PS) untill the last consult, So I finally have a doc and a date (Yippy!). My nose has a bit of a hump, its big, its bulbous (a word I never want to hear again), and its asymetrical. I grew up in a family short on means, I know my mom wanted so much to be able to provide me with a pretty nose but I would never expess how much I really wanted it because I knew the money wasn't there.

I recieved a few different recomendations over my 5 consults, in the end it looks like we will be doing a open rhino, he will be breaking the bone to create a new bridgehe will be scoring my septum to make some adjustments but not actually remove any of it. the tip will be slenderized (don't you love that word) and some of the cartlidge will be used to refine the tip.

I'm not too scared of the pain but anesthesia and infection kind of freak me out. Also - I feel very confident in my surgeons skills but I with I could see moreof his work. I have asked it seems few docs in LV have many rhino pics, they all tell me its harder to get authorization from patients.... boobs on the other hand, these docs have a million, well this is Vegas and you don't have to show your face. Its odd but now that I have this scheduled, I don't even want to look in the mirror, I hate my nose more than ever, I am esthatic inside that I am finally doing this.

I only have a week off work, my husband (who has been very supportive, of the nose more than the breasts but hes warmed up to the breasts) will probably have the day of and day after off but my mom may come out and stay with us for a week or so. What can I expect at one week after surgery, I drive a fair amount and deal with clients a lot.... Also - I would LOVE to hear from someone who has done a rhino and BA at the same time...


Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I have seen several women on the site who've had both a BA and rhinoplasty done together. Here's what doctors say about that.

Please keep us posted!

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Good luck! I hope the best for you!
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So its been months since I posted but the day is...

So its been months since I posted but the day is getting close and I a a bit nervous. The doc I am using is younger and not as experienced as some but I think he does really nice work, hes great at keeping a persons charecter and not making them look opperated on. I have my pre-op appointment tomorrow and surgery is in just 9 days!!! I'm so nose obsesses its the first thing I look at with every person I see, I hope my expectations are reasonable.

My husband will be dropping me off picking me up and taking the day of the procedure off, I'm having it done on a Wednesday and he can take Thurs or Friday off but not both, I was thinking Friday might be better as I expect I'll just want to sleep the next day. I'm having my boobies done at the same time so its going to be rough. My mom said she could come down (short flight) and stay with me 5 of 6 days if I want her to, does any one have thought or experience thay can share about how much help they needed after and what days I can expect to be the worse?

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doc reselected/date scheduled and photos going up

Its been a very long time since my update. well, lots has changed. I had a doc selected in Las Vegas but truth be told I didn't feel as comfortable with his Rhino skills as I should, what I saw looked good but he only preforms about 15 a year. Las Vegas is a good place for BA but not rhino so much, so I canceled my surgery date and started looking in LA and Orange County. I'll go into more detals later but as it turns out I found Dr. Drigoryants on this website and I am now scheduled for Sept 12th! I can't wait, more details soon.


I'm soo looking forward to seeing your result! I'm the day before you so we'll be going through recovery together:)) I feel like your nose is similar to mine so I'm interested to hear what you're looking to achieve with the surgery? I'm basically wanting to refine my tip, shave down the bump and shorten my nostrils. Dr G has also mentioned raising my tip but I'm hoping its only slightly. So happy for you that you're finally doing this! I'm already super nervous and have days where I feel less confident of my decision than others but overall I feel like it will be worth it!
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I'm looking for pretty much the same thing, I know my features are on the delicate side but I don't want a super cute nose just a more refined and feminine version of what I have; lower the hump, narrow the tip and correct the asymmetry of the lower septum. My biggest concerns are collapse and the nostril symmetry, I know he can do the other stuff with his eyes closed. My nose already has a bit of natural collapse above my nostrils I would like to keep from getting any worse. As far as my nostrils go, he told me he can hide the septum but that one of my nostrils was a bit larger than the other (left) which I had never noticed, because my septum hides it, he didn't tell me if he could bring that in to match the right but I'm hoping he can. Do you plan to post any pics? I'd love to keep in touch.
you are so pretty! you look like a french girl to me! i'm sure you'll look even prettier after the surgery. good luck!
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nostrils narrowed/73 days out

Hi Ladies, not much new, I'm SOOOO far out! 73 days actually, it seems so far away! One thing I have been thinking about is my nostrils... I have asymmetrical nostrils because my septum is visible through one. Dr. G said he could fix this but pointed out that when he did they would be slightly different sizes, the left being slightly larger, I had never noticed this and I believe I remember him saying he could not fix that, this seems strange to me since I see he has reduced nostril size on many of his patients. Do any of you know if this process has a name? Also, any personal experience with changing of nostril size? I don't think mine are too big, I'd just really like them symetrical.


