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I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs for...

I had Restylane injected in my tear troughs for wrinkles and tired eyes. He was nice enough during the consultation but immediately after the procedure he wanted nothing to do with me. He had handing me some after care instructions earlier but after he injects me, he just runs out. No asking if I had questions. No asking if I liked it. He told me to massage the area, ice it and left. He didn't even make a follow up appointment.

I asked the nurse if I could see it and she handed me a mirror. I could see that he overfilled one eye but I was told it was swelling. A week later after swelling and bruising is gone I can see how uneven the results were. The product pushed my cheeks down when I smiled so I had chipmunk cheeks. My smile is also uneven, obe side is higher. My smile used to be one of my best assets. I massaged the area as me showed me but it just made the results worse. One of my eyes is bigger than the other and sitting higher on my face. I look disfigured.

I recently noticed when I blink one of my eyes stays closed longer. Its like a slow blink while the other one is normal. I've missed a week of work after spending $630 to look awful. I model and I'm afraid to lose my contract. The under eye bags are gone but I'd do anything to have them back. 

Have you called the office since this experience? It might be worth calling and seeing what they say.

Also, Restylane is can be dissolved. We have an entire community dedicated to Hyaluronidase were you can read up on it if you would like to.



Update: after two weeks some of it has resolved....

Update: after two weeks some of it has resolved. My cheeks aren't as bad but they still sit lower on my face than before and I have two small dents in them when I smile. I have kidney shaped bags under my eyes now which I didn't have right after the injections. They are lumpy and uneven. The swelling is gone and the bleeding was from a small tear on my eyelid. I massaged the lumps and they went down but its still not great. I have discoloration under my eyes. With makeup and when I'm not smiling I look normal except for nasiofolds I didn't have before. And small bags of filler. I think the filler might have migrated up under my eyes. I'm looking into getting this dissolved and will finally see my doctor to see what he says. I have an appointment with a different office to get a second opinion. I hope this is all over soon
Thank you I made an appointment with a different office and I'll see if they can dissolve it. I'm afraid after seeing some bad results from hyaluronidase though

Yeah, I can understand why you would feel that way. Just remember, if you feel uncomfortable and don't want to do it when you are at the appointment its ok to tell them that, and not do it. It won't do any harm to meet with them, and talk to them, then you can decide if you feel comfortable with it or not. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do, and how you are doing!

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