Hi there! I had surgery in January and if you see my nostril shot before, you will see how my septum came out of my nostril, one nostril was much larger than the other, and the septum had a large twist & swing. My PS somehow managed to correct all issues so it can be done. All the best!
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Hi Eva, I think you are very pretty just as you are. I see what you are talking about with the septum, but people don't generally look upward at another person's nose. But if you are going to do it, that the results will be gorgeous! My nostrils were uneven to begin with, and symmetry was a concern for me, too. My doc said he'd do the best he can. I am 15 day post op, and yes, more un-matching, but I decided I don't need perfection just the best me I can be. Here's some positive thoughts that you become the best you that you can be!
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Hey I did my BA and 2nd rhino at the same time. I think I even did my ears, too. It was seriously a breeze. I mean, the worst part of mine was easily when they woke me up in between surgeries. No one warned me about that part; I thought I'd wake up to boobs and my nose done, but I just woke up to my nose in extreme pain. They gave me some Valium and I passed out until it was time to go under for the BA. I found that my BA was super uncomfortable for 24 hours, but as soon as they unwrapped me, I was perfect. I had no more pressure, no bruising, just perfect boobs. I had a couple minor black eyes, too, but it was nothing. Overall, the pain of both (with the exception of no meds bt surgeries) was like...someone sitting on my chest while I had a head cold. I had a portable DVD player, tons of seasons of the Simpsons, and a whole lot of sleep! I know, for me, the first day you're so groggy that it's whatever; you just want to sleep. The second day is when things are the worst; you hurt, you hate your dumb**s self for putting yourself through this, and you're irritated because you can't go back to yesterday when you were perfectly fine and could run around the house. I got serious cabin fever around Day 5, so I started venturing out. By Day 7, I was drinking in a bar (yeah, I know, but I was 22 and an idiot!). Don't stress it; you'll be fine. I thought it was better to do them together because I only wanted to go under once, haha...that didn't work.
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66 days to go

66 days to go, no new developments other than I just CAN NOT WAIT for Sept 12. I don't think I will have too much new to report till pre-op. I have to say though, I have been watching the ladies updates on here and it has been soooo helpful. One thing I'm curious about is what you all have done to keep fit after surgery? I normally run and do yoga but I know thats out for a while and I'm having a BA at the same time so upper body workouts are out for a while.


Hey thanks for sharing! your doc did a very nice job! Still looks like you but more symmetrical and more feminine, you have to be thrilled! looks like there is hope for my asymmetry worries.

another pic... I dont like

Took this selfie with my little p-dog today, see how it "hooks" whenever I smile or make kiss lips to my little guy...


I sent you a pm check please
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Your dog is soooo cute!!!! The 12th September will be here before you even realise it!! I will definitely follow your journey!!
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You are really pretty!!! My nose was similar to yours, it used to droop down whenever I smiled or make kiss lips!!! I hated it!!! I am looking forward to seeing your result, I am sure you will be really beautiful!!!
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55 days

55 days till surgery. I've been having some misgivings, my oldest brother who is a doc and I think has a pretty good esthetic feels I should not do this that my nose is part of my "unique exotic like look" and that I risk looking like everyone else and a little plain with a common nose. I see what he's saying as there are a few celebrities out there I think look better pre rhino... But then I look at my profile pics etc and I'm convinced it's the right thing to do, I just wish it would come faster, 55 days to go!!!

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39 days and its getting real

Its been a while since I have updated but nothing new here really. I am getting nervous and it seems so surreal. I still wonder if I'll look like myself after, am I being too vein etc but I'm moving forward. I've started to think about practical details like sopping lists, clothing I'll need for my 9 days in California etc. I have my accommodations in CA and I can't quite book air for my guests/caretakers (mom and husband) since there are some unknown out their still. Silly question but I had planned to get a gel mani-pedi but I believe your instructed not to wear nail color, is that true? Any other prep tips?


I'm getting mine done on 4th Sept, so quite close you you! So exciting but also very nerve racking when it comes closer to the date!! I just did the payment exchange and started doubting my decision so much now that i couldn't go back on it but i think that's totally normal. Good luck and can't wait to see your results!! xx
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Hi there, I'm super nervous too, I'm sure its normal, it is a really big desicion. I have my pre-op next sat (24th)... wow, this is getting real!
You are very pretty already. I think the rhino will even enhance your looks. Good luck. Will be follwing ur blog.
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I had my pre-op yesterday, four hour drive down and then 4 hours back in one day, wasn't the funnest Saturday I've had, but the things we do for beauty : )... I had a good appointment, I felt Dr.G spent the time with me I needed and then some, he seemed a little warmer and more personable than during my consult, which was nice. When I went into my consult I went in with images of things I liked and things ai didn't about different noses and a very precise idea about what I was looking for, I also felt like I directed him a little more than he did me. Over the past few months I feel like my expectations have become a little more realistic but not sacrificed, I've just come to understand that my nose will be mine and Its not realistic to want and lust over someone elses, so this time I went in really wanting and ready to hear Dr.G give me his direction and suggestions and I have to say it was just waht I was looking and hoping for. I have been sooo nervous the last week or so and getting a cashiers check and making payment has made this oh sooo real but when I was in his office I really felt more at ease. Looking at his befor and afters reminded me of what tallent he has and although some of his noses have a similar look, it is a beautiful look and no one I meet is going to be looking at me compairing me to those images, so I'm okay with it. A few of the girls in the office have had thier noses done by him and they look AWESOME! My fear is going to cute, too feminine, to narrow etc and I feel his esthetic is suficiantly feminine but not super cute, which is just waht I want! I'm soo exited!!! there were a few technical details I wanted to go over with him, like would he be using spreader grafts - he will. I have a "high tension" nose now and my nostrils are pulled long ways out from my nose, I had a concern that when the tension was realesed and thenose shortened a bit that the nostrils would be to wide, he did not feel that would be the case but assured me that once he could see how they would look he could and may reduce the size a bit. Overall - I'm feeling really good about the procedure and selecting Dr. G, now I just need to eat super clean and work out lots in the next 18 days.


Wishing you all the best for your surgery and a quick recovery :)
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thanks a ton!
I had my preop this week too...7.5 hrs of driving in one day too....yuck! Mine isn't til the 10th of Sept. still it is becoming more real by the day! Lol ...good luck to us! I haven't told my family...they can comment after...as I really don't need their input before. Haha
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blood work done, now the details

Today I got my bloodwork done, I don't expect any surprises there. I have moments of nervousness but mostly I am excited and ready to do this! I feel like I have been anticipating it for so so long. I purchased airfare for my mom and husband this weekend, I have a little cottage about 12 miles from the hopsital rented for 8 days while I recover, I'm feeling pretty good, I'm actually having more second thoughts about the BA then I am the Rhino but that too I'm feeling good about, just lots of little questions I need to get answered, I'll save that for the BA board though...

I'll try to post a few more pics this weekend, I've had a lot of people suggest that I need to take lots before and lots after to document the healing process and change.


I also had a combined surgery for breast aug with a rhinoplasty.. Wouldn't do it any other way! From my experience, the majority (Moreso all pain) came from my breasts post op. the only real pain from my nose is a throbbing or tingling sensation. Best of luck :)
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thanks for the encouragement! I checked out your profile, looks like your recovery is going fairly smooth. Congrats and happy healing.
I know, right....I'm always like, one month from now my cast will be off and hopefully not be ridiculously bruised. I'm trying to eat perfectly, take those vitamin Cs. I have arnica gel and pills, I'll get me some pineapples...lol. I just don't want to look Iike that pathetic 50 yr old getting plastic surgery, ya know for the whole town to see. I'd rather just disappear for a quick 2wks and look somewhat normal by the end of next month...haha we shall see.

long sad week

I'm 10 days out and although nervous and excited, I've received some very sad news that has me totally distracted. It looks as though my 11 yr old GR has bone cancer, I'm feeling heart broken, she's been like a little sister and best friend for so long. I know many might say 11 is a good age for a GR but she's perfectly healthy and happy other than this, I'm actually feeling angry, not directed at anything other than ... cancer I guess. She has her first consult with an oncologist this Thursday but I have been researching diagnosis, treatment etc for four days now. All docs even holistic recommend amputation of the effected limb (thats where it usually strikes first) then chemo etc, after that life expectancy is not so good, usually about 1 year but a handful have been cured entirely and there are some that have lived 2-5 years. It looks like amputation has to happen pretty quickly, which I am having such a hard time with, the limb effected is functioning at 90%.

Figuring out how to travel to LA and also have her procedure is taxing to say the least, it looks like she will be overnight anywhere from 1-3 nights then will need lots of care after. I'm wondering if I can try to postpone this, my husband thinks I should go through with it (procedure, accommodations and flights all paid for) and he can care for her and hopefully drive to LA in a rental car with her 3-4 days after my surgery.... I just can't imagine not being there for her, she adores me and I her.... I also don't know how she'll do in the car, probably fine, it is only 4 hours and she's a very good traveler. Since I am having two procedures (nose and boobies) my recovery won't be easy and I won't be able to help her get around the first few weeks which she will need, again.. my husband is their but he is so very busy at work, I don't want to jeprodize that or leave her feeling abandoned or scared... This is just going to be the longest week, I guess I'll know more Thursday.... keep her in your thoughts, she's the sweetest most perfect furry ball of love you'll ever meet, I know its not relevant to my procedure but I'm attaching a pic of her and her little brother (5 lb. min-pin chihuahua) this is just a few months ago so you can see she still looks like a pup.


I'm thinking if you & your doggy love. She looks like total sweetheart. We lost one of our best to bone cancer a couple of years ago. He was pretty old & we couldn't bear to amputate @ his age so we made sure he got lots of love & was comfortable w a good quality of life for as long as possible. It's so hard because they are family! My heart goes out to you! Hope you got the information you needed today.
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Thanks for the kind words and thoughts. I've had this girl most of my adult life and I'm not ready to let her leave, I honestly don't think she's read either, I truly thought I had at least another 5 good years with her, shes just in such good shape and seems so young and healthy. Anyhow - The surgery is still on and I'll be updating my profile soon, I'm glad your doing so well.
Awe so sorry about your doggie :(. I have 3 goldens myself...lost the 4th last Nov. at age 13. Mine had a large cancerous tumor that I did not chose to operate on because of his age. He was fine and happy but one day it did burst and at that point the only humane thing to do was let him cross into doggie heaven...(euthanized). It's very risking for older dogs to go thru surgery and usually the cancer will spread when opened up. You'll have to do whats comfortable for you but just keep in mind they don't understand all the surgery, chemo process outcome...they just know its very uncomfortable at the time. I also find that vets take great advantage of us charging us big $ because they know where our hearts are....spends $1000s, pet dies within 6 mos. anyway...and with more suffering than need be. I hope everything works out for you...I'm sad for your situation, it's so difficult. Prayers sent your way.
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moving forward and nervous....

Yesterday I had my consult with the doggie oncologist. She didn't think waiting two weeks to take action on my charlie girls cancer was a big deal. We went over all our options and prognosis, none are good really but her pain is well controlled right now with NSAID drugs. When we get back home from surgery (one week post) were having a CT scan done to look for any other mass's, if we don't find anything then we'll be proceeding with an amputation and follow up treatment that will vary depending on the type of cancer found. 90% chance is its Osteosarcoma, which is a nasty aggressive cancer. Well, probably do a mix of traditional and holistic medicine to get her through this and healthy. Long term survival rate is very low, most make it 1 year, some two, there are only a handful who ever find long-term remission but If I have two more good years with here, it will be worth it. I won't be selfish through this process, my GR has given me much more than I ever have her and I need to see she's happy through this process or we'll look to other options.

I have an amazing husband (of 2 years) we've been together five but before him I ended up in a lot of dysfunctional relationships, she's always been there for me and loved me unconditionally. I think she's actually taught me a lot about love, acceptance, compassion and humility, sound silly a dog can do all this but she has. It's so unfair these perfect beings of love only get to be with us this short amount of time.

Now about the surgery.... I'm nervous, the puppy issue has taken my mind off it a bit but still nervous, more about the BA than the rhino, I think because I have some worry about size and some worry about possible complications. I actually feel pretty at peace with the rhino, I think because I know my dr is so darn good. I know a lot of girls experience some depression after cosmetic procedures, due to all sorts of things, healing, lack of normal lifestyle, questioning of decisions , etc. I have had some periods of depression in my life and dealt with SAD for a few years but have learned how to manage it will without the use of drugs. I do have some concern about how my mood will be during the healing process, especially since I feel like I'm not starting from a good place. I was great till this cancer thing and its just really gotten me down, I need to stay positive and hopeful, both for myself and my Charlie girl (not to mention my husband), I remind myself of that every 10 min and most the time I do well with it.

Weird thing I noticed the other day, when I put my arms above my head my breast crease's look asymmetrical, the right looks much lower. When my arms are in a usual position to my side my breasts are pretty darn symmetrical, the right is just a tiny bit lower but so is that shoulder from snowboarding and biking accidents, but with hands above head; big difference. I'm a little worried this could be a potential sign of additional asymmetry after the BA, I know this is odd and a little random but if anyone has thoughts on this, please let me know, I may email the doc...

I drive to LA this next Wednesday morning, feeling fairly prepared, I just need to grab a few items at the drug store. Thanks for reading my post and happy healing/researching to you all.


How did it go
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Would love to hear an update on your results! Hope everything went well and recovery has been a breeze!!
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Please update! would love to see your results!
